20 Best Online Car Buying Sites Uk (Great For Buying Used And New Cars)

Since the pandemic troubles that saw a lot of businesses closing and people staying at home, there has been an online shopping surge in the Uk.

People have realized how easy it is to shop for whatever they want online without physically going from one shop to the other.

As a result, our shopping habits are changing, and we can now easily buy almost anything on the internet. (Speaking of online shopping, you can also check out these 21 online property websites, and online furniture stores.)

So, if you are hoping to buy a used car, you do not need to go far; there are so many car websites where you can purchase quality used cars.

While there may be so many websites where you can purchase used cars, it is necessary to use credible and trustworthy websites. So we have made a list here of some of the best websites to buy used cars in the UK.

You will find different ranges of cars, some are exotic cars, and others are simple cars for everyday use. And, also the price ranges depending on the type and brand of car you want.

20 Best Used Car Websites In The UK

  • 1. Motors.co.uk
  • 2. Carsnip.com
  • 3. Auto Express UK
  • 4. AutoTrader UK
  • 5. YesAuto
  • 6. Cinch
  • 7. CarGurus
  • 8. Heycar
  • 9. Cazoo
  • 10. Gumtree
  • 11. eBay
  • 12. Carzam
  • 13. Carshop
  • 14. PistonHeads
  • 15. FindAndFundMyCar
  • 16. Motorpoint Burnley
  • 17. Smallbone Cars
  • 18. Direct Cars
  • 19. North West Autos Blackburn
  • 20. Amari Super Cars

1. Motors.co.uk

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Motors.co .uk


Motors.co.uk is one of the best car websites in the UK, and the clever user-friendly features will make you enjoy using this website.

For example, the search filter has been designed to make it easy and comfortable to search for whatever you want.


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You can find a car using features like budget, interiors, and the car practicality.

They get their stock from a broader range of independent and franchised dealers in the UK.

If you want to sell your vehicle, you can also advertise it on this platform.

2. Carsnip.com

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Imagine all the cars on one platform; it makes things easier and better to pick what you want.

Carsnip aims to make the experience of buying a vehicle easier and more accessible for all customers.

Carsnip prides itself as the largest search engine website for used cars in the UK, and they are changing the used car industry.


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You can search for a car according to the vehicle type and brand, and when you click on a vehicle that you like, you will be directed straight to the dealer’s website.

This is good because you will be cutting out the intermediaries and mediators.

3. Auto Express UK

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Auto Express UK


Auto Express is a big player in the used car industry in the UK and is one of the most frequented websites for use car purchases.

They have in-depth knowledge about different car models and changes in the law regarding buying and purchasing cars.

They have employed the best professionals to give you the best shopping experience.

In addition, they will provide you with the best advice and reviews on what cars are best for you.


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Auto Express (@autoexpressmagazine) 分享的帖子

If you are a car enthusiast, you will love this website because it gives you the latest news and reviews about used cars and cars in general.

In addition, they are so efficient that they have 1.5 million visitors monthly; it is truly the best motoring destination in the UK.

4. AutoTrader UK

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AutoTrader UK


Auto Trader has dominated the used car industry in the UK, and it is impossible to beat its extensive car catalog. This site is the largest and most visited when talking about used car sales.

Auto Trader attracts a lot of users and customers because of its powerful and efficient search filters.

For example, you can easily specify the type of car you want by stating the vehicle’s size, fuel type, economy, and emission levels.

These filters make it an enjoyable process, especially when you already have an idea of the specific car you want.

The cars advertised here are sourced from independent and franchised dealers, and you will also find private sellers.

They are passionate about the care of the environment, and hence they trade in environmentally friendly cars.

5. YesAuto

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YesAuto has a user-friendly platform that makes clients’ buying experience easier and faster. They are relatively new to the UK used car industry, and they are already championing the best practices in the industry.

You will get all the info and resources necessary for searching for and buying a car.

One aspect that makes buying a vehicle enjoyable on this website is their test drive policy.

Booking for a test drive allows you to test and inspect the car you intend to purchase.


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This test drive ensures that you do not blindly buy a car with many issues.

They also have a 360 panoramic technology that allows you to view all car models inside and out.

This VR technology will enable you to try out different features and colors that you might prefer.

6. Cinch

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Cinch is another website that makes it easy to search, buy, and own a car.

In addition, they offer you some peace of mind and guarantee because they only sell cars that are below seven years old and have done only 70,000 miles.


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They have a vast selection of cars and have made it easy to narrow down your search for what you prefer.

If you are unsure of the type of car you want, you can use their matchmaker tool to decide.

They have a 90-day guarantee policy, and they can deliver your car anywhere in the UK.

7. CarGurus

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If you want a site that informs you about the accurate market value for cars, you should check out this website.

It is famous for ranking car ads according to the price and reputation of the dealer, and it will show you how long a car has been listed on the site.


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CarGurus (@cargurus) 分享的帖子

This website is pretty helpful because it provides you with all the necessary information before negotiating with the dealers. It is rare to find a transparent and trustworthy website like CarGurus.

8. Heycar

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You can trust Heycar to never compromise on quality, and they partner with only selected dealers to ensure that they deliver quality cars.

As a result, all the cars sold on this website are under eight years old and have nothing more than 100,00 miles.


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heycar (@heycaruk) 分享的帖子

They have a ten-day money-back guarantee policy, and they seek to establish trust between the dealers and consumers.

So whether you have a particular car in mind or have yet to decide, they will help you make the right choice.

Buying a car can be a painstaking issue, and you need companies like this that aim to make the process easier and better.

9. Cazoo

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Cazoo is one of the online car companies that has gained widespread popularity of late, thanks to its quality and heavy advertisement. Life is made a bit easier when you buy from Cazoo.

They offer complete services from the beginning of the search to when the car lands in your garage.

They have a vast collection of vehicles, and you can easily search for the particular vehicle you want by inputting the features, color, and engine.


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Cazoo (@cazoo) 分享的帖子

They believe in using photos to convey the true nature of things, so when you click on a particular car, you will get about thirty images that reveal the full details of the vehicle.

Cazzo owns all the used cars advertised on their website, and they make sure that the vehicles are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned before they are sold.

You can also request a test drive before committing yourself to any car.

10. Gumtree

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Gumtree 1


Gumtree is one handy website where you can find almost everything, from used cars through furniture to houses and properties.

In addition, they have a good selection of second-hand vehicles that you could pick from.

They have a search process that makes it easy to narrow your search to a particular item. Also, you can chat directly with the seller on a safe and secure platform.

Gumtree is among the most well-known classified sites in the UK, and this website is passionate about helping find what they need.

For example, if you have a used car for sale, you can also advertise it on this platform.

11. eBay

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eBay is one of the efficient used cars websites where you can find items with cool and insightful features.

One exciting feature here is the virtual showroom where you can assess the car you want in VR technology.

eBay offers you a lot of protection against fraud, so you can be sure that your details and privacy will be respected.

They are committed to ensuring that you have the best customer service as you buy a car.

12. Carzam

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Buying a car with Carzam is a straightforward process, and the website is designed to make this possible. You browse easily through the website’s page and select the best car for you.

They have an efficient delivery policy and deliver it to your home even if you want it the next day.

In addition, they have a fourteen-day money-back guarantee policy and a one hundred-day warranty to gain your trust.

Their search engine simplifies the search process; you can narrow down your search using mileage, age, minimum and maximum price, color, number of doors, and emission levels.

13. Carshop

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CarShop believes in customer reviews and feedback, and they strive to give the best services possible to clients.

As a result, they are one of the trustworthy websites where you can buy used cars with peace of mind.

They have a cast collection of more than one thousand cars, and they do their best to find you the best finance packages.

In addition, they give you an extensive description of each vehicle using thirty photos to see everything.


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All the cars on the website have a 14-days money-back guarantee and a three-month warranty.

You can also request home delivery which comes at a small extra fee.

14. PistonHeads

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This website is the best for a collection of enthusiast cars, and it has an enormous enthusiast motoring forum. In addition, it is the best place to get the latest reviews and news on car performance.

This is the best website to visit if you are looking for a rare vehicle or special edition car.

You will find prestige editions, supercars, and classics, and they offer extensive descriptions for each car.


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This website gets its stock from dealer groups, specialists, independents that cater to this market, and a few private owners.

It is a unique website with a clear identity, and you might spend your whole time browsing through the fantastic car collection.

15. FindAndFundMyCar

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Buying a car should be an exciting process, and this is what FindAndFundMyCar offers.

They are new to the used car industry, but they are already impacting by helping clients get what they want.

They have a vast collection of about 140,00 vehicles from many dealers, and you can easily search for these cars on their platform.

They pride themselves on good customer service, and they walk with you at every stage, offering advice and guidance.

16. Motorpoint Burnley

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Motorpoint Burnley

If you want the best website with the best unbeatable prices for used cars, you should check out Motorpoint.

They believe that buying a car should be simple, and they help you make it a stress-free event.

Their cars are checked by their experts, and they are under guarantee, and you will find the perfect vehicle you want.

In addition, their staff is always on standby to answer questions and guide you through.

Also, you can take a car for a test drive to be sure of what you are buying. Another significant aspect is that they offer free delivery to your doorstep, so you do not worry about charges.

17. Smallbone Cars

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Smallbone Cars


Smallbone Cars is a privately owned company specializing in caravans and used cars. They buy quality used cars and sell them to clients.


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They have a beautiful and efficient website that allows you to look for any car of your choice quickly.

Also, they buy cars and caravans, and they pay in cash if you want. They are honest and reliable in their dealings.

18. Direct Cars

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Direct Cars


Direct Cars is a car website that helps you find both the right car and the right dealer. Many users frequent this company, and they have about 135,000 customers.

They make buying a car enjoyable and hassle-free, and they are there to guide you all through the process.


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They have well-trained and professional service technicians capable of repairing and maintaining all the models of vehicles they sell.

This has given them the edge over others because they have a high standard and reliable servicing capability.

They also offer part exchange services; all you need is to book an appointment with them or use their online valuation form. Check out their website for more information.

19. North West Autos Blackburn

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North West Autos Blackburn


North West Autos Blackburn website is one business that is willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your dreams of buying a car.

They have an excellent reputation for quality and excellent customer service.


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This business began with ten cars, but they have grown to have about 300 vehicles in three different locations.

In addition, they offer comprehensive AA warranty packages, leases, and competitive finance.

They have an extensive collection, and there is always someone on standby to offer you help and guidance.

20. Amari Super Cars

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Amari Super Cars


If you love fast cars and sports cars, this is the best site to check for your next vehicle.

Amari Supercars is one of the UK’s leading independent luxury and supercar dealerships.

This website has a vast collection of exciting luxury, contemporary, and classic sport cars that you might spend your whole day browsing through the collection.

Among the collection include Bugatti, Bentley, Aston Martin, Reffari, Pangani, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.

They have a 170-point inspection policy that ensures that no car is sold in bad condition, and they also offer a three-month warranty for each vehicle.


No matter your budget or preference, the websites above can help you through the process of getting a new car.

They are trustworthy and they make the whole process of searching and buying very easy for clients. You can also check out this cheap online furniture store for affordable items.

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