Places To Eat Leicester Square – 11 Best Restaurants In Leicester Square, London

Discover the iconic Leicester Square in West London and collect unforgettable memories at the entertainment hub.

The place is famous for the red-carpet premiers of films and daytime shopping and dining. The Japan Retail Centre is also an exciting place to explore as its offers unusual gifts, food, and cooking items.

The square presents a huge number of exotic restaurants, theatres, clubs, and nightlife adventures too. Some of the world’s biggest stores such as M&M sweet store and LEGO Retailer store are also here to shine the square.

Leicester square presents a long list of savory restaurants in London that preserve the finest dining atmosphere and taste.

You would have a diverse and tantalizing food experience because of the different cultures and their food at the Square. The assortment of restaurants is unnumbered when it comes to flavors but fill the taste under the roof of Square.

So, let’s cast a glance at some of the best restaurants in Leicester square and find out what the best they offer.

  1. 8 At The Londoner
  2. Ali Ocakbaşı

1. 8 At The Londoner

38 Leicester Square London WC2H 7DX United Kingdom

+44 20 7451 0156

8 At The Londoner 1


This restaurant is a rooftop Izakaya lounge and bar that recalled the traditional style of Japanese dining and drinking. The restaurant is comprised of three different spaces, the Bar, the lounge and Terrace, and the Shima Garden.

Situated in the capital’s most classic neighbourhood, 8 at The Londoners restaurant presents a sophisticated rooftop dining experience.

Visit the restaurant on the 8th floor of the Londoner Hotel and relish a modern Japanese cuisine with fine collections of cocktails and Japanese sake.

The innovative eatery is available from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 1 pm. However, Kitchen closes at 10:45 Pm so the dining time is too.

While enjoying the breathtaking views of London’s skylines, the Londoner is one of its kinds and delivers an exceptional dining experience which is highly recommended if you are around the town.

Must pay a visit and collect some beautiful memories of Japanese cuisines, Japanese whisky, spirits, and sake collection at Leicester Square.

2. Ali Ocakbaşı

16 Irving Street Leicester Square, London WC2H 7AU United Kingdom

+44 020 7839 4020

Ali Ocakbaşi


This is a Turkish grill restaurant with many other branches in different cities such as Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Vienna. Ali Ocakbaşı has perfect environs to dine and enjoy with friends and family. The restaurant is specialized to offer a fusion of traditional and modern Turkish cuisines.

You would get the cutting-edge experience of grill and kebab pleasure in the beautiful location of Leicester Square. Ali Ocakbasi prepares the traditional Anatolian cuisines with the original recipes and native ingredients.

Hence, the presentation and serving meet the standards of modern culinary art. While enjoying your favourite grill from the extensive menu, Ali Ocakbasi endorses the pleasure of the restaurant experience.


21-22 Coventry Street, W1D 7AE, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 7880 863973



This steakhouse is the premium quality steakhouse restaurant in London since 1968. The prime location of Angus Steakhouse is Leicester Square beside 5 boasting branches in London.

The restaurant is the favourite place of locals and tourists similarly as it render the original taste of steaks and chops.

Leading the idiomatic dining experience at Leicester Square, the restaurant offers a comprehensive menu for all meat lovers. However, if you want some vegetarian choices, that will be served too.

Angus Steakhouse is also available for special events and occasions through online booking.

The restaurant is open seven days a week and you can reserve a table anytime. They provide special offers that one child eat free with an an adult paying full for the main course during school holidays.  Isn’t generous?


1 Cranbourn Street, WC2H 7AJ, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 7734 1246



While having the shopping fun around the square, a stopover over Bella Italia is a must to do. The extensive menu of this Italian restaurant combines delicious hand-stretched pizza, creamy pasta, and hearty classic Italian cuisines.

All the recipes are made with fresh ingredients and crafted in traditional Italian criteria. You would be treated elegantly whenever you visit Bella Italia with family or friends.

Their offers are unbelievable and come with huge savings for customers such as kids’ meal at 1 pound, a two-course meal in 14:45 pound, NHS discount bottomless Brunch, and much more.

You would nuzzle the joy of the Italian table and spend some beautiful moments with loved ones at Bella Italia.

Altogether, do pay a visit to this fine dining Italian restaurant whenever around Leicester Square to eat drink talk, and laugh together.


35 Panton Street, SW1Y 4EA, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 7930 0088



The Busaba restaurant is a modern-styled Bangkok restaurant. Just like in Thailand, the restaurant is an expert in Thai cuisines made to share.

Each of the recipes in Busaba is prepared with fresh and original ingredients that they import from Thailand but assembled here.

The vast menu of Busaba has flavoursome selections of delicious pad Thais, salads, curries, and much more. The vegetarian options also exist on the menu with scrumptious recipes to feed your soul and mind too.

With the slogan of a happy heart, Busaba gives you the real thought of being yourself by following the values of Buddha.

Opened in 1999, Busaba delivers a feel of Thai culture and what’s happening in Thailand. They celebrate all events of Bangkok and provide excellent service on all the cerebral days. You can reserve the table or book an event at Busaba and enjoy a great time with family and friends.


11 Haymarket, SW1Y 4BP, Leicester Square, Unites Kingdom

+44 020 7925 2555



The crafted Hamburgers of Byron are cooked with British breed beef and fresh ingredients that are prepared locally. Named after by Tom Byng and Head Chef Fred Smith, this restaurant has a genuine customer base at Leicester square.

The chef made his signature burger while aiming to earn the title of number one restaurant for Hamburgers.

The restaurant has recognition by making super satisfying Burgers on each order with delectable flavour. Established in 2007, Byron Hamburgers offers the juiciest and most tender burgers at Leicester Square to eat in or takeaway anywhere.

The most loved specialty of Byron restaurant is the juicy Aberdeen Angus burger which is prepared from 4 cuts of quality beef.

The delicious pink and juicy patty cooked in Byron way ensures the absolute flavour of hamburgers. If you cannot visit Byron right away, you can still enjoy delicious burgers by using the Deliveroo app for speedy delivery on the bike around the city.

Byron makes sure that you will lick your lips while at home or restaurant by enjoying best burgers in the town.


42 Cranbourn Street, WC2H 7AN, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 7437 3215



CAFE FIORI is one of the best Italian restaurants in the West End of London. Situated in the focal point of Cranbourne Street and being closed to numerous theatres and cinemas in Leicester Square, Fiori remains very busy all day long. Fiori serves an outstanding English breakfast, adored by locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant is also very famous for late-night grill food and evening meals after a hectic day. Fiori is open seven days a week and on weekends it worked until 5 am.

The restaurant has unique recognition in Leicester Square due to the interior decoration and cascades of light splitting from all the corners.

Fiori has a very relaxed yet lively ambiance and serves the best Italian food with excellent service staff.

The rich menu has some scrumptious choices for your taste buds including stacked pancakes, smashed avocado on toast, seafood, delicious pasta, wood-fired pizza, and so on.

You can satisfy your appetite round the clock by online ordering too via deliveroo throughout the city.


45 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4HX, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 20 7300 5588



Ellamia is a famous gourmet eatery in the bustling Leicester Square. This modern coffee establishment presents an exclusive blend of American and British coffee culture and offers the crafted coffee most joyously.

The restaurant is available daily from 8 am to 6 pm. The crafted menu is filled with savoury choices of snacks, sweet treats, protein cakes, shakes, coffee, and teas from different zones of Europe.

Your sweet tooth will be indulged magically after visiting the most sophisticated coffee corner named Ellamia. Straddling in between the convent garden and Leicester Square, Ellamia is the cosiest restaurant in St. Martin’s Lane.


8 Haymarket, SW1Y 4BP, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 3981 0090



This is an Indian restaurant in Leicester Square and a quite popular spot for the diverse traditional Indian cuisines. The first branch of Farzi was opened in Gurgao in 2014. Nowadays, Farzi restaurant has become a famous spot for culinary art in the bustling square in London.

The restaurant is adored by locals and tourists likewise due to prudent service, different culture, and vibrant energy.

Hence, the most important factor of popularity is the original taste of rich flavoured food served only at Farzi restaurant. They usually serve pan- dishes in Indian style in which you get more than 10 food items on one big round plate.

That factor proves a stellar look for the restaurant and gained a huge public eye instantly. Farzi has evolved a rich menu that is not unique but flavourful too.

The atmosphere is quite lively and the decor is simply awesome. The restaurant is focused on serving delicious food to earn the title of the best restaurant in Leicester Square, the heart of London entertainment.


47 Cranbourn Street, WC2H 7AN, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 7287 4439



It is another famous eatery at Leicester Square and well known for appetizing fish and chips. The restaurant has an exceptional reputation because of the ingredients that are not only authentic and organic such as fish and hand-cut chips.

Serving delicious fish to customers is the passion of Fish & Chipper. The restaurant is committed to serving future generations with the same zeal and passion.

They used all of the technical and sustainable methods to ensure the fish stock remains healthy and fresh. They only work with entrusted traders of the fish market who never practice wasteful fishing that could further deplete the fish stocks.

All the menu items are prepared in front of guests and proudly serve by amazing staff. Fisher & Chipper is established in 1971 and serves customers the freshest fish and chip, that’s an outlandish invention by British restaurants.


1-2 Coventry Street, W1D 7DH, Leicester Square, United Kingdom

+44 020 7734 689



The Five Guys is the leading fast-food restaurant in Leicester Square of London and a very popular spot among locals.

For all the fast food lovers, Five Guys is a very familiar name as it referred to a chain of restaurants operating in numerous countries. They prepare made-to-order burgers, fries, and hotdogs which are the absolute favourites of everyone

While you wait to grab your favourite burger, you can enjoy free peanuts at Five Guys only. They are specialized in Cajun fries which are hand-cut and organic.

The beef comes from Scotland through trusted traders who provide completely healthy meat.

You would not see any freezer in the restaurant to store the meat as they only serve fresh food in their expert style.

Staff  service is trained enough to judge the freshness, aroma, and flavours of the food to serve each customer in a highly efficient way. You can have 15 toppings altogether for each burger, hotdog, and sandwich.

The Conclusion:

Leicester square is the most energetic and much-loved part of the historical city. You can embrace this global icon of London through unlimited opportunities for entertainment like shopping, theatres, cinemas, and my favourite Japanese retail store.

Hence, to curb hunger, one must visit the abundant mouth-watering restaurants of Leicester Square and enjoy a memorable trip around.

I have mentioned some of the best restaurants in Square above which not only proffers delicious food but an excellent experience of dining. Do comments below the article and share your experience after visiting any of them.



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