Top 19 Magnificent Italian Restaurants in Mayfair, London

Italian restaurants are some of the most preferred and best options in London but particularly in Mayfair.

Italian cuisine is rich and sometimes referred to as the best cuisine in the world. Nothing beats Italian cuisine, from the colours to the flavours and texture.

Today we seek to bring only the best restaurants that you could go-to for the best foods. Italian cuisine goes beyond your favourite pizza because there are different Italian foods to try in these restaurants.

It doesn’t matter if you only would like to eat their pasta or looking for a place to go for fine dining because you’ll love it here.

1. Sartoria Mayfair

Sartoria Mayfair


This is one of the best Italian restaurants you can go to. Here you have one of the stylish modern Italian style eateries. Notice then that it features Calabria inspired menu to go with.

Here you will enjoy the space as they like to prepare versatile styles of dishes. Notice that you’ll have the great Italian type of food to enjoy at the well-spaced tables.

At the heart of this restaurant is the Italian chef Francisco. Notice that they will give you an all-day diverse dining menu. This D&D restaurant is located in Savile row. The level of creativity in the food they make is on a higher level.

When you need the best food and a selection of wines, you will need to come to this restaurant for the versatility. They serve the perfect food in a cosy atmosphere. In addition, you will have private dining in the wine cellar to enjoy the meals.

Phone: +44 20 7534 7000

Address: 20 Savile Row, London W1S 3PR, United Kingdom

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2. Ristorante Frescobaldi London

Ristorante Frescobaldi London


If you’re familiar with the Tuscany family of Frescobaldi, then you probably already know their food culture.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if you just went to this restaurant as they have one of the best cultures when it comes to food? They brought the upscale Italian eatery but with the high-end pasta.

Tuscan cuisine makes a significant part of Italian cuisine, and that’s why it remains one of the most popular options.

Notice that the food that they make here is of high essence. This is one of the best places to go for your meals. They set about 50 seating tables, making it easy to go out and hold an occasion.

This brand will offer some of the best wines and food. In addition, it’s one of the oldest wineries you can go to.

Address: 15 New Burlington Pl, London W1S 2HX, United Kingdom

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3. Cin Cin

Cin Cin


Notice that this restaurant first began as a Brighton street food place. It features a neighbourhood modern Italian restaurant that you will find on Hanson Street. This is one of the most famous restaurants for its lavish Italian style of food.

You will also enjoy the afternoon sun view that you can see while in the restaurant. Notice that this is one of the acclaimed restaurants. It doesn’t matter which kind of meal you are looking for; you will find it easily in this restaurant.

I’m a fan of pasta, and of course, they make homemade pasta in this restaurant. What makes it even better is that they offer to counter seating for you to see how the chefs cook the different foods. You’ll have the finest dining experience in a casual setting.

Address: 21 Foley St, London W1W 6DS, United Kingdom

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4. Bocconcino Restaurant

Bocconcino Restaurant


One thing that makes the restaurant stand out is that they’re a chic dining place. It’s one of the authentic Italian restaurants set on two floors, and it’s famous for delivering the formal restaurants and informal ones.

Notice then that you will have a selection of wines but also cocktails. Bocconcini also offer the perfect dining experience with live DJs and the weekend brunch if you need to. The restaurant is only famous for selling traditional and modern wood-fired pizza.

It’s at the heart of Mayfair and just steps away from Berkeley street. Moreover, it’s at the upmarket place, making it ideal for when you need a one on one date.

Phone: +44 20 7499 4510

Address: 19 Berkeley St, London W1J 8ED, United Kingdom

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5. Chucs Mayfair

Chucs Mayfair


This restaurant is a stone’s throw away from Berkley square, and it’s one of the intimate dining spaces you can go to. It’s also one of the favourite spots when you’re in Mayfair.

This is an Italian Mediterranean restaurant that you’ll find at the heart of Mayfair. Notice that it’s a go-to for the locals. It further has a garden terrace for you to enjoy the environment.

This Italian-swish restaurant will deliver all the special meals and tastes of your choice. The restaurant takes the opulent yacht design. So if you like the pasta ‘al dante’, this is the place to go.

Phone: +44 20 3763 2013

Address: 30 Dover St, London W1S 4NB, United Kingdom

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6. Cecconi’s Mayfair

Cecconis Mayfair


This restaurant delivers some of the best Venetian-inspired classic Italian dishes. It also offers an elegant setting for the cocktail bar. So whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will enjoy it more here.

It’s ideal for those who like the homemade pasta, seafood and other dishes from Italy. This restaurant has its spaces in other major cities like New York. They mostly only use fresh ingredients to make the food.

It’s in one of the greatest atmospheres making it ideal for even an intimate dinner if you would like to. Consider trying their lobster and spaghetti for the perfect and different treat.

Phone: +44 20 7434 1500

Address: 5A Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3EP, United Kingdom

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7. Amaranto restaurant

Amaranto restaurant


Notice that you have a light and airy space where you can make modern comfort foods. This is not a regular restaurant but a modern, stylish Italian restaurant. It’s also set in the scarlet dining space.

The great thing then is that they have elegant dining rooms and make a contemporary seating area. You will find it in the four seasons of London that they have at park lane. It features a fine dining experience.

It’s fantastic that you’ll have a fabulous bar experience to deliver the 5-star service. But, of course, nothing beats their Sunday brunch as well. The significant part is that it features a cosy setting and the perfect place to enjoy.

You will enjoy the signature dishes that they offer for the meals too. For those days when you feel like lazying around, go out to Amaranto for an afternoon tea treat.

Phone: +44 20 7319 5206

Address: Hamilton Pl, London W1J 7DR, United Kingdom

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8. Cardinals of Mayfair

Cardinals of Mayfair


At times you’re always looking for an informal cafe setting, and it’s the perfect restaurant for the same. They offer a range of dishes that you’ll find behind the glass counter.

This restaurant is located off park lane, and they serve traditional Italian cuisine. They will offer the best traditional Italian foods. They like to set a range of dishes on the glass counter for you to see the ones you want the most.

They have made the best restaurants serving the best Italian foods for more than 50 years. It’s a  hidden gem that offers the best intimate setting if you need it.

In addition, if you like the Italian dishes and your breakfast, then this is the best place to come to. One thing you know is that it’s amazingly satisfying to all.

Address: 115c N Row, London W1K 7JG, United Kingdom

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9. Delfino Mayfair

Delfino Mayfair


Here is one of the simple restaurants you can go to that will mostly only offer Italian foods. However, the definition of this restaurant and the soul of the food is more than heritage and excellence. Although it’s a family-owned business, it’s one of the best places.

The fantastic thing about the restaurant is that it’s a small pizzeria, and they offer the perfect tasting and discovery of the pizzas they will offer. In addition, they serve their food together with several wines.

Notice that this simple trattoria also specialises in the different meals. This is surprisingly relaxed but also an inexpensive space you can go to. The fantastic thing is that they will offer you special foods.

It stands out for being a simple place that also offers impressive meals. It’s a fantastic Italian restaurant and pizzeria.

Address: 121A Mount St, London W1K 3NW, United Kingdom

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10. Piccolino Heddon Street

Piccolino Heddon Street


They offer the best open kitchen for you to enjoy the place. Here you have an oasis of calm, and it provides you with the perfect relaxed environment. They will offer you a free, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the time.

They will offer you the upscale chain restaurant and a contemporary menu to enjoy. Its located in Heddon street Mayfair London. In addition, they also have an extensive terrace where you can enjoy the different drinks.

Italy has a diverse cuisine, and it’s at the heart of this restaurant’s favourite meal options. So when you want to hold significant events, you can go to this restaurant. They are famous for delivering special occasions.

If you want to sample and experience Italian cuisine, you can do so in this restaurant. The greater thing then is that they are set at the heart of Mayfair.

Address: 21 Heddon St, London W1B 4BG, United Kingdom

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11. Mercante restaurant

Mercante restaurant


You will mostly like this place because they have a chic, spacious dining room for you to enjoy the seasonal cuisine. In addition, they will offer you the best Italian wines and breakfast meal options. I learnt about this place when we were going out for the bottomless brunch.

What meal would you like to enjoy? Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll have it all at your disposal when you come to this restaurant. This restaurant amazingly will bring you Italian flair when you go in since it allows you to enjoy the different meal options.

Notice that they also only offer high-quality foods making it one of the best places for the best meal options. It’s one of the picture-perfect locations you can go to. It’s the one space you can go to if you want to enjoy the different meals.

Phone: +44 20 7499 6321

Address: Sheraton Grand, Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX, United Kingdom

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12. Giannino Mayfair

Giannino Mayfair


Sometimes you would like to dine in, well this is the best place for dining in. This restaurant is at the heart of Mayfair, making it accessible to most. So when it comes to London’s best restaurants, you will always have them listed.

Giannino is one of the unique restaurants if you like sophistication. Also, it offers the best reflection of the founder’s dream to make the perfect restaurant.

If you are one of those classic Italian lovers, this will be the one place you enjoy your time the Italian way. It offers a fresh feeling, and you will get exposed to the different styles of meals you can enjoy.

They offer creative international cuisine for you to enjoy and try. Notice that it’s fun and refined, so you will enjoy it if you like.

It offers divine food with superb service, and when you go into this place, you’ll love it. So for those exceptional dining events, make sure you go to this restaurant.

When you would like to try the mouthwatering dishes, you should try the ones they offer in this restaurant.

Phone: +44 20 8138 1196

Address: 10 Blenheim St, London W1S 1LH, United Kingdom

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13. Murano Mayfair

Murano Mayfair


You should know that this place will offer you the best meals whenever you need to. Understand that they will serve you delicious, rich and seasonal flavours. The great thing then is that you’ll have authentic Italian meals.

The best part is then that it will offer you the great meals at the heart of Mayfair. So it’s one of the best places to go for the fine dining options. The founder loves the authentic Italian style of food.

They strive only to serve the chef’s honed best meal options in most cases. So now, this is not your standard restaurant meal option, but instead, a Michelin starred one.

One thing you’ll like is that they offer warm, welcoming meals to make sure you enjoy it all.

Address: 20 Queen St, London W1J 5PP, United Kingdom

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14. C London Restaurant

C London Restaurant


This is an excellent Italian restaurant, and it’s further a stylish restaurant that you can go to since it’s one of the best eateries to go to. It has a wood-toned dining room with a mirrored bar. This restaurant is amazingly situated at the heart of Mayfair.

Notice that international clientele like to come to this place for their delicious and enriching meals. The restaurant has a timeless and elegant setting. This restaurant also has a buzzy atmosphere, and the menu you have here will offer you the best atmosphere to enjoy the different meals.

This restaurant is also ideal for the eclectic crowd you know. They will offer you the traditional dishes and classics from harry’s bar. So whether you’re looking for cocktails or alcoholic drinks, you can enjoy them in this place.

Remember to dress up smart and avoid shorts and tracksuits for your restaurant dates in this place. They serve the wine with the great food too.

Address: 23-25 Davies St, London W1K 3DE, United Kingdom

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15. Spaghetti house

Spaghetti house


Here you have another one of the best options of the chain dining rooms that offer the best pasta meals. Notice that this is another high-quality restaurant that serves both pizza and pasta dishes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a visitor or a local from down the street; you’ll enjoy the meals they offer you here. It works if you are taking a break from a hard day of work or just looking for authentic traditional Italian-style meals. One thing you are sure of is the meals are excellent.

They make the food in the simplest manner, yet you will have them being mouthwatering. It will also leave a mark on you.

Every Londoner knows that when you’re looking for rich, fresh and delicious food, you ought to go to a spaghetti house. You’ll enjoy the lovely food and the perfect ambient environment.

Phone: +44 20 7629 6097

Address: 74 Duke St, London W1K 6JZ, United Kingdom

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16. Theo Randal at the intercontinental

Theo Randal at the intercontinental


This is chef Randall’s high-end restaurant. It’s spacious and offers rustic Italian cooking at the heart of London’s Mayfair borough.

The chef’s passion for simple Italian food has naturally given him a big name in the world of Italian delicacies. They offer all the fresh seasonal meals, and he is an award-winning chef who only provides the best meals.

From the celebrated Londons chef Randal’s restaurant, you can be sure to have a fantastic dining experience. I like to go here for their breakfast with a twist, but you can enjoy the lunch and dinner too if you want.

For the bottomless brunch, you should visit during the weekends and enjoy the different drinks. It works great if you’re looking for an intimate setting.

Phone: +44 20 7318 8747

Address: InterContinental, 1 Hamilton Pl, London W1J 7QY, United Kingdom

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17. Cicchetti London

Cicchetti London


This is another one of the best restaurants that you’ll find in the heart of London. It’s one of the renowned Italian family-owned restaurants San Carlo restaurant group.

For this option, we are talking of an award-winning restaurant that continues to deliver some of the best meals. It serves smaller dishes, yet they offer smaller dish meals to enjoy.

Again they deliver simple yet sophisticated Italian meals. They’ll provide the food to the perfect food for you to enjoy with the different wines. Those who come to this restaurant want both the food and the theatre experience in London.

This is another perfect restaurant for the busy shoppers to go into if they want to. In most cases, they offer the finest meals and drinks.

Address: San Carlo, 2 Regent Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 4LR

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18. Novikov (Italian restaurant)

Novikov Italian restaurant


It will combine the cool and contemporary interiors, and it offers the best meals in the heart of Mayfair.

This is a central Asian and Italian restaurant, and it has an imposing wood-fired oven where they get to make their pizzas.

People enjoy it for the elegant dining space; they are two dining rooms to go. This is one of the nicest places you can go to in London for the food of your choice.

They serve the best dishes, and of course, it comes in at a higher price. They cook the food with a lot of excellence.

Address: 50A Berkeley St, London W1J 8HA, United Kingdom

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19. Il Borro

Il Borro


This is another of the best dining in Italian restaurants that will serve you great if you’re looking for the best treatment. When you like the authentic Tuscan flavours, you can have them in this restaurant, and they make it fun.

They make the meals from farm to table, and you’ll enjoy the different dishes you know. Also, you’ll find the restaurant in Mayfair, and it makes some of the best food. They’re going to offer a sophisticated setting.

They offer the best meals in the buzzing open kitchen and the best meals in the dining rooms. It makes one of the best high-end restaurants.

Phone: +44 20 3988 7717

Address: 15 Berkeley St, London W1J 8DY, United Kingdom

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There are many Italian restaurants across London but the ones at Mayfair offer the best service. Check out the following restaurants for ideas on which one to go to.

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