Best Place to Live in UK | The Top 10 Picks for 2023

The United Kingdom has always been a land of diversity, in terms of beauty, energy, and charm.

Its multicultural atmosphere and beauty, especially outside the cities, have yet to be discovered in the recent generation.

Without a doubt, the big buzzing cities and their high-end amenities are tempting, but there is much more to explore in other parts of the UK for living and visiting.

Don’t narrow down your options in just the cities alone and make it your prime focus to check out other worthy options in several UK regions.

So how do you decide on which is the best place to live? Aside from an attractive city life, what other factors should you consider in choosing a place to live in the UK?

The top priority is the location’s safety and crime rate. According to, the crime rate reported in the United Kingdom is 79.52 per 1,000 people from 2021 to 2022, still making it a safe place in the world to live for residents.

Another consideration to think about is the facilities the place offers, such as green outdoor spaces for families, restaurants for the foodie, or a buzzing nightlife for the outgoers.

Let’s dive in on some great places to live in the UK while considering the factors mentioned above.

Moreover, we dig deep on each location’s population, crime rate, facilities, housing prices, and opportunities, among other things.

Here are the 10 best picks for 2022 across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Place to Live Population Population Density Annual Population Change Total Area Average Property Price Mid-Market House Rent Crime Rate
Crystal Palace, London, England


16,347 [2021] – Census 6,206 people per km² +0.4% [2011 → 2021] 2.634 km² £526,438 £526,000 106.04 crimes per thousand people
Isle of Bute, Scotland


6,020 [2021] – Estimate 48.61 people per km² -0.74% [2011 → 2021] 123.8 km² £144,705 £155,000 309.2 crimes per thousand people
Uppingham, Rutland, England


4,724 [2021] – Census 3,912 people per km² -0.040% [2011 → 2021] 1.208 km £311,939  £377,000 41 crimes per thousand people
Norwich, Norfolk, East England


200,996 [2021] – Census 3,820 people per km² +0.74% [2011 → 2021] 52.62 km² £343,500 £304,000 104 crimes per thousand people
Ballycastle, Northern Ireland


5,238 [2011] – Census 2,202 people per km² +0.32% [2001 → 2011] 2.379 km²  £273,525 £169,000 33 crimes per thousand people
Trawden, Lancashire, England


1,922 [2021] – Census 3,626 people per km² -0.25% [2011 → 2021] 0.5300 km² £197,205 £186,000 10 crimes per thousand people
Chalke Valley, Wiltshire, England


4,422 [2021] – Census 26.30 people per km²  -0.23% [2011 → 2021] 168.1 km²  £1,028,333 £655,000 53 crimes per thousand people
Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales


1,784 [2021] – Census 2,624 people per km² -0.060% [2011 → 2021] 0.6800 km² £278,380 £251,000 30 per thousand population
Sevenoaks, Kent, England


30,993 [2021] – Census 2,697 people per km² +0.49% [2011 → 2021] 11.49 km² £716,528 £685,000 65 crimes per thousand people
Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Northern England


15,043 [2021] – Census 3,058 people per km² +0.16% [2011 → 2021] 4.920 km²  £459,903 £428,000 56 crimes per thousand people

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1. Crystal Palace, London, England

[Best for Family and Nature Lovers]

Crystal Palace

  • Population: 16,347 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 6,206 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: +0.4% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 2.634 km²
  • Average Property Price: £526,438
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £526,000
  • Crime Rate: 106.04 crimes per thousand people

There is so much to admire about Crystal Palace. Every place has its unique style, from classic restaurants to historical and contemporary British art masterworks in museums.

It was named after the Crystal Palace Exhibition building, the largest glass building of that time before it was completely burned down by fire.

The area has a diverse demographic, mainly 53% White British, 10% Mixed, 27% Black, 2.2% Indian, 5% Other White, and 1.7% Other Asian.

Crystal Palace is just 7.4 to 7.8 miles away from London Victoria Station and can be reached in 38 to 40 minutes by car, 40 to 50 minutes by bus and train, and 32 minutes by Southern railway.

Keep in mind the bus is usually the cheapest mode of transportation used in London.

The three roads of Crystal Palace, namely Gipsy Hill, Anerley Hill Road, and Church Road form a triangle together, giving residents easy access to all services and establishments around them in just a 5 to 10-minute walk.

Crystal Palace is a liveable place with several places to explore such as:

Despite its higher crime rate compared to other areas of London, it is still one of the top choices for movers because of its beautiful green spaces.

Crystal Palace Park and Westow Park are some of the most visited parks to enjoy human-sized dinosaurs, mazes, and a calm atmosphere, perfect for picnics and evening walks for families.

An event to look forward to is the Crystal Palace International Film Festival, screening the best films every now and then.

2.  Isle of Bute, Scotland

[Best for Beach Lovers and Commute to Glasgow]

the Scottish island


  • Population: 6,020 [2021] – Estimate
  • Population Density: 48.61 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: -0.74% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 123.8 km²
  • Average Property Price: £144,705
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £155,000
  • Crime Rate: 309.2 crimes per thousand people

Isle of Bute in Argyll, only 42.5 miles from Glasgow, makes it best for commuting among other Scottish Islands.

It takes about 1 hour 51 minutes by ferry to reach Rothesay to Wemyss Bay. 99.3% of the total population here is white.

There is something to suit everyone on the Isle of Bute. It is famous for its fertile and lush beaches, offering a picturesque and exquisite view.

Who wouldn’t like turquoise beach water still against red rocks? Rothesay, the biggest town on the Island of Bute, has a Rothesay castle in the middle of the town and Mount Stuart House.

This Victorian seaside town serves mainly seafood and has famous restaurants like Waterfront, The Bonnie Clyde and Ghillie’s. 

Moreover, Golfers Bar is a popular pub that offers child licence and live music.

Medieval St. Blanes Chappel the heart of the Bute, Ardencraig formal luscious garden, Bute Museum, and Discovery Centre Cinema are some of the places tourists and residents must visit.

If you are looking for schools for children, Rothesay Primary School, North Bute Primary, and St Andrew’s Primary are the only schools on the Isle of Bute.

3. Uppingham, Rutland, England

[Best for Education]

Market Place Uppingham Rutland

  • Population: 4,724 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 3,912 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: -0.040% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 1.208 km
  • Average Property Price: £311,939
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £377,000
  • Crime Rate: 41 crimes per thousand people

Uppingham is 36 to 46 minutes away by car from a major city called Leicester, covering a distance of 19.7 miles or 22.6 miles.

If travelling by public transport such as bus and train, the travel time is about 1 hour and 26 minutes to two hours and 26 minutes to Leicester.

For children’s education, you can check out the Uppingham School.

It is a famous public school that was established in 1584 and is considered one of the best co-education boarding schools in the UK for its high-quality education.

The low crime rate and affordable housing make Uppingham a wholesome place to settle for students. 

Uppingham Community College and Leighfield Primary School are some other options for excellent education in Uppingham.

Goldmark Gallery displays contemporary pieces and is worth visiting once if you are into history and arts.

For sports enthusiasts, Uppingham Town Football Club and Uppingham Town Cricket Club are two major sports centres of Uppingham.

You don’t have to go to the city for recreational activities and places to eat and drink since Uppingham has:

Not to forget, the Uppingham Feast Day is celebrated every June as a tradition and is one of the days you can enjoy with your families most for free.

4. Norwich, Norfolk, East England

[Best for Nightlife]

Norwich Norfolk East England


  • Population: 200,996 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 3,820 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: +0.74% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 52.62 km²
  • Average Property Price: £343,500
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £304,000
  • Crime Rate: 104 crimes per thousand people

Norwich is known for its largest mediaeval Norwich Cathedral in the country, an ancient architecture which speaks for itself.

Whether you are looking for sports amenities for swimming or basketball, pet-friendly residence, or playgrounds for kids, Norwich Manor is a community residence with full amenities for residents to enjoy.

The population is not culturally diverse since the major ethnicity is 91% from England, of which 1.3% population is from Scotland, and the remaining 9% is from India, China, Wales, the Philippines, the United States, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.

Sainsbury Centre displays both ancient and modern art, The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell shares Norwich industrial stories, and Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery displays their fine collection of archaeology and arts, making Norwich a perfect place to live especially for people who love arts and history.

The city is best for nightlife thanks to a number of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars.

It includes Middletons Steakhouse & Grill, Gem of Norwich, Rose Tavern, Popworld Norwich, Bar & Beyond Norwich, and Be At One. 

The Broads National Park, East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden, and Felbrigg Hall are some other places that are best for sightseeing.

5. Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

[Best for Safety]

Ballycastle Northern Ireland


  • Population: 5,238 [2011] – Census
  • Population Density: 2,202 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: +0.32% [2001 → 2011]
  • Total Area: 2.379 km²
  • Average Property Price: £273,525
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £169,000
  • Crime Rate: 33 crimes per thousand people

Ballycastle is a popular holiday seaside town known for its Auld Lammas Fair.

It happens every August when the event puts hundreds of stalls selling a variety of items, from traditional sweets like Yellowman to arts and crafts and farm goods.

What’s different about this festival? This is a long awaited festival of the year that has been held for 400 years.

The majority of the population in Ballycastle is White. The racial demography of Ballycastle is composed of 98.6% White, 0.5% Black, and 0.9% other ethnic groups.

Housing and living in Ballycastle is quite affordable compared to other parts of Ireland.

This proves the significant increase in population from 2001 to 2011 because of better housing options.

Ballycastle is a blissful place to live in with its low crime rate and vibrant cuisine.  Mortons of Ballycastle is the perfect place to dine in if you are craving fish and chips.

Other reputable restaurants in Ballycastle include The Central Bar serving flavorful food, Anzac Restaurant an Irish Pub, and The Cellar famous for its seafood.

6. Trawden, Lancashire, England

[Best for Commute to Manchester and Leeds]

Entrance to the Church of St Mary the Virgin


  • Population: 1,922 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 3,626 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: -0.25% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 0.5300 km²
  • Average Property Price: £197,205
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £186,000
  • Crime Rate: 10 crimes per thousand people

Along with being stunningly beautiful, Trawden is at the prime location with just a distance of 57 km and a 44-minute drive to Manchester and a 46.4km distance and a 50-minute drive to Leeds.

Trawden, along with a low crime rate, offers housing in an affordable range and a number of amenities, making it an ideal choice for people working in Manchester and Leeds.

A few of the many facilities include Trawden Forest Community Centre, Library & Shop, Ball Groove Park, and Old Trafford.

Trawden Arms, The Cotton Tree Inn, Lee Garden, Jims Vegetarian Restaurant are some of the top restaurants that Trawden has and serves flavourful food.

Moreover, Trawden’s racial demographic composition is 95.8% White, of which 93.9% are White British, 0.1% Black, 0.9% Mixed, 3.0% Asian and 0.1% Other races.

7. Chalke Valley, Wiltshire, England

[Best for Enjoying Natural Beauty]

Chalke Valley Wiltshire England


  • Population: 4,422 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 26.30 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: -0.23% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 168.1 km²
  • Average Property Price: £1,028,333
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £655,000
  • Crime Rate: 53 crimes per thousand people

With just 53 crimes per thousand people, it won’t be wrong to call Chalke Valley one of the safest places to live in the UK.

The countryside is blessed with natural beauty as it stretches between Salisbury and Shaftesbury.

You can count up to twenty villages in Chalke Valley, each having its own striking beauty.

This place is best for the elderly who want to stay fit and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil environment as this place has a lot to offer in terms of green spaces.

 Chalke Valley History Festival is one of the largest festivals that take place in the UK every June and is a blend of arts, debates, vintage vehicles, archaeology, and much more.

Here are several places of interest for people looking to live here:

8. Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales

[Best for Small-Town Vibes With a Touch of Luxury]

Llandeilo Carmarthenshire Wales


  • Population: 1,784 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 2,624 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: -0.060% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 0.6800 km²
  • Average Property Price: £278,380
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £251,000
  • Crime Rate: 30 per thousand population

Llandeilo gives a countryside view and is known for independent shops and cafes.

This place is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to flourish and grow.

Its fast internet connection and successful high streets can help you stay connected with the cities despite its small-town vibe.

The colourful buildings make this town attractive and is a land in Carmarthenshire that is full of mystery and legends.

Carreg Cennen Castle, four miles from Llandeilo, is a beautiful place where the public has free access to admire the beauty.

Llandeilo Primary School, Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, and Llandeilo Community Education Centre are some of the top-notch schools in Llandeilo.

Some famous cafes and shops in Llandeilo include The Lounge-eatery, Lolfa Llandeilo, Gwili, Heavenly, and Davies & Co.

9.  Sevenoaks, Kent, England

[Best for Education and Commute]

Knole Sevenoaks in Kent


  • Population: 30,993 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 2,697 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: +0.49% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 11.49 km²
  • Average Property Price: £716,528
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £685,000
  • Crime Rate: 65 crimes per thousand people

Sevenoaks is surrounded by nearby charming places such as the High Weald, Surrey Hill Areas, and Kent Downs. It is best known for its top education and easy-commuting.

If you are travelling to London, the commute is via the Southeastern railway and costs £14.10 for a single adult.

The travel time going to London from Sevenoaks is usually between 22 and 24 minutes via southwestern railway or 1 hour to 2 hours by car.

The top-notch schools of Sevenoaks include Sevenoaks School, The Granville School, Knole Academy, The New Beacon School, and Weald of Kent Grammar School.

Some places worth visiting in Sevenoaks are Ephesus Restaurant & Cocktails Bar, Hattusa Sevenoaks, Giggling Squid, Sevenoaks Museum, and Kent Firefighting Museum.

10. Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Northern England

[Best for City-Like Atmosphere]

Ilkley West Yorkshire Northern England


  • Population: 15,043 [2021] – Census
  • Population Density: 3,058 people per km²
  • Annual Population Change: +0.16% [2011 → 2021]
  • Total Area: 4.920 km²
  • Average Property Price: £459,903
  • Mid-Market House Rent: £428,000
  • Crime Rate: 56 crimes per thousand people

Save the best for the last! It’s no surprise that Ilkley is an ideal choice for future residents with its low crime rate and some of the best fancy cafes and shops.

However, this all comes at a hefty price of £459,903, the average price of a property here.

Ilkley doesn’t have much population diversity as well, comprising 98.02% White, 0.3% Chinese, 0.72% Asian, 0.74% Mixed, and 0.14% Black.

Moreover, it is a boutique town and a go-to option for those who love the high-end amenities of the city.

Some of the posh places worth checking out here are:

The Verdict

Have we helped you make a decision yet? There are many mesmerising, exciting, and picturesque places to live in the UK aside from its main cities.

From family-friendly Crystal Palace in London to the safe streets of Ilkley in West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom has a variety of places to choose from, making it a challenge to have a favourite.

Whether you decide to explore its peaceful atmosphere or take advantage of great career-building opportunities, every place in the UK mentioned in this article is worth living in.

If you want more options or more in-depth articles about living in London, check out our articles about the cheapest places to live in London and best places to live outside London.

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