3 Best Taxi Apps In London To Book A Cheap Taxi (Comparison Table)

If you prefer to book a taxi, you should download the most popular taxi apps in London.

It is the most convenient way of getting a taxi by simply tapping on your smartphone. Not only does it provide multiple taxi options, but payment options as well.

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You can also book a taxi for later if you want to prepare ahead of time. Plus, it is considered the safest option since you can share with your loved ones your ride’s real-time location status and driver information.

Rest assured, all drivers and their vehicles are licensed by TfL in order to accept passengers.

Refer to the table below of the top three taxi apps in London. The table shows you how to book, pricing differences, vehicles offered, and a summary of the pros and cons.

Taxi App Comparison Table

Taxi App How to Book Pricing Vehicle Option Pros (+) and Cons (-)
Uber 1. Download the Uber app and create an account.

2. Select your destination into the “Where to?” bar.

3.  Choose the type of vehicle.

4. Select “request” and wait for a driver to accept your booking.

Get a price estimate by selecting your pick-up location and destination. The price is calculated by the base fare, time, distance, normal fare, and surge. The driver rate depends on the type of vehicle and off-peak and peak times. Check the full list of UK rates. Assist






Uber Pet



+ Real-time driver location

+ Driver ETA and journey ETA are provided

+ Estimated fare before the ride is shown

+ Can pay in cash, card, PayPal, and digital wallets

– Price surge depending on the time, distance, and traffic

FREE NOW 1. Download the FREE NOW app and create an account.

2. Check if your current location is pinned correctly.

3. Click ‘Enter your destination’ and input the destination location.

4. Choose the type of vehicle.

5. Click ‘Order Ride now’ or ‘Order Black Cab now’.

6. Wait for the driver to arrive.

The fees are different for PHV Bookings and Taxi (Black Cab) Bookings. It is best to download the app and enter your pick-up location and destination to know the exact fare. Black Cab

Electric Black Cab


Electric Ride

+ Live booking screen

+ Loyalty rewards such as discounts from Free Now Gift Shop or free trips

+ Fare re-adjustments if the actual distance is less or more than the estimate

– Waiting fees charged per minute

– Surge pricing

Gett 1. Download the Gett app and create an account.

2. Enter your current location.

3. Tap the ‘Where to?’ box and enter your destination.

4. Select the type of vehicle.

5. Indicate special requests or location landmarks into the ‘Note to driver’.

6. Tap ‘Order now’ and wait for the driver to arrive.

Fares are calculated by the meter. Passengers get a free two-minute waiting time before the meter starts. Gett follows the metered fare rates as indicated by TfL. Black taxis + Live support

+ Pre-booking is available

+ Can ride in bus lanes

+ Licensed drivers who are trained under the Knowledge of London

– Cash payment is not accepted

– Not all drivers accept pets

– High demand fees

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