20 Best Curly Hair Salons In London

Curly hair is always a beauty to behold, and at whatever length it comes, short, medium, or long, the shiny radiance is permanently present.

In my view, this type of hair is striking because it follows its own rules, and it will always find its curly texture no matter what type of styling or manipulation it has been put through.

Quite a good percentage of Londoners are honored bearers of this spirited type of hair, and as a result, they grace the streets of London daily looking glamorous and elegant, and some adorn them for occasions like prom and wedding ceremonies. (Check out this link for the best prom and wedding dresses shops in London)

The sight of a beautiful wavy curl or a stunning coil, whether on the bus, the underground tube, or the busy sidewalk, is always spectacular.

While there is fun in watching this playful type of hair rise to the breeze and the ease at which it falls back over the shoulders, most women face a challenge in finding the right stylists who can work magic on their curls.

Natural curls always find a way to resist change, and this is why it requires special care and attention.

Here is a list of expert hairdressers salons in London who can give you the curly hair you desire.

  • 1. Unruly Curls
  • 2. Lindsey Curl Whisperer Salon
  • 3. 3Thirty Salon London
  • 4. Curly Hair London
  • 5. Ena Salon
  • 6. The Standard Studio Salon (beyond curls)
  • 7. Hair Lounge
  • 8. Kink by Nature
  • 9. Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon
  • 10. Curl Talk Salon
  • 11. Gielly Green Salon
  • 12. Afro Therapy Salon
  • 13. The Curl Bar London
  • 14. Hiikuss Afro Hair Salon London
  • 15. Darren Scott Salon
  • 16. George Northwood Salon
  • 17. Kinson Hair Studio: Curly And a Natural Hair Salon
  • 18. Jair Santamaria Hair Salon
  • 19. Frankie Cochrane Salon
  • 20. The Good Salon

Curly Hair Salons Near London

1. Unruly Curls

Location: 2 Peoples Hall, 2 Olaf Street, London W11 4BE

Area: West London

Contact: unrulycurlslondon@gmail.com

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Unruly Curls

One challenge of growing up with curly hair is that you have to unlearn some childhood haircare practices as an adult.

So unruly curls salon has made it part of its responsibility to ensure that people with curly hair are well taken care of by taking up an educative role.

The salon offers much more than hairstyling. The experienced staff is welcoming and super friendly; they also understand the curly hair language.

The services offered are excellent, and the atmosphere is nice and cozy, together with the exemplary styles that keep customers coming back for more.

Despite being professionals, one thing about the stylists is that they will always listen to the customer’s needs to ensure they give exactly what is desired.

The salon has a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, and it accommodates people of all ages and gender. To top it all off, they offer tips on hair care and the best products to use for healthy hair.

So if you are looking for a place that will take care of your hair, then Unruly curls salon is the place for you.

Open: 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Thursday; 10 am to 8 pm Friday to Saturday; 10 am to 7 pm Sunday.

Price. Cuts 40 to £125; colors 90 to £190; toners £20.

2. Lindsey Curl Whisperer Salon

Location: Hunter Collective, Artillery Lane London E1 7LP

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 7477 014645

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Lindsey Curl Whisperer Salon

With its location being easily accessible, this is one of the finest spaces around East London to have your curls trimmed and styled. The services are superb, and the environment is appealing.

Lindsey is full of knowledge, and the styling is magical. At the curl whisperer, the always organic beauty products are kept at a minimum; this allows your curly hair to reach its natural potential.

The ambiance is great, agreeing with the elegantly designed and decorated walls. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and satisfaction and confidence are always guaranteed.

Open 10 am to 1 pm Monday to Wednesday; 8.30 am to 8 pm Thursday; 8.30 am to 7 pm Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday.

Price. Curly cut £135; curly tuition £50; Pintura color £150.

3. 3Thirty Salon London

Location: 330 Old St, Hackney, London EC1V 9DR

Area: East London

Contact: 020 7033 1882

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3Thirty Salon London

3thirty hair salon is a go-to beauty spot for all your curly hair needs. Located in the heart of East London, their services range from hair cutting, hair coloring, and hairstyling.

The positive environment is enhanced by the French-inspired beautifully colored walls, which give a cozy feeling and welcoming atmosphere. The reception is bubbly and the entrance captivating; the receptionist is friendly and very helpful.

The extremely skilled hairstylists make you feel at peace and relaxed, and you will certainly come back.

Three things that stand out here are the punctuality of the staff, cleanliness, and the icing on the cake, which is the top-notch quality of the curly hairstyles.

Open 10 Am – 7 pm Monday to Friday; 9 Am – 5:30 Pm Saturday; 11 Am – 5 Pm on Sunday.

Price. Conditioning treatments 15 – £45; relaxers 70 – £135; colours, high/ low lights 20 – £120; blow-dry and cutting 20 – £100.

Get rid of nasty hair experiences of the past by paying a visit to this magnificent place; details about bookings and appointments are on the website. You can also check out these elegant thrift shops and Tea rooms in London, in case you have to wait for your hairdresser’s appointment.

4. Curly Hair London

Location: 18 Denmark Str, WC2H 8NE, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Area: Central London

Contact: +44 7515 806465

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Curly Hair London

Looking for a specialty hairdressing spot? Take a peek at Curly Hair London. Here you are guaranteed exemplary care that is both relaxing and comfortable.

Equipped with extensive knowledge of curl-friendly products, they are proud to deal with; happy and healthy curls, customized curl trim and cuts, Natural Curly Hair (all types), Colouring of Curly Hair, Organic and Natural Products, Organic and Natural colors- ammonia-free.

The products used are organic, and they bring out the best curly radiance in your hair.

Open 10 Am – to 7 Pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday; Closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Prices: custom services from £200; treatments from £90; coloring and Pintura lights from £220.

5. Ena Salon

Location: 5 Great Queen St, London, United Kingdom.

Area: West End Central London

Contact: 02033015451

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Ena Salon

Ena salon is passionate about offering beauty solutions to curly hair. This five-star salon engages the clients from consultation to service delivery to ensure the best of outcomes.

The fabulous team of stylists in this fantastic spot is super attentive and listens to the clientele’s hair concerns, making the client feel welcomed and beautiful.

The extensive knowledge of curly hair has enabled the salon to come up with complimentary Davines hair products that match and bring out the radiance of your hair. This is superb for a home retouch.

Make a reservation for a breathtaking restoration of your hair.

Open 9 Am – 6 Pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; 10 Am – 7:30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Prices: Blow-dry from £45; Colour treatments from £25 for add-on and £55 for stand-alone; Davines treatment from £15 for add-on and £65 for standalone; Barber services from £40; Salon trims and cuts from £67.

6. The Standard Studio Salon (beyond curls)

Location: 156 Westcombe Hill Blackheath London SE3 7DH.

Area: Southeast London.

Contact: 020 8293 9753

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If you are unsure about the texture of your hair, then the standard studio salon is the best place for you. It specializes in the hair of all textures to provide a picture-perfect solution to all hair snags.

It is run by a team of talented hairstylists who proudly offer the best services in coloring, cutting, trimming, and styling in their calm studio.

The Standard Studio Salon beyond curls

The super friendly stylists are accommodating, and they include the clientele in decision-making for a custom and classy new look. This enables the client to be at their happiest when leaving the perfectly conditioned studio.

Open 10 Am – 5:30 Pm on Monday; 9:30 Am – 6:00 Pm Tuesday and Thursday; 9:30 – 2:00 pm on Fridays. Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Prices: Cut and blow-dry from £50; toner from £35; styling and blow-dry from £65; semi-permanent tint from £65; wash and blow-dry from 30 £; curl and blow-dry from 35 £; balayage from 125 £; full head highlights from £95; Pintura from £150; half head highlights from £80; full head tint from £65; T-section highlights from £68; olaplex (add-on) from £35; root tint from £35 and full olaplex treatment from £45.

7. Hair Lounge

Location: 13 Turpin Lane Greenwich, London SE10 9JA.

Area. Greenwich Southeast London

Contact: 0208 945 5656

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Hair Lounge

A dream come true can be the only description for The Hair Lounge. A modern and enchanting beauty spot that boasts of services ranging from gents’ cuts to cut and finish for the ladies.

At the core of its operations is an amazing and artistic team capable of working wonders on any type of hair. The lovely décor, the great music, and the champagne turn a normal hairdo into an amazing and fun experience.

Open 9 Am – 9 pm on Mondays – Fridays; 9:00 Am – 6:00 pm on Saturdays; and 10:00 Am – 6:00 pm on Sundays.

Prices: Styling services from £50; blast drying from £15; coloring from 50 to £400; sleek and curl services from £210; luscious locks from 40 to £120; instant treatment, eco-plex, and luxury treatment from 15 to £30; gents trim and cut from £18.

8. Kink by Nature

Location: Kink by Nature 5 Deptford Church Street, London SE8 4RX

Area: Deptford Church Street South East London.

Contact: 02086911311

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Kink by Nature

This concealed gem is another one of the finest spots when it comes to the magical transformation of disturbing hair into a bespoke look. Majoring in curly hair, their services range from coloring to treatments and styling.

This salon is run by a duo of experienced hairdressers with an infinite understanding of curly hair and its demands for the maintenance of day-to-day flair.

The deep care, exemplary service, and professional guidance coupled with the lovely interior and relaxing environment translate a hair visit into an incredible salon experience.

Kink by nature also deals in organic KBN products that are important in preserving curly hair radiance.

Open 10:00 Am – 7:00 pm Tuesday and Wednesday; 10:00 Am – 8:00 pm Thursday; 10:00 Am – 7:00 pm Friday; 9:00 Am – 5:00 pm Saturday; closed Sundays and Mondays.

Price: Haircuts from 35 – £55; hair treatment services from 20 – £150; hairstyling from 5 – £65; hair coloring from 20 – £200.

9. Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon

Location: 24 Litchfield Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9NJ

Location. St Giles district, West End London

Contact: 020 7836 0300

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Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon

The award-winning salon is run by true professionals who work passionately to give your hair the fresh, shiny look it deserves.

The elevated care standards provided by Karine Jackson salon are top-notch; the team of hairstylists are attentive and offer the best advice on routine hair care.

The hair and scalp treatment products are purely organic and of high quality. Visit this fabulous place for a complete makeover.

Open 10 Am – 7 pm Monday; 11 Am – 8 pm Tuesday and Wednesday; 12 noon – 9 pm Thursday; 10:30 Am – 7 pm Friday; 9:30 Am – 6 pm Saturday; closed on Sunday.

Price: Cut and finish 40 to £120; quarter, half, and full highlights 70 to £300; balayage 80 to £300; roots and full tint 40 to £150; perming 180 to £450.

10. Curl Talk Salon

Location: Curl Talk Unit 5e 65 Princelet Street E1 5LP.

Area: Shoreditch, East London

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Curl Talk Salon

‘Speaking your curl language’ as the salon’s slogan reads translates to exactly what this beauty spot is all about. It specializes in all kinds of curls.

The team of stylists is awesome, friendly, and easy to talk to. Their main aim is to reinvent the curling culture by bringing a transformative look to your curls.

The best part is the curl training offered by the capable staff for the easy maintenance of curls at home.

Open 11 am – 6 pm Tuesday; 11 am – 7 pm Thursday and Friday; 10 am – 7 pm Saturday, and 10 am – 6 pm Sunday; Closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Price: Hydrating mist wash and go £75; curl talk minis £55; curl talk cuts from £100; ultimate curl talk experience £150.

11. Gielly Green Salon

Location: 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ

Area: Southeast London

Contact: 020 7702 2580

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Gielly Green Salon

If you are yet to find what you are looking for as far as beauty and hair are concerned, look no more. Gielly green salon offers all the solutions and is here for you.

The exterior aesthetic flair of the salon translates to a warm and buzzy atmosphere in the interior, where you are met by a team of highly qualified personnel eager to provide the freshest of looks.

The great attention and keenness to detail enable the stylists to forge a relationship with the clientele. This empowers confidence and beauty, making the customers come back for more.

Services range from hair to beauty, nails, eyes, makeup, and bridal packages.

Open; Trinity square. 9 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Friday; closed Saturday – Monday.

Flagship George 10 am – 5 pm Sunday; 9 am – 8 pm Thursday; 9 am – 6 pm the rest of the days.

Price. Barbering from £45; treatments from £25; colors from £115; cut and finish from £46; facials from £120; IPL laser hair removal from £50; waxing from £28; massages from £70.

Make sure to visit the website for more details.

12. Afro Therapy Salon

Location: 235 Fore Street, Edmonton, London, N18 2TZ.

Area: Edmonton North London

Contact: 020 8345 5621

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Afro Therapy Salon

The stylish salon situated in Edmonton specializes in afro hair and mixed-race hair. It prides itself on providing a relaxing atmosphere for an adorable hair pampering appointment.

In this setting, the client is valued, and the staff strives to come up with new styling ideas for different hair types.

The salon offers innovative solutions for multitextured afro hair. This is a dream come true for all women, especially of African descent. In addition, select services such as custom wedding and special events packages are also available at competitive rates.

Open 10 am – 6 pm Sunday; 9 am – 6 pm Monday – Wednesday; 9 am to 8 pm Thursday; 9 am – 6 pm Fridays; closed Saturdays.

Price. Relaxing and curly perms from £75; cutting and styling from £26; treatments from £29.50; colors from £26; weaving and extensions from 10 to £195; natural hair services from £15.

13. The Curl Bar London

Location: 210 Middle lanes London, N8 7LA

Area: North London

Contact: 020 3667 7204

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The Curl Bar London

The curl bar London is a safe spot where clients are embraced and valued. The stylists are energized and welcoming, inspiring a soothing feeling of relaxation. The lovely interior and superb decoration add to this fascinating salon experience.

The main aim is to restore curls enabling clients to step out feeling confident and vibrant. Services range from custom trims and cuts to treatments.

Gift cards are also available for friends and family. All these make this amazing beauty spot an all-around eccentric salon.

Open 10 am – 7 pm Wednesday – Saturday; closed on Sunday – Tuesday.

Price. Cuts from £80; kids services from £50; styling from £60; treatments from £60.

14. Hiikuss Afro Hair Salon London

Location: 222 Camberwell Road Camberwell London SE5 0ED

Area: Southeast London

Contact: 0207 701 6478

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Hiikuss Afro Hair Salon London

An award-winning black hair salon in London that deals with all hair types. With a 100% discount on consultation charges, the salon offers services that range from weaves and extensions and coloring to cuts and styling.

The highly skilled team members are wizards when it comes to textured hair. They offer exemplary services and the best advice to ensure elegant hair remains at its best.

Open 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday and Wednesday; 10 am – 8 pm Thursday; 10 am – 7 pm Friday; 9 am to 7 pm Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday.

Price. Shampoo, Cut & Finish from £15; Relaxing & Perming from £50; Thermal Smoothing from £50; Treatments £50; Colour from £45; Weaves & Extensions from £45; Natural Hair from £15; Plaiting with Extensions from £15.

15. Darren Scott Salon

Location: 117 Shirland Road, Maida Vale, London W9 2EW.

Area: West London.

Contacts. +44 (0)207 286 9395

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Darren Scott Salon

Darren Scott salon places its hair services in three divisions – Afro/Caribbean hair, European and mixed heritage & curly hair. This enables the best care possible for the various types.

The specific subgroups of hair are treated according to their distinct characteristics to bring out the best. The main aim of the salon is to make the client look and feel good and give a perfect hairdressing experience.

Open 10 am – 6 pm Monday, Saturday – Sunday; 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday – Friday.

Price. Mixed heritage and curly hair from 35 to £1000; afro hair from 25 to £1000; European from 40 to £1000; additional finishing services from £15.

16. George Northwood Salon

Location: 24 Wells Street London, W1T 3PH.

Area: Westminster, West London.

Contacts. 020 7580 8195

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George Northwood Salon

This classy beauty parlor opened its door in April 2014 and dedicated its focus to perfecting the art of beauty and hair.

George Northwood salon comprises a team with exceptional talents in styling, coloring, treating, and cutting all hair types using the best natural products.

A visit to this glamorous space is a definite guarantee of a radiant look and a smiling face.

Open 9 am–6 pm Tuesday to Saturday; closed Sunday to Monday.

Price. Ladies cut & finish 50 to £175; Gents cut & finish 35 to £125; Blow-dry 35 to £55; Hair up 35 to £125; Tonging/blow dry tutorial from £40; Children’s cut & finish 40 to £125; Bespoke Tinting 80 to £270; Balayage 150 to £300; Highlights 120 to £350; Permanent / Keratin blow dry £250; Glossing treatment 40 to £100; Tint 70 to £150.

17. Kinson Hair Studio: Curly And a Natural Hair Salon

Location: Bromley, Shaftesbury House, Unit 5 20 Tylney Rd BR1 2RL.

Area:  Tylney Road, Bromley, London.

Contacts. +44 (0) 7947 178 820

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Kinson Hair Studio Curly And a Natural Hair Salon

Kinson hair salon is the home of curly hair. It specializes in curly and coily hair and anything in between the two to boost confidence in women and embrace their uniqueness.

Stylists are super helpful in selecting products that will help maintain curly hair. The décor is lovely, the atmosphere is great, and the general experience is indescribable. This joint is highly recommendable.

Open 10 am – 6.30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday;10 am – 8 pm Thursday; closed Sunday to Monday.

Price. Curly services from £95; trimming from £75; styling from £65; treatments from £25; curly kids from £40; colors from £65; high/low lights and balayage from £45.

Wedding packages ranging from 45 £ for kids and 75 – 220 £ for adults are also available.

18. Jair Santamaria Hair Salon

Location: 109/115 Blackfriars Road, SE1 8HW, London.

Area: Blackfriars Road, south end London.

Contacts. 0207 928 3322

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Based in Waterloo, London. Jair Santamaria hair salon- with Colombian roots, is one of the best in the hair and beauty business.

Graced by professional stylists with years of experience, Jair aims to provide precision hair maintenance from cuts and styling to coloring.

Jair Santamaria Hair Salon

The great atmosphere at Jair provides a relaxing feeling during a hair appointment. This great experience leaves the clients satisfied and joyful. It’s a perfect spot for both ladies’ and gents’ hair care.

Open 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday.

Price. Ladies’ hair services from £24 for short hair, from £25 for medium and £36 for long hair: gents’ hair 15 to £40; colors 48 to £99.

19. Frankie Cochrane Salon

Location: 37 Lambs Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NG.

Area:  West End London.

Contacts. 020 7405 7797

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Frankie Cochrane Salon

Frankie Cochrane is a highly ranking beauty provider dealing with every hair type. Services offered include blow-dry and finish for the ladies, trim and cut for the men, treatments, coloring, and hair replacement.

At Frankie, they insist they know to cut, which they do well. This is due to the professionalism of a highly experienced and trained team of stylists.

The goal is to provide the best care for everyone resulting in a refreshing look and feel.

Open 8 am – 8 pm Tuesday and Thursday; 8 am – 7 pm Friday and Saturday; 10 am 6 pm Sunday; Closed Wednesday and Monday.

Price. Ladies’ hair 15 – £79; men £55; colors 50 – £140; treatments from £15.

20. The Good Salon.

Location. 81a Redchurch Street, E2 7DJ, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom.

Area. East London.

Contact. 020 7739 5657.

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The Good Salon

This is a fun place to book your appointment for the best hair care in London. The reception makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, the décor is beautiful and inviting, inspiring confidence.

The services offered here include perming, treatment, and straightening. The stylists are attentive, and they give the best care according to the clients’ desires.

The jovial atmosphere surrounding this beauty spot and the level of care leaves the client rejuvenated and in high spirits.

Be sure to check the website for more information and mouth-watering discounts.

Open 11 am – 7 pm Monday to Saturday; 11 am – 5 pm Sunday.

Price: ladies and men’s cut £25 – £65; wash and blow-dry £45; treatments for scalp and hair euro 30; coloring £35 – £280; perming £120 – £240; straightening £230.


The listed beauty salons provide the best overall services, and at different prices, the services offered are varied, and this can only mean that there is something for everyone.

In addition, their websites are user-friendly for easy navigation; this is especially nice for decision making and budgeting.

The fact that curly hair services are provided by all the salons mentioned above is exciting. And it is even more fun that these salons are evenly distributed around London, making them easily accessible. This is good news for Londoners with curly or multi-textured hair.

With the best salons around London, the best hair care is guaranteed.

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