Top 13 Camden Music Venues For Live Music

No one can deny that Camden has contributed to the prosperous music industry in London. Thanks to this borough’s spacious, fancy, and vibrant music sites. In this article, we bring you a list of music venues.

Whether you like live music, band music, or just DJ music, you will find the places to go here.

1. Electric room

When looking for an iconic venue, you need to go into this option. You will find it at the heart of Camden. This venue has been available for the past 80 years.

This place then began as an Irish pub, and today it’s hosting some of the best club events, especially during weekends.

Here you will further enjoy the independent live music venue at the heart of Camden Town. You’ll love this place because they offer you the best drinks and foodstuffs to enjoy.

It’s amazingly one of the legendary venues you can go to. Additionally, it has an impressive stage to have the people enjoy the music.

When you are looking for a weekend night, you should go to the Electric room as they offer the best space to have fun.

Phone: +44 20 7485 9006

Address: 184 Camden High St, London NW1 8QP, United Kingdom

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2. The Camden assembly bar


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Notice that this has been a Camden music place for years. It’s the one place that will deliver the live music for you, but you can also enjoy the food and drink.

If you like the budding talent too, this is the place to come as they will always come up with some of the best music. There are great bands that so the rise of their music in this place. Coldplay, for example, started their music career here.

It has a capacity of 200, and you can be sure to have energetic music here. If you also go downstairs, you will also order food and drinks in the bar to enjoy.

They like to host nightly live music performances, but they also often showcase the best talents from the different DJs. So well, this is your pub music venue and club.

Phone: +44 20 7424 0800

Address: 49 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AN, United Kingdom

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3. Koko


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It stands out as one of the best concert venues that anyone can go to because it retains its iconic features. It also holds some of the best music ever.

It’s just near the morning crescent underground station. Whether you want local or international acts, you w il find it perfect for enjoying the music here. It has the downstairs spaces, and the true theatre style is upstairs.

Notice that this one here was the music machine in the 70s, yet they offer the best legendary music places. Today they are doing a renovation, and they have the state of the art interior decoration, and it intends to come back with a bang again.

Address: 1A Camden High St, London NW1 7JE, United Kingdom

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4. Roundhouse


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This is by far one of the best places to go to for the live performing arts and concerts, and it’s the place where you will enjoy the different kinds of music. But this place also has a history of gin trade unions and is part of the world’s best yet legendary performance.

Today, they are famous for hosting some of the best live music events and other prominent party events. Notice then that the Roundhouse is one of the places to go to, and it’s on your bucket list.

This space is strategically set in an old railway engine shed. You will love its unique sounds and lovely atmosphere. This is the hub of fun for those who enjoy live music and more fun.

You will enjoy the fairly priced drinks, and the alternative theatre will be everything amazing for you.

Phone: +44 300 678 9222

Address: Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8EH, United Kingdom

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5. The Dublin castle


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This is a fantastic pub and live music venue where you will have people enjoying the most contemporary music. People like it for its sprawling castle that features the markets and shops. It’s readily accessible at the parkway underground station.

When you’re looking for a grassroots music venue, this is the spot you want to go to. They give the perfect environment for the people to enjoy the stage even if it’s their first time. If you are starting, then you should go to this spot.

You see, such bands that are just starting will sometimes come back to grace the stage with perfect music. I used to like the Amy Winehouse band that offers the ideal piece. The difference is that fashion enthusiasts and music lovers will be in the crowd.

Phone: +44 7949 575149

Address: 94 Parkway, London NW1 7AN, United Kingdom

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6. Spiritual bar

Notice that the spiritual sessions have become some of the most popular spaces you can go to for a music event. Notice that you will have good music and the different cocktails to enjoy.

If you are going to enjoy the cosy, rustic folks and the blues bar, it’s fenced. The best part is that they offer a bohemian vibe.

Notice that here you have one of the best booking agencies for music venues and the perfect label for music fun.

Although it began about ten years ago, it continues to serve the music industry, with some of the biggest names being talked of in music.

Notice that this record has built a solid musical community where they together produce the different music bands. They have been famous for creating the perfect local music.

Address: 4-6 Ferdinand St, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8ER, United Kingdom

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7. Green note


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It stands out because it’s a unique and intimate setting for live music. The best part is that they offer a cosy vibe and friendly atmosphere to enjoy the music.

Notice that the place is one of London’s top spaces for live music. It’s an independent space to go and enjoy live music. Notice that they host nightly dance and you will enjoy the blues-rock and the different styles of music.

This is a perfect award-winning music venue, and they have additional space in the basement to enjoy the music.

It also has a vegetarian cafe bar, and yet it goes on hosting the best gigs to get you enjoying the music.

You can expect the finest acoustic jazz and folk dance music when you go upstairs. In most cases, they will offer the space for an intimate performance.

Run with passion and love, you can be sure to have fun, and you will always enjoy your nights here.

Phone: +44 20 7485 9899

Address: 106 Parkway, London NW1 7AN, United Kingdom

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8. Dingwalls


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For those who like to laugh, you can have it all here since they provide music and comedy concerts. Notice that it also has a 500 capacity, and it will hold the different gigs in a week.

Its positioning is everything, as you have it by the Camden lock. Notice that they also offer the best band music and some of the best musicians have been to this place. Don’t forget that they also have eclectic food. So if you would like a DJ session, you will have it perfect.

Notice then that it’s a buzzing pub that will offer you some of the best music. For a long time, Dingwall offered the longest bar in London, and today it continues to wow most Londoners. It’s amazingly the perfect spot for the rolling stone musician and Pink Floyd.

If you would like some of the most fantastic music shows, you should come to this space. This is your nightly space that will stay open until around 2 am.

Phone: +44 20 7428 5929

Address: East Yard, 11 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AL, United Kingdom

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9. Power Haus

Here is another live music place, and they work to bring the best music to the Camden market. They are all about legendary music and legendary venues for the utmost fun.

It’s the place that will let you busk in the British music history scene. Notice then that you will enjoy the colourful history and you will enjoy the different DJs they have in this case that offer you the best music.

They have different musicians coming here for the live events. So it’s the perfect location for the different styles of music.

Address: PowerHaus, Middle Yard, London NW1 8AL, United Kingdom

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10. Devonshire’s arms


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Here is another pub where you will have live music. But it’s also another public house where you can enjoy the different cocktails, coffee and food by day and go out to have fun by night. Make sure you take their ale as they have one of the best tasting options.

It’s a lovely tiny pub house where you can have fun. It’s an ideal space for rock metal or punk fans. Also, it’s not such ample space, but you will enjoy the music and the different style of beers.

Traditionally it’s a pub with cask ales and different lunchtime pie menus. They further offer gothic and metal bands.

Phone: +44 20 3556 6018

Address: 7 Duke St, London W1U 3EE, United Kingdom

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11. The underworld

For all the rock fans, this is the best place to consider when you wish to go in for the best music. Notice that they have a busy alternative live rock music programme that you can enjoy. In addition, it offers weekly club nights in the basements, making it perfect for night owls.

I should mention that this is part of the world ends pub, but you can go in to enjoy the live music then you need to. If you like the metal music in London, you’ll like it here too. It’s in the basement, and it will offer you the music that makes your heart sing.

Its music area then is the best, and it will always get the audience rocking and having fun with the music. So, of course, if you miss a taste of rock, let’s go to this station for its enjoyment.

Phone: +44 20 7267 3939

Address: 174 Camden High St, London NW1 0NE, United Kingdom

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12. Live at the Camden chapel

This is another one of the best music spaces that offer intimate settings, and you will enjoy the live music. Of course, it’s not such ample space, but you can be sure the music will get you hooked.

It makes a tiny concert venue that serves just a small population at a time. But, more than anything, you will like the atmosphere and the fun that comes with it. The great thing then is that they offer a tremendous instagrammable space too.

The people who organise the live concerts in this place are Talentbang, and you can be sure they make it perfect for fun.

Address: Top Floor, The London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB, United Kingdom

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13. O2 Forum Kentish Town


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It’s an art deco building where you can go into this live music space. Here you will find the best and most popular acts in the world. It’s a must-go-to spot. But, you know, even Prince has been to this place before.

Again it’s one of the vast spots that will hold up to 2500 people. Notice that it’s the concert venue in town with some of the best music you can enjoy.

They have the perfect seats, and the place will get you amazed at all times.

Phone: +44 20 3362 4110

Address: 9-17 Highgate Rd, London NW5 1JY, United Kingdom

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There you go with 13 places to visit if you enjoy music. I enjoy Camden Assembly but you can choose any other option available here to try.

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