Heathrow Drop Off Charges | Cost, Terminal, Autopay, Penalty, and More

As one of the world’s busiest airports, Heathrow Airport is a vital hub for both business and leisure travel. According to OAG, it ranks as the second busiest international airport by seats and the top busiest European airport by seats. Over 80 million passengers pass through its terminals every year.

If you plan to use Heathrow Airport, it is crucial to know the charges that may apply. Aside from Heathrow pick up charges, one of the charges to keep note of is the Heathrow Airport drop off charges.

By understanding the fees, you can ensure that unexpected costs do not disrupt your travel plans.

However, not all visitors need to pay the charges since there are exemptions such as those traveling on diplomatic passports or with special needs.

If you are traveling to Heathrow Airport anytime soon, keep reading to learn more about everything you need to know about Heathrow drop-off charges. In summary, here’s what you will have to know:

  • What is Heathrow Drop Off Charge?
  • How to Pay Heathrow Airport Drop off Charges
  • Who Is Not Required to Pay Drop-off Charges?
  • Heathrow Drop-Off Charges Autopay
  • Heathrow Drop-off Charges Uber, Taxi, and Private Vehicles
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heathrow Drop Off Charge?

A Heathrow Airport drop-off charge has been implemented since November 2021. Cameras around the airport can record your vehicle plate and registration number every time your vehicle enters the drop-off zone.

Heathrow Drop Off Charges sign

For the convenience of the passengers, drop-off areas are located just right outside the terminal.

If you’re dropping passengers off at Heathrow Airport, there’s a £5 charge for every vehicle that enters the terminal drop-off areas.

The drop-off charge is designed to reduce traffic congestion and raise funds for investment in public transport infrastructure.

The government hopes that the charge will also encourage more people to use public transport in London to get to Heathrow, helping to reduce pollution and improve air quality around the airport.

How to Pay Heathrow Airport Drop off Charges

You must pay the drop-off fee online the same day or by 11:59 pm the following day.  There are several ways to pay the Heathrow Airport drop-off charge:

  • By online
  • By phone

Paying in advance is usually more convenient than paying on the day of your flight. Prepayments are valid for 12 months when you make them in advance. After 12 months from the date of purchase, any unused prepaid funds will expire.

Passengers can pay online using their debit or credit cards. You’ll need to enter your vehicle registration number and choose how many parking spaces you want to pay for.

Once you’ve made your payment, print out or download your receipt and display it on your dashboard while you’re in the terminal drop-off area.

You can also pay by phone through an automated telephone service. Call the number Tel: 0330 008 5600 and follow the steps provided.

Who Is Not Required to Pay Drop-off Charges?

You’ll be automatically exempt if you’re driving in an emergency service vehicle, a military vehicle, or an official Heathrow vehicle.

Two-wheeled motorbikes also receive a 100% discount. There are a few exceptions to the rule regarding paying for drop-off charges, such as if you are an accredited business or are dropping off hazardous materials.

You can also avoid paying drop-off charges if you are a government entity. Another way to drop off someone at Heathrow Airport without having to pay a fee is by using the Long Stay car park. Passengers can use the car park for 30 minutes free of charge.

Exemption and Discount Vehicle
Vehicles exempted
  • Heathrow permitted operational vehicle
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) registered vehicle
  • Emergency service vehicles  such as ambulances, fire trucks, police cars.
  • Military vehicles
Vehicles that can get a 100% discount
  • DVLA registered vehicles that are classified as buses, coaches, motorbikes, and recovery vehicles.
  • Vehicles booked for Heathrow Valet Parking

Heathrow Drop-Off Charges Autopay

Heathrow Drop-off Charges Autopay is a service that allows drivers to pay the £5 charge in advance or by midnight the day after making the drop-off. Payments can only be made by card, either online or by automated telephone service.

How To Pay The Heathrow Drop-Off Charges For Autopay

If you frequently use the drop-off lanes at Heathrow Airport, you can save the hassle of paying each time by signing up for the Heathrow Drop-off Charges Autopay.

With this service, you can automatically deduct £5 from your credit or debit card each time you make a drop-off at the airport. Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to Heathrow’s website and create an account.
  2. Once you have an account, log in and navigate to the “Autopay” page.
  3. Enter your payment information and choose how you would like to be notified of upcoming charges (i.e., email or text message).
  4. Save your changes, and you’re all set! The Heathrow Drop-off Charges Autopay will automatically deduct £5 from your credit or debit card each time you make a drop-off at the airport.

Heathrow Drop-off Charges Uber, Taxi, and Private Vehicles

Whenever a taxi (black cab) or private hire vehicle enters the terminal drop-off zone, they must pay a £5 terminal drop-off charge as well.

Passengers can ask to be dropped off free of charge at Heathrow’s Long Stay parking lot, where they can take a free shuttle bus to the terminal.

Blue Badge holders arriving by taxi can apply for a 100% discount three months before or by midnight the next day.

Black taxis are a popular choice for many visitors, as they are licensed for Heathrow Airport pick-up and have affordable rates. However, Uber is also a popular choice for many visitors as it is usually cheaper than a Black Taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I dont pay?

If you park in a drop-off zone at Heathrow Airport without paying the required fee, you may receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). The PCN can be paid online for your convenience. The current fee is £80, but if you pay within 14 days, the fee is reduced to £40.

To pay online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the APCOAwebsite and enter your PCN number in the “Pay or appeal a parking charge” field.
  2. Select “Pay Now.” and enter your information.
  3. Review your payment information and select “Submit Payment”.
  4. After that, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  5. Please note that it may take up to 5 working days for the payment to appear on your statement.

How do I get a refund?

If you need to request a refund from APCOA customer service, there are three ways to get in touch: email, web chat, or phone. Here are the specific details of each method.

Via Email: You can email refunds.heathrowdropoff@apcoa.com to request a refund. Include your name, contact information, and the reason for your refund request in the mail then an agent will respond to your email in 1 to 2 business days.

Via Web Chat: Click the “Chat with us” button on the APCOA website. Once you are connected with an agent, explain that you would like to request a refund and provide your information and the reason for your refund request. The agent will process your refund request and send you confirmation of the refund via email within 1 to 2 business days.

Via Phone: You can call 0333 200 7459 to speak with a customer service representative about your refund request. Have your name, contact information, and the reason for your refund ready when you call. A customer service representative will process your refund and send you confirmation of the refund via email within 1 to 2 business days.

Wrap Up

There are signs at the airport that remind people of the charge, as well as social media posts and website banners. The drop-off fee is just one of a number of changes that Heathrow is making in an effort to improve the passenger experience. To avoid being caught up by the charges, it’s essential to do your research in advance.

If you need to drop someone off at Heathrow Airport, make sure you know whether or not there are any associated fees and how much they will be. With a bit of planning and some knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding Heathrow airport drop-offs, you can save yourself time and have a stress-free experience. Make sure your vehicle meets the appropriate requirements if you’re planning to get a discount.

If paying the charge is not a problem, simply have a payment method ready. Have you ever had to pay the Heathrow Airport drop-off charge? What was your experience like? Share them below in the comments section.

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