24 Best Thrift Shops In London – With Trendy And Fashionable Outfits Near By (Second Hand Shopping)

Looking for thrift shops near London? We’ve got you covered.

London is the most populous city in the United Kingdom and has about 8.96 million people. It is also one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

One interesting fact worth mentioning is that it is home to about 80 billionaires, making it the city with the most significant number of millionaires globally. It is a vibrant and exciting city with endless possibilities; no wonder all roads lead to London.

Also, it is regarded as a global city with a strong influence over arts, fashion, entertainment, music, tourism, media, communications, education, and finance.

So fashion in London is a big deal, and it doesn’t just end with the fashionable clothes on runways during fashion shows; it extends to the street.

So, you find many Londoners dressing very stylishly, and with the high cost of things, you might wonder how people can afford expensive clothing.

The secret to this is that thrift shops play a significant role. You can find some of the best designers and quality clothing in second-hand shops. The best part about it is that they are cheaper, more affordable, and bio-friendly.

You need the patience and the right place to get quality second-hand clothing. Luckily for you, that is why I am here to help.

There are many thrift shops around London where you can get quality stuff at an affordable price, and it saves you the stress of searching through many piles of clothes.

These shops sell clothes, shoes, furniture, books, and even hardware. So join me and let us explore some fantastic thrift shops in London.

  • 1. Wandsworth Oasis: Putney
  • 2. Geranium Shop For The Blind
  • 3. Trinity Hospice Charity Shop
  • 4. Portobello Green Vintage Fashion Market
  • 5. Rokit
  • 6. Traid
  • 7. Royal Trinity Hospice
  • 8. Annie’s Vintage Clothing
  • 9. Second Chance
  • 10. Barnardo’s
  • 11. Blue17 Vintage
  • 12. Cancer Research Charity Shops
  • 13. Oxfam
  • 14. FARA Charity Shop
  • 15. Boutique By Shelter
  • 16. Hunky Dory Vintage
  • 17. Reign Vintage
  • 18. Nias Charity Shop
  • 19. Paper Dress Vintage
  • 20. Atika London
  • 21. Camden Market
  • 22. Pennies Vintage
  • 23. Beyond Retro
  • 24. Apple Market

Best Thrift Stores (Second Hand) London

1. Wandsworth Oasis

Location: 9 Different Locations in South London

Contact: 020 3441 8304

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Wandsworth Oasis is a charitable organization that has supported those living with HIV, and they have also fought against the stigma.

They have nine charity shops where they generate revenue, using it to support HIV-related projects and organizations.

They sell quality womenswear, kidswear, menswear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, quality linen, DVDs, and books, emphasizing quality rather than quantity.

The good thing about this place is that they sell only quality stuff, and you will get them at a fairer price than you will generally get in other thrift shops.

2. Geranium Shop For The Blind

Location: 7 Locations in London

Contact: 0207 620 2066

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This charitable shop supports and empowers those living with sight loss. They have a wide range of products in their seven stores spread over London.

Suppose you are looking for clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, and household items. You can purchase some things from this store if you are in the mood to support their charity cause, plus they also sell some quality stuff.

3. Trinity Hospice Charity Shop

Location: 30 Clapham Common North Side, London SW4 0RN

Contact: 020 7787 1000

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A post shared by Trinity Hospice (@trinityhospice)

Although this might be a charity shop, they have clothes that will solve all your fashion problems. They sell quality and fashionable men’s, women’s, children’s wear and other accessories.

You will also find quality books and some house accessories that might suit your taste. The proceeds from the sale are channeled towards caring for the old and fragile in the community.

4. Portobello Green Vintage Fashion Market

Location: 281 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TZ, UK

Visit Website

Portobello Green Vintage Fashion Market is home to many vendors who sell thrift clothes, antiques, vintage fashion, designer clothes, retro, art decor, and CDs.

You will get various fashion items that will impress you, and most vendors sell quality items for only a small price. It is a lovely place to go thrift shopping because you get different options.

This market operates mainly from Fridays to Sundays, and each day has a specific theme. Check their website for more info.

5. Rokit

Location: Different Locations

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Rokit has a vast collection of vintage pre-worn clothing, and you will be amazed at the variety of clothing items you will find in this store.

You will get all your favorite designer, street, and sports vintage clothes here.

At this store, you have the luxury of choosing your wardrobe from a century’s worth of design. Then you can use these different vintage designs to create your unique look.

If you want thrift clothes that stand out, go to their website and look for a Rokit store close to you.

6. Traid

Location: Different Locations

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A post shared by TRAID (@traid)

Traid has a mission to reduce wastage of clothes and convert old clothes into re-usable fashion items. This sustainable approach also helps to solve the problems of clothes production, consumption, and disposal.

Traid has 1500 charity clothes banks throughout the UK, and they transform used clothes into high-quality stock. These clothes are beautiful and as good as new clothes.

You will find unique and affordable clothes in their stores. The fantastic thing about this store is that they use their proceeds for community projects and developments.

7. Royal Trinity Hospice

Location: Different Locations

Visit website

Royal Trinity Hospice is another charity shop that sells second-hand clothes. The good thing about this shop is that they do not sell second-hand items just to raise funds; they sell quality stuff that positively influences your fashion.

Its mission is to respond to London’s needs for sustainable fashion, and because of this, they offer some of the best clothing items compared to other thrift shops.

They sell men’s and women’s clothes and shoes, bags, and collectibles for your home. They have twenty-three shops that you can visit or place your order online.

8. Annie’s Vintage Clothing

Location: 12 Camden Passage Islington, London N1 8ED

Contact: +44 (0) 20 7359 0796

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A post shared by Annie Moss (@anniesvintageclothes)

Annie’s has a classic collection of quirky dresses and has been host to some famous names like Alexander Mcqueen, Nicole Farhi, John Galliano, and Ralph Lauren. You will also find embroidered shawls, feather capes, and original flapper dresses.

This shop has a girlie theme with more items like pretty beaded wire flowers, floaty dresses, antique laces, white lacy petticoats, and night dresses.

It is a lovely place to get vintage costumes and textiles for your set. The good thing is that it is easily accessible by train, car, and underground tube.

9. Second Chance

Location: 7-9 Saint John’s Way, London N19 3QS

Contact: +44 20 7281 5449

Visit website

The second chance is a premier second-hand shop in the area, and they sell second-hand goods, vintage goods, pre-owned items, and a variety of nearly new goods.

This shop is an outlet for creativity, design, and fashion, and if you are hoping to make a fashion statement with a tight budget, you can patronize this shop.

Their job is to take donated items and transform them into usable goods for customers, and they are very affordable.

10. Barnardo’s

Location: 414 Brixton Road Brixton, London SW9 7AY

Contact: +44 20 7274 4165

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Barnardo’s is a charity organization, and they sell a variety of used clothes, donated gifts, and bric-a-brac. In addition, they donate the proceeds from the shop to help children with needs.

The fantastic thing about this shop is that you can shop online with the amazon smile app. when you shop through this channel, you will find the same low prices for items, and you will get access to the variety of products in the shop, and it is more convenient.

11. Blue17 Vintage

Location: 162 Ground floor & basement, London N7 8DD



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A post shared by Blue 17 Vintage (@blue17vintage)

You will enjoy shopping at Blue17 Vintage shop because they have a vast stock of vintage clothes that will excite you.

Another exciting thing about this store is that they arrange their vintage wears into different eras.

Blue17 Vintage maintains high quality and standards for their items, and the staff makes the shopping experience smooth and stress-free.

You can also purchase from their store online; it is a pleasant and efficient experience.

The shop is airy and bright and located in a comfortable environment. You will always have a reason to return to this store because new stock arrives daily with many varieties.

12. Cancer Research Charity Shops

Location: Multiple Locations

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Cancer Research is a charity shop that creates cancer awareness and raises funds to support cancer-related projects. They get most of their second-hand items from those donating to the cause.

These clothes are usually rarely worn, designer clothes, and of good quality. If you were to buy these clothes newly, you would spend thousands, but you can get them at a better and more affordable price in the stores.

The clothes are of the best quality, and you will get value for your money, and you will be supporting a charitable cause at the same time.

There are about 600 cancer research stores all over the Uk. You can check their website for the stores closest to you.

13. Oxfam

Location: Different Locations

Contact: +44 20 7233 3908

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A post shared by Oxfam Online Shop (@oxfamonlineshop)

If you are a second-hand enthusiast, you will agree that while others see inferior clothing, you see an opportunity to glow with your second-hand clothes. There are so many grades of second-hand clothes, and Oxfam sells some of the best.

Their clothes are trendy and fashionable and perfect for those with a heightened sense of fashion. In addition, they have a variety of outfits to suit whatever occasion you have in mind.

They have outfits for weddings, festivals, parties, and official occasions. You can enrich your wardrobe by patronizing the Oxam store closest to you or visiting their website and shopping online.

14. FARA Charity Shop

Location: 63 High Street Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8HA United Kingdom

Contact: +44 (0)20 8973 0910

Visit Website

FARA has about 41 charity shops located in different London communities, which is exciting because you do not have to worry about going far.

Moreover, they sell good quality items that will suit you if you have a refined taste for second-hand clothing.

These clothes are cheap and affordable when you consider their quality. The proceeds from these sales are used to sustain vulnerable kids and adults in Romania.

These shops sell male and female clothes, kids’ clothes, toys, shoes, pushchairs, books, scarves, bags, and memorabilia.

There are a lot of items to grab here at a low price, and you will also be helping a good cause.

15. Boutique By Shelter

Location: Unit EV8, 1st Floor Coal Drops Yard London N1C 4AB

Contact: 020 3725 9439

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A post shared by Shelter (@sheltercharity)

Boutique by Shelter is a second-hand shop with a difference; it is a charity shop with a difference. The clothes here comprise a range of handpicked unique donations. You can be sure to get nothing less than impressive.

The interior design of the shop is beautiful and calming. The atmosphere here makes you feel comfortable and at home as you shop for clothes.

This shop offers vintage, designer, and high-quality street clothing at a more affordable price. The only condition is that the clothes are a bit pre-worn, but they are still in excellent condition.

16. Hunky Dory Vintage

Location: 226 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA, United Kingdom

Contact: +442077297387

Visit Website

You might love it here at Hunky Dory vintage store if you are into stylish outfits. This store has been selling thrift and vintage clothing for the last twenty-five years, and they have stayed afloat by selling only the best.

At Hunky Dory, you do not have to be worried about over-priced vintage and second-hand clothes. Instead, you get the right quality for the amount you spend, and they have men’s clothing on one side and female clothing on the other.

If you like 70s acrylic cycling tops, you will get something here; they have a vast range of these cycling tops in garish colors.

17. Reign Vintage

Location: 12 Berwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0PN

Contact: 020 3417 0276

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Reign vintage shop offers second-hand enthusiasts a credible and affordable fashion alternative to expensive boutiques and designers.

This shop allows you to influence and own your fashion sense.

You will find a mix of premium vintage clothing, accessories, and designer vintage outfits for both men and women. You don’t have to worry about finding piles of non-inspirational clothing items.

The items in this shop are well-curated high-quality vintage clothing that would be difficult to find in average second-hand stores.

In addition, the staff here have a genuine love and passion for what they do, contributing to making the shop one of the best in London.

18. Nias Charity Shop

Location: 12-14 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, SW19 3TA, London, UK

Contact: +44 (0) 203 441 6466

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A post shared by NIAS (@nias_charity_shop)

Nias Charity Shop sells homewares, furniture, clothes, accessories, Bric-a-Brac, and books. The staff here are professional and friendly and will attend to you in a lovely way. You can check out their Instagram page for more info.

19. Paper Dress Vintage

Location: 352a Mare St, London E8 1HR

Contact: 0208 510 0520

Visit Website

This second-hand store will interest you; it is a store by day and a busy and exciting bar by night. They sell antique women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, and accessories, and this vintage fashion dates back to the early 1900s.

The professional staff handpicks these clothes, which are of the highest quality. The team is always on standby to help out with whatever concerns you might have.

Also, if you find a garment or gown that doesn’t fit, the tailor is always on standby to help you get that look you desire.

20. Atika London

Location: 55-59 Hanbury Street, London, England, E1 5JP, United Kingdom

Contact: 020 7377 8828

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A post shared by ATIKA LONDON (@atikalondon)

Atika is a vast second-hand vintage shop in London with some of the best thrift items. They sell vintage clothes, fashionable and designers clothes, books, magazines, homewares, and art.

They boast of about twenty-thousand sustainable vintage pieces and reworked fashion items that were carefully handpicked.

If you are a thrift enthusiast, this location is the perfect spot to search for your next look.

The shop sits on 6000 SQT of space, boasting two floors, but the design of the place will make you feel so comfortable and at home.

If you can’t make it to their physical location, you can go to their website and purchase online.

21. Camden Market

Location: Camden Lock Place London NW1 8AF

Contact: +44 20 3763 9900

Visit Website

Camden market is a diverse environment where you find vendors with different items. For example, some shops sell street food and art, but most sell second-hand and vintage clothes.

It is a lovely place to visit especially if you are a tourist because this market is one of the biggest in London. Also, you get the opportunity to pick from a range of outfits that will suit your taste.

22. Pennies Vintage

Location: 41A Amwell Street, London EC1R 1UR

Contact: +44 20 7278 3827

Visit Website



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A post shared by Pennies Vintage (@penniesvintage)

This is a unique store for all your vintage jewelry, clothing, and gifts. You will find a lot of amazing 1920s beaded dresses, pre-1960s vintage fashion, antique lace wedding dresses, and vintage wedding dresses.

Some of the items you will find here are wedding veils, purses, handbags, and hair accessories. If you plan a wedding and want a unique wedding gown, you immediately make your way to this amazing store.

23. Beyond Retro

Location: Different Locations

Contact: +44 020 7729 9001

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A post shared by Lucy & Yak (@lucyandyak)

Beyond Retro is a thrift shop that focuses on trends. The staff here are trained to keenly observe evolving street fashion, runways, and edgy editorial to determine the next step in fashion.

The eight different locations only display eye-popping and electrifying outfits of first-class quality. Basic is boring, so you won’t find anything in this shop that screams boring. Instead, the staff here work together to give life to pre-worn clothes.

Another fantastic thing about this brand is its ability to listen to customers and acknowledge their importance and creativity. Plus, their shops are clean and beautiful, and you will not regret your visit to Beyond Retro.

24. Apple Market

Location: 33 James Street, London, England WC2E 8PA

Contact: +44 20 7420 5856

Visit Website


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A post shared by Covent Garden (@coventgardenldn)

Apple Market is a popular place in London, especially because it is home to many tourists. Most tourists pass through this market during their tour.

It is incredible that different shops in this market sell fantastic thrift items. In addition, this market offers you the opportunity to view many second-hand shops in closer proximity.


Shopping for second-hand clothing is not only a great way to have new clothes, but it also allows the clothes a second chance to shine.

These are the various options you could try out for quality second-hand clothes and vintage clothing. The fantastic thing is that these shops are spread all through London, making it easier to locate one or two closer to you. If by chance you happen to be looking for the best prom dresses shops in London, you can check out these options.

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