London Zone Map 2023 (PDF, Downloadable and Printable)

Download the London zones 1-9 map in PDF format.

Why recommend this map?

  • It is a high-resolution and downable PDF map from the official site, which means that it is authentic.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It is also the London tube map, which means you can download one map for the London zones map and the London Tube map.
  • The map includes 1-9 zones, which means that whether you are finding zone 1 and 2 map or the zones 1-6 map, you can find it in the map.

When you look at the Tube and Rail map, you will see the numbered grey and white zones which indicate the Fare Zones 1 to 9. The London Zones start from the inner circle, which is zone 1.

Alternatively, you can also check the list of stations outlined above to see your current station’s zone number.

To make it clearer, from page 2 of the PDF map, you can see the stations and what zones the stations belong to.

London Fare Zones apply to the following public transportation.

Buses and trams don’t use Fare Zones since there is already a standard fare set.

What London Zone am I in?

To answer this question, you can access the google map below.

First, you need to know where you are. Use your phone to locate where your current location. Then Try to enlarge the map to overview which zone you are in.

If this is confusing for you, you can also use your phone to locate your near tube station, then search the map from page 2 to find out which zone the station belongs to.

Check the maps below to see which zones the stations are in. It includes the London Zones 1-6 map and Zones 7-9 map.

Click the image map to enlarge it.

London Zones 1 9 Map

(London Zones 1 9 Map by Sameboat via Wikimedia Commons)

London Underground Zone 1 new

London Underground Zone 1 Map

(London Underground Zone 1 by Edg2s via Wikimedia Commons)

London Underground Zone 2 new

London Underground Zone 2 map

(London Underground Zone 2 by Edg2s via Wikimedia Commons)

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