UK’s Finest: Our Selection of the Top 11 Property Investment Companies

Property investment is one of the ever-growing businesses in the UK. It’s a lucrative business that attracts millions of people locally and internationally.

However, this kind of business needs one to have extensive knowledge and vast experience to develop and succeed independently.

Many people willing to invest in property are clueless about the business and lack what it takes to start and manage it, which is why they turn to property investment companies for help.

Also, this is one of the businesses with many cons, and if you’re not careful enough, you’ll easily lose money to them.

This is another reason people prefer to use a trusted property management company when starting a business.

Many investment management companies have emerged across the UK.

You won’t often be able to distinguish between below par companies from those that are genuine and deliver to your expectations.

I have listed 11 property management companies to help you find a suitable partner for your property investment journey. Read on.

Property investment companies in the UK

  1. Global Investments
  2. SevenCapital
  3. North Property group
  4. Rathbone Investment Management
  5. Gore Browne Investment
  6. Sequre Property Investments
  7. TrackCapital
  8. Cardale Asset Management
  9. Alliance Investment
  10. Elavace Property Investments
  11. CityRise

1. Global investments

  • Reedham House, 31 King Street, West Manchester, M3 2PJ
  • Phone: +441616696253
  • Visit Website

Global investments


Global Investment is one of the leading property investment companies in the UK. It has over a decade of experience sourcing properties to investors of all budgets. It has you covered no matter the property size you’re looking for.

Through its network with top brokers and expert property management companies, Global Investment provides its clients with the best properties at pocket-friendly prices.

With the ever-evolving property market in the UK, the company keeps its horns high to find the best opportunities to ensure its clients get the highreturns consistently.

Global Investment works hard to give its clients correct market value properties without any hidden commissions or profits.

If you’re looking forward to owning a property in the UK, Global Investment is the perfect deal for you.

2. SevenCapital

  • 112 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3AG
  • Phone: (+44) 121 233 4433
  • Visit Website



SevenCapital is one of the largest privately-owned investment companies in the UK.

It aims at delivering the best residential homes and many other developments in London, South East of England, and Birmingham.

With its great knowledge of urban regeneration, SevenCapital helps its clients find undervalued locations and makes them highly valuable through its excellent infrastructure investment and planning. In doing so, the company gives its investors excellent returns.

Helping its clients create wealth through property investment has always been the company’s core vision.

If you want to invest in the UK, SevenCapital’s knowledgeable staff will offer you the support you need for your investment journey.

3. North Property Group

  • 59 Mosley St, Manchester M2 3HZ, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 161 244 9060
  • Visit Website

North Property Group


Another reliable company you can trust for all your investment needs in any part of the UK is North Property Group.

It’s among the leading independent investment management companies providing support and advice for its clients in all aspects of their property investment processes.

The company was founded by Oli Banks and Tim Coen in 2017. With over 20 years of experience, the owners work to benefit their clients by facilitating their buying, selling, renting, or leasing of the best properties.

If buying a home to live in is your plan, the company will also hold your hand to ensure you get the best value for your money.

For investment, it’ll facilitate relationships between you and your tenants to ensure a smooth business exists.

Headquartered in Leeds, North Property Group has exceptionally strong ties in the investment market in this city. You might not find a better investment company in Leeds than this one.

It also has another office in Manchester.

Reach out to them and find out what they have for you.

4. Rathbone Investment Management

  • 8 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7AZ
  • Phone: 020 7399 0000
  • Visit Website

Rathbone Investment Management


Rathbone is a family-owned management company that was formed in Liverpool. The company started as a timber business and later became one of the best property management companies.

Even though it traces its roots from Liverpool, Rathbone is now a UK-wide company headquartered in London.

Rathbone is committed to offering long-term profits to its clients. It evaluates its clients’ lifestyle, wealth level, and all the money aspects in their lives and advises them accordingly.

If you’re unsure what kind of investment you want, the company will take you through each category, helping you understand what to expect from each one.

They conduct an all-rounded fact-finding exercise to determine what will work for you.

Rathbone connects you with their representatives, who’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re satisfied at each process step.

If you look forward to owning a property in any part of the UK, Rathbone will hold your hand. Reach out to them and start your property investment journey.

5. Gore Browne Investment Management

  • Chequers Court, 37 Brown Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2AS, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01722 424444
  • Visit Website

Gore Browne Investment Management

Gore Browne Investment is a world-class property investment company offering its services to private clients, charities, family trusts, pension funds, and professional advisors.

The company, established in 2004, believes that offering personalized services and responding to clients’ requirements are critical for all clients.

It displays an outstanding commitment to its clients by being extremely open and accountable, paying attention to all the clients’ details.

It aims at building an investment portfolio that fits all its clients’ requirements.

The team behind this outstanding company has vast experience, making it a good choice for your investment needs.

If you choose to work with them, they’ll give you a chance to work directly with their managers to ensure they meet their goals, especially regarding accountability.

Another compelling reason to choose this company is that they do not levy any charges whatsoever. There are no hidden charges in their contracts.

6. Sequre Property Investments

  • Stafford Court, 145 Washway Rd, Sale M33 7PE, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 800 011 2277
  • Visit Website

Sequre Property Investments


If property investment is in your dreams, Sequre Property Investment will bring it to life. The Stafford, Manchester company specializes in sourcing high-return buy-to-let properties in the UK’s major cities.

The company is highly experienced in gathering bulk properties, allowing small and big investors to access highly discounted deals.

It has guided many investors into their financial freedom by educating them in the buy-to-let property sector and holding their hands to ensure they get the best deals.

Having this company as the investment management of choice gives you access to a free one-on-one consultation with one of their expert property investment consultants, who’ll enlighten you on the investment path.

If all goes well, the consultant and the team will present to you a buy to let opportunity options customized to fit your desires.

Sequre Property Investments offers property deals, mortgages, soliciting, due diligence, and more. Contact them for a smooth journey to becoming a property investor in any city across the UK.

7. TrackCapital

  • Adam House, 7 Adam St, London WC2N 6AA, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 20 3627 3987
  • Visit website



TrackCapital is a property investment company in London serving clients from the entire UK. It acts transparently and ethically to help small and big investors find suitable property deals across the UK.

TrackCapital offers all its services free to its clients, meaning you’ll not pay any fee for any service you get. The company only gets its income through commission for any purchase you make from their deals.

It takes all the burden of due diligence, negotiating any complex processes associated with property investment off their investors’ shoulders.

If you purchase off-plan property, the company takes the mandate of managing the construction process and keeps you posted throughout all the stages.

The company has offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, and Leeds. You can reach out to them for detailed inquiries.

8. Cardale Asset Management

  • 2, Greengate, Cardale Park, Harrogate HG3 1GY, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1423 534100
  • Visit Website

Located in Harrogate, United Kingdom, Cardale Asset Management is a property investment company offering its services to private investors. The company is committed to building long-term relationships with clients and other professional advisers.

At Cardale Asset Management, clients can directly interact with the company’s investment manager in charge of their assets.

On the other hand, the managers are accessible to the clients and present in all the decisions taken on all their client’s portfolios.

Upon a contract, the company takes all the responsibility of managing your assets and financial aspects, taking all the instructions you may have for them.

It liaises with all clients and their other advisors to ensure they fully understand their financial situation, allowing them to structure the right solution for each client’s financial stability.

If you are looking for an investment company to help you manage your assets, you can reach out to them and see if it’s what you want.

9. Alliance Investments

  • Alliance House WestPoint Enterprise Park, Clarence Ave, Stretford, Manchester M17 1QS, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 161 675 0505
  • Visit Website

Alliance Investments


Alliance Investment, one of the UK’s top property investment management companies, is headquartered in Manchester.

The company is highly reputable in the UK, a status that has made them credible in spreading its wings to many other major cities across the nation.

With industry experts, the company makes your property purchase hassle-free. It gives you the support you need to decide what kind of property and location.

The company has a strong in-house team that helps clients to handle all sale elements such as mortgage, completion, exchange, and complete management of the property.

It has three other locations; Birmingham, Preston, and Altrincham. You can contact them if you’re looking forward to starting a property investment.

10. Elavace Property Investments

  • Linley House, Fourth Floor, Dickinson St, Manchester M1 4LF, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 161 509 6205
  • Visit Website

Elavace Property Investments


Elavace is a property investment management company dedicated to helping investors generate wealth by investing in properties.

It offers solutions to the commercial entrepreneurs looking to rip more from their properties or those who want to establish more financial streams through properties.

The company’s team of managers and other staff works to ensure they are up to date on the industry trends and that their clients are also updated.

It provides consultation to new and experienced investors, leading them through the purchase process, and handles all the aftercare processes and management.

Like many investment companies, Elevase Property Management offers its services for free and gets its commission through purchased properties.

It has three locations; Liverpool, Manchester, and Bradford. Contact them to enjoy their services.

11. CityRise

  • CityRise, 6 Britannia Street, Leeds LS1 2DZ, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 0113 360 9824
  • Visit Website



If you’ve ever desired to venture into property investment in the UK, CityRise is your ideal partner. Located in Leeds, CityRise strives to tailor-make the best property deals in the UK.

As a result-oriented company, it works with its clients to ensure they adopt a realistic and customized approach in leading their clients through their property ownership journey.

Whether you are out to add to your existing property portfolio or entering into this sector for the first time, CityRise will hold your hand throughout the journey. You can give them a chance to serve you, and you’ll enjoy the journey.

Final Word

There you have it! If you’ve been looking for a property investment company in the UK, try any from our list. I know there are a lot more investment management companies in the UK.

The ones on our list are just a fraction of them. If there is one that makes you feel we should have included, share in the comment section.

Please comment below and let us know what you think about this list.

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