11 Best Halal Buffet Restaurants in London

London is one of the most vibrant parts of the UK and with residents and visitors from all over the world trying to make their mark in the land of opportunity, it’s no surprise that Chefs from around the world, make their way over here too.

With amazing halal dishes from all across Asia, these restaurants give you a taste of authentic flavors at affordable rates.

If you’re Looking for a halal buffet to enjoy some time with family and friends, then here’s a guide from a local expert.

Halal buffets in London

  • Royal Nawaab London
  • Feast and Mishti
  • Spice village
  • Chaudhry’s
  • Al-Qasr Ilford
  • JRC global buffet
  • Aziziye
  • Khan’s
  • Woks Cooking Halal Chinese Restaurant
  • Laziza hut
  • Halal restaurant

1. Royal Nawaab London

Royal Nawaab London


  • Hoover Building 7, Western Ave, London UB6 8DB, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 8998 6151
  • Visit Website

The Royal Nawaab is a beautiful Pakistani Restaurant in Western Avenue, London serving a variety of Indian and Pakistani halal cuisine.

The elegant contemporary décor of the restaurant gives it a classy, warm feel perfect for getting together with friends and family. The menu features a unique assortment of dishes prepared with halal meat and served Beautifully.

Their buffet menu includes various choices for starters, mains, and dessert for everyone’s diet. The main course menu includes dishes like Namkeen Gosht, butter chicken, and chicken cheese pasta.


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If you’re into spicy dishes I recommend the chicken tikka masala or the chicken biryani. They also serve vegetarian options like their delicious mixed vegetables and vegetable noodles.

You can enjoy a delicious halal banquet for as low as £25.95 for adults and £13. 95 for children. They also offer delivery and catering services, you can visit their website to place orders or book events.

They are open from 6 pm to 11 pm every day of the week, at the Hoover building 7, just off Western Avenue, London.

2. Feast and Mishti

Feast and Mishti


  • 247 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DB, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 7377 6112
  • Visit Website

Right at the heart of East London, feast and Mishti are praised by both locals and tourists for serving one of the best halal Bangladesh buffets in the entire London.

Their delicious food, beautiful presentation, and amazing customer service have given them quite a reputation.

Their 180-seater capacity restaurants feature modern, classy decor with beautiful lighting and elegant sitting arrangements.

Their menu serves a variety of Indian and Bangladesh cuisine, with a few signature meals you may only find here.

The menu offers delicious appetizers, kebab wraps and rolls, special grilled dishes, Tandoori dishes, rice and curry, and a variety of Bangladesh delicacies.

Some popular menu items include their Mogoz Bhuna, fish curry, Chicken tikka, and their signature Kachchi biryani.

You can contact them through their website or phone number to book for weddings, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations. You can also make reservations on their website.

They are located at the White Chapel Road, London, and are open 9 am till 11 pm every day of the week.

3. Spice Village Tooting

Spice Village Tooting


  • 121 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7TJ, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 8672 0710
  • Visit Website

Winners of the Asian food and restaurants awards, Nasir and Suleman have been running some of the best Pakistani restaurants in London since 2005.

With a variety of well-prepared halal Cuisine and a warm family-friendly environment, Spice Village is one of the best places to enjoy a delicious halal buffet in London.

Spice Village has various locations in London including restaurants at 121 upper tooting road and Broadway south hall, London.

Their menu offers a variety of starters, desserts, wholesome main courses, and wonderful hot and cold drinks menu. They also offer a special kids’ menu with milder flavors for the little ones.

Some popular menu items include spicy lamb  Karachi, Chana Masala, and butter chicken.  The kid’s menu offers fun options like chicken strips, fish fingers, and chicken nuggets for just £6.99

You can make reservations on their website, or book for events and catering. Their different locations have varying service hours but the restaurant at Upper tooting road London is open between 4 pm and 11 pm on weekdays and from 2 – 11 pm on weekends.

4. Chaudhry’s

  • 198-202 Fore St, London N18 2JD, United Kingdom
  • +44 7873 606949
  • Visit Website



Chaudhry’s is a local buffet restaurant just off Fore Street, serving Some of the best halal Indian, Thai, and Chinese food in London.

Finding a restaurant that serves halal Asian dishes can be a bit difficult, but Chaudhry’s serves delicious meals at affordable, rates right in your neighborhood.

Their restaurant is a simple, modern space perfect for dinner with family and friends. They also offer catering services and you can book them for events like weddings, birthday parties and lots more.

Their menu includes a variety of wholesome choices for starters, desserts, pasta, pizza, and rice.

They also serve special meal sets for two to four people. Their far east menu serves Asian favorites like stir-fried rice, Thai curry, Hong Kong vegetables, Schezeun chicken, and lots more. They also serve traditional Indian desserts like Zarda and Firni.

I recommend booking reservations through their social media or phone numbers.

They are open between 12 pm and 3 pm every day of the week for lunch and 6:30 pm and 11 pm for dinner. They also offer delivery services on their website.

5. Al Qasr Ilford

Al Qasr Ilford


  • 308 Ley St, Ilford IG1 4BS, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 3583 2189
  • Visit Website

Al Qasr prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else making them one of the best restaurants in London to enjoy a delicious halal buffet.

Their meat is sourced for Halal butchers and cooked deliciously with authentic Asian recipes and spices.

Their restaurant is a beautiful, elegant space with classy decor and modern sittings, making it a great stop for a wonderful family Pakistani dinner. Their menu offers a variety of wonderful cuisine.

They serve Chinese dishes like prawn fried rice, chicken noodles, and masala chips. They also serve delicious Biriyani dishes like the chicken tikka Biriyani and the Keema Biriyani.

I recommend trying out some of their special signature bites like the double kebab roll or the peri-peri chicken

They are located at 308 ley street, Ilford, UK and you can place orders on their website. They are open from 7 pm till 11 pm every day of the week.

6. JRC global buffet

JRC global buffet


  • Designer Outlet Centre, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley HA9 0FD, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 3968 9778
  • Visit Website

Discover flavors from around the world at JRC’s global buffet serving dishes from Authentic Indian cuisine to Japanese Tepanyaki grill, Italian pizza, Brazilian Barbeque, and lots more.

Their beautiful restaurant is a modern space, decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns and warm grey colors creating a homely family-friendly environment.

They offer one of the most expansive menus in the UK with a variety of halal dishes.  Their menu serves French, Indian, Mexican, Italian, British,

Thai,  Chinese, Japanese, Spanish Brazilian, Lebanese and Greek cuisine.

You can get seafood and patisserie dishes, stir-fries, curry, naan bread, traditional pizza recipes, rice, and lots more.


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They have various locations in London, including Southampton, Croydon central, Ilford, Watford Wembley, and Wood green, so delicious meals from around the world are never too far from you.

Their Southampton Location is open from 5 pm till 10 pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays, 5 pm till 10: 30 pm on Fridays, and 12 pm till 10: 30 pm on weekends.

Their buffers serve for £16.5 Tuesdays to Thursdays and £17.5 on Fridays and weekends. The kid’s buffet cause £9 every day of the week.

You can visit their website to see the schedule of other locations and book table reservations.

7. Azizye


  • 117-119 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BU, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 7254 7475
  • Visit Website

Azizye is a beautiful Turkish halal restaurant in London, serving delicious meals in a beautiful family-friendly environment.

The dining space features modern woody decor, Brick-styles, and traditional Turkish patterned walls.

Their menu offers some of the best Turkish Cuisine in the entire London. Some of their popular items include their Et Sote; lamb cubes in rich tomato sauce, Coban Kavurma; diced lamb, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and their delicious Vegetable Guvce.

They also offer traditional Turkish pizza, served fresh from the oven, and soups made with authentic Turkish recipes.

Various soup options include Mercimek, Yayla V, and Tavuk.

They are located at stork Newington Road, London, and are open between 11 am and 11 pm every day of the week.  

You can visit their website to book reservations or order delicious meals online.

8. Khan’s



  • K13-15 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UA, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 7727 5420
  • Visit Website

Khan’s has been serving some of the best Indian food in London, since 1977. This beautiful restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy a wonderful halal buffet in Westbourne Grove, London.

Which traditional Indian decor and wonderful homely staff, Khan’s is a beautiful space to enjoy the best flavors and spices of India right in your neighborhood.

Their menu offers a variety of delicious cuisine and they also offer set menus with starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

Some interesting main course items include their chicken tikka masala, meat Balti, Pilau rice, assorted chutney, and chicken Dopiaza.

For dessert, they serve sweet Indian ice cream options like mango Qulfi or Gulab Jammu.

They offer catering services and you can also book them for your wedding or anniversary celebrations.

You can visit their website to make reservations or contact them through their phone lines. Reservations for a party of 5 or more are highly recommended.

They are open from 1 pm till 9:45 pm every day of the week.

9. Woks cooking halal Chinese Restaurant

  • 1453 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4AQ, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 8679 9405
  • Visit Website

Woks cooking halal Chinese Restaurant


Woks cooking is a no-nonsense Chinese restaurant – as they like to call themselves, that serves some of the best halal Chinese food in London.

Their beautiful Asian-style restaurant and wholesome menu make them a favorite of locals and visitors of Norbury, London.

Their menu offers a variety of soups, seafood, lamb, chicken, and vegetable dishes. Some of my favorite dishes include their sweet and sour chicken with boiled rice,  Beef curry, sweet and sour fish, and chow main beef.

Some of their popular vegetarian options include fried tofu with chili, fried broccoli in garlic sauce, and stir-fried mixed vegetables.

They are located at 1453 London Road, Norbury, and are open from 3 pm till 11 pm every day of the week.

They offer dine-in and takeaway serves and you can have a look at the full menu and make reservations on their website.

10. Laziza Hut

  • 179 High St N, London E6 1JB, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 8472 8332
  • Visit Website

Laziza Hut


Laziza hut is beautifully decorated with royal colors like purple and white giving it a warm sophisticated feel. This Pakistani restaurant serves some of the best halal buffets in London.

Their menu offers mixed grill platters, Naan bread, peri-peri, burgers, and lots more.

Some popular bread choices include butter naan, Lahori naan, Roti, and Kulcha. For rice dishes, they serve lamb Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and chicken Pilau.

They also serve a variety of Vegetarian options including Chana Daal Tarka, Bhindi, and mixed vegetables meals.

They are located at 179 high street N, London, and are open from 12 pm-midnight every day of the week. You can visit their website for reservations and booking for events.

11. Halal restaurant

Halal restaurant


  • 2 St Mark St, London E1 8DJ, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 7481 1700
  • Visit Website

The halal restaurant has been serving east London since 1939 and is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in the area.

Their dining space is a simple family-friendly environment, excellent for grabbing a delicious halal lunch or dinner.

Their menu consists of a variety of meat dishes, seafood dishes, Biriyani dishes, vegetable dishes, and Tandoori dishes.

Some popular menu items include their curry sauces, paneer tikka, pawn Biriyani, and meatball curry

For vegetarian options, I recommend their vegetable Madra and the mushroom bhaji

They are located at Saint Mark Street London and now offer delivery services on UberEATS, Just-eat, and Deliveroo.

They are open between 12 pm and 10:30 pm every day of the week.

That would be all for today mate.

Did you enjoy my list? What is your favorite halal buffet to spend time with family and friends in London? Let me know in the comment section.

A delicious halal buffet isn’t always easy to find but these wonderful restaurants serve delicious meals at affordable rates in elegant family-friendly spaces.

Be sure to check them out if you’re in search of a halal buffet in London and try out the amazing dishes recommended on the list.

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