How to Contact DVLA(UK) | By Phone, Email, Post, and Webchat

Under the Department for Transport (DfT), the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is responsible for registering and licensing vehicles and drivers in Great Britain.

They are also responsible for enforcing the VED or Vehicle Excise Duty and selling of number plates in the UK.


If you have concerns regarding your vehicle, driving licence, or other related matters, contacting the DVLA about it is made easy thanks to the online system.

It can be done in the comfort of your own home through the Internet, through your mobile phone, or email.

To learn how to contact DVLA, this article will assist you in obtaining the information and knowledge you need.

I will walk you through the steps to contact DVLA, in what situations require you to notify DVLA, and FAQs or frequently asked questions. Without further ado, let us start!

In summary, here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • Steps on How to Contact DVLA(UK)
  • By DVLA Contact Number Free 0300
  • By DVLA Email Address
  • By Live Chat
  • By Post
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Steps on How to Contact DVLA(UK)

Contacting the DVLA through their website is made easy with their contact DVLA page.

The page covers all contact details for a variety of concerns including:

  • Vehicle tax and SORN
  • Driving licences and applications
  • Vehicle registration and V5C certificates (log books)
  • Driving and medical issues
  • Viewing or sharing your driving licence information
  • Checking someone’s driving licence
  • Welsh language enquiries (Cymraeg)
  • Driving tests and theory tests
  • MOTs
  • Complaints

To get started with your inquiry, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this contact DVLA page.
  2. Click the green button ‘Find contact details’.
  3. Next, select the inquiry category.
  4. Click the ‘Next step’ button.
  5. From there, you will be able to see the options on how to contact them regarding your inquiry. You can contact DVLA by phone, webchat, email, and post. Each inquiry type has a different contact detail.

By DVLA Contact Number Free 0300

If you’d like to contact the DVLA using the DVLA Contact Number Free 0300, refer to the table below.

The table lists the phone number for each concern and the department to call.

Check the office hours in order to know the best time to call.

Inquiry Department Telephone Office Hours
Vehicle tax and SORN, Vehicle registration and V5C certificates (log books)


DVLA Vehicle Enquiries


0300 790 6802 Monday to Friday

8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 2 pm

Driving licences and applications


DVLA Driving License Enquiries 0300 790 6801 Monday to Friday

8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 2 pm

Driving and medical issues DVLA Medical Enquiries 0300 790 6806 Monday to Friday

8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 2 pm

Viewing or sharing your driving licence information, Checking someone else’s licence


Subject Access Request (SAR) Enquiries



0300 083 0013



Monday to Friday

8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 2 pm

Welsh language enquiries (Cymraeg) DVLA Welsh Language Enquiries 0300 790 6819 Monday to Friday

8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 2 pm

Driving tests and theory tests (handled by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)



DVSA theory test enquiries


DVSA driving test enquiries and booking support

 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm

MOTs  (handled by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) MOT, vehicle testing and approval 0300 123 9000 Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 6 pm

By DVLA Email Address

Although calling by phone is a surefire way to get fast answers to your inquiry, sending an email is another option if you don’t have the means to call or if you want a black and white data of your inquiry.

Follow the steps mentioned above and check the email address details in Step 5.

You will be redirected to the email service for your inquiry category.

For your convenience, listed below are the email service tools for each inquiry.

You’ll need to select the correct type of inquiry since the email service tool of each inquiry has additional specific options that you’ll have to select.

The options you select are the information the tool needs in order to redirect you to the correct department email.

To use the email service links outline above, follow these steps:

  1. After clicking the correct email service link above, select the options that correspond to your inquiry.
  2. Click ‘Continue’.
  3. After selecting all appropriate options, you will reach a page with a form.
  4. Enter your personal details, including email address and full name.
  5. Afterward, you will be given a reference number indicating that your application is complete.
  6. Lastly, you should receive a confirmation email.
  7. The page shows the summary of your inquiry, including the email address you entered and the options you selected.

By Live Chat

Similar to contacting DVLA by email address, each type of inquiry has a designated Webchat link to handle the specific inquiry.

You can start chatting from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 7 pm or on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. Keep in mind the chat is closed during public holidays.

Moreover, the webchat is only for inquiries, and not making payments or setting up or amending a direct debit.

To help you locate each Webchat link faster, I already made a list of links for your convenience.

By Post

If you opt to inquire by post, use the following addresses below when sending your mail.

Do check the correct UK Postcode and how to properly write a postcode in your mail.

Writing the incorrect postcode or address can cause delays in your inquiry, so be sure to double check the address before sending.

Inquiry Address
Vehicle tax and SORN


Vehicle Customer Services



SA99 1AR

Driving licences and applications


Drivers Customer Services

Correspondence Team




Vehicle registration and V5C certificates (log books) Vehicle Customer Services



SA99 1AR

Driving and medical issues Drivers’ Medical Enquiries



SA99 1TU

Viewing or sharing your driving licence information Subject Access Request (SAR) Enquiries



SA99 1BX

Check someone’s driving licence information Subject Access Request (SAR) Enquiries



SA99 1BX

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to contact the DVLA if I lost my driving license in the UK?

First of all, if you think it was stolen, report it to the police.

After losing your driving licence, it is important to notify the DVLA by applying to replace your licence through either of the three options: online application, by phone, or by post.

You can find additional details in the article about lost driving licence UK.

When Should I Contact DVLA?

If you recently applied for a service, it is best to wait for the maximum processing time to pass before contacting the DVLA.

For instance, the processing time for SORN confirmation by telephone is four weeks.

If four weeks have passed, then you should contact the DVLA and inquire about it.

Which medical conditions should I contact DVLA about?

You should report your medical condition to DVLA, especially if the condition affects your safety while driving. Keep in mind you will be fined up to £1,000 if you do not inform DVLA about it.

Check the list of medical conditions to report before contacting the DVLA.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever tried contacting the DVLA by using any of the methods above?

Was it convenient and helpful to you? Let us know your experience by sharing it in the comments section below.

For further reading on rules and regulations, check out our guides on driving in London, penalties and offenses, and lost driving licence UK.

22 thoughts on “How to Contact DVLA(UK) | By Phone, Email, Post, and Webchat”

  1. I have been writing and going in circles for almost 2 months.
    I have called and again the system takes me in circles.
    I have tried the webchat service, once again it does not allow you to say what you want.
    I try the feedback button, no surprise, it does NOT work

  2. My car was involved in a fire in an Accident Repair Garage on 12th December 2022 when a number of fire engines arrived at 11:39 pm. 80 fire fighters. The fire was under control by 02;40 the next day 13th December. Forensic are looking into fire & no one allowed in building for health & safety issues. What do I do as my road tax is due 1st Feb 2023?

  3. why dont you have a email address? we dont want to give our details about a person driving with no tax for 4 years and never been caught and crimestoppers are not interested

  4. Hi Sharon,
    DVLA in the UK does have an email address that can be used to contact them for inquiries or assistance. The email address is:

    However, it’s important to note that the DVLA advises against sending sensitive or confidential information via email, as it may not be secure. For certain types of inquiries or requests, it may be better to use the DVLA’s online services or to contact them by phone or post.

    • Hello Mohammad,

      I think maybe you should contact DVAL to inquire about the status of your residence permit.
      They may be able to provide you with more information about the delay and an estimated timeline for when you can expect to receive your permit.

  5. Read the comments ( don’t like the red when trying to write get rid of it) NOT ANY GOOD FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – THIS NEEDS ATTENTION/ SORTING OUT NOW. “ THINK FIRST”
    You haven’t made it easy for us to contact you, in today technology this is a must with no excess.
    You have nothing but muck us all about and it’s just not good enough, you have a job to do just like us plus it isn’t any way to run a business

    • Hi Walsh,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

      We are sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties with accessibility and contacting us.

      But you can contact us via the contact us page on every page easily.

      We take these concerns very seriously and are committed to improving our services to ensure that all customers, including those with disabilities, are able to access and enjoy our offerings.

      We are considering changing the colors of the fonts.

  6. I had an an accident and engineering garage said is beyond repair, and the car is scrabbled how do I stop the road tax

    • Hello Raymond,

      I’m sorry to hear about your accident and the condition of your car.

      In the UK, to stop road tax on a vehicle that has been scrapped, you need to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that the vehicle is no longer on the road.

      You can do this by completing and sending a “Notification of Vehicle Arriva/Scrap/Sold to the Motor Trade” form to the DVLA. This form can be obtained from a Post Office or downloaded from the DVLA’s website.

      You will need to provide the DVLA with details of the vehicle, such as the registration number and the date that it was scrapped. Once the DVLA receives this form, they will update their records and issue a refund for any full months of road tax that you have paid in advance.
      Please note I cannot provide official advice or guidance. It’s best to contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) directly for more detailed information.

  7. I’ve been trying to contact DVLA for several months, but it’s been impossible to make contact. I tried to phone and waited for over 30 minutes, eventually spoke to a woman who told me she couldn’t help me. I’ve filled in two forms on-line but have received no reply. The email address provided by DVLA: is not known, and my letters have been returned. Two weeks ago I sent a letter by post with a cheque for £25 for my log book, but have still heard nothing. I’ve read other complaints, and I think it is absolutely disgusting how you respond to customers sending them like me around in circles. I understand DVLA staff are still working from home, so I understand completely why nothing is being done. Maybe Supermarket staff and Bus Drivers could also work from home, and that would certainly make life easier for everyone. Regards John Mandley.

    • Hello John Mandley,
      I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience you’ve experienced in trying to contact the DVLA

      Phone Contact: If you’re having difficulty reaching the DVLA by phone, try calling during non-peak hours, such as early morning or late afternoon, as wait times may be shorter. Alternatively, you can try different phone numbers listed on their website or explore any specific helpline options they may provide.

      Online Form: Since you mentioned filling in forms online without receiving a reply, it’s possible that there may have been an issue with the submission or the response got lost. Consider resubmitting the forms, ensuring that all required fields are completed accurately. Look for any confirmation or reference numbers associated with the form submission and keep a record for future reference.

      Email Correspondence: The email address you provided,, seems to be incorrect or outdated. Double-check the DVLA website for the correct email contact information, as they may have updated their contact details. Consider sending an email to their official email address or using any contact forms available on their website.

      Postal Correspondence: It’s concerning that your letter and cheque haven’t been acknowledged or processed yet. Unfortunately, postal delays can occur, especially during busy periods. To ensure your correspondence reaches the DVLA, consider using a recorded or tracked delivery service and keep a copy of the documents you send for your records.

      Complaints and Escalations: If you’ve exhausted all normal channels of contact without receiving a satisfactory response, you may consider escalating the issue. Look for the DVLA’s official complaints procedure on their website and follow the instructions provided to file a formal complaint. This may prompt a review and a more timely response to your situation.

      Remember that the DVLA’s operations may be affected by various factors. It’s always a good idea to remain patient and persistent in seeking resolution.

  8. I submitted my BPR card with the provisional driving license application bud received the provisional driving licence since one month but couldn’t get my BRP card till today 17 October, 2023.
    Can I still be expecting it or what should I do.
    Thank you.


      The delay in receiving your BRP card could be due to various reasons, such as processing times or issues with your application.

      Here’s what you should consider doing:

      Check Application Status: Visit the UK government’s official website or the service you used to apply for the Provisional Driving Licence and check the status of your BRP application. You might find information on the current status of your BRP card.

      Contact UKVI: If there’s no update or you’re unsure about the status, it’s a good idea to contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). You can do this by calling the helpline or using the online contact form. They can provide you with more specific information about your BRP card’s status.

      Collect from Post Office: In many cases, when you applied for your BRP card, you would have selected a Post Office location for card collection. Ensure you have received a collection notification, and if not, inquire with the Post Office.

      Allow Time for Processing: Processing times can vary, and sometimes there are delays. Be patient and allow some additional time for your BRP card to arrive.

      Notify DVLA: If you haven’t already done so, inform the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) of the delay in receiving your BRP card. They may be able to provide guidance on what to do next regarding your Provisional Driving Licence.


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