10 Cheapest Places to Buy a House UK | Updated Property Prices in 2023

Are you looking for affordable houses in the UK for your family? Or are you interested in investing in cheap properties in the UK?

Look no further, as this comprehensive guide details the top 10 cheapest places to buy a house in the UK.

What’s more – this article also gives you an insight into what life is like in the area.

Although the lowest average property price may be a priority for you, it is also a good idea to look at what the place offers.

From educational institutions to recreational facilities and transportation, these are some essential factors that can be a dealbreaker for you before buying a house.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average property price in the UK is £294,559, with an annual price change of 9.5%.

However, the average property prices can go as low as £71,000, as indicated by Zoopla, one of the top British real estate companies in London, England.

Continue reading to learn more about the complete list of the top 10 cheapest places to buy a house UK.

In summary, the 10 cheapest places to buy a house UK are:

  1. Shildon, County Durham
  2. Ferryhill, County Durham
  3. Peterlee, Country Durham
  4. Stevenston, North Ayrshire
  5. Cumnock, East Ayrshire
  6. Irvine, North Ayrshire
  7. Girvan, South Ayrshire
  8. Cleator Moor, Copeland
  9. Egremont, Copeland
  10. Millom, Copeland

1. Shildon, County Durham – £71,000

  • Average property value: £71,000
  • Postcode district: DL4
  • Population: 10,054
  • Population density: 3,826 per km2

Shildon County Durham

Located in County Durham, Shildon is a small town in Northeastern England with a population of 10,054.

It is situated approximately 256 miles from London and 131 miles from Manchester.

Terraced houses or townhouses are a popular type in the area.

Buying a house in Shildon offers one of the most affordable deals, with an average property value of £71,000.

One of the most famous attractions in the small town is the Locomotion Museum.

The museum showcases Shildon railway station, the first station built in 1825.

Since then, the small town has been considered the world’s first railway town. You can learn more about what the town has to offer through Shildon Town Council.

Aside from affordable housing, you can expect to enjoy the town’s parks and green spaces, recreational activities, and local shops.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Shildon station via Northern Railway
  • Bus


2. Ferryhill, County Durham – £80,400

  • Average property value: £80,400
  • Postcode district: DL17
  • Population: 9,419
  • Population density: 4,674 per km2

Ferryhill County Durham 2019

Ferryhill is located within County Durham in North East England. It has a population of 9,419 and a population density of 4,674 per km2. Houses are valued at an average of £80,400.

It is common to find flats, houses, and terraces in the area. The town’s economy flourished with its coal mining industry. However, its last mine shut down in 1968.

Today, the town is a gateway to many engaging local activities and events, including a weekly Friday market by the Ferryhill Town Council.

Moreover, residents have the benefit of having a free community newspaper called The Ferryhill and Chilton Chapter Community Newspaper.

Educational institutions are also abundant, with four primary schools: Broom Cottages Primary School, Dean Bank Primary School, Cleves Cross Primary School, and Ferryhill Station Primary School.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:



3. Peterlee, Country Durham – £84,200

  • Average property value: £84,200
  • Postcode district: SR8
  • Population: 27,131
  • Population density: 2,883 per km2

Peterlee Country Durham

Peterlee was founded in 1943 and named after a miner community’s leader, Peter Lee. It officially became a designated town in 1948 and now has a population of 27,131. Today, the current average property value in Peterlee is £84,200.

Houses in the town are not more than 60 years old. You can find a variety of styles and types, from detached homes to detached bungalows and newly built estates.

Some of the newly built estates are Castle Gate and Beverly Rise.

Social housing is also available, led by East Durham Homes. Forest trails and scenic walks can be found here.

Moreover, it is near several beaches, such as Easington Beach (4.7 miles), Blackhall Rocks Beach (3.9 miles), and Horden Beach (1.8 miles).

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus
  • Horden station via Northern Railway


4. Stevenston, North Ayrshire – £88,800

  • Average property value: £88,800
  • Postcode district: KA20
  • Population: 9,050
  • Population density: 2,192 per km2

Stevenston High Kirk North Ayrshire Scotland

Located in Scotland, the Scottish town Stevenston is an affordable place to buy a house, with an average price of £88,800.

It is nestled in the heart of North Ayrshire with 9,050 residents. With its close vicinity to the coast, locals take advantage of the ocean breeze and water activities at Stevenston Beach or Stones and driftwood.

The town is one of the Three Towns on the Firth of Clyde coast.

Lush greenery and nature reserves dominate the town, including Stevenston Sand Dunes, Gavin’s wee pond, Greenhead Bark Park, and Ardeer Quarry Local Nature Reserve.

Stevenston station via ScotRail is one of the public transportation available in the town.

It used to have Stevenston Moorpark and Ardeer Platform stations, but they closed in 1932 and 1966, respectively.

In the past, it used to be a mining and quarrying town, as well as explosives, where Nobel Industries and ICI became major companies.

Today, a Japanese firm which operates Nobel Enterprises took over as one of the primary energetic technological companies.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus
  • Stevenston station via ScotRail


5. Cumnock, East Ayrshire – £89,400

Average property value: £89,400

Postcode district: KA18

Population: 8,700

Population density: 2,393 per km2

Cumnock is a small town situated in East Ayrshire in Scotland, just 83.3 miles from Edinburgh and 207 miles from Manchester.

Auchinleck, Lugar, Logan, and Skares border the town. It is a former civil parish currently home to 8,700 people, of which 90% identify as White British.

The average property value in Cumnock is £89,400. The coal mining industry used to be the driving force of the economy; however, many various industries have become the primary source of income, from construction to skill-based and service jobs.

Today, Emergency One is a major employer in the town, a company that produces fire engines.

Cumnock Bus Station serves as the town’s bus terminal, servicing Stagecoach West Scotland and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

Although the former Cumnock railway station has closed already, residents can still manage to ride a train at Auchinleck station via ScotRail, just 3.2 miles away.

Nevertheless, several local buses are available throughout the town for transportation, including numbers 43, 49A,49B, 236, 246, 343, and 356, to name a few.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus


6. Irvine, North Ayrshire – £102,100

  • Average property value: £102,100
  • Postcode district: KA11 – KA12
  • Population: 33,910
  • Population density: 1,768 per km2

Located along the coast of the Firth of Clyde, Irvine is an ancient settlement in North Ayrshire in Scotland.

It had been a Royal Burgh since 1372 and is now a new town, having been designated in 1966.

Some of the surrounding areas are Gailes, Bourtreehill, Eglinton, and Stanecastle.

Irvine is closest to Glasgow at 31.6 miles but can also reach Edinburgh at 78.1 miles.

With its close distance to major cities, the average property price is slightly higher at £102,100.

It has a relatively large population with 33,910 residents with a population density of 1,768 per km2.

When it comes to cultural centres, Irvine has several of them, such as Harbour Arts Centre, Wellwood Burns Centre & Museum, and Scottish Maritime Museum, Linthouse Building.

It is also located along Fifth of Clyde, so you enjoy scenic views at Irvine Beach Park and Irvine Beach.

The only railway station available in the town is Irvine station, which ScotRail uses.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus
  • Irvine station via ScotRail


7. Girvan, South Ayrshire – £105,000

  • Average property value: £105,000
  • Postcode district: KA26
  • Population: 6,330
  • Population density: 2,991 per km2

Girvan is another harbour town along Fifth of Clyde, with a population of 6,330.

The average property price is £105,000, and you can purchase various types of houses such as flats, traditional, semi-detached, and terraced. It is approximately 100 miles from Edinburgh and 55 miles from Glasgow.

Due to its harbour location, Girvan became a fishing port and a top vacation spot for seaside resorts and beaches.

Locals and visitors go to Girvan Beach to bask in the sun. You can also enjoy an evening walk at the Girvan Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Locals enjoy some of the festivals that take place, such as the Girvan RNLI harbour gala in July, The Girvan Traditional Folk Festival in May, The Lowland Gathering in June, and the Festival of Light in October.

Moreover, families with children are assured of having proper education in the town with Girvan’s own secondary school, Girvan Academy.

Transportation is convenient as well, thanks to the Girvan railway station run by ScotRail and several local buses.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus
  • Girvan station via ScotRail


8. Cleator Moor, Copeland – £105,000

  • Average property value: £105,000
  • Postcode district: CA25
  • Population: 6,936
  • Population density: 558.6 per km2

With an average property value of £105,000, Cleator Moor is one of the most desirable places to buy a house in Copeland.

Cleator Moor is home to 6,936 residents with a population density of 558.6 people per km2.

It is considered a town and civil parish in the shire county of Cumbria in the North West region of England.

Moreover, it is also the two electoral wards of Cumbria in the north and south.

One of the town’s interesting landscape features is the vast Dent Fell views, also known as high and barren scenic hills.

Saint Bees Head Heritage Coast is the nearest coast from the town, a nature preserve just 7.6 miles away.

Kinniside and the nearby dent also dominate the town views.

In terms of transportation, the nearest railway stations are Whitehaven and Corkickle of Northern Railway, just 5.2 miles and 3.6 miles, respectively.

Local buses are also available for transportation, which is served by Bus numbers 30 and S34. Bus number 30 goes through the town every 30 minutes.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Busnumbers 30 and S34
  • Whitehaven and Corkickle via Northern Railway


9. Egremont, Copeland – £120,900

  • Average property value: £120,900
  • Postcode district: CA22
  • Population: 7,659Rank Math SEO
  • Population density: 574.2 per km2

Located in North West England, Egremont is a market town and civil parish in the district of Copeland.

It is also situated in the shire county of Cumbria as two electoral wards. Some of the most common buildings you can find in the town are houses, farmhouses, farm buildings, and churches.

The average property value is £120,900, and you can purchase flats and a variety of housing styles. If you purchase a property here, Liverpool is just 149 miles away, whereas Manchester is 145 miles.

Egremont is also close to the beach, such as Fleswick Bay and Nethertown Beach, with just a few minute’s drive.

Historical buffs will enjoy some of its oldest buildings and ruins dating back to the 12th century.

From the sandstone-built Egremont Castle to Scalegill Hall and barn, it is like a walk in history in the town.

One of the most notable town fairs is the Crab Fair, which takes place every third Saturday in September.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus


10. Millom, Copeland – £131,500

  • Average property value: £131,500
  • Postcode district: LA18, LA19
  • Population: 7,240
  • Population density: 586.2 per km2

The 10th cheapest place to buy a house in the UK is Millom in Copeland, with an average property value of £131,500.

It is located in the North West of England in the shire county of Cumbria.

Approximately 7,240 people live in this town and civil parish, with a population density of 586.2 per km2.

Millom is surrounded by scenic landscapes, from the vast Lake District National Park to the waters by Millom Beach.

Its economy heavily relies on retail, tourism, service, and skill-based industries.

Thus, it is common to find major employers from hotels, shopping centres and construction.

Transportation is not a problem thanks to the Millom railway station on the Cumbrian Coast Line via the Northern railway.

The town is filled with many places of interest, from religious landmarks to sports centres and cultural institutions.

You can expect to engage ins several activities with the town’s Beggar’s Theatre.

Town Highlights

Areas of Interest:


  • Bus
  • Millom railway station via the Northern railway


Which Place Do You Prefer in the UK?

Whether you are interested in the lowest average price or also prefer scenic views and town amenities, the top 10 places mentioned in the article are all excellent places.

It has transportation options and basic town facilities needed for a better quality of life.

Nevertheless, you can be assured that all 10 places are indeed cheaper than the average property price in the UK.

It is a perfect price for those looking to start a family or invest in more properties.

You can find all types and styles of houses, including flats, detached homes, and terraced houses.

If you need further information on properties in the UK, check out Winterville’s guides on properties in the UK, in London, and outside London.

Get information on the most expensive areas to the cheapest and safest places in London.

Did I miss a cheap place to buy a house in the UK? Let us know your recommendations by writing your suggestions in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with those who might need it too.

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