15 Best Places To Buy A House In London (Updated 2023)

Did you ever think about buying a property in London, UK, but didn’t know where to begin?

Buying a house in London can be challenging, but it is always worth it when you have chosen “the one”.

With prices rising to unbelievable heights and with the increased demand over the past few years, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where you should buy a house.

I have created this list of the 15 best places to buy a house in London to help beginners decide where to purchase their new home.

When we talk about home-buying in London, we mainly talk about the general price of houses without considering the area’s facilities, establishments, and places of interest.

You need to ask yourself – Am I looking for an affordable or comfortable home in London or a place with entertainment venues and places to eat?

This blog post will show which places to check out and what to expect from each area.

If you have friends or family who are also looking to move, I highly recommend sharing this article with them as well.

What Is the Average Property Price in London?

The average property price in London varies depending on location, property type, and whether you’re buying or renting.

According to some UK house price data, the average house price is now £412,620 in London.

This figure is based on all sales over the past three years and includes new homes and resales.

The average house price in London has risen by 3.6% in the last year. We have analysed data for the past decade to get an accurate picture of how much properties in London cost.

It gives you an idea of what sort of house you can expect to find in your local area.

Further reading for UK places.

15 Best Places to Buy a House in London

London Area Average Property Price Average House Price Average Flat Price Distance from Central London Transportation
Kingsbury £592,880 £1,522,500 £512,043 9.8 miles/10.8 miles Jubilee LineLondon Bus
Bromley £542,742 £916,818 £337,000 11.1 miles/12.2 miles Thameslink, Southeastern railway, London bus
Stratford £475,154 £666,409 £412,354 7.5 miles/8.1 miles  London Overground, Southeastern railway, Elizabeth Line, c2c, Greater Anglia, Central line, London bus, DLR
Manor Park £398,571 £600,000 £318,000 11.7 miles/14.9 miles Elizabeth LineLondon Overground, London bus
Hither Green £377,619 £631,000 £298,438 7.9 miles/8.2 miles Southeastern railway, London bus
Northolt £454,250 £631,250 £279,988 13.2 miles/13.7 miles Central line, Chiltern Railways, GWR, Piccadilly line, London bus
Croydon £450,918 £836,552 £364,225 11.1 miles/ 11.7 miles Southern railway, Thameslink, Southeastern railway, London Overground, London bus, Tram
Harold Wood £443,818






21.1 miles/31.7 miles Elizabeth LineLondon Overground, c2c, District LineLondon Bus
East Ham £458,698






9.1 miles/ 10.8 miles London OvergroundLondon BusLondon Underground
Sutton £454,546






11.2 miles/ 12.8 miles Southern railway, Thameslink, London Bus
Enfield £600,000






13.8 miles/ 21.8 miles London Overground, Great Northern railway, Thameslink railway, Greater Anglia railway, London Underground‘s Piccadilly lineLondon Bus
Tottenham £559,112 £612,500 £529,657 8.6 miles/ 9.3 miles Stansted Express, Greater Anglia railway, London OvergroundLondon Bus, Victoria line
Greenford £554,962  £599,950 £420,000 11.7 miles/ 11.9 miles GWR, Central line, Piccadilly lineLondon Bus
Wembley £557,375 £878,462 £367,642 9.6 miles/ 12.3 miles London Overground, Bakerloo line, Chiltern Railways, Piccadilly lineLondon Bus, Metropolitan line, Southern railway, West Midlands Trains
Kenton £473,194 £661,250 £449,688 12.5 miles/ 15.7 miles London Overground, Bakerloo lineLondon Bus, Metropolitan line, Jubilee line, Southern railway, West Midlands Trains

It is still possible to score a great deal on the house in plenty of places. Here are some excellent places to look for a house or flat.Finding a place you can afford in London can be difficult because the property market is notoriously competitive.

  1. Kingsbury
  2. Bromley
  3. Stratford
  4. Manor Park
  5. Hither Green
  6. Northolt
  7. Croydon
  8. Harold Wood
  9. East Ham
  10. Sutton
  11. Enfield
  12. Tottenham
  13. Greenford
  14. Wembley
  15. Kenton

1. Kingsbury

Blackbird hilln


  • Average Property Price: £592,880
  • Average House Price: £1,522,500
  • Average Flat Price:  £512,043
  • Distance from Central London: 9.8 miles/10.8 miles
  • Transportation: Jubilee Line, London Bus

Kingsbury is an ideal place to buy a home. It is a vibrant, diverse, cosmopolitan community with a strong sense of identity and pride.

Families can save a lot of money by living here because the cost of living is very low.

A 2-bedroom flat here has a current asking price of £428,289. During the last year, houses in Kingsbury sold for an average price of £460,414.

The reported average price of terraced houses is around £485,649, while flats come at a lower price of £444,245.

The area is great for families as it features excellent independent schools and numerous open spaces suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.

It has several schools for children, including Kingsbury Green Primary School, Kingsbury High School, JFS School, Sinai Primary School.

In terms of population, 34% are White, 20% are Black Caribbean, 6% Black African, and 14% Other races. Asian and Irish descent are among the most common ethnic groups in the area.

The best thing about Kingsbury is its affordability. Students and young professionals looking for affordable housing will find this a great place to stay.

You can explore many shops, restaurants, and parks nearby. This neighbourhood includes The Hyde, Preston, Queensbury, Kenton, Colindale, Burnt Oak, Wembley Park, Neasden, Wembley Park Preston, and  Dollis Hill.

Take advantage of the delicious food and drinks at several restaurants, whether it’s for business meetings or special events. Check out some restaurants such as:

On the other hand, several parks in Kingsbury are charming and clean. The biggest one is called Fryent Country Park.

In this area, there are several parks worth mentioning as well:

2. Bromley

Bromley High Street October

  • Average Property Price: £542,742
  • Average House Price: £916,818
  • Average Flat Price: £337,000
  • Distance from Central London: 11.1 miles/12.2 miles
  • Transportation: Thameslink, Southeastern railway, London bus

Bromley is one of the most popular places to buy a property in London. It’s an excellent area to start your search, as it contains some of the most beautiful and exclusive homes in the capital.

Moreover, it has transport links for an easy commute to the city, including Bromley South Station and Bromley North Station.

In 2021, Bromley’s crime rate reached 67 crimes per 1,000 people.

Bromley is one of the cheapest places to live in London, you can find everything from luxury houses to homes with extensive gardens.

Properties average a housing price of £483,744, whereas flats are typically £316,257 and semi-detached homes at £549,043. Currently, the price of a two-bedroom house is $392,924.

Green spaces are also found in Bromley, making it a great place to raise a family.

The area has many parks and open spaces where you can go for a walk or relax with your family or friends.

Get fresh air from Forster Memorial Park, Church House Gardens, Pleasure Gardens, Norman Park, Jubilee Country Park, and Hayes Common.

The rent here is lower compared to other areas in London, and it is considered a safe area.

There are a number of schools in Bromley, including Bromley High School, Hayes School, Harris Girls Academy Bromley, and London South East Colleges: Bromley.

A population of 330,000 residents live in Bromley, an increase of 6.7% over 309,400 people in 2011. As a result, Bromley is ranked sixth in terms of population in London.

Bromley’s most popular restaurants include:

Bromley’s top attractions include theatres, monuments, parks, and historical architecture. As a resident, you can expect to be near these places:

3. Stratford

Old Town Hall Stratford

London’s Stratford area has a lot of history behind it, and it is a top-rated tourist attraction for both locals and visitors alike.

The city has many cultural attractions, including theatres, museums, live music, comedy venues, and restaurants and bars.

It offers various houses from both the twentieth and Edwardian eras.

The average price of all property types sold in Stratford last 2021 was £277,107, which includes terraced houses at £318,047.

Interestingly, it was more expensive to buy a semi-detached property at a price of £521,205.

Moreover, a two-bedroom property in Stratford costs £366,069. Stratford is well known as the home of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but it’s also an area with a lot of charm, culture, and history.

Several railway stations, cycle lanes, omnibus routes, and coaches serve Stratford’s transportation hub.

In total, there are six stations in Stratford, serving a large geographic area: Hackney Wick station, Pudding Mill Lane DLR station, Stratford station, Maryland station, Leyton station, and Stratford International station.

The following are some restaurants located in Stratford:

It is a fantastic city for working professionals. It is a great town to buy a flat if you are retired and looking for an active lifestyle. The city has many amenities that are perfect for young families as well.

Stratford’s schools for children and young adults are listed below.

4. Manor Park

Old Manor Park library Emil Charlaff

  • Average Property Price: £398,571
  • Average House Price: £600,000
  • Average Flat Price: £318,000
  • Distance from Central London: 11.7 miles/14.9 miles
  • Transportation: Elizabeth Line, London Overground, London bus

Manor Park is a residential area situated in the London Borough of Newham. It is a beautiful and safe suburb with many parks.

The recorded average sale price in Manor Park is £460,490 for inexpensive terraced houses, but can be even lower when you buy an average flat for £270,943.

Moreover, it is near Central London so you can quickly get into town for shopping and visit theatres, galleries, and interesting places.

There are also plenty of restaurants, shops, and places to go within walking distances.

Some of the international restaurants along High St. are: Hyderabad Paradise, Sabras, NAMASTE INDIA, The Ottoman Doner® – Manor Park, Fat Dans Turkish Kebab House, and Peri Bros (Manor Park).

The area’s leading public transport link is the Elizabeth Line, which runs from Manor Park railway station.

Every ten minutes, trains run to Liverpool Street station. Within 31 minutes, commuters can reach Bond Street from Manor Park.

Manor Park has various facilities for residents to enjoy, including nearby sports centres, grocery stores and supermarkets, and parks.

The population of Manor Park is 15,836, of which 30.6% are from Africa, 44.5% are from the UK, and the rest of the percentage are from other countries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

If you are looking for schools for your children, there are several of them in the area:

5. Hither Green

Hither Green fair


  • Average Property Price: £377,619
  • Average House Price: £631,000
  • Average Flat Price: £298,438
  • Distance from Central London: 7.9 miles/8.2 miles
  • Transportation: Southeastern railway, London bus

This is one of London’s most popular neighbourhoods and a great place to buy a home. There is plenty of affordable accommodation available, making it one of the cheapest places in the city.

Some of the popular properties available for sale in this area are flats and houses with two or four bedrooms.

Property prices in the area have averaged £453,947 over the past year, while flats have averaged £329,274.

There are predominantly Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses in the Hither Green, which sold for an average of £575,115 last year.

The neighbourhood of Hither Green is located on the south side of Lewisham, the west side of Lee, the south side of Bromley, and the east side of Brockley.

Some small shops and local businesses are near the centre of the area, but it is primarily residential.

Hither Green railway station connects to both London Charing Cross and Cannon Street as part of a loop service via Sidcup and Woolwich Arsenal.

Transport for London also operates a number of London buses that serve Hither Green, as well as a number of routes that connect Lewisham, Eltham, Catford, Sidcup, New Cross, Canada Water, and Crystal Palace with Hither Green.

At Hither Green, there are several parks, such as Manor House Gardens, Mountsfield Park, Lewisham Park, and Manor Park.

Shopping and dining options abound in the area, mainly along Lee High Road, which serves as the main thoroughfare. You can get a drink from The Station Pub, watch live music at The Lord Northbrook, Lee, or get a taste of Italian at Luciano’s.

Hither Green offers a variety of local events and activities, usually at least two or three going on every day of the week, including toddler dance classes, a sewing club, kids’ clubs, group walks, and movie nights.

6. Northolt

Northolt station


  • Average Property Price: £454,250
  • Average House Price: £631,250
  • Average Flat Price: £277,250
  • Distance from Central London: 13.2 miles/13.7 miles
  • Transportation: Central line, Chiltern Railways, GWR, Piccadilly line, London bus

There is a wide range of cultures in this area, which is among the most ethnically diverse in the country.

The population of Northolt has grown rapidly since 2000, making it one of London’s fastest-growing towns.

Zoopla reports that the current asking price for a 2-bedroom flat in Northolt is £287,566, making it an ideal first-time buyer property.

It is worth looking around because prices may vary depending on the location, but the average asking price for a 2-bedroom house is nearer £409,490.

People working in Central London often choose to live in Northolt due to its convenient location.

In Northolt, there are a number of good schools and nurseries for children such as Petts Hill Primary School, KiddieCare Nurseries Petts Hill, Buds to Blossoms Day Nursery, Willow Tree Primary School, John Chilton School, and Viking Primary School.

There are two stations in Northolt: Northolt on the Central Line of the London Underground and Northolt Park on the Network Rail route run by Chiltern Railways. Aside from the train and Tube, there are several London Bus routes serving Northolt.

If you need an area with restaurants for dining, the following are a few popular Northolt take-out restaurants:

There are vast green spaces in Northolt to have relaxation or exercise: Residents can enjoy the following:

If educational institutions are a priority before buying a house, here are some top-performing schools in Northolt.

7. Croydon

Croydon Clocktower centre London


  • Average Property Price: £450,918
  • Average House Price: £836,552
  • Average Flat Price: £364,225
  • Distance from Central London: 11.1 miles/ 11.7 miles
  • Transportation: Southern railway, Thameslink, Southeastern railway, London Overground, London bus, Tram

A Croydon property is a good investment for a number of reasons. Croydon is a town located in the London Borough of Croydon, just about 11 miles from Central London.

While Croydon has been under development for many years, it has maintained its character despite its diversity.

Croydon has many affordable flats and apartment rentals, so it might be the perfect place for you if you’re on a budget.

The average property price in Croydon over the past year has been £370,554, making it another affordable area in London.

The average price of flats was £283,215, while the average price for semi-detached houses was £453,444.

East Croydon, South Croydon, and West Croydon are the three main regions in Croydon. Services provided by London Overground and Southern are available in West Croydon.

As Croydon has three stations, the largest and busiest is East Croydon station, while the one closest to the main shopping district is West Croydon station.

Bus routes operate throughout Croydon and the surrounding area by Transport for London.

A bus stop is located near the railway station and tram stop in West Croydon, which most buses serve.

In this area, you can find a number of shops, restaurants, and supermarkets.
Here are some restaurants, cafes, and bars to look forward to:

There are also a number of top-rated schools in Croydon where your kids can study:

In Croydon, these places are the best for nature and parks:

8. Harold Wood

Harold Wood

During the last few years, Harold Wood has grown and is becoming more popular as a place to live.

In this city, you will find many beautiful homes and flats for sale.

In the past year, properties in Harold Wood sold for an average of £368,085. The average price for terraced houses was £348,992, and the average price for semi-detached houses was £417,653.

As flats came in as the cheapest property at £335,750, they constituted the majority of sales last year.

The best reason to buy a flat in Harold Wood is that it’s close to London and has good train service.

It’s also a lovely place to live, with plenty of green spaces, parks, and close to riverside walks.

You can enrol your children in one of the best-performing schools in Harold Wood:

In Harold Wood, these places are the best for nature and parks:

Another thing that makes Harold Wood stand out from other areas is its transport system which is efficient and reliable.

For first-time buyers looking to commute to London Liverpool Street, for example, the area is well connected with easy access to the A12, A106, and M25, as well as train stations and buses.

9. East Ham

East Ham Town Hall


East Ham is a delightful town located in England in the London Borough of Newham.

This area has a beautiful mix of old and new buildings, giving it a vibrant feel. It is a good idea to buy a new home in East Ham for various reasons.

The average sale price in the last year was £357,773, making it an excellent opportunity for first-time buyers.

Based on Zoopla, a two-bedroom house in East Ham sells for an average of £347,762, while flats sell for an average of £279,161.

Over the North Circular Road, East Ham is bordered by Manor Park and Little Ilford, Barking is to the east, Upton Park is to the west, and Beckton and London City Airport are to the south, which is reached by the A13.

East Ham has a population of 15,126, of which 41% are from the UK, 34.9% are from Africa, and the rest of the percentage are from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

East Ham London Overground station provides connections to other London areas, including Upton Park, West Ham, Barking, and Bromley by Bow.

It is served by two London Underground lines: the District line and the Hammersmith & City line.

The station at Woodgrange Park is part of the London Overground network and serves the northern end of High Street of East Ham.

If you are looking for schools for your kids, you can check out the following:

It’s also important to consider places to relax, explore, enjoy, and play. You can expect to visit the following places in East Ham:

10. Sutton


  • Average Property Price: £454,546
  • Average House Price: £698,809
  • Average Flat Price: £335,255
  • Distance from Central London: 11.2 miles/ 12.8 miles
  • Transportation: Southern railway, Thameslink, London Bus

Sutton is among the safest places in London and it is an incredible place to get a new property. Whether you want to visit the park, enjoy some food, or shop, there is something for everybody at Sutton.

A mix of twentieth-century houses and Edwardian designs makes this area an excellent choice for house hunting.

The average sold price in Sutton for terraced houses last year was £418,047, with all types of properties selling for an average of £277,107. Moreover, the median price of semi-detached properties was £521,205.

Sutton station serves the town as its central railway station, from which numerous trains run directly to a wide range of central London stations, including London Victoria, London Bridge, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, and for Eurostar services, St Pancras International. Two train lines serve the station: Thameslink and Southern.

Along with direct services to Central London, direct services are also available to regional destinations, such as Banstead, Dorking, Epsom, Horsham, Leatherhead, West Croydon, Wimbledon, Luton, and St Albans.

A number of local bus companies operate in the city, including London General, London United, Abellio London, and Metrobus.

There has been an increase in the population size of Sutton by 10.2%, up from around 190,100 in 2011 to 209,600 in 2021.

In Sutton, 62 crimes were reported for every 1,000 residents in 2021. It is 29% lower than London’s overall crime rate of 87 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is 29% less than London’s overall crime rate.

Based on Google reviews left by locals, Sutton’s top high-performing schools are:

If you’re looking for places to visit with your family, check the following interesting sites in the area:

11. Enfield

Enfield town


  • Average Property Price: £600,000
  • Average House Price:  £555,567
  • Average Flat Price: £337,076
  • Distance from Central London: 13.8 miles/ 21.8 miles
  • Transportation: London Overground, Great Northern railway, Thameslink railway, Greater Anglia railway, London Underground’s Piccadilly line, London Bus

As one of the northernmost towns of England, Enfield lies within the ceremonial county of Greater London and the historic county of Middlesex.

Several reasons make Enfield the perfect place for your dream home, from being a suitable location, perfect ambience, and packed with amenities make it a great place to stay.

Enfield’s best neighbourhoods generally tend to be in Grange Park, Winchmore Hill, Oakwood, or Southgate.

Many neighbourhoods and villages in Enfield include Botany Bay, Brimsdown, Bulls Cross, Bullsmoor, Bush Hill Park, Clay Hill, Enfield Wash, Forty Hill, Crews Hill, Enfield Highway, Enfield Lock, Gordon Hill, Ponders End, and Worlds End. With a current population of about 330,000, the population has increased by 5.6%.

In addition, the London Borough of Enfield ranks among London’s 20 boroughs with the highest crime rate. Approximately 85 crimes per 1,000 people are committed in Enfield each year.

The average property price here is £483,077. However, there are several homes on the market under $300,000 as well.

It is an accessible location from Central London and other regions of London thanks to its multiple transportation options.

The centre of the town is located 13.7 miles via A105 or 22 miles via A41 from Charing Cross.

The Enfield Town train station is a significant landmark in the community, serving the Lea Valley lines to Liverpool Street in the City of London, part of the London Overground system.

The following London Buses routes serve Enfield: 121, 191, 192, 217, 231, 279, 307, 313, 317, 329, 349, 377, 456, 629, W8, W9, W10, night routes N29 and N279, along with non-London routes 610, 611 and 629.

The number of high schools in Enfield totals 26, with seven that are private.

Here are some schools to look forward to for your children’s education:

Parks and playgrounds are available in 195 locations in Enfield. Let your kids experience an adventure, enjoy nature, play some games or sports.

Several enticing restaurants in Enfield with delicious food, an excellent drink menu, and a fun atmosphere for their guests.

Here are some of the popular parks, restaurants, and places of interests in the area:

12. Tottenham

Former Tottenham Town Hall


  • Average Property Price: £559,112
  • Average House Price: £612,500
  • Average Flat Price: £529,657
  • Distance from Central London: 8.6 miles/ 9.3 miles
  • Transportation: Stansted Express, Greater Anglia railway, London Overground, London Bus, Victoria line

Tottenham is an energetic corner of North London, seven miles from the heart of the capital.

There is a place for everyone, from a world-class sports community to an incredibly talented young community.

Tottenham has a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and places to shop.

The population of Tottenham is 129,237 and is composed of 27.7% Other White, 26.7% Black, 22.3% White British, 10.7% Asian, and 12.6% Other/Mixed.

There are more houses for sale in Tottenham than flats. The current percentage of owner-occupied homes in Tottenham is 35%, which is lower than the national average of 63%.

Several nearby parks include Pymmes Park, Somerford Grove Open Space, Tottenham Marshes, and Bruce Castle Park. Some educational institutions to consider in the area are:

If you’re into trying new tastes, here are the top incredible restaurants in Tottenham:

13. Greenford

Greenford Ruislip Road


  • Average Property Price: £554,962
  • Average House Price: £599,950
  • Average Flat Price: £420,000
  • Distance from Central London: 11.7 miles/ 11.9 miles
  • Transportation: GWR, Central line, Piccadilly line, London Bus

Greenford is an exciting place to live, work, and visit. The area offers excellent potential for future development, with the prospect of job opportunities and regeneration of local areas.

In Greenford, the average price of a property over the past year was £536,747. During the past year, Greenford’s most popular sale type was terraced properties, which sold for an average price of $552,040.

The average price of flats in the area was £339,556, whereas the average price of semi-detached properties was £695,915.

In Greenford, sold prices decreased by 2% and increased by 11% from the 2017 peak average property price of £482,488. It is served by the A40, one of the country’s significant dual-carriageways.

Several stations serve North Greenford, such as Sudbury Hill station on the Piccadilly line and Greenford on the Central line.

Great Western Railway runs trains between Greenford and South Greenford Stations on the Greenford branch line to West Ealing.

Several bus routes travel through Greenford: 92, 95, 105, 282, 395, 487, E1, E2, E3, E5, E6, E7, E9, E10, E11, H17, and N7.

Restaurants in Greenford that are among the best include:

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to admire nature, Greenford offers several parks ansd recreation areas, including:

Here are some schools available in the area as well for children’s education:

14. Wembley

Wembley Stadium

  • Average Property Price: £557,375
  • Average House Price: £878,462
  • Average Flat Price: £367,642
  • Distance from Central London: 9.6 miles/ 12.3 miles
  • Transportation: London Overground, Bakerloo line, Chiltern Railways, Piccadilly line, London Bus, Metropolitan line, Southern railway, West Midlands Trains

Surrounded by open land and a picturesque lake, it is no surprise why Wembley is one of London’s most pleasant areas to live in.

It is located in the London Borough of Brent with a population of 102,856. The population consists of 5.3% White British, 7.0% Other White, 66.2% Asian (46.2% Indian), and 13.9% Black.

The overall average price for properties in Wembley over the past year was £490,810.

A one-bedroom property can be purchased for £78,750 up to £425,000, while a two-bedroom property can be purchased for £127,500 up to £695,000.

We’ve chosen restaurants in Wembley that deserve your attention.

Wembley is a popular area for locals and tourists mainly because it hosts one of the most awaited events, championships, and concerts.

Thus, it is full of entertainment for anyone living there. Here are some places for entertainment:

Moreover, there are several schools to choose from for families with children:

15. Kenton


  • Average Property Price: £473,194
  • Average House Price: £661,250
  • Average Flat Price: £449,688
  • Distance from Central London: 12.5 miles/ 15.7 miles
  • Transportation: London Overground, Bakerloo line, London Bus, Metropolitan line, Jubilee line, Southern railway, West Midlands Trains

Kenton is a place for everyone. It’s a place where you can get lost in the beautiful shops, enjoy a delicious meal, and have fun at one of the many local events.

Located east of Harrow and in Middlesex County, Kenton is a northwest London district.

The average home sale price in Kenton is £723,698. A typical Kenton house costs £375,217.

A 1-bedroom property ranges between £140,000 and £410,000 and £548,333 for a 2-bedroom property.

You can also find various restaurants here in this area which will allow you to taste some delicious cuisines like Chinese food, Italian food or French food.

Some restaurants you should try are Blue Ginger, Pizza GoGo, Gusto (Italian Restaurant), Jasmine’s Cafe & Diner, Balkh Restaurant Kenton London, and Veg Chennai Srilalitha Veg Restaurant.

The stations you go to for commuting in and out Kenton are:

  • South Kenton Station (Bakerloo line and London Overground)
  • Preston Road (Metropolitan line)
  • Northwick Park (Metropolitan line)
  • Kenton Station (Bakerloo line and London Overground)

Looking for places to entertain you and the kids? Check out these popular attractions in the area:

For families with children, it’s important to know if the location has excellent schools you can rely on for your children’s learning. Here are some schools with good Google reviews from locals:

Have You Decided Which Place to Buy a House in London?

The housing market is constantly changing, so it’s important to know what areas are good for you and where you can get the best deal.

London has many different areas, each with unique characteristics, so you must find one that suits your needs.

Before signing contracts with an estate agent or seller, you must ensure you get everything right.

For example, you should ensure that the property is not in bad condition or that there aren’t legal issues with the seller. If there are problems with these things, it could mean that you end up losing money instead of getting a good deal out of it.

Hopefully, this guide was able to shed a light on which house to buy in London. These areas are ideal for first-time buyers and families alike as they have great local amenities and a wide range of property options.

Hence, consider factors like safety, culture and value of property in the neighbourhood while making your final decision.

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