The 5 Best Theory Test Apps | Pros and Cons, Cost, Features, and How to Use

When it comes to learning how to drive, some people put most of their focus on the practical side and completely ignore the theory test.

According to experts, you should give at least 20 hours to your driving theory before booking the actual test.

Once you pass the theory exam, only then can you take the practical test, so be sure to be prepared before booking the test.

According to the data published by the GOV.UK, the average theory test pass rate was 55.7% from April 2021 to March 2022.

Failing a driving theory exam doesn’t only waste your time but money as well since you have to pay another £23 fee to retake the test.

So, practising a lot before taking the theory exam is recommended.

Learning theory doesn’t have to be boring. A wide range of theory test apps can help you learn the signs and other important instructions in a fun way.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best driving theory test apps to help you learn the ways of the road and pass your test quickly.

In no particular order, the 5 Best Theory Test Apps are:

  1. Official DVSA Theory Test Kit
  2. Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit
  3. Driving Theory Test Genie
  4. Pocket Instructor – UK Driving Skills and Test Guide
  5. Driving Theory Test 2022 UK 4+

1. Official DVSA Theory Test Kit

Developer Main Website: DVSA via TSO

Cost: £4.99

Download Link: iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore

The most amazing part about this app is that the DVSA has officially created it, so you know the information given on this app is highly reliable.

It’s quite popular among new learners and is easily accessible via iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore.

It is not free since you have to pay £4.99 to get access to all the necessary information and DVSA theory test questions.

You will get an original copy of the Highway Code and several hazard perception tests.

Similar to the real driving theory test, there are timed mock tests as well, so you can prepare yourself for the real exam.

Whether you are driving, commuting, or have difficulty reading, the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit has English voiceovers that allow you to listen to all the revision questions on the go.

Moreover, it has extra tips in the app that can help you in your theory exam. It also allows you to set reminders before the test for revising questions.

It’s safe to say that this app is effective for learning since it has a rating of 4.2 on Android and 4.5 on iOS.

Key App Features

  • Study 14 topics
  • Practise case studies
  • Mock tests on official DVSA car theory test revision questions
  • 20 official interactive DVSA hazard perception videos
  • The Official Highway Code
  • Voiceover option

How to Use

  1. Download the app: iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore.
  2. After downloading, select which app to launch: Theory Test or Hazard Perception.
  3. In the Theory Test App, you can choose Study, Practise, and Mock Test and click Start Now.
  4. Study any of the 14 topics provided, practice answering questions on each topic, or conduct a mock test with question and answer.
  5. When answering questions, select the appropriate answer from the options given below the questions. You can select Explain, or click Next or Previous questions.
  6. Lastly, you can track your progress. The app shows the results like this – Study 100% Complete, Practise 100% Correct, and Mock Test 50/50 Average. You can also check the number of topics you’ve studied, practised, and answered in the mock test.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit is created officially by the DVSA, so you can be assured that the entire content is accurate and reliable.

From hazard perception clips to mock tests, it has everything you need to prepare for the theory exam.

Cons: There is no free version. You have to pay £4.99 to start using it.

2. Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit

Developer Main Website: Driving Test Success

Cost: £4.99, In-App Purchases

Download Link: iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore

According to the app website, you will be able to pass the theory test the first time, or the creators will refund your £23 theory test fee according to Pass Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

They claim to have helped 15 million learners prepare for the theory exam with a 97% pass rate.

It is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon platforms and is among the best-selling theory test apps across London.

Unlike the DVSA app, this app has a free trial version containing everything you need to pass your theory test. From Highway Codes to Practise Theory Tests, everything is separated into categories.

If you get the full version for £4.99, you can get access to a plethora of questions, mock tests, games, and quizzes.

You can prepare yourself on 85 hazard perception clips, road signs, and questions from past theory tests.

It has been downloaded over a million times and has a rating of 4.7 on Android and 4.8 on iOS.

This app has a very easy-to-use interface and is filled with tons of free useful material.

Key App Features

  • Theory Test Revision
  • Hazard Perception Practice with all 34 DVSA CGI clips
  • The Highway Code 2023 Edition
  • Learn Road Signs with more than 1,500 photos and descriptions
  • 160 virtual Practical Driving Lesson videos (3 days full access trial)
  • Stopping Distance Simulator
  • Free Pass Guarantee & Learner Plan
  • Voiceover

How to use

  1. Download the app: iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore.
  2. From the main menu, you can choose Theory test, Hazard Perception, Highway Code, and Road Signs.
  3. If you choose Theory Test, you can select the following tabs: Activate Pass Guarantee, Practise All Questions, Mock test, Search Questions, My Questions, Progress Monitor, Stopping Distances, and Help & Support.
  4. Should you opt to practise questions, you can select a category such as Rules of the Road or Motorcycling Handling.
  5. When answering questions, select the most appropriate answer from the four options provided below the question.
  6. As part of answering questions, you have the option to flag, get information, or save the question.
  7. After finishing a practice session, check your test results where you can see your overall score. The score shows the number of questions you answered correctly, the total time taken, and the best and worst category.

Pros and Cons

Pros: This app has a free version where you can find all the basic material needed to prepare for the theory test.

However, with the full version, you can find everything on the app – from hazard perceptions to mockup tests.

Cons: The app might look a bit outdated, and there are pop-up ads in the free version. Moreover, there are several in-app purchases for Practical Driving Theory Test, which costs £3.99, £8.99, £14.99, and £24.99.

3. Driving Theory Test Genie

Developer Main Website: Top Tests

Cost: Free mock theory test or pay a package of DVSA Revision Bank and a Pass Guarantee

Download Link: iOS and Android

Driving Theory Test Genie

This app is free to download and has a very simple interface. However, they offer several plans for purchase. The courses you can pay for are the following:

  • The Crash Course (3-in-1: solid foundation) – £28 for 7 days
  • The Early Bird (4-in-1: a LOT of practice) – £39 for 30 days
  • The Bulletproof (4-in-1: covers everything) – £69 for 90 days
  • The Lifetime (4-in-1: purchase it once, use it forever) – £99 for a lifetime use

From easy to complicated, it has a wide range of tests to polish your theory skills by taking different levels of practice tests.

Based on the Highway Code and previous official exams, you can find over 700 exam-like questions on the app.

It’s very easy to use, and the graphics are much better compared to other best test apps in London.

If you want to get a feel of how the real-life theory exam would look like, try out the realistic Exam Simulator in the app.

It will not only pull random questions from its database but also set a timer to make it feel like the real theory exam experience.

If you get some questions wrong, you will enter the Challenge Bank, which can help improve your weaker areas.

You don’t need an internet connection to use the app, allowing you to practise your theory test anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, the app offers a Pass Guarantee, which means your Premium membership will be free if you fail the official exam despite using the app.

Key App Features

  • Easy Level with 300 questions: Mock Tests 1 to 6
  • Hard Level with 300 questions: Mock tests 7 to 12
  • Hardest Level with 207 questions: Road Signs test, Show Me Tell Me Mock Test, Rules & Regulations Test, Fines and Limits Test, Hardest DVSA Mock Theory Marathon
  • The Complete DVSA Revision Bank
  • Theory Test Simulator
  • Highway Code
  • Cheat sheets
  • Challenge Bank
  • Passing Probability
  • Hazard Perception Simulators

How to use

  1. Download the app: iOS and Android.
  2. Read the Highway Code.
  3. Take the mock theory tests.
  4. Take the Theory Test Simulator.
  5. Check your results with the Passing Probability app feature, showing the percentage and the number of completed questions.
  6. After taking the test, you can see the percentage of your test results and see if it is enough to pass.
  7. You can click Review, Restart, or Continue to the next test.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It’s excellent for beginners since the free version has enough questions to answer.

The Challenge Bank can help new learners nail tougher questions. But the most important thing is it’s mostly free and can work offline.

Cons: To get the full version, you will have to pay for a plan. Moreover, the plans are available for a specific duration only. You will have to pay for a Lifetime plan if you want lifetime access.

4. Pocket Instructor – UK Driving Skills and Test Guide

Developer Main Website: Pocket instructor

Cost: Free

Download Link: iOS and Android

The Pocket Instructor app was written by an approved driving instructor and has had more than 10,000 downloads in Google Play.

It is a free downloadable app which contains quizzes and information about the Pass Plus course.

The topics you will learn are about Lane Discipline, Manoeuvres, Independent Driving, Safe Standard, and Clutch control, to name a few.

The app is beneficial not only to students but to driving instructors as well since it has instructor features like creating your own illustrations and several teaching aids.

For better guidance, instructors and students can purchase logbooks for support while using the app. Get more information by contacting them and sending an inquiry.

Key App Features

  • Various categories including Pass Plus, Road Templates, Highway Code, and many more
  • First and last lessons
  • Common and less usual scenario illustrations
  • Rules of the road
  • Quizzes with questions and answers to test your knowledge

How to use

  1. Download the app:iOS and Android.
  2. Choose a category from the main menu.
  3. Start learning by reading and answering questions.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It is completely free. You can find all the basic information and topics asked in the Theory Test.

Moreover, the app interface is simple and easy to use. Plus, there is a physical logbook that you can purchase if you prefer learning with a hard copy.

Cons: It is a basic app with very limited features. It is mainly focused on reading text, assessing images, and answering questions.

Unlike other apps mentioned above, it does not have advanced features like test results, simulators, or voiceovers.

5. Driving Theory Test 2022 UK

Developer Main Website: Theory Test Revolution

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Download Link: iOS and Android

Driving Theory Test 2022 UK

Driving Theory Test 2022 UK offers a free version where you can practise DVSA revisions questions and have a mock test.

The mock test provides the same time limit and number of questions to help you feel like it is the real test.

For the practice test, you can choose various topics to learn, including alertness, attitude, safety, safety margins, hazard awareness, and vulnerable road users, among other things.

If you think the free version is not enough, there are several in-app purchases available.

The following in-app purchases are:

  • Theory Test 2022 – £3.99
  • Theory Test Hazard Perception – £0.99
  • Car Theory + Hazard Perception – £3.49
  • Car Theory Test 2022 – £2.49
  • Car Theory Test 2022 – £2.99
  • Bike Theory+ Hazard Perception – £3.99
  • LGV Theory + Hazard Perception – £7.99
  • Hazard Perception Test 2022 – £1.79
  • Hazard Perception Test Trial – £0.00
  • ADI Theory + Hazard Perception – £7.99

The most unique feature of the app is the Personal Trainer, where the app’s algorithm guides you on your progress.

It shows the questions you need to improve more on and questions that you have answered correctly once or twice.

Another well-loved feature to help you with difficult questions is the Flag and Review, which allows you to flag questions that may be difficult to remember.

Key App Features

  • Practice Test
  • Mock Test
  • Personal Trainer
  • Flag and Review feature
  • Licensed DVSA revision materials
  • Hazard Perception Preparation Module
  • Case Studies
  • Personal Trainer

How to use

  1. Download the app: iOSand Android.
  2. Select Practice and choose a topic.
  3. Once you complete all the questions in Practice, continue with the Mock test and click Start.
  4. In the question and answer portion, you can click on Flag or “?” or choose Previous and Next questions.
  5. Once you are done with Practice and Mock Test, you can go to Personal Trainer to check your progress.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It has all the basic information you need with just the free version. The questions include pictures or videos for better learning. Moreover, you can track your progress with Personal Trainer.

Cons: The full version needs to be purchased with in-app purchases, which can be costly if you decide to buy them all.

Which Theory Test App Is the Most Useful?

All apps are considered to be useful and effective for all learners. However, out of all the best theory test apps in London, the most complete apps packed with essential features are the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit, Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit, and Driving Theory Test Genie.

Moreover, these apps offer a Pass Guarantee or refund in case you fail the actual test, which means the app was not helpful.

Have you used any of the apps mentioned above? If so, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

If there is another effective app that you know needs to be mentioned in the list, let us know as well!

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