15 Outstanding Japanese Shops and Supermarkets in London

Are you on the lookout for Japanese shops in London? Look no further! This guide has you covered.

Whether interested in Japanese clothing, stationery, food, or other items, you do not always have to source them from Japan!

With a massive Japanese population in London, it’s not a surprise that there are many outstanding places to shop for authentic Japanese goodies.

Although you will not search for long before you find some excellent Japanese cultural symbols, this guide will reveal to you a few gems in this massive city. Stay put into exploring them!

15 Japanese Shops You Might Need To Check out

1. Momosan Shop

Momosan Shop 2

It’s a Japanese shop located in Hackney east of London that showcases and sells homewares and other items made by skilful and self-reliant artisans.

Momoko Mizutani opened the shop in 2014, intending to make it look like the pottery shops in japan—her native land.

The shop features a wide selection of kitchenware, home decor pieces, apparel and accessories, self-care items, and many more.

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2. Artbox

Artbox is a destination for authentic Japanese goods in London.

It sells homeware and stationery sourced from Japan. It’s one of the country’s leading Sanrio original goods retailers, shipping them directly from Japan.

It also stocks products from brands like Pusheen, San-X, LINE FRIENDS, BT21, and tokidoki.

The shop located at the heart of Covent Garden is stocked from floor to ceiling with the best quality, beautiful and fancy Japanese goods.

In addition, you can find Japanese food and more cute items from Artbox Cafe on East Street, Brighton.

Here you’ll find Hello Kitty and Friends and many other items alongside hot and cold drinks and other delectable bites.

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3. The Journal Shop

The Journal Shop 4

A Japanese stationery shop located at Boxpark, London, between Bethnal Green and Shoreditch.

It made its debut in 2004 when the founders were inspired by the lack of access to well-designed stationery.


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They saw the need to bring something new and stylish to the Britain stationery market that everyone in the community could easily access.

The shop specialises in selling beautiful stationery, but it’s more of a stationery brand than a seller.

It offers notebooks, planners, bullet journals, writing materials such as pens, pencils, ink, and stationery organising accessories.

They also have footwear, drinkware, tableware, fragrance, and many more.

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4. Tabio

Tabio 2

Tabio is a Japanese clothing spot located on Neal Street in Seven Dials, London.

It specialises in socks production for global supply.

Its mission is to provide its customers with true comfort on a daily basis at an affordable price by providing socks that enhance a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

Tabio features all socks styles and designs for men, women, kids, and sporters, showcasing top-notch craftsmanship, high-quality materials and comfort.

The shop offers both online and on-site shopping. For online purchases, you are invited to check its website to confirm available sizes before making an order.

The shop occasionally offers its clients promotions, rewards and discounts; you can also check its website to find out more.

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5. P2Bus Chinatown

P2Bus 4

It is an independent Asian cosmetic and beauty store in Chinatown, London, founded in 2009.

P2Bus (Proud to be us) aims at bringing cosmetic and beauty products to London to help the Asians whose bodies and skins might react negatively to the new environment.

It imports over 300 top-quality skin care products, makeup, hair & body and oral brands from Japan.

The shop features hundreds of brands in its collection to ensure there is something for everyone.

Its products are highly priced; it’s an excellent place to shop if you need a quick fix that can’t wait for you to import the products on your own and if you don’t mind spending heavily on such products.

It offers both online and physical shopping.

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6. Wagumi

Wagumi 5

A Japanese craft and design shop located in the Oxo Tower.

Established in 2011, the store stocks Japanese crafts from individual artists, regional producers, and design collaborations.

It aims to collectively highlight fun and attractiveness in Japanese crafts.

The shop is operated by a small company in London called Lives London, a company that aims at promoting exchange and sustainable development in Japan.

The store features products made of wood, paper, metal, glass, and ceramic.

Some of these products include ceramic kitchen wares, textiles, stationery, teaware, home craft, incense and candles and many other Japanese items you may need in your home.

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7. Japan House London

Japan House London 1

Located on London’s Kensington High Street, Japan House London is a cultural home for Japanese living in the UK.

It is a spot that houses the best Japanese art, designs, innovation, gastronomy and technology.

Japan House is an initiative operated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed at showcasing Japanese culture in different aspects to the Japanese living in the UK and all that wish to learn about what Japan has to offer.

The spot features an exhibition gallery, a Japanese restaurant, an events space and a retail store offering beautifully curated Japanese products.

The house features renowned artisans, artists, designers, musicians and performers both in Japan and worldwide.

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8. Ichiba London

It’s one of London’s largest Japanese food halls located in Westfield, in Shepherd’s Bush.

It offers artisanal food, drink, gifts and homeware made in Japan.

The store showcases products made by the best artisan suppliers from all over Japan.

It features a Japanese kitchen where you can peek in and watch how different Japanese dishes are curated.

The shop also has cooking demonstrations and workshops, food and drink festivals, sake tasting seminars and events that allow different people to participate and learn about Japan’s cooking culture.

Tak Tokumine founded the place in 1976 to bring authentic Japanese foods and drinks and many more to the European scene, and that’s precisely what Ichiba does.

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9. Japan Centre

Japan Centre 3

Japanese food store located in Westfield London that has been bringing authentic Japanese tastes to the city for the last four decades.

As one of the best Asian Supermarkets In London, the store started as a bookshop in the heart of London, meant to cater for the Japanese in the country.

It collaborates with Japanese artisan suppliers across Japan to bring authentic products to the UK.

It offers a wide selection of products ranging from noodles, and misso to sake and Japanese craft, magazines, textbooks and many more.

In its products line, Japan centre features brands such as Kikkoman, Gekkeikan, Amanoya, and Bibigo, among others.

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10. Uniqlo Co. LTD

Uniqlo 1

A global Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer with nine locations in London.

It was first established in 1949 in Japan before it opened several branches globally.

The store offers clothes for men, women, and kids, both official and casual.

It features high-quality materials for its offering.

You will find everything in Uniqlo from Coats, Jackets, Parkas & Vests, Overshirts, Knitted Jumpers & Cardigans, Sweatshirts, Hoodies & Joggers, to T-Shirts & Tops, Trousers, Chinos & Joggers, Jeans, Shorts, Shirts, Polo Shirts, Loungewear & Pyjamas and many more.

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11. Japan Craft

Japan Craft 1

It’s a Japanese art and craft shop situated at Camden Lock Market, Camden Town.

The spot is dedicated to bringing the best arts and crafts from Japan to the UK.

Its collections include Japanese puzzle boxes, woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e), lacquer, kokeshi dolls, incense, folding fans, jewellery, manga and anime, homeware and many more.

The products here feature some of the best series and video games to try.

It also has a dozen gift products to choose from, including art books, toys, plush toys, T-shirts and many others.

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12. Atariya Foods

Atariya Foods store.webp

One of the famous Japanese food shops in London.

It has five stores in London: Finchley, West Action, Swiss Cottage, Golders Green, and Kingston.

It offers many Japanese products, from fresh sushi, sashimi, nigiri, fruits, drinks and snacks to fresh meat, seafood, and so much more.

The shops offer takeaway and delivery through Deliveroo and their Atariya app.

It has friendly staff willing to help you have the best experience across all their shops.

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13. Natural Natural

Natural Natural 3

An authentic Japanese food and sake online shop in London.

It offers a wide selection of Japanese food, such as frozen foods, rice, noodles, and snacks. Natural Natural also has agricultural products, flour and tofu.

A selection of sauces and seasonings are also available. It has an exclusive selection of Japanese sake; Nigori, sparkling, nama, fruit sake, ginjo, junmai, and many other alcoholic drinks.

The shop offers all its products online through its website.

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14. Kanpai London Sake Brewery & Taproom

Kanpai London Sake Brewery Taproom 1

A sake brewery located in South London offers non-alcoholic beer made using fermented rice.

It was established in 2016 by Tom and his wife, Lucy Wilson.

Its products are made from start to finish at its South London site with no added alcohol, Sulphites or preservatives.

It is the first brewery to make British-style sake using traditional Japanese methods.

Kanpai features a sake taproom above the brewery where you can enjoy its product in the company of your friends!

Kanpai meaning “Cheers” in Japanese, the product is best for non-alcoholic drink lovers.

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15. Native and Co.

Native and Co 3

It’s a Japanese home goods store located in Notting Hills, London.

Established in late 2014, Native and Co. was inspired by the owner’s desire to create high-quality and intelligently designed homeware.

The shop offers some of the best households from specialist workshops and individual craftspeople all over Japan.

It offers Japanese outdoor cooking ware for summer BBQ cooking alongside many other home items such as candles and incense, kitchenware, tableware, bath goods, homeware and gift cards.

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