Where To Have Halal Brunch In London – 11 Places You Should Try

A wonderful brunch can always be a great option to reconnect with old friends or distant family members.

London is filled with all sorts of amazing restaurants and diners, including spots to enjoy a delicious halal breakfast at any time of the day.

If you’re in search of a place near you to enjoy a halal brunch in London, then here’s a guide to some of the best restaurants to visit.

Halal Brunch London

  • Drunch Mayfair
  • Grounded London
  • Bake street
  • Guanabana Restaurant
  • Med’s cafe
  • The Hot House
  • Makan Cafe
  • Pie Republic
  • Rabbit hole cafe
  • Gourmet Hut
  • Coffee Garden

1. Drunch Mayfair

1 Woodstock St, London W1C 2AA, United Kingdom

+44 7535 554532

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Drunch Mayfair is a beautiful cafe along Woodstock Street, serving the most delicious halal brunch in London. They have a lovely outdoor setting for a wonderful sit-out brunch in the summer.

Their exterior also features beautiful flowers giving it a rosy, welcoming feel. Their indoor dining space decor features lovely black lanterns, beautiful art pieces, and comfortable modern sitting giving the cafe an overall stylish hip feel.

They serve an entirely halal menu and a fine selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

With the freshest ingredients, Drunch puts a fascinating turn on our regular breakfast favorite to create exquisite cuisine.

Their menu features items like the full English breakfast which includes tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown beef, sausage, turkey bacon, and any style egg with toast.

They also have the two eggs on toast with added smoked salmon, egg royale, Mexican omelet, and egg burger.

For vegetarian options, they serve vegetarian English breakfast and vegan English breakfast.

Their menu also features a variety of sweet dishes, salads, sandwiches, grills, and lots more.

They have a wholesome coffee, tea, and mocktails menu with options like Jasmine tea and cinnamon cappuccino.

You can visit their website to have a lot at the full menu. They are open from  10 am till 11 am from Mondays to Saturdays and from 10 am till 10:30 on Sundays.

2. Grounded London

9 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DU, United Kingdom

+44 20 7377 17030

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If you’re at Whitechapel gallery or just in the area and in search of a spot to enjoy Some delicious halal food, then why not take a one-minute walk to Grounded London.

They are a beautiful coffee house serving delicious food in a lovely environment. Their interior decor features a warm green color, brick-style walls, beautiful lighting, and comfortable modern sitting, giving the coffee house a contemporary, hip style.

They offer a fully halal menu and do not serve pork or alcohol at the restaurant. They have a daytime menu and a night-time menu featuring wholesome choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their daytime menu consists of breakfast choices, omelets, fruits and cereal, hot drinks, smoothies, and ground classics.

They also offer a variety of vegetarian options like vegetarian French toast and mushroom and cheese omelet.

Their night-time menu features burgers, salads, grills, desserts, sides, all-day breakfast, and lots more. For burgers, I recommend the ground signature served with caramelized onions and blue cheese or the jerk chicken burger.

They also serve wonderful coffee that is freshly roasted every morning at an east London roasting house.

They are open from 7 am till 10 pm every day of the week. You can visit their website to have a look at the full menu or make further inquiries.

3. Bake Street

58 Evering Rd, Lower Clapton, London N16 7SR, United Kingdom

+44 20 7683 7177

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Bake street is a lovely cafe just along Evering road that serves lovely halal meals.

The cafe is a beautiful bright yellow with simple modern decor and wonderful outdoor dining space.

They serve a variety of our classic breakfast favorites served with beautiful plating.

Their food is halal and their menu also offers a variety of Vegetarian options. Their weekday menu features toast, Smash burgers, toast royale, chicken bun, Yangyeon bun, and their signature House granola served with Greek yogurt and honey.

For the weekend they serve extra attractions like vegan Tinga, Pollo tacos, and kimchi burgers.

They also serve small-batch ice cream including a variety of vegan flavors like cherry Sorbet, pineapple Sorbet, and chocolate sorbet.

They are located at 58 Evering Road, London, and are open from 8 am – 4 pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays, and from  9 am till 4 pm on Sunday.

Be sure to check out their social media platforms for the full menu and to make reservations.

4. Guanabana Restaurant

85 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY, United Kingdom

+44 20 7485 1166

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Guanabana keeps it elegant, classy, and simple with its Beautiful wooden cafe, bringing the finest flavors of the Caribbean right to London.

This beautiful Caribbean restaurant has a lovely outdoor sitting area to enjoy a lovely brunch in the summer or spring.

They offer an exquisite halal brunch menu serving a variety of wonderful cuisine. The menu serves delicious pancakes, a big breakfast, steak, and eggs, smash burgers, and signature House dishes.

For a big breakfast, they offer choices like a full Colombian big breakfast complete with fried plantains and tortillas, Havana eggs, the hangover plate, and a vegetarian full Colombian big breakfast.

They serve delicious pancakes like their berry white and banana Brulee pancakes.

You can order various side dishes to accompany your meals like beef sausage, turkey bacon, black beans, and hand-cut fries.

They are located at 85 Kentish Road, London, and are open for brunch on Thursdays to

Sundays from 12 pm – 10 pm, they are also open for dinner on Mondays to Wednesdays from 5 pm till 10 pm. Be sure to visit their website to make reservations and have a look at their full menu.

5. Meds Cafe

37 Burdett Rd, Bow, London E3 4TN, United Kingdom

+44 20 8980 4088

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Like their menu says “first eat with your eyes then you’ll taste the surprise”, Med’s Cafe Indeed serves some of the most delicious food in London with excellent aesthetic plating. This cafe features simple, warm decor and some of the best halal breakfasts served in London.

Their menu offers sandwiches, wraps, burgers, tacos, pasta, main courses, and much more.

Their breakfast menu serves options like a chicken omelet, Mediterranean breakfast which includes two scrambled eggs, sausages, Turkey, and Hash brown, and their meds special breakfast with cheese omelet, grilled burgers, and two sausages, Turkey slices, and baked beans pan-fried mushrooms.

You can also enjoy dishes for their other menus like the chicken and avocado wrap, grilled marinated chicken breast burger, king prawn stir, and a variety of sides Including garlic bread with cheese and French fries to accompany your dish.

They are located at 37 Burdett Road, Bow, London, and are open from 8 am till 5 pm every day of the week.

6. The Hot House

448 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5TT, United Kingdom

+44 20 8581 1890

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The hot House features an outdoor dining space with beautiful, comfortable seating for both spring and summer. The indoor dining features warm, classy decor with grey walls, lovely hanging lanterns, and black and white check-pattern table cloths to tie it all together.

They serve delicious halal brunch and are a great spot to catch up with the mates.

For breakfast and brunch, they serve the Halal breakfast which includes two eggs served with halal turkey bacon sausage and turkey bacon, mushroom, beans, hash brown, and sourdough toast.

Not every item on the menu is halal so be sure to ask the staff about the halal status of other items.

For vegetarian options, they offer Bedouin breakfast, Vegetarian omelet, and the Veggie breakfast.

They also serve delicious sweet American pancakes with choices like Hogarth classic with sugar and lemon and the Wimbledon which is strawberry and double cream.

You can find them on Chiswick High road, Chiswick London and they are open from  9 am till 6 pm on Mondays, 9 am till 11:30 pm Tuesdays till Thursdays and Sundays and from  9 am till 12:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

7. Makan Cafe

270 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TY, United Kingdom

+44 20 8960 5169

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Makan cafe is a beautiful Malaysian restaurant along Portobello Street bringing delicious Malay Street food to London. The restaurant is a simple, warm space with excellent food and great service.

The wonderful offer a halal breakfast and are a great stop for brunch or lunch.

Their menu serves a fine selection of delicious Malaysian cuisine. For starters, you can begin with the vegetable spring rolls, the vegetable samosa, the chicken samosa, or the chicken curry puffs.

For the main dish, you can enjoy sizzling noodle chicken, the noodles soup seafood, egg fried rice, and Satay, and the Singaporian Laska chicken

For vegetarian dishes, they serve the sizzling noodle Vegetarian, noodle soup Vegetarian, and the Vegetarian Mee Goreng.

You can also try some of their Exotic snacks like banana buttons, sweet bhaji, and spicy prawn crackers.

You can order meals directly from their website or take a walk to their lovely restaurant. They are open from 9 am till 9:30 pm every day of the week.

8. Pie Republic

80 Upton Ln, London E7 9LW, United Kingdom

+44 7445 445545

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At the Pie Republic, you can enjoy delicious food in a beautiful environment. This gorgeous restaurant features modern, elegant interior decor with golden lanterns, warm green color, and modern sittings.

I recommend them for a fancy brunch date or anniversary lunch.

They serve a fully halal menu with a variety of dishes. Their menu offers home gourmet pies, gourmet burgers, sides, and wonderful sauces.

For gourmet burgers, you can enjoy the chicken grilled burger, the beef burger, the patty and brioche burger, and their delicious fish burger.

You can also enjoy their house’s special gourmet pies like the Royal Victoria pie with British chicken and chestnut mushrooms, Hakka pie, Cox’s Bazar, and the Captain Cook pie.

They are located at 80 Upton Ln, London E7 9LW, United Kingdom, and are open from 5 pm till 10 pm Mondays through Thursdays and on Sundays and from 5 pm till 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

9. Rabbit Hole Café

411A Holloway Rd, London N7 6HJ, United Kingdom

+44 20 7619 9999

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This rabbit hole will make bugs bunny jealous with its beautiful interior decor and delicious food. The dining space is beautifully decorated with beautiful hanging lights and comfortable modern sitting.

They serve a halal menu with amazing choices and wonderful customer service.

Their breakfast menu offers all-day breakfast with free-range eggs, turkey rashers, beef sausages, and baked beans, they also serve, “eat with me mushrooms”, ”eat with me chips” and a full English breakfast.

For brunch, they serve the Vegan king brunch with veggie sausage and grilled tomatoes, the veggie queen of mushrooms Shaskuka.

You can also enjoy other items from their menus like salads, burgers, omelets, seafood pasta, and pies. For drinks, they serve hot drinks, ice coffee fresh juice, and smoothies.

They are located at Holloway Road London and are open from 7 am till 8 pm every day of the week.

10. Gourmet Hut

81 Cavell St, London E1 2BQ, United Kingdom

+44 7946 771109

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Chef Juhel has been serving London some of the most delicious halal burgers since 2004.

The Gourmet hut uses authentic recipes and the freshest ingredients to serve some of the finest cuisines to Cavell Road London. Their menu offers great choices for Burgers, Sides, and breakfast choices.

For breakfast, they serve a full English breakfast with hash brown, salami, glazed turkey rasher, extra-large sausages, Mushrooms, double-cooked potatoes, and egg toast.

They also serve French toast with chocolate and strawberry jam. Egg Benedicts. Their menu is halal but be sure to ask about the halal status of dishes you may not be sure of.

They are open from 6 pm till 9 pm on weekdays and from 4 pm till 1 is on Fridays and weekends.

11. Coffee Garden

473 High Rd Leytonstone, London E11 4JU, United Kingdom


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The coffee garden is a beautiful simple modern space serving delicious halal brunch in London. Their restaurant features simple contemporary decor and is a great spot to catch up with friends.

Their menu offers breakfast choices, soups, pasta, omelets, wraps main courses, and sandwiches. Their menu is halal but to make inquiries on dishes that you are not too sure about.

For breakfast, they serve egg Benedicts, egg royale, vegan breakfast, and scrambled royale. You can also enjoy delicious items from their main course menu like the Falafel or the seafood casserole.

They are located at high road Leytonstone, London and are open from 8 am  till 6 pm every day of the week except Sundays, when they are open from 9 am till  6 pm

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What is your favorite breakfast meal? French toast and avocado would always be my favorite.

If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a delicious halal brunch in London these are the restaurants for you.

If you’re in London, be sure to stop by any of these amazing restaurants and cafes for a wonderful experience.

Don’t forget to ask about the halal status of the meals in case any updates have been made to their menu.

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