Christmas – A Deeper Meaning?


Why is Christmas so widely celebrated? Do its origins differ from what we are generally told? Join award-winning author and un-solved mystery expert Andy Thomas for an intriguing look at the worlds most loved time of year. Christmas has a longer and deeper history beyond the reach of modern cynicism. Regardless of religion, Christmas is festival that has somehow retained its scale and key place in our busy schedules, continuing to joyfully disrupt normal life once a year. There must be reasons for this.

Andy uncovers the intriguing deeper background to the festive season. From the ancient celebration of light in the winter darkness, to astrological themes, mystic connections and the marking of the birth of messiahs, mid-December has long been a time for rejoicing. The traditional Christmas stories echo many ancient myths and still contain powerful truths. Yet Christmas was banned in Puritan times, and splintered into many guises before the Victorians rehabilitated the festival.

Andy shows how, for all the modern commercialisation, we can still find meaning in Christmas today and keep the flame of light in the winter darkness alive.

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