Hermes Complaints UK | How to Contact Hermès UK

Hermès has been around since 1837 and has remained one of the world’s top luxury brands.

It is an independent family-run business in Paris, France, founded by harness maker Thierry Hermès.

Today, Hermès has more than 300 stores across 45 countries with more than 17,600 employees.

Its exclusivity, meticulous craftsmanship, and quality and intricate creations are some of the reasons why it is one of the most sought brands in the world and has earned a spot in rankings, such as the 23rd Best Global Brands 2022 by Interbrand.


Despite its jaw-dropping price tag and rarity, people still can’t wait to get their hands on one of their famous pieces.

However, it is not always a happy place for customers, as some have serious complaints about the company.

From customer service experience to delivery problems, every company will always have flaws, big or small.

If you are in the UK and have a complaint at one of the Hermès UK stores, there are several ways to contact them.

This short guide will teach you how to contact Hermès and other helpful information needed.

In summary, the article focuses on the following topics:

  • Ways to Contact Hermès UK
  • Visit a Hermès UK Store
  • Hermès Frequently Asked Questions

Ways to Contact Hermès UK

Based on Hermès’ website, the two ways to contact them are via email and phone.

If you’d like to get fast answers, calling them on the telephone is the most ideal.

However, you can always send an email if you can wait for a few hours or business days for a reply..

How to Send Hermes Complaints Email UK

Sending an email to Hermès customer service is simple with the help of the Email Us Tab. Follow these steps to send an email:

  1. From the upper right corner of the main menu, click Contact Us.
  2. A side menu tab will appear that shows the contents of Here To Help. From there, click Email Us.
  3. Select a subject of your query: Product Information, Order Follow-up, Returns and exchanges for online purchases, Returns and exchanges for in-store purchases, Customer experience, Product care and repair, Catalogues and samples, Press and communication, Bespoke, Furniture specialist, Equestrian specialist, and Other.
  4. Afterwards, input your message and personal details, including first and last name, email, and telephone number.
  5. Tick the Security Check box and click Submit.
  6. Wait for a response in your email. Make sure to check your Spam folder as well.

How to Contact Hermès Customer Service By Phone

For a faster response to your inquiry or complaint, call them at +44 (0)20 7098 1888.

Telephone customer service is available from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 6 PM or Sunday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Be ready to share any essential customer information to help you faster with your purchase, such as reference number and account name.

How Do I Contact Hermes Live Chat?

There is no Live Chat option indicated on their Contact Us page. You won’t find any online chat support tools on the site as well. Thus, it is best to call or send an email for your inquiries and complaints.

However, you may be able to try sending a chat through Hermès social media accounts.

If you are in luck, they may be able to respond to your private or public chat. Follow their social media accounts below and send a chat.

Visit a Store in Hermès UK

a Store in UK Hermes

If you cannot contact them by phone or email, you can try visiting their store to talk to them in person instead.

If you are in the UK, you can find a store by inputting the address, city, or postcode.

The page shows a list of stores in the area and the store’s address, map, telephone number, and opening hours.

You can also click on the store’s main website and see which collections they offer.

To help you find the store, click on Get Directions under the address.

Hermès Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting Hermès, you can always find some possible answers to your queries or issues.

Visit Hermès’ FAQs page and select a category. Listed below are a few topics and their links where you can find answers to your questions.

Online Shopping

Customer account


La Maison Hermès

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Nevertheless, contacting them via phone or email is one of the most convenient ways that can be done from the comfort of your home.

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