The Gherkin

15 Coolest Buildings In The London Skyline

London’s ever-changing skyline is one of the most recognizable in the world. Views across the Thames or from up at The O2¬†reveal a breathtaking cityscape bristling with skyscrapers. From the spectacular dome of St Paul’s to the instantly recognizable Gherkin, London’s architecture speaks volumes about its history and character. Surprisingly, London wasn’t always known for … Read more

The City of London

A Guide To The London Boroughs And Neighbourhoods (With Map)

London enjoys the fame and popularity befitting of a key global city. The epicentre of culture, education, politics, finance and entertainment, England’s capital is instantly recognisable by its historic buildings and red double-decker buses. The city hardly needs an introduction. For Greater London, however, an introduction is necessary, especially for out-of-towners looking for the best … Read more