15 Best Gyms In Clapham To Build Up Fitness

Clapham is one of my favorite places in South London for various reasons. My reasons include; excellent schools, restaurants, and its range of sporting facilities including a running track, cricket, football, and baseball pitches, among many other reasons.

If you are new in Clapham or a resident who just decided to join a gym for various reasons, whether keeping fit, building some muscle, or losing weight, among many other reasons, I have a lot of gyms that can make your goals or dreams come true.

In Clapham, you can always find a gym to meet your needs and specifications. There is a variety of available training equipment, the trainers in the various gyms and even the classes offered.

Your only decision is to choose where you want to do your workout or training.

In this article, I have written about some of the best gyms that one can join in kicking start their fitness journey.

I can assure you that with hard work, commitment and consistency, you will get value for your money and time as per the results that you will experience.

1. Gymnasium Clapham

Location: 26-32 Voltaire Rd London, SW4 6DH

Contact : +44 7852 105523

This is one of the best gyms located along Clapham high street. It is convenient, spacious and offers the best services, including communal and showering facilities with complimentary towels and toiletries. Have high standards of hygiene, so you need not worry.

Gym and exercises are all about fun; keeping fit may seem challenging, but with gymnasium Clapham, you will experience so much enjoyment from group training.

If you are new in this area or would love to begin your training, you can try out their free trial classes.

Being the only certified B-Corp gym in the U.K., it has experienced and well-equipped gym experts who offer group training.

Gymnasium Clapham


In addition, they offer various classes, including CrossFit, gymnastics, weightlifting,  open gym, cardio strength, etc.

I commend this gym to anyone looking forward to getting fit most effectively.

However, we all know that consistency is crucial to keeping healthy; for this, I recommend one to enroll in membership classes that have a favorable schedule and are also pocket friendly.

2. PureGym London Clapham

PureGym London Clapham


Location: 95-97 Clapham High street, London SW4 7TB

Contact: +44 3454811736

Time is always of essence to everyone, and for anyone looking forward to keeping fit without interrupting your daily routine, PureGym is the best gym for you.

The uniqueness is that there are no contracts, and one can leave the gym anytime without any legal dispute.

Apart from the directions given on their website, you can also easily access them via  Clapham high street underground station, depending on the more convenient route for you.

There is ample parking on the street side, and maximum security is observed; thus, it is safe and secure. Therefore as you work out, you won’t have to think about the safety of your car or bike.

Here are some additional advantages of joining PureGym today; offer free rehydrating sports water, free WI-FI, functional RIG, a personal trainer, and multi-gym access. Also, they have night training and unstaffed hours program for everyone.

Sharing is caring. At PureGym, you can also bring a friend or colleague at least four times a month.

So come around and bring your friend(s) and get higher discounts. Again, training with familiar faces can be delightful. Just try it.

3. Virgin Active


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Virgin Active UK (@virginactiveuk) 分享的帖子

Location: 4-20 North Street, London, SW4 0HG

Contact: +44 2081244114

Have you been looking for a perfect gym with yoga classes? Then, Virgin active gym is the place to be.

You can come as a group or as an individual. I always encourage people to work out as a group since the more definitely, the merrier.

This gym is time-friendly, considering they open daily from 0630hrs to 2200hrs. This schedule means you can either work out early in the morning before going to work or train in the evening after work.

It is also well spaced with proper ventilation and a conducive environment.

Virgin Active 3


The workers are friendly, humble, and very kind. They will make you feel special and like one of their own.

Get the chance to use dumbbells and kettlebells to help you build your stamina. Their equipment is of high standards and is effective for your body.

Whatever works out for you is available, and therefore, all you need is to put in the hard work.

Yoga sessions are also offered that are of much help to complement your exercises. After a great workout session, you will have a lifetime opportunity to relax your mind comfortably.

In addition, you can practice body stability and learn how to focus your mind throughout the yoga sessions.

After having a tiresome workout session, refuel your energy by enjoying the 17m swimming pool for free.

This experience will be a heavenly feeling that I can assure you might feel like something you have never felt before.

Whatever makes you happy shall be delivered. So enjoy the lovely spa, studios, cycle studios, relaxing rooms, and more.

Don’t forget that you get a 12-month training session for free by registering between now and May this year.

4. Reach Fitness Clapham


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Reach Fitness Gym (@reachfitnessgym) 分享的帖子

Location:  Unit 7B, Clapham North Art Center, London SW4 6DH

Contact: 0845 519 3425

Reach fitness is among the most popular gyms in London. They will help you achieve your fitness goals and gain more knowledge and experience in matters of general body fitness.

The fascinating thing about this gym is their online program called “Training on-demand”. This program is one of the most trusted across London as you can keep fitting anywhere anytime because it is online.

Reach Fitness Clapham


So practicing mobility and keeping fit is the true definition of accessibility.

You might be thinking of holidays. With the help of Reach fitness, you stand a chance to get active fitness getaways.

Enjoy the Ibiza beaches and some luxurious beaches in the British countryside. Don’t forget the healthy and delicious foods around the area.

Here, you will get maximum skills and knowledge on diets, Health, and body care routines from Reach masterclasses, seminars, and personal trainers. As we say, Health is wealth, and this is how you get the value for your time and money.

5. AnglGyms



Location: 9 Bromell’s Rd, London SW4 0BN, UK

Contact: 07542673298

Michael Ward is the founder and CEO of Anglgyms. It was founded basically to address the problems experienced in corporate gyms by personal training clients in the U.K. It is discretely located as a private gym for individual training clients.

At Anglgyms, experience the breathtaking therapies and mental health training in a lovely Safe Space.

It is in a relaxed environment, with calming designs, natural materials, low noise levels, soothing smells, and friendly, approachable trainers.

Your unfavorable financial situation should not worry you because, at Anglgyms, you can join and pay later, and don’t forget it is interest-free installments. Moreover, there are neither monthly membership nor joining fees.

Apart from enjoying the quality and fully equipped gym equipment, take the time to enjoy the free sustainable means on the list of delicious and healthy, balanced diets. I can assure you there is no other gym you would rather be with all this.

6. Lift Studio LDN


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Location: 26-32 Voltaire Rd, London SW4 6DH, UK

Contact: info@mysite.comh

Danni and Mimi founded a lift studio on the downside street in south London Clapham. It was established when covid-19 restrictions were lifted, thus making it among the relatively new gyms.

It offers a safe place and friendly environment around a three-month program for its clients. Their main goal is to boost members’ strength and confidence and educate them.

Lift Studio LDN


Their mission always states, ‘it’s not about how much you have lost, only what you have gained’.

This mission is apparent after the London Evening Standard pinned them as ‘one of the best new fitness studios’, serving something very different to the post-pandemic fitness scene.

With memberships offering detailed coaching that will impart knowledge and skills for life, I would suggest that you come and enjoy the whole experience.

Tell a friend to tell their friends about this gym if they crave an exquisite workout experience.

7. Oncore London

Oncore London


Location: 65 Clapham Park Road, London SW4 7EW

Contact: hello@oncorelondon.com

What you will love most about this gym is that they offer different kinds of classes which are professionally tailored and thus you will have a chance to choose what exactly works out for you to get even better results.

If you like doing your workouts in the morning, I can assure you that Oncore is the best place to start your day.

If you are into Yoga, Oncore will meet your need. During the sessions, the coordination of the music, movements’ pace, and even the lighting will give you a mind-blowing experience that will leave you longing for another session.

One thing  I greatly appreciate about this gym is their ethical code, as in case you misplace your item(s) in the gym, they hold them for you for two weeks, and you can always walk in and get your property within that period.

I want anyone who wants to join this gym to note that they don’t appreciate it when members are late for their classes.

They always encourage everyone to be ready five minutes before the classes begin. If you arrive and find a class has already started, you will be denied entry.

Another essential thing to note about this gym is that they take their schedules very seriously, and thus in case you have joined a class, but you feel that you might not be able to attend, always cancel online in advance.

In that regard, they don’t offer refunds for unattended classes.

8. Jetts Gym

Jetts Gym


Location: 9 Bromell’s Rd, London SW4 0BN, UK

Contact:  02045118708

Jetts gym gives you 24-hour access to the gym with classes once you join. This, therefore, gives you the freedom to plan your schedule flexibly and thus have no excuse for missing out on a training session on the grounds of personal scheduling.

One unique thing about this gym is that they have a VIP kind of membership called “pro-membership”.

This membership has various extra benefits like three complimentary guest passes each month which means you can have your visiting friend join you for a training session.

9. Anytime Fitness London

Anytime Fitness London


Location: 3 Mullins Pl, Kings Ave, London SW4 8EU, United Kingdom

Contact: 020 3137 3037

This gym is suitable for those within its location as it is always open throughout the week. It is convenient for everyone due to its 24-hour access and 24-hour security with CCTV monitoring.

Here, you can achieve your workout goals like building muscle by using their strength weights or losing weight through cardio equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes. Whichever equipment suits you, you are assured of finding it here.

In addition to the excellent facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, they also have personal fitness trainers who can attend to your individual training needs, which might greatly expedite the journey towards your fitness goals.

If you plan to train in this gym, note that the sessions are always unstaffed on Sundays. Therefore, you can check their website and get informed on the various staffed hours on Monday to Saturday if you dislike working out in an unstaffed gym.

10. Fitness First Clapham


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Fitness First UK (@fitnessfirst_uk_official) 分享的帖子

Location:  276-288 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1LJ

Contact: 02030969334

This gym is conveniently located on Lavender Hill in Battersea and is open every day, with the opening and closing hours set out on their website to help the members with training schedules.

There are various excellent types of sessions you can try out, including Strength, Cardio, Fight, and Cycle, among others.

These classes are tailored to your training needs, including the modern fitness trends for you to have a great experience while working out.

Fitness First Clapham


This gym is among the perfectly equipped gyms in Clapham that will have you reach your fitness targets with their modern and sophisticated training equipment.

They have invested heavily there; thus, if you join it and you fail to achieve your target, you will only have yourself to blame.

In addition, this gym has professionally trained and qualified personal trainers that can study your fitness needs and advise you accordingly as they walk through with you on your journey.

With such a personal trainer, I can guarantee you to achieve your fitness target even earlier than you stipulated.

11. Clapham Leisure Centre

Location: Unit 3H, Clapham North Art Center, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, London SW4 6DH, UK

Contact: 020 7627 7900

Clapham Leisure Center offers various facilities such as gyms, a four-court hall for basketball, volleyball, and other games that someone can significantly contribute to their fitness journey.

This place has futuristic gym facilities and a large swimming pool, and therefore, if taking a swim after a bomb workout session is attractive to you, then this is the place to visit. It is always a refreshing experience that I would advise anyone who hasn’t tried to think about it.

If you intend to join this gym, you can check through their website, which has detailed information about membership, activity prices, timetable, memberships, and any other information that would interest you.

So don’t procrastinate; start your fitness journey as soon as possible.

12. Fit to last

Location: Unit 1J, Clapham North Art Center, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, London SW4 6DH, U.K.

Contact: 020 3740 9644

This gym is a personal training and nutritional coaching gym located in Clapham, London. It offers a high-end, all-inclusive fitness solution for those who’ve tried everything in the past with little to no success or results.

If you desire a personal trainer in Clapham, Fit to Last is the best place for you as they will set you up for success.

This gym offers Clapham’s only personal training program where you get value for your fitness investment when you hit your fitness goals! Isn’t that wonderful?

This gym is a result-oriented place that will help you achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or have prior fitness experience.

First, however, you will fill out a physical readiness questionnaire to help the team spot your health status and physical activity limits before starting your programs.

Rather than just attending two to three workouts or classes a week, Fit To Last will offer you a partnership deal to ensure that you focus on your goal and achieve your target.

This goal is achieved by creating a strategy to achieve the set target and track your progress during the journey.

Your specific plan will cover your nutrition and lifestyle habits and exercise in a friendly environment. This feature makes Fit To Last the most incredible gym in Clapham, as per many users’ personal views.

13. L.A. Active Fitness Centre

L.A. Active Fitness Centre

Location: Elms Road Clapham London, SW4 9ET

Contact: 02030560617

LA active fitness center is another gym facility I would recommend. You will find it well situated, fully equipped and air-conditioned with very relaxing structures that help keep fit and the mind relaxing.

They offer seven classes a week, including Spin, Abs, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Body Sculpt, and Legs Bums and Tums.

You will find their opening and closing time clearly outlined on their website; thus, you can check it out for personal scheduling.

They help with personal trainers every time you visit the gym. They are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Having a personal trainer will significantly motivate you to maintain consistency and effectiveness while training which is crucial for achieving the targets.

As several reviews have shown, by choosing L.A. Active fitness center, you will not regret enrolling. Try it today, and you will get several additional benefits, including discounts, among others.

14. HEX


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HEX (@hex_london) 分享的帖子

Location: 371 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT

Contact: Via their website

This gym is the best place to be for anyone who plans to work out like a pro-athlete. The founders worked hard to build a team of great coaches with a similar goal in common, to make their clients happy and feel proud of their bodies.

At Hex, group training sessions are offered in a group of not more than eight people and individual training.

Therefore, you can choose whichever works for you, although I suggest you tag your friends along for this incredible experience.



If you are older,  Hex gym will allow you, both older men and women, to get fit, healthy, and robust. You will achieve this by running a couple of classes every day via zoom and at the HEX Headquarters.

This gym has heavily invested in workouts for the elderly. In addition, they run a 60-day challenge program, particularly for those above 50 years. This program gives each client a specific coach, with 2-3 training sessions a week with a strict rule on a diet.

Their willingness to support the community and its neighboring members of the society is just outstanding.

Taking back to society is as vital as helping everyone, which is what HEX has developed as a character. It is awe-inspiring.

15. The Strength Circuit

The Strength Circuit

Location: Clapham Common, Windmill Drive, London, sw4 9de

Contact: +44(0)7595679224

Personal training programs are available at this gym, among the best ways to achieve fitness goals faster. As a member of the strength circuit, you will be assessed on your movement competency, strength, and cardio fitness.

This gym has helped various people with their unique training needs from the different success stories shared over time. These success stories are also greatly attributed to efficient and professional personal trainers.

You can also join The strength Circuit online classes. This is mainly for busy parents or students, and thus there is no excuse for missing a workout session.

This gym is also the best place for anyone who needs to get adequate knowledge on nutrition and fitness as they offer all that during training.

If you happen to be new or are looking for an almost perfect gym within Clapham, this is the place to be as it is pocket-friendly, classic, and fancy. Enroll in their trials, and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

In conclusion, gyms in Clapham will always meet your specific needs. All you need is to choose the best gym that will fit you as discussed above and also visit their websites for more information in order to know which suits you best.

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