Best Coffee Notting Hill – 21 Trendy Coffee Shops Near By

Any café lover in London knows that Notting hill is home to some of the best cafes. If you take a stroll around, you will notice that the area has different and best cafes you could go in.

Whenever you want to sip your café, I advise you to take a walk and get into one of the most common cafes listed here, and you’ll love it.

One of the best things you are going to enjoy is if you find a café with the friendliest staff, yet having a comfortable space to enjoy your favorite coffee.

Below are some of the best cafes in Notting hill for you to go to.

Top 21 cafes in Notting Hill

1. Mikes café

If you like old-school food and cafes, you will most likely also like this space. They want to preserve the old style of coffee.

Notice that you will have the old 60s kind of booth setting when you go in, and most people love them for this feature.

This is one of the best British cafe’s favorites that offers some of the best breakfast cafés, and you will also like their other meals.

Whenever you want some greasy fried eggs and syrup Landen pancakes, then this is what you should use.

They are famous for their fancy service, and the other thing you’re going to like about them is that they offer the perfect priced food.

It’s pretty, and of course, though it’s not one of the fanciest places, you will like their food.

Phone: +44 20 7229 3757

Address: 12 Blenheim Cres, London W11 1NN, United Kingdom

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2. Biscuiteers

The name says it all; it’s all about the different biscuits you can have. They offer you some of the best choices of biscuits.

The biscuits you find here are handpicked and mainly made in London to suit the different taste buds.

It will make the perfect gifts too if you need to find some of the best gifts. Note that it’s not only about biscuits here as the spot is one of the most Instagram-able cafes available.

Besides, the café spot is not only about Notting hill but London at large. When coming to this spot, you will like the aesthetic exterior. It mostly gets people wanting to take more photos of the place.

The good thing is the biscuit decoration will get you wanting to eat more and more biscuits. So even if you have a party, you can make it perfect in this spot.

Phone: +44 20 7727 8096

Address: 194 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2ES, United Kingdom

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3. Farmgirl café

Whenever you talk of the cafes in Notting Hill, the first one coming to mind is this farm girl café. If you are health conscious, then this is what you should consider. The founders focus on healthy foods.

The essence is to serve holistic foods the perfect cafes and generally different fresh foods of choice. If you’re an Aussie, you know this is one of the spots you never miss, as it feels more like home.

When you’re going to take the farm girl coffee, you will start your day the Aussie way. But, again, if you’re waiting to go in for a brunch meal option, you should come to this region.

Whether you are looking for avocado toast or a healthy acai bowl, this will serve you best at all times. Here you will have a wide range of coffee options, with my favorite being the rose latte.

Phone: +44 20 7229 4678

Address: 59A Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB, United Kingdom

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4. Fabrique bakery

The name says it all here you have the best place to go for baked goods, but aside from that, then you will have the best coffee. It will amaze you that they have simple interests and like to use natural ingredients to make them.

When you eat from this place, you will always like that it’s filling. You could confuse it for your grandma’s faves. In addition, they serve some of the best coffees you could ever taste.

It’s a small place, but then you will not believe everything you then put in your mouth.

It’s an artisanal stone oven bakery that you will have in unique bakeries. In contrast, they focus on the best sourdough bread.

In addition, they will deliver the different types of coffee for you to enjoy with the different sweets they produce in these restaurants.

Phone: +44 20 7221 3721

Address: 212 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LA, United Kingdom

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5. Coffee plant

Here you have the independent roastery that offers more than 25 different styles of coffee. It will allow you to enjoy the coffee on-site or as a takeaway.

They focus more on the arabica coffee, and such are organic but also Fairtrade.

When they make it, they will sell the coffee in retail and sometimes wholesale. It’s ideally located on the portobello road of London.

Visit this plant if you want a perfect sip that will deliver the caffeine fix. In addition, it will provide fair trade and organic café styles.

Whether you are looking for a space to enjoy your coffee or you want a takeaway is all a personal choice. You will find some of the best coffee styles that amaze you.

Phone: +44 20 7221 8137

Address: 180 Portobello Rd, London W11 2EB, United Kingdom

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6. 202 Café

Here you will have the casual store that brings together high fashion, making you enjoy the different styles of coffee. So if you’re looking for a chic space to go and enjoy your latte, then this is it.

Regardless you can also have the ease of enjoying the light meals too, thus making it all a fun experience. Notice that the menu, in this case, is minimalist-inspired, and they emphasize using the freshest ingredient to make the coffee.

This will be the best place to please your friends if you choose to take them somewhere unique.

It features the perfect location for shopping, too, but the coffee will call you in at all times.

I like the staff there, and you can bet they also have the perfect atmosphere to relax as you enjoy their sumptuous food and coffee.

Phone: +44 20 7727 2722

Address: 202 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH, United Kingdom

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7. Embassy café

This one is going to deliver the local vibe. So if you want to sip it as we do in Notting hill, then this is the place to go.

This is a family-run café that will offer English breakfast too. So when passing by, come in and join in the fan of the perfect food and relaxed environment. It gives you the right relaxed state after a long and busy day.

When looking for the perfect British comfort foods, go to this space. The only reason they have a high clientele long after they came to business is because of their high standards.

It will amaze you that they offer the perfect and family-friendly environment to go to too.

Anytime you’re looking for a fantastic experience, you should go into the embassy cafe. It’s excellent for people looking for a family-like experience at all times.

Phone: +44 20 7243 1676

Address: 1 Mortimer Square, London W11 4BY, United Kingdom

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8. Bluebells of portobello

Here are another one of the independent cafés that amazingly also offers many cakes you can choose from. In addition, you will have the perfect takeaways and even dine-in options.

They will be the artisanal café that offers the Italian influenced fare, and you could also go in for the late brunch meal if you need to.

If you’re going to enjoy brunch, you will need to choose something great as a green option for the meal. I recently ate their guac with perfectly made eggs and feta with spinach. If you are short of ideas, try this meal.

It’s impressive that you will have a healthy meal when you use this one. It’s a perfect wooden décor that is also warm and comforting to enjoy. If you’re looking for a space to go in for a chat, then this is it.

Phone: +44 20 8968 4572

Address: 320 Portobello Rd, London W10 5RU, United Kingdom

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9. Butter bakery bar & café

This is the perfect Persian and French-style café. You will get the ideal sandwiches, toast, and other baked goods. Other than that, you are sure to have the top-notch coffee that you will always enjoy alongside other meals.

If you like the good-tasting food and the addition of the perfect drink, then this is what you want to have. Even if you war one of the busiest, you can go into this restaurant and find healthy foods to enjoy.

It’s fantastic that you will get only the food made from fresh ingredients. People are coming to this restaurant like the barbary bread more than any other meal.

So you will only have delicious baked goods that are also healthy and don’t forget the perfect coffee.

Phone: +44 20 7243 9223

Address: 219 Westbourne Park Rd, London W11 1EA, United Kingdom

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10. Amorett coffee portobello

This is one of the most common coffee roasters, and since it makes coffee in-house, you can expect to have the best coffee here. Moreover, they curate their coffee beans perfectly from the traders of the globe.

This is the perfect coffee shop that also seeks to make sure you enjoy the different styles of coffee they offer.

So you will have an excellent coffee to use on the go, and you can be sure to enjoy the different types of coffee addition.

For those who like Arabica coffee, this is the place to go as they will offer some of the best coffees.

You will like the café for its warmth and the hospitality practice. Additionally, you will want them to go to coffee, which makes it the choice for those busy individuals.

Which one are you after the espresso, cappuccino? Name them all, and you will have it here. Just make sure to check the menu.

Phone: +44 20 7229 9011

Address: 53 Pembridge Rd, London W11 3HG, United Kingdom

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11. Daylesford

When you want to go to a chic café deli, then this is the place you want to pop into. You will like the natural wood stools to enjoy here.

Be informed that at this space, then you will have it all. It offers organic farm produce, but you will also have cheese, bread, cakes, coffees, etc.

Let’s say it’s a farm shop and a café to go to. When you like to enjoy healthy meals, this will serve you best. If you’re obsessed with eating all the perfect-tasting food, then this is where you want to go to.

It’s almost like you will get everything of your dream. They don’t only focus on the coffee but also on a lot of other things, and you will like their coffee.

Phone: +44 20 7313 8050

Address: 208-212 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH, United Kingdom

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12. Starbucks

We can’t talk about coffee without mentioning one of the most popular coffee chains in the world. The great thing then is that you will find it here too, and if you like the Starbucks coffee, you will enjoy this one as well.

You will have the coffee rooms but also the tea rooms. Notice that this store has different spots across London, including noting hill. So you see they offer a wide range of choices and you can have whichever makes to happy.

Remember, Starbucks has a perfect reputation, and if you want to try the different coffees, you will like this one.

Address: 227 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 1LT, United Kingdom

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13. Leafwild café

When you like to taste the different organic coffees, this is the spot to visit. They are famous for delivering nourishing food and healthy cakes to enjoy. Here you are going to have the feel-good coffee.

One thing making it popular still is their perfect brunch menu, but you will further enjoy the coffee. It’s also ideal for you if you have special dietary needs.

For example, you will have the menu being gluten-free but also dairy-free.

Whether it’s baked goods you need or just the coffee, you should visit for the best treatment.

Phone: +44 7927 005789

Address: 156 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5NA, United Kingdom

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14. Bodyism

Again, if you are one of those who like to enjoy the different healthy meal options, this is the place to visit. Here you have the clean eats café that you will find even celebrities visiting from time to time.

Most people eating here like their sporty acai bowls but go on to add on the bulletproof coffee. It will leave a mark on you, the coffee lover.

This is more than just your regular café; instead, it’s the place for holistic wellness too. So whether you want to go for a massage, fitness class, or get your facial treats, this is the perfect place.

They also have the perfect dishes to enjoy that you can also pair with the different coffee styles. I like their espresso, but I don’t know which one you will like.

Phone: +44 20 3327 4640

Address: 222-224, Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH, United Kingdom

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15. Café at St. Johns Noting hill

Notice that you have a nice quiet space you can go to in this restaurant. You will like that they offer food that tastes and looks homemade. This one they set in the church’s nave, and of course, it has many clients coming to the spot.

Whether it’s a soup you need or just a late lunch, you will have it in this place. I further enjoy their different coffees. They have the counter-serve food that they set on the church counter. This is the place to bring your friends for the perfect meals.

In most cases, they also offer organic and seasonal foods, but their coffee is memorable.

Phone: +44 20 7727 4262

Address: St Johns Church, 152 Lansdowne Cres, London W11 2NN, United Kingdom

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16. Notting hall coffee project

Here is another one of the specialty independent coffee spots. It’s a shop that sells exceptional coffee to the community. Other than that, they also serve some of the best coffee you can think of.

Also, you are reminded that great coffee is not by chance, and thus they only focus on making the best coffee that gets you wowed at all times. They blend the best ingredients to make sure you only receive the perfect coffee is everything.

If you need to buy the best hand-roasted coffee, the aim is also to deliver the perfect tasting coffee if you need it. The project is to elevate the community as they also serve the best coffee.

Address: 63 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JS, United Kingdom

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17. Gails café

They offer different baked goods and particularly bread that you can use. It’s one of the best bakeries that also serve coffee. So if you are looking for breakfast or lunch, you will find it in this restaurant.

In addition, they tend to offer a seasonal menu making it ideal for use when you need to enjoy the different unique meals. So it doesn’t matter whether you are on the go or have time to dine it; you will find the proper meal to use in this café.

So, of course, they’re a bakery, and you will like the addition of the coffee to the meals they offer. So find your cakes and muffins along with the coffee in this spot. Of course, you will enjoy their specialty coffee too.

Phone: +44 20 7792 8715

Address: 138 Portobello Rd, London W11 2DZ, United Kingdom

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18. Neeve & May Café

This is a family-run coffee house that will show you the best value coffee you can use at any time. To them, then coffee is a way of life, and the aim is to deliver the best coffee.

When you are a coffee lover and want more than a rich coffee experience, then this is it. They use their coffee roaster sand no wonder those who try it here never want to go elsewhere. But, when you want fine specialty coffee, you should come here for the same.

The essence is to make sure they deliver the light to medium roast coffee. Taking it will show you the balanced and delicately flavored coffee. For those who don’t like to wait, this is the place to go.

Phone: +44 7733 895433

Address: 155 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HT, United Kingdom

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19. Ole & Steen

Here you have an all-day bakery that is from Denmark and of course they also serve the best coffee. So you will have nothing short of uncompromising quality but also great coffee.

The good thing is they have slow-roasted and hand-crafted coffees to enjoy whenever you want to.

This London-based café is popular among the locals. They are famous for their great coffees, but you will also like their baked pastries or goods. I want to take their coffee with the cinnamon buns too.

Going here will show you the best coffees and the perfect customer service.

Phone: +44 20 4530 7125

Address: Pembridge Rd, London W11 3QB, United Kingdom

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20. Brown & Rosie

The restaurants will remain open, and they stay open. It’s the best dine-in place with the different meal options, but you will also find the most fantastic coffee in this case. Here you will have the modern design, especially for the Aussie style restaurant.

Notice that they will deliver the perfect quality food when you remain here. Furthermore, you will like it for the accessibility, especially since it’s set where pedestrians can easily reach it. Finally, you will like this space for it remains airy and unique.

Whether it’s a coffee cocktail or just food you need, go to this perfect spot.

Phone: +44 20 7313 9999

Address: 21 Pembridge Rd, London W11 3HG, United Kingdom

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21. Gorbone deli

When you are looking for one of the best coffee spots, you should come to this site. It serves breakfast and brunch with some of the best coffee styles. Notice that you will have excellent coffee to use.

You will also have the most amazing pastries from this restaurant and cocktails and teas. When looking for coffee, visit this fantastic and vibrant deli spot.

Phone: +44 20 8969 6907

Address: 100-102 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS, United Kingdom

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