28 Best London Model Agencies To Start Your Modelling Career

Cities like London are synonymous with things like modeling, fashion, banking, and entertainment, and it is rightly so.

The City has nurtured many dreams and careers, and it is no surprise that many people go to London to get a big break.

Modeling agencies are among those industries that promise many young men and women a big break onto the world modeling scene.

However, the truth is that not many of them can deliver on their promises, so you need to get the best one if you hope to make an impact.

In this article, we shall explore some of the best modeling agencies you can find in London. So if you are looking for a big break into the modeling scene but are new to London, these are the few places to begin from.

  • 1. Premier Model management
  • 2. Vision Models Model Agency
  • 3. PRM Model Agency
  • 4. Models 1
  • 5. Wilhelmina Models
  • 6. Elite Models
  • 7. The Squad
  • 8. CM Models
  • 9. IMG Models
  • 10. Select Model Management
  • 11. Next Management
  • 12. MiLK Model Management
  • 13. The Hive Management
  • 14. BMA Models
  • 15. Storm Models
  • 16. First Model Management
  • 17. Base Models
  • 18. IMM Agency Group
  • 19. Supa Model Management
  • 20. Anti-Agency
  • 21. Rage Models
  • 22. Oxygen Models
  • 23. Nev Models
  • 24. Body
  • 25. Kids London
  • 26. M & P Models
  • 27. Source Models
  • 28. Bruce & Brown London Kids

1. Premier Model management

Location: 40–42 Parker Street London WC2B 5PQ

Area: Northwest London

Contact: +44 20 7333 0888

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Premier Model management

This modeling agency seeks to keep true to its name as being a “premier” modeling agency. It is one of the best modeling agencies globally and has been home to some of the iconic faces in the modeling world.

The best thing about this agency is that it doesn’t just focus on already known models. Still, it dedicates its time and resources to discovering and developing upcoming models.

A premier modeling agency is focused on a diverse team and has globally renowned talents in the creative and fashion industries.

This agency has three divisions: men, women, and artists, and they are passionate about diversity in the modeling and fashion industry.

2. Vision Models Model Agency

Location: Dudley House, 5th Floor Office, 169 Piccadilly Mayfair, London, W1J 9EH

Area: West End London

Contact: 0203 488 8642

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Vision Models Model Agency

Vision Models is a modeling agency with a difference; it is at the forefront of change; demonstrating equality, embracing diversity, and celebrating gender empowerment in the modeling and fashion industries.

This agency treats its models with respect and decorum, and they nurture new and upcoming models to be strong, confident, and independent.

If you are a new and upcoming model, this is the right agency to reach out to because the atmosphere here is loyal, reliable, respectable, honest, and open, and you will get the opportunity to grow.

The models here and staff are like a community; the environment encourages people to speak up, ask questions, and clarify any issues and problems they face.

3. PRM Model Agency

Location: 3 Archie Street London SE1 3JT

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 (0) 207 064 4920

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PRM Model Agency

PRM is also one of the most known modeling agencies in London. It is a boutique modeling agency that represents both men and women. The company was started by Paulo Ribiero, who worked for many years in men’s fashion.

This company is known for its professional nature and knowledge concerning the international modeling market, languages, and fashion. The staff are friendly and courteous and committed to developing and nurturing upcoming talent.

This company works on a strict schedule, so it is necessary to book an appointment ahead of time if you consider visiting here. Check out their website for more information.

4. Models 1

Location: 12 Macklin Street Covent Garden London WC2B 5SZ

Area: West End London

Contact: 020 7025 4900

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Models 1

It is impossible to list the best modeling agencies in Europe without adding Models 1.

Model 1 is one of the best in Europe, and they are at the forefront of discovering models that have graced industries like fragrance brands, media titles,  fashion houses, and e-commerce platforms.

Model 1 shows a lot of passion and responsibility towards its models, and they aim to nurture young and new talents and develop their careers in the long run.

If you sign into this agency, you can be sure that your happiness, safety, and well-being will be their top priority.

The agency acts as the middle link between clients and models and tries uniquely and fairly in their dealings.

5. Wilhelmina Models

Location: 6 Perseverance Works 38 Kingsland Road London E2 8DD

Area: East London

Contact: +44 (0) 20-7613-0993

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Wilhelmina Models

Wilhelmina Models is a world-leading modeling agency with branches in London, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

And the models from this agency also maintain a good working relationship with local modeling agencies.

This agency has maintained its prestigious place in the modeling industry by providing full-spectrum management for men, women, entertainers, musicians, and fitness models.

They pride themselves on integrity and professionalism, using the latest social and information technologies.

They engage in scouting and developing young and upcoming models, and they are a force to reckon with in the beauty and fashion industries. Speaking of fashion, you can check some of these exciting thrift shops in London with trendy and designer outfits.

6. Elite Models

Location: Burleigh House, 4 Floor, 355 Strand London WC2R 0HS

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 (0) 207 841 3288

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Elite Models

With a presence all over the globe, Elite modeling agency is one of the best and leading modeling talent discovery and management agencies.  This agency has elevated the status of many models to world-class fame and popularity.

It has managed the likes of Naomi Cambell, Lara Stone, Claudia Schiffer, Kendall Jenner, Yasmin Le Bon, Tatjana Patitz, and Diane Kruger. In addition, many upcoming stars have been discovered through Elite’s model search programs.

The Elite model look contest brings together a lot of participants worldwide; this shows their interest, legacy, and passion for the unearthing, nurturing, and development of models.

They also provide long-term career strategies, connecting their models with global fashion and luxury brands.

So if you hope to become a game-changer in the industry, it would be nice to reach out to this innovative and open-minded company.

7. The Squad

Location: The Squad Management 9-11 Broadwick street London W1F 0DB

Area: Central London

Contact: + 44 203 409 9180

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The Squad

With the ever-changing trends in the fashion and beauty industry, you need a modeling agency that has a fresh approach to the way things are done. This is the uniqueness that The Squad modeling agency brings to the table.

The modeling management offered here is tailored to suit each individual. This means that the staff here are focused on offering their guidance, attention, and expertise to each talent as the need arises.

If you sign under this agency, you will be pushed to thrive and become the best version of yourself. If you are passionate about having a lucrative and long-span career, this agency is the right place to start from.

8. CM Models

Contact: +49 (0) 221 1653 2370

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CM Models

If you are looking for a modeling agency with international connections, CM Models rightly fits the picture. It is a modeling agency for models in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Paris, etc.

They pride themselves on handling all burdens, administrative, and bookings duties so that the model can have time to focus on their career.

They ensure that things flow seamlessly from fashion shows to campaigns, catwalk events, and fashion shoots.

As you venture into the modeling industry, you need a management team that will handle everything and gives you time to grow in the industry; this is what CM Models offer. So give them a call if you want any modeling services or wish to be a model.

9. IMG Models

Location: 2, Arundel Street Building 5th Floor 180 The Strand, London WC2R 3DA

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 207 665 5500

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IMG Models

IMG Models is another modeling agency you can’t leave by the sideline when talking about talent discovery and management. They are recognized internationally for their effectiveness and the diversity in their client roster.

This modeling agency has offices in six capitals worldwide; Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Paris, Milan, and London.

IMG Models has a vision where the popularity of models can be built into strong personal brands that surpass the runway or magazine they feature in.

This vision has propelled the growth and success of most models who have signed under this agency; it has challenged the status quo in the modeling industry and opened more doors and opportunities for models.

10. Select Model Management

Location: 27-35 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JF

Area: Central London

Contact: Women: +44 (0)20 7299 1300,  Men: +44 (0)20 7299 1322

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Select Model Management

If you are looking for modeling agencies with international influence, you will discover that London has its fair share of them.

For example, select Model Management is an international modeling agency globally recognized for its innovativeness.

Since its inception, it has succeeded in building an exclusive client list that includes big and prestigious lifestyle brands.

This agency has also managed the careers of some of the most successful, brightest, and biggest female and male artists.

This agency has helped shape the talent and model industry for forty years. It has debuted the careers of talents such as Oliver Cheshire, David Gandy, Sienna Miller, Stella Tennant, Sam Rollinson, Ben Allen, and Yoonmi Sun.

Its offices are spread over eight major cities, including Milano, Stockholm, Paris, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and London.

11. Next Management

Location: Ground Floor Blocks B and C Morelands Building 5-23 Old Street London, EC1V9HL

Area: Northeast Central London

Contact: +44207-251-9850

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Next Management

Next Management is the global leading agency in the fashion industry, and it connects models with top international brands worldwide. This agency has several offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and London.

Next management is also famous for discovering new upcoming talents and helping them develop into international model icons.

They are champions of diversity and personality, and this reflects in their roster. Also, their management extends to creatives and performers who want their brand to expand internationally.

In addition, they have professionals who are passionate about creative ideas and growth.

12. MiLK Model Management

Location: 46 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH

Area: South East London

Contact: Women+44 (0) 203 857 3690  Men: +44 (0) 203 857 3692

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MiLK Model Management

MiLK is a modeling agency famous for nurturing and developing the careers of top models. This agency challenges the status quo and seeks to be inclusive and promote diversity.

Their agents scout for upcoming talents, and the agency covers a variety of industries like modeling, TV, and content creation. They pride themselves on their professionalism, fairness, and respect towards clients and models.

Also, this agency seeks to manage and protect the careers of talents, and they are part of the British Fashion Model Agents Association. Check out their website for more information if you are interested.

13. The Hive Management

Location: UNIT 17, Tileyard Studios, Tileyard Road, London, N7 9AH.

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 (0) 203 819 7410

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The Hive Management

The Hive Management agency is an agency for unique and talented faces. They focus strongly on scouting new talents, and they provide the development and support they need.

They are passionate about transforming their new talents into international models, featuring them in catwalks, editorials, and campaigns worldwide.

The team is committed to helping each one that walks into their doors, and you can be assured of reaching your potential with their help.

14. BMA Models

Location: Unit 7, 22 Gledhow Gardens, London, SW5 OAZ, United Kingdom

Area: West Central London

Contact: +44 (0) 2038 468 468

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BMA Models

BMA Modelling Agency is one of London’s leading fashion and commercial agencies. This agency is known for being the first in London to represent and market models of all ethnicities, nationalities, and ages.

BMA represents most of the top models in London, thanks to its vision of expanding its style, charisma, and ability.

As a result, BMA’s models grace the front pages of advertising campaigns, magazines, fashion shows, and TV commercials.

BMA works with a team of prestigious photographers, hair & makeup artists, and stylists who are passionate and good at their jobs.

15. Storm Models

Location: 1st Floor 5 Jubilee Place London, SW3 3TD

Area: East London

Contact: Women – 0207 376 7764   Men – 0207 376 7464

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Storm Models

The founder of Storm Models, Sarah Doukas, revolutionalized the modeling industry by launching a brand that represented new talents worldwide.

This modeling management agency has extended its branches to include brand development and social media representation.

This expansion has helped the company maximize its models’ career potential. Some of the top names that have worked with this agency are Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Zara McDermott.

Over its thirty years of existence, the Storm agency has discovered, nurtured, developed, and launched the careers of some of the finest talents in the industry.

This agency commits its resources to first-class scouting, so you can expect to get nothing less than success.

16. First Model Management

Location: 72 Wilton Road London SW1V 1DE, the United Kingdom

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 (0)207 436 9095

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First Model Management

First Model Management is another London-based modeling agency that works with male and female models.

They have a fresh and innovative way of leadership and are attuned to the ever-changing nature of the industry.

They work with established commercial and editorial clients worldwide, also working with models locally and internationally.

17. Base Models

Location: 72 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DE

Area: Central London

Contact+44 (0) 207 323 0499

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Base Models

The base is a management agency that represents a variety of influencers, actors, and professional models throughout Europe. Their commitment and vision identify opportunities for new talents and their development.

Tomorrow’s artists and models are safe in Base’s hands because of their innovation and commitment to producing the best.

The high-end talents chosen by this agency are hired across different creative markets like advertising campaigns in print and digital, and broadcast media.

They have professional and intelligent individuals who understand clients’ needs and provide professional services tailored to meet specific needs.

18. IMM Agency Group

Location: IMM Agency Group Deane House Studios 27 Greenwood Place London, NW5 1LB

Area: Northwest London

Contact: +44 207 610 9111

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IMM Agency Group

IMM Models is a well-known London-based model agency that is at the forefront of providing talents for industries like advertising, commercial, and fashion modeling.

They have a young and dynamic team passionate about the models, clients, and work.

IMM Models scouts nurture and develop models in almost all areas of the modeling industry, and it has garnered an enviable reputation for developing and growing modeling careers.

This agency is happy to handle all the administrative tasks like sourcing and booking so that the models can focus on what they do best. So If you are looking for a proactive management agency, you should check these guys out.

19. Supa Model Management

Location: 19 Wadeson Street London E2 9DR

Area: East London

Contact: + 44 (0) 207 490 4441

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Supa Model Management is home to some of the best models in London and internationally. The clients for Supa Model management include Burberry, Lanvin, Gucci, and Valentino.

It is a men-only modeling agency, and it offers some of the best quality representation to top male models.

Some of the well-known models under this agency are Tom Baker, Arthur Gosse, Clement Chabernaud, and Max Rendell.

20. Anti-Agency

Location: Anti-Agency First Floor 21-22 Great Castle Street W1G 0HY

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 207 408 1994

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Anti Agency

The outstanding thing about this modeling agency is its mission to break down traditional beauty standards used to scrutinize people in the modeling and beauty industries.

This agency promotes and celebrates authenticity,  diversity, and character.

It promotes the spirit of positivity which can sometimes be hard to find in the modeling, fashion, and beauty industries.

If you support their ideology of doing things differently, you will be happy in this family.

21. Rage Models

Location: 2nd Floor 145 – 157 St. John Street London, EC1V 4PW

Area: South East London

Contact: +44 20 7233 6797

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Rage Models is a management agency based in London, and it handles over 850 in London and Asia. They pride themselves on connecting their models with the world’s most prominent brands.

They identify new faces and talents, nurture them, and help them build formidable careers. So if you are looking to make your mark in the Asian modeling industry, Rage Models will be the most qualified to help you achieve that.

22. Oxygen Models

Location: The Courtyard 250 Kings Road London SW3 5UE

Area: West London

Contact: +44 20 7351 2000

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Oxygen Models

Oxygen Models is a London-based modeling agency that offers you personalized and tailored services. This agency represents both men and women for editorial and commercial work.

It is one of the leading boutique models agency in London, and they have a close-knit communal bond between all models and staff which helps them work better together.

23. Nev Models

Location: 4th Floor, Broadway Studios, 20 Hammersmith Broadway, London, W6 7AF

Area: West London

Contact: + 44 (0) 207 352 7273

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Nev Models

News Model Agency is one of the London-based modeling agencies that has set a high bar for others to follow. They offer exceptional services, giving their models and clients the best attention.

They are professional in their dealings, and they operate with ethics, understanding, and speed in all their dealings.

In addition, they have a track record for scouting and nurturing local talents and balancing this with international talents.

They have a well-informed and experienced team that will help you maximize your potential and propel your career to greater heights.

24. Body

Location: 1 Lyric Square, London W6 0NB

Area: West London

Contact: +44(0)203 992 9797

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Body Model Management is one of the fastest-growing modeling agencies in London. They are effective thanks to the professional and personalized services which they offer.

The personalized services involve each client having their personal booker, and the booker will be able to learn and adapt to your needs and preferences.

Also, imagine having your personal manager as a model who knows your style and preferences, and you can access them at any moment. Is this not amazing? These are the benefits of signing up for this agency.

25. Kids London

Location: 67 Dulwich Road London SE24 0NJ

Area: South London

Contact: +44 (0)207 924 9595

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Kids London

The kid’s modeling industry is growing daily, and it is only right for them to be handled, especially by an agency solely dedicated to them. This is the outstanding feature of Kids London; they are specifically there to manage children models.

This agency seeks to reflect a more diverse and inclusive section of kids who represent the different backgrounds that they come from.

This agency has clients from other industries like top designer brands, fashion, magazines, department stores, TV, and film. They are professional, reliable, and creative as they face the ever-changing society.

26. M & P Models

Location: 1st Floor 29 Poland Street London, W1F 8QR

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 (0)20 7734 1051

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M P Models

M & P Models is one of London’s leading boutique modeling agencies. They provide a tailored and personal approach to clients. This helps them work closer and better with them and helps meet other needs and expectations.

This agency gives the model all the attention and helps them establish and build their own brand.

In a world where people want unique things, having a team like this that helps you achieve that uniqueness is what you need.

27. Source Models

Location: 34 S Molton Street London W1K 5RG

Area: West End London

Contact: 0207 692 1860

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Source Models

Source Models is a leading commercial model agency in the UK, and it has represented hundreds of professional models spanning all ages.

They emphasize the need for diverse portfolios, and they have the largest database with regard to ethnic talents across the country.

They help their models and clients to be efficient by helping them handle things like administration, logistics, sourcing, and bookings. This gives the model enough time to focus, have undivided attention, and build their careers.

The models for this agency feature in Ads, billboards, posters, magazines, TV commercials, and social media.

28. Bruce & Brown London Kids

Location: Unit g.20, The Lightbox, 111 Power Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5PY

Area: West London

Contact: +44 (0) 20 7624 7333

Visit Website

Bruce Brown London Kids

This is the leading modeling agency in the UK for kids and children, and they work globally with TV, commercial, film, and photographic brands.

This agency allows kids to discover and nurture their modeling careers in a safe and transparent space where they will thrive. Check out their website for more information.


If you are in London or hoping to move there and are interested in exploring your modeling talent, these 27 modeling agencies will surely be of help.

Becoming a model means becoming more disciplined about what you eat or the need to exercise more often.

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