Ice Rink T&Cs

Winterville Ice Rink Rules

The following Rules and Regulations are for your safety – please ensure that you have read them
before taking to the Ice and listen to all instructions from our on-ice marshals and management:

Skating is entirely at your own risk. Winterville will not be responsible for any loss, damage,
harm or injury sustained by any skater or spectator

By engaging in skating and/or attending the Ice Rink area, both skaters and spectators are
deemed to have knowledge of, and assume the risk of skating which include but are not
limited to the following:
• Injuries resulting from collision or contact with other skaters or other individuals who are
on the skating surface
• Injuries resulting from falls

There is no minimum age to skate but skates must fit properly for safety reasons. Children
aged 7 and under must be accompanied on the ice by a responsible adult at all times. 8-13
year olds must be accompanied in the Ice Rink area by an adult throughout the session

Skates are to be put on in the skate change area and skaters must use the seating provided

Please ensure your skates fit comfortably and are securely fastened

Do not go onto the ice without wearing ice skates

Please skate in an anti-clockwise direction at all times, unless directed otherwise by the on-
ice marshals/management

Please skate forwards at all times and do not skate at excessive speeds – skating backwards
and performing tricks is not allowed

Skaters must obey skating marshals/management’s instructions at all times

Skaters must report any accidents to a member of staff

It is forbidden to smoke anywhere at the ice rink

Skaters and spectators may not take bags, phones, personal entertainment systems,
headphones or cameras onto the ice – please use the cloakroom provided

Skaters should wear appropriate clothing for the activity, but ensure no clothing restricts
their vision, or could become a trip hazard for themselves or other skaters

Skaters and spectators may not sit or climb on the rink barrier

Skaters may not skate in chains or stand still in groups on the ice (two individuals holding
hands is permitted, as is one adult holding the hands of two children)

Skaters may not carry children and infants

Please keep noise to an appropriate level

Food & Drink is not permitted on the ice or within the skate exchange area

All persons must stay well clear of the ice whilst ice maintenance takes place

Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from using the ice rink. If
tickets have been purchased and upon arrival it is deemed by management that the
person(s) are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, access to the rink will be refused and
no refund shall be given

Anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and those responsible will be asked to
leave the ice rink area and no refund shall be given

Winterville reserves the right to refuse entry onto the ice rink or into the ice rink area to
anyone who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions above

Skaters asked to leave or removed from the Ice Rink area will not be refunded for their
session fee if breaking this Code of Conduct

Skaters may use their own skates but management reserve the right not to allow a person to
use their own skates if they are deemed unsuitable. There is no discount to the ticket price
for use of your own skates

We offer skates sized UK child 8 to UK adult 14. If skates do not fit you then unfortunately it
will not be possible to skate as it will be unsafe

15 children’s fun skate Penguins will be available for hire for the duration of each skating
session at the cost of £5. Penguins are limited in number and are available on a strictly first
come, first serve basis at the start of each session from the Cloakroom. Penguins are
intended as a fun addition to skating and are not designed as an essential element to help
your child skate. Penguins are not allowed to be stood or ridden on, they are for children
under 1.2m tall to push on the ice only

Ice is cold, wet and slippery. There is a chance you will get wet when skating as on occasions
the ice can have a thin layer of water on the surface. Try to stay on your feet. Please bring
suitable clothing and remember, if you fall over you may get wet.

No refunds will be made unless our management have found it necessary to close the Ice
Rink due to Health & Safety or technical concerns

No refunds will be given for anyone that only skates for part of the session


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