Hampshire Schools Holidays 2022, 2023

Hampshire has just announced the school holidays dates for 2022 and 2023.

It is excellent news for students, as they’ll have much-needed time off to relax or engage in new activities.

Aside from having fun in the short term, the Hampshire school holidays can be a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop hobbies that will last them throughout life.

The Hampshire School Chelsea

Hampshire County Council (HCC), a unitary authority responsible for administering public services, including children’s schooling, has published the schedule for Hampshire School Holiday 2022 and 2023.

They have created a list of all the holidays with their starting and ending dates for 2022 and 2023. Hence, you may plan accordingly.

Most importantly, review the approved calendars for 2022–2023 and 2023–2024, so you can keep track of any changes to the Hampshire school holidays schedule.

Additionally, remember that this calendar may change for certain schools, which may include teacher training days as well.

Hampshire Schools Holidays

Following are the dates for the Hampshire Schools Holidays 2022, 2023.

Use the information to choose the ideal time to travel with children or plan other activities during that period.

Table Of Hampshire Schools Holidays 2022

School holidays Start End
First Day of School 1 Sep 2022, Thursday
Autumn Half-Term Holidays 24 Oct 2022, Monday 28 Oct 2022, Friday
Christmas Holidays 19 Dec 2022, Monday 2 Jan 2023, Monday
Spring Half-Term Holidays 13 Feb 2023, Monday 17 Feb 2023, Friday
Spring Holidays 3 Apr 2023, Monday 14 Apr 2023, Friday
Summer Half-Term Holidays 29 May 2023, Monday 2 June 2023, Friday
Summer Holidays 24 July 2023, Monday 31 Aug 2023, Thursday

Table Of Hampshire Schools Holidays 2023

School holidays Start End
First Day of School 1 Sep 2023, Friday
Autumn Half-Term Holidays 23 Oct 2023, Monday 27 Oct 2023, Friday
Christmas Holidays 18 Dec 2023, Monday 1 Jan 2024, Monday
Spring Half-Term Holidays 12 Feb 2024, Monday 16 Feb 2024, Friday
Spring holidays 29 Mar 2024, Friday 12 Apr 2024, Friday
Summer Half-Term Holidays 27 May 2024, Monday 31 May 2024, Friday
Summer Holidays 24 July 2024, Wednesday

How To Enjoy During The Hampshire Schools Holidays?

School holidays are an excellent way to recharge your batteries and prepare for the coming year.

You can do many activities with friends or family during the Hampshire Schools Holidays 2022, 2023.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Hampshire is one of the beautiful UK counties with many attractions and things to do during the school holidays. One exciting activity during the Hampshire school holidays is planning to visit the country’s historical sites. You can visit The Gliding Heritage Centre, Treehouse study Centre, etc.
  • According to Hampshire school holidays 2022, the Christmas holidays will last approximately two weeks. So, why not pick up some crackers and pop them under the tree, or make homemade mince pies and add them to your Christmas gift wrap during those vacations?
  • Gardening is a great leisure activity you may undertake during the school holidays. With winter drawing in, now is the perfect time to plant flowers or vegetables that will last through the colder months, like daffodils, pansies, or spinach.
  • Hiking is one of the finest activities you can do during the Hampshire Schools holidays. It allows you to explore the country’s beautiful nature and build physical strength by climbing steep slopes. You may check several guided walks for hiking in Hampshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Other Holidays In Hampshire?

Other holidays in Hampshire include:

  • New Year’s Day (1-2 January)
  • Spring Public holiday (April)
  • Mothering Sunday
  • Good Friday,
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day Public Holiday 6 or 7 May
  • Boxing Day


The dates of the holidays are declared by the government and don’t typically change.

It’s a great time for the students to explore the county and participate in some of the many events held there each year.

Take advantage of your Hampshire Schools holidays and enjoy yourself with your friends and family in this beautiful county.

However, don’t forget to check UK Bank Holidays 2022 and 2023 as well for more information on holidays.

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