20 Best Trendy and Popular Online Clothing Stores In The UK

The busy daily hustle in the UK can deny you the time to scour the streets for fashionable clothing to fill up your wardrobe.

This can be worrisome, considering how fast fashion changes. However, you do not have to worry about not having the time to go to the stores.

The good thing is that with your phone or computer and an internet connection, you can access online stores and pick a variety of clothing items from your favorite brands delivered to your home or a convenience store near you.

Here is a list of online clothing outlets where you can browse the various clothing accessories, discounts, and promotions and have your order delivered to you at the click of the button.

  • 1. Boden
  • 2. Pretty Little Thing
  • 3. ASOS
  • 4. Net-A-porter
  • 5. Dorothy Perkins
  • 6. Misguided
  • 7. Debenhams
  • 8. Finery London
  • 9. Self-ridges
  • 10. Marks & Spencers
  • 11. Next Plc
  • 12. River Island
  • 13. FarFetch
  • 14. John Lewis and Partners
  • 15. Harrods
  • 16. Boohoo Plc
  • 17. Newlook
  • 18. House of Fraser
  • 19. Matalan
  • 20. Arket

1. Boden

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Named after its founder, this popular online shopping store has expanded exponentially since its inception in 1991 to become one of the UK’s top and most visited clothing stores.

In addition, it Has expanded to other markets in countries such as the US and Germany.


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Their main trading is online and via catalog sales and specializes in the clothing of British descent. The store moved from being a men’s wear-only store to including women’s clothing.

The store brags about a recently introduced sub-brand-Johnnie B, that specializes in teenage clothing. Standard delivery fees are as low as £ 3.95; you get your order delivered within 2 to 3 days in the UK

2. Pretty Little Thing

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Pretty Little Thing


Founded in 2012 as an accessory shop, it has boomed into a well-known brand dealing with celebrity-inspired apparel and looks.

This woman-only label has seen tremendous day-by-day growth and its fashion selection includes dresses, fitness and gym wear, trousers, t-shirts, and tops. It caters to women of all body sizes and shapes.

Pretty little thing makes it easier for students by giving 15% discounts on its products.

Moreover, you won’t have to undergo the waiting anxiety when ordering from the store as the deliveries are fast. Standard shipping is done at £ 3.99.


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Popularly known for its unique collection of vintage and indie label brands, ASOS is the perfect store for trendy clothes lovers. It has also established its presence in countries outside the U.K, such as Australia.

It specializes in fashion and beauty and offers a great selection of men’s wear, women’s wear, footwear, and an exhaustive list of varieties that can only be found here.


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The incredible discounts offered and a steadily increasing list of products have made this store a household name; They have something for everyone.

Their website is easy to navigate, and the deliveries and drops take less than a week with free deliveries for orders above £ 50. Standard delivery fees for smaller orders are £ 4.

4. Net-A-porter.

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Net A porter


Net-A-Poter is one of the leading online shopping platforms in the UK. Although it was founded in 2000, its growth has been tremendous to become a top site.

It deals with various brands, and over 750 worldwide luxury labels are hosted in its shop. The exhaustive list includes clothing, jewelry, and footwear.

In addition, you can visit their website and browse through the apparel that is suitable for different weather conditions.

The hosted brands include top-rated and popular luxury labels such as Gucci and Balenciaga and other upcoming, little-known brands such as fingertips.

The London-based fashion leader has introduced Mr. Porter-a sub-brand that deals with men’s clothing. They offer same-day and next-day drops within London.

Standard delivery charges are £ 5, and it takes between three to six business days to receive your order.

5. Dorothy Perkins

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Dorothy Perkins


Sister to top brand top shop, this household brand is primarily known for its great assortment of dresses and lingerie. It offers a varied range and at the best prices.

Dorothy Perkins rose to popularity in the 1900s and has been a top site without ever compromising on quality and has expanded over time to be one of the best in the industry.


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Women can access unmatched quality varieties according to body size, shape, and price.

Wedding collections for the bride and her maids are available at unbeatable prices from £ 85 and £ 55, respectively.

Free delivery on minimum orders is available.

6. Misguided

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Misguided is a bold fashion outlet for the modern woman. It aims to bring out the best in women globally by providing dressing varieties from dresses, tops, shoes, and trousers.

This contemporary brand was founded in 2009 and has availed the best and most trendy women’s outfits since then.


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It has a presence in the US and UK; the talented designers in this brand launch over 1000 new designs and styles weekly to ensure the millennial woman is well dressed.

Discounts of 10% are offered to new shoppers. Standard delivery is done at £ 8.

7. Debenhams

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Debenhams 1


Debenham is yet another popular online shopping platform that hosts a variety of men’s wear, women’s clothing, cosmetics and beauty products, and more.

Established in 1778, Debenhams has continued to dress and style Londoners without fail.

Although Boohoo has taken it over, it continues to stock various clothing brands.


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Its never-ending innovativeness has made it a top brand in the U.K and other countries.

This online store offers quality swimwear, all types of dresses, and other beauty products. Although it is under Boohoo, it operates under its original name.

8. Finery London

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Finery London


Founded in 2015, finery London prides itself in providing quality, unique and well-tailored clothes to yearn for at very affordable prices.

For as low as £ 99 for dresses and £ 39 for T-shirts, and other competitive prices for quality goods, the orders are dropped off fast for the consumers to enjoy.


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Shipping is charged at friendly rates of £ 6 and free for orders surpassing £ 100.

Meaning shoppers can have their favorite, colorful and contemporary designs delivered quickly without exorbitantly high costs.

9. Self-ridges

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Self ridges


Selfridges is a leading website for dealing with luxury brands such as Ganni, Loewe, Needle, Burberry, etc.

It was founded in 1908; its popularity has risen over the years and has expanded to stock over 50000 products.


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Selfridges stocks men’s, women’s, and kids’ outfits and other accessories, including jewelry.

The range of outfits for both genders is sportswear, denim, shorts, and many more.

Home deliveries are done, and standard delivery fees are charged £ 5.

10. Marks & Spencers

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Marks Spencers


Marks & Spencer is a leading British retail giant whose headquarters are based in London, and it deals with clothing, furniture, flowers, wine, and many more products.

The classy multinational, whose presence is felt far and wide, sources its fabric using the best practices. This enables them to come up with unique, comfortable, and elegantly crafted outfits.

Men’s needs are catered for in terms of suits, tops, casual shirts, and trousers designed to make you feel classy and confident.

The ladies have a wide selection of tops, jeans, and fabulous dresses for work, outings, and dates, among other occasions. Simply put, there is something for everyone in this store.

Mouthwatering deals, discounts, and offers are available for various products. Click through their website for thousands of other products.

11. Next Plc

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Next Plc


Founded in Leeds, England, in 1948, Next Plc started as a tailoring shop for men’s suits and has since expanded to include other clothing, footwear, and beauty products.

This giant chain store brand with both physical and online presence has more than 700 stores, with over two-thirds of them located within London. The quality of their outfits has afforded them popularity across £pe and Asia.

Shopping at Next Plc guarantees you quality, elegance, and affordability. In addition, next-day deliveries are available at pocket-friendly rates.

12. River Island

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River Island is a luxurious high street label with a worldwide presence; its headquarters is in London. Having been founded in 1948, it holds over 350 stores.

Most of them are situated in London, ensuring that Londoners are well adorned with refined outfits.

This stylish yet affordable platform is popular, and with over 60 years in fashion, it deals with well-known kids’, men and women’s luxury brands.

With a daily increasing list of products, you can be sure to find tops, dresses, suits, and tops among thousands of other products. Significant discounts are also offered.

Delivery charges are £ 4 or free for goods worth £ 50 and above. Orders reach the consumer within five working days.

13. FarFetch

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FarFetch is a global luxury fashion online retail store that sells products from over 700 exciting brands. It was established in 2007, and its headquarter is located in London.

FarFetch aims to be a global platform for luxurious fashion products, introducing subsidiary branches such as Browns and Stadium Goods for enhanced outreach.

With over 3.7 million customers and over 1400 sellers, this leading fashion platform proudly serves shoppers with incredible products such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, and many more excellent products.

So whether you fancy Burberry, Palm Angels, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci, this is your to-go outlet.

With an unrivaled variety of spectacular products from well-known and loved label brands, shoppers are welcome with a 15% off discount on the first order.

Standard deliveries and express deliveries are done every day of the week at varying costs depending on product and destination. Refunds on returns within 14 days of delivery are also available.

14. John Lewis and Partners

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John Lewis and Partners


This high-end department store in the U.K boasts a wide range of products such as clothing, electrical gadgets, and sportswear from luxurious brands like Labelle Angele and L & T Heirlooms.

John Lewis and Partners is the largest employee-owned partnership that hosts two luxurious and well-loved brands under the umbrella- John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners.

John Lewis was established in 1864, and its headquarters is in London; this brand has a presence in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and Australia.

The online and physical fashion outlets deal with Jewelry, lingerie, dresses, school uniforms, jeans, and many more varieties.

This partnership has over 7000 convenient collection points, and standard delivery is done at £ 3.95 and free for purchases over £ 50.

15. Harrods

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It started as a physical shop and has graduated to an online outlet that hosts various products such as shoes, clothes, and cosmetics.

With an ever-growing list of fantastic products, Harrods hosts luxury brands like Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Polo Ralph Lauren, among other brands.

This wide selection of over 1072 products ensures each shopper gets adorned with unique products from their favorite brand.

Free U.K deliveries on all orders with minimum orders of £ 100 are available. Shipping to other parts is done via DHL at a fee and takes seven working days.

16. Boohoo Plc

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Boohoo Plc


This go-to fashion outlet offers a wide selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing.

BooHoo designers ensure the availability of the latest trends by dropping over 500 new designs every week.

Launched in 2006, this remarkable brand has rapidly grown to be a leader in the fashion business.

Boohoo has acquired brands like Debenhams to ensure the availability of a range of luxurious dresses, trousers, tops, sweatshirts, and footwear.

Best discounts and promotions are available on various products.

Deliveries are varied, with standard delivery that takes up to 5 days at £ 3.99 and £ 5.99 for next-day UK deliveries.

17. Newlook

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New Look is a high street British fashion chain founded in 1969. With its headquarters in Weymouth, U.K, Newlook began its clothing journey as a single fashion retailer and has grown into a leading fashion brand in the U.K in over 60 other countries.

This fashion giant deals with great designs for men, women, and teens from exciting labels such as Urban Bliss, Blue Vanilla, Jack and Jones, and many others.

Newlook Plc has over 505 stores in the U.K and across £pe and other countries and has continued to serve millions of customers with quality and trendy fashion designs through physical and online platforms at great prices.

Fast delivery options are offered to suit shoppers’ needs with free deliveries for orders worth £ 65 and above.

18. House of Fraser

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House of Fraser started its tremendous journey in 1849 under the Fraser group.

This leading department store has seen steady growth to assert dominance in clothing, jewelry, footwear, and cosmetics.

It plays host to various high-end label brands, including Polo, Mulberry, Barbour, and BOSS.

In addition, a varied range of men’s and women’s designer clothes, including trousers, shirts, blouses, and lingerie, is available in House of Frasers over 41 outlets.

Available options include next-day delivery, click & collect, and many more options. Standard shipping is done at £ 4.99 and takes between 3 – 7 working days.

19. Matalan

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Located in Knowsley, Merseyside, Matalan was established in 1985 and has been a winner in the clothing business since then.

This family-friendly outlet aims to provide affordable yet quality and elegant clothing and home products. It continues to serve over 12 million families in the UK yearly diligently.

Matalan has rapidly grown as a UK and international retailer of menswear, kids’ wear, and women’s wear ranging from shoes, sportswear, lingerie, dresses, suits, school uniforms, and many more products.

It has over 230 outlets in the U.K and over 28 franchise stores across the Middle East and Europe.

You can shop for value, quality, elegance, and style, and your orders will be shipped at a pocket-friendly rate of £ 3.95 or for free in orders above £ 40. Shipping is done seven days a week.

20. Arket

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As an H&M subsidiary, Arket stocks a wide assortment of women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing.

However, it mainly focuses on Nordic fashion to bring a Swedish flair to the streets of the U.K.

It has both physical and online stores where fashionably designed t-shirts, shorts, caps, denim, trousers, and many more apparels can be found.

With over five stores in the U.K, this top-notch Swedish brand is growing rapidly to satisfy U.K fashion needs. Shipping is done at £ 5 or free for purchases over £ 125.


The online stores listed above offer a variety of clothing accessories you can think of and will add a remarkable range of well-designed clothing of good quality.

These online stores have added great discounts and offers, which will enhance your shopping experience.

If you are looking for more online shopping sites, you can check out these best online car buying sites, online clothing stores, and affordable online furniture websites.

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