15 Most Expensive Areas In London (Richest Parts Of London)

London is one of the oldest cities in Europe, if not the entire world. Expanding from the small central City of London into the vast metropolis it is today, it has undergone immense expansion.

Thus, making it one of the most desirable places to live for residents and among the most popular places to visit for tourists in the United Kingdom.

Throughout the years, London has had a reputation of being an expensive area with a high cost of living throughout its total 32 London boroughs.

Finding which areas best accommodate your budget can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, you have come across an in-depth article that lists the most expensive areas in London and highlights some of their attributes and disadvantages.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly location, you might want to avoid these areas.

Areas In London Population Population Density Total Area Average Property Price Average Rental Price Median Household Income
Kensington and Chelsea 143,375 (2021 Census) 11,820 people per km2 12.13 km2 £1,336,232 £2,535 per month £55,620
City of Westminster 204,236 (2021 Census) 9,509 people per km2 21.48 km2 £964,079 £2,492 per month £47,510
Camden 210,136 (2021 Census) 9,641 people per km2 21.80 km2 £867,771 £2,000 per month £43,750
City of London 8,583 2,962/km2 2.898 km2 £810,106 £2,230 per month £63,620
Hammersmith and Fulham 183,157 11,165/km2 16.40 km2 £799,573 £1,798 per month £43,820
Richmond upon Thames 195,278 3,401/km2 57.41 km2 £776,811 £1,600 per month £53,470
Islington 216,589 14,575/km2 14.86 km2 £723,842 £1,860 per month £39,790
Hackney 259,146 13,593/km2 19.06 km2 £669,429 £1,650 per month £35,140
Wandsworth 327,506 9,559/km2 34.26 km2 £656,762 £1,700 per month £47,480
Haringey 264,238 8,930/km2 29.59 km2 £616,570 £1,500 per month £35,420
Barnet 389,344 4,489/km2 86.74 km2 £608,726 £1,400 per month £40,530
Merton 215,187 5,722/km2 37.61 km2 £585,394 £1,450 per month £41,960


339,816 7,860/km2 43.23 km2 £565,441 £1,400 per month £32,140
Kingston upon Thames


168,063 37.25 km2 4,512/km2 £564,302 £1,350 per month £43,940
Lambeth 317,654 26.82 km2 11,843/km2 £562,476 £1,600 per month £38,490

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Here are the 15 most expensive areas in London:

1. Kensington and Chelsea

  • Population: 143,375 (2021 Census)
  • Population Density: 11,820 people per km2
  • Total Area: 12.13 km2
  • Average Property Price: £1,336,232
  • Average Rental Price: £2,535 per month
  • Median Household Income: £55,620

Kensington and Chelsea


Although grouped as one, many regard them as two separate areas. This residential area is classed as London’s most luxurious borough.

The prices of houses here can go up to £30 million, although the average cost is around £1.4 million.

The racial demographic of the population is composed of 39.3% White British, 2.3% White Irish, 28.9% Other White, 1.1% White & Black Caribbean, 1.9% White & Asian, 2% Other Mixed, 1.6% Indian, 2.5% Chinese, 4.8% Other Asian, 3.5% Black African, 2.1% Black Caribbean, 4.1% Arab, and the rest of percentage are other races.

More than 22% of residents in this area work in the financial sector. The crime rate, 115 crimes per 1,000 people, is higher than the average for London.

It is a great family-friendly area as the scenic Kensington Gardens is located here and shared with the City of Westminster, which is an excellent park for recreational activities.

This area has some excellent houses, especially on the block of Kensington 8, with underground swimming pools and a vintage Ferrari private museum – a true pinnacle for luxury.

Kensington boasts Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a top-rated tourist destination.

The area has numerous fancy places, including high-end shops, nightclubs such as the Dolce Club, and the Chelsea Harbour.

For the budget-friendly option, you can go to Portobello Market on Portobello Road to find local cuisine.

2. City of Westminster

  • Population: 204,236 (2021 Census)
  • Population Density: 9,509 people per km2
  • Total Area: 21.48 km2
  • Average Property Price: £964,079
  • Average Rental Price: £2,492 per month
  • Median Household Income: £47,510

Big Ben Tower


The City of Westminster is a close second for the wealthiest area in London.

With its numerous tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the beautiful House of Parliament, it’s no surprise why it’s an expensive area due to its booming tourism industry.

Another notable attraction located here is Hyde Park, a lovely escape from the city buzz and the host of the magical Winter Wonderland in December every year.

The city is also abundantly full of famous streets, from the high-end shopping Bond Street to Oxford Street.

The area boasts a wide demographic, of which 35.2% White British and 24.1% Other White comprise most of the population.

This area is great for professionals looking to be close to the business hub of London.

However, the city has one of the highest crime rates at 189 crimes per 1,000 people, making this area unsuitable for families with children who like to play outside.

Whitehall, a street in the city, is full of monuments and parliament buildings and is recommended for history lovers.

The Red Lion, situated close to the Palace of Westminster, is a notoriously famous historic pub loved for its awe-captivating Victorian Palace theme.

3. Camden

  • Population: 210,136 (2021 Census)
  • Population Density: 9,641 people per km2
  • Total Area: 21.80 km2
  • Average Property Price: £867,771
  • Average Rental Price: £2,000 per month
  • Median Household Income: £43,750



Being a residential neighbourhood since the 1790s, it is one of the older residential neighbourhoods in London.

This area is primarily filled with artists and is known as London’s art centre. It also boasts several markets and live entertainment scenes.

This area’s crime rate is relatively low, with 107 crimes per 1,000 people. It is best for art enthusiasts or families with older children.

The most famous market in this area is the Camden Market, offering food, shopping, and recreation, such as the theme park called Babylon Park.

The Roundhouse is a music and theatre venue and is the recommended location to see top theatre productions.

4. City of London

  • Population: 8,583
  • Population Density: 2,962/km2
  • Total Area: 2.898 km2
  • Average Property Price: £810,106
  • Average Rental Price: £2,230 per month
  • Median Household Income: £63,620

Christmas lights are installed in early November


Located next to Canary Wharf, the central business district of London, the City of London is primarily for those who want to live close to their workplace.

The major employment force in this area is the financial and law sectors. Of the total population of 8,583, it primarily consists of 78% White and 12.5% Asian.

It is truly the business capital of London with more than 500 banks headquartered in this area.

Moreover, it is also home to the London Stock Exchange. Being a business capital,  the City of London accounts for 2.4% of the total GDP of the UK.

This small area can be quite expensive since it is situated right in the heart of London, with the third highest average rental price of £2,230 per month.

It has the smallest total area on this list but is still loved by the upper class of London.

In September 2022, the total crime recorded was 828, which is a crime rate of 96 crimes per 1,000 people.

The City of London is packed with history and includes the London Metropolitan Archives, which has more than 100 km worth of books, maps, films, and many more.

Hampstead Heath is a great park to visit, a place where you can even host your weddings and events here.

5. Hammersmith and Fulham

  • Population: 183,157
  • Population Density: 11,165/km2
  • Total Area: 16.40 km2
  • Average Property Price: £799,573
  • Average Rental Price: £1,798 per month
  • Median Household Income: £43,820

Hammersmith Bridge


Hammersmith and Fulham is especially great for families as it boasts highly esteemed schools and Europe’s largest urban shopping mall, Westfield London.

The majority of housing in this area is flats and maisonettes, comprising 73% of the total dwellings.

The schools on offer are of the highest rated in London, such as the Imperial College London, a globally recognised university.

Although its crime rate of 103 crimes per 1,000 people is higher than the London average, it is still considered an excellent area for raising children.

Hammersmith and Fulham has amazing parks, including Wormwood Scrubs and Bishop’s Park.

It also offers a taste of culture with its seven theatres, the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo being the most famous.

Fulham is a football club that is home to this area. If you’re looking for environmentally and socially friendly places, this area is something to look forward to as it aims to have zero carbon emissions by 2030 and offers free home social care.

6. Richmond upon Thames

  • Population: 195,278
  • Population Density: 3,401/km2
  • Total Area: 57.41 km2
  • Average Property Price: £776,811
  • Average Rental Price: £1,600 per month
  • Median Household Income: £53,470



Richmond upon Thames is located alongside the River Thames and is a beautiful area. It is ideal for those who want to evade city life for a more suburban lifestyle.

With an ultra-low crime rate of 57 crimes per 1,000 people, it is the safest area on this list.

It is home to the Twickenham Rugby Stadium, making it ideal for families who love sports and want a safe place to live, as well as sports enthusiasts.

Richmond upon Thames is filled with historic landmarks and beautiful gardens and parks.

Garrick’s Commemorative temple and Marble Hill are some historical buildings.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is an excellent place for families and friends to take a walk and enjoy the scenic views. Richmond on Thames also offers a selection of seven golf courses.

7. Islington

  • Population: 216,589
  • Population Density: 14,575/km2
  • Total Area: 14.86 km2
  • Average Property Price: £723,842
  • Average Rental Price: £1,860 per month
  • Median Household Income: £39,790

Georgian court houses


Islington is known for its exceptional range of recreational activities, from nightlife to retail activities.

With all age groups calling this area their home, the expansion rate ranks among the highest in London.

It is a great area to raise a family, with a low crime rate of 102 crimes per 1,000 people and abundance of outdoor spaces.

There are several things to do in the area, including visiting Islington markets, running at parks and nature reserves, and working on your green thumb with community gardening.

Moreover, it offers Ladies’ football sessions and yoga in the park, Islington also promotes education with free short courses at City and Islington College.

This area has a variety of markets, with more than five significant markets to choose from. The most famous is the Chapel Market which is open daily.

Head to Upper Street which opens every hour of the day, with excellent restaurants and pubs such as Byron Burgers and Ottolenghi.

8. Hackney

  • Population: 259,146
  • Population Density: 13,593/km2
  • Total Area: 19.06 km2
  • Average Property Price: £669,429
  • Average Rental Price: £1,650 per month
  • Median Household Income: £35,140

Hackney is an area in East London popular with younger people wanting an urban lifestyle.

Yet this area is filled with historic landmarks, including the neighbourhood of Stoke Newington.

This area is culturally diverse and comprises 40% Black, a minority of ethnic groups, and 36% White. The crime rate in this area is average, with 105 crimes per 1,000 people.

Schools in Hackney are also intermediate compared to other parts of London, with Sebright School being the highest ranked school.

Hackney is an excellent area for outdoor activities, you can visit London Fields, which has a fantastic park, brewery, and restaurant called the Climpson’s Arch.

The Chatsworth Road Market is great, but unfortunately only open on Sundays, providing food, shopping, and entertainment.

This area offers several highly rated restaurants obtaining Michelin stars such as Cornerstone.

9. Wandsworth

  • Population: 327,506
  • Population Density: 9,559/km2
  • Total Area: 34.26 km2
  • Average Property Price: £656,762
  • Average Rental Price: £1,700 per month
  • Median Household Income: £47,480

Battersea Power Station


Wandsworth is an area similar to Richmond on Thames, only it is located in the inner city of London.

Wandsworth Commono and the selection of exceptionally rated schools have made this area a desirable residential area.

The crime rate is also impressively low, at 75 crimes per 1,000 people.

The area’s demographic is primarily mid to upper-class residents, comprising 72% White, 11% Asian, and 11% Black.

Wandsworth is renowned for its green spaces, Wandsworth Common being the most famous as it provides an extensive break from city life with outdoor nature walks, playing fields for rugby and other sports, and community gatherings.

HIstory buffs will enjoy the location with its several museums, including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

10. Haringey

  • Population: 264,238
  • Population Density: 8,930/km2
  • Total Area: 29.59 km2
  • Average Property Price: £616,570
  • Average Rental Price: £1,500 per month
  • Median Household Income: £35,420



Haringey is a great residential option for people who want an elegant area to call their home.

This area caters to urban and suburban lifestyles and is a better budget-accommodating option than Hackney.

This area has a crime rate of 106 crimes per 1,000 people. The major ethnic group is White, 60%, followed by Black with 19%. Haringey offers 64 primary schools and is thus an excellent option for families with younger children.

Haringey is passionate about their sport with its impressive football club namely Tottenham Hotspur, which plays in the FA Premier League.

This area is known for its park walks, of which Finsbury Park and Alexandra Park are the most popular.

11. Barnet

  • Population: 389,344
  • Population Density: 4,489/km2
  • Total Area: 86.74 km2
  • Average Property Price: £608,726
  • Average Rental Price: £1,400 per month
  • Median Household Income: £40,530

Barnet High Street


Known for its green, open spaces, Barnet is one of the most environmentally conscious areas on this list.

It has more than 200 parks and 32 000 trees, ensuring a park is always in close vicinity. Barnet is a great residential area for medium-income families.

Barnet has a crime rate of 99 crimes per 1,000 people, making it one of the lower-rated areas in London.

The demography regarding ethnicity is white at 64%, followed by Asian at 18%.

This area is preferred by older age groups, although more middle-aged couples are beginning to reside here.

The people in Barnet love their golf, and with numerous golf courses available, they also offer a variation from the norm with footgolf.

A child-friendly option is the Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf. Barnet also provides an experience with horses at the London Equestrian Centre.

12. Merton

  • Population: 215,187
  • Population Density: 5,722/km2
  • Total Area: 37.61 km2
  • Average Property Price: £585,394
  • Average Rental Price: £1,450 per month
  • Median Household Income: £41,960

Merton is a combination of lively and calm. This area is suited for mostly who are opting for a residential area, passionate about sports, particularly tennis.

The crime rate is impressively low at 62 crimes per 1,000 people, making it the second-lowest crime rate for this list. The ethnic diversity is dominated by 65% White and 18% Asian.

This area’s primary business hub is Wimbledon, with businesses such as Eidos interactive setting up their headquarters here.

Merton promotes sport to the highest degree, Wimbledon, the most renowned tennis championship in the world, is hosted here annually.

Tourists around the globe come to watch the tournament, and thus it can be busy around July in Merton.

13. Brent

  • Population: 339,816
  • Population Density: 7,860/km2
  • Total Area: 43.23 km2
  • Average Property Price: £565,441
  • Average Rental Price: £1,400 per month
  • Median Household Income: £32,140

The Jubilee Clock


Brent is a rising star with its regeneration projects such as compulsory recycling. It is also the area with the highest percentage of the Indian population in London, making this a culturally diverse area.

The crime rate is below average at 82 crimes per 1,000 people. Brent prioritises schooling, with 72 primary and 20 secondary schools.

This area primarily has mid-income households, with ethnic groups predominantly White at 36% and Indian at 19%.

The Neasden Temple is a Hindu temple constructed in 1995, and popular with Hindu religious visitors or tourists admiring its architectural beauty.

Alongside its diverse culture, Brent offers excellent cuisine options. Ace Cafe London is a petrolhead and bikers paradise often hosting motor shows.

It is also home to the UK’s largest stadium, Wembley Stadium, which can hold over 90,000 fans. Sports and music performances are both hosted here.

14. Kingston upon Thames

  • Population: 168,063
  • Population Density: 37.25 km2
  • Total Area: 4,512/km2
  • Average Property Price: £564,302
  • Average Rental Price: £1,350 per month
  • Median Household Income: £43,940

Kingston upon Thames


An alternative to the more expensive Richmond upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames also offers an abundance of green space with the River Thames flowing alongside it.

A sure living option for pro-suburbans at a reasonable cost.

With a crime rate of just 62 crimes per 1,000 people, it also makes for a safe option for raising a family.

This area is filled with architectural wonders, such as the renowned Kingston Bridge and All Saints Church.

The beautiful gardens make for an exciting afternoon stroll, the Canbury Gardens being at the top of the list.

Moreover, Kingston upon Thames is known for its pubs and restaurants. Constructed in the early 16th century, the Druids Head is one of the oldest pubs in London.

The Bishop is another well-known pub that has stood the test of time.

15. Lambeth

  • Population: 317,654
  • Population Density: 26.82 km2
  • Total Area: 11,843/km2
  • Average Property Price: £562,476
  • Average Rental Price: £1,600 per month
  • Median Household Income: £38,490

Lambeth is an area with a majority of young people living here. It is filled with historical landmarks such as the Florence Nightingale Museum, and the four Waterloo Churches.

The crime rate in Lambeth is 96 crimes per 1,000 people. Regarding ethnicity, the White population makes up the majority at 57%, followed by Black at 26%.

Students and youth make up the majority of the middle-income bracket.

Lambeth has some world-renowned attractions to offer such as the London Eye.

This area is also very enthusiastic about its sport as it is home to The Oval where the national cricket team plays.

There are several famous churches in this area, with the beautiful St John the Divine being the most famous.

Top Attractions Located in the Most Expensive Areas in London.

These 15 areas offer a wide range of world-renowned attractions, from scenic to iconic ones.

Exploring all the attractions can be a formidable task. Fortunately, we have narrowed it down to ten attractions, which you can read below.

London Eye

Neighbourhood: Lambeth

Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB, England

Contact: +44 20 7967 8021

Visit Website



Neighbourhood: Merton

Address: Plough Lane, Wimbledon, London SW17 0BL, England


Visit Website


Neasden Temple

Neighbourhood: Brent

Address: Pramukh Swami Rd, Neasden, London NW10 8HW, England

Contact: +44 20 8965 2651

Visit Website


Twickenham Stadium

Neighbourhood: Richmond upon Thames

Address: 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham, London TW2 7BA, England


Visit Website


London Metropolitan Archives

Neighbourhood: City of London

Address: 40 Northampton Rd, London EC1R 0HB, England

Contact: +44 20 7332 3820

Visit Website

Kensington Palace

Neighbourhood: Kensington and Chelsea

Address: Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX, England

Contact: +44 333 320 6000

Visit Website


Buckingham Palace

Neighbourhood: City of Westminster

Address: London SW1A 1AA, England

Contact: +44 303 123 7300

Visit Website


Westminster Abbey

Neighbourhood: City of Westminster

Address: 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, England

Contact: +44 20 7222 5152

Visit Website


Big Ben

Neighbourhood: City of Westminster

Address: London SW1A 0AA, England

Contact: +44 20 7219 4272

Visit Website

Wembley Stadium

Neighbourhood: Brent

Address: London HA9 0WS, London

Contact: +44 800 169 9933

Visit Website


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the areas have public transport?

Yes, London has exceptional public transport infrastructure. Each area is accessible by public transport, including minicabs and black taxis, River Bus, Bike Rental, Trams, DLR, London Overground, Cable Cars London, London Bus, and London Underground.

Are there any international schools available in London?

Yes, London offers numerous international schools, including American School in London, Deutsche Schule London, and Southbank International School.

What Do You Think?

London is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Luckily, the number of areas is diverse and offers excellent value for those who want to look.

From the most expensive, Chelsea and Kensington, to the least expensive, Brent, all these areas have something unique to offer above the rest.

London is truly a place that can accommodate anyone’s housing preference.

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