20 Best Rental Websites UK – Updated 2022 (Resourceful and Reliable)

I mean, if given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to live in the UK?

The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations and tourist attractions. No wonder it is home to a lot of people and thriving industries.

Some thriving industries include banking, fashion, entertainment, education, tourism, modeling, and the sports industry. As a result, many people relocate to London with the hopes of making it in their various career fields.

But getting a rental space can be pretty tricky because of the cost and population of people. So you need as much help as possible to get a suitable place, especially if you are in the city for the first time.

Thankfully, this job has been made easier by the presence of rental websites. Therefore, you do not have to go roaming to find a suitable place.

These websites will help you locate the location you prefer, the price range, and the size and style of the houses you like. With all these options, it will be easier for you to decide the best rental for you. Or you can also check out these amazing UK property websites that have the best deals and houses.

So if you are ready, let us look at some of the best rental websites in the UK that will make things easy and smooth for you.

Best Rental Websites In The UK

  • 1. Rentright.co.UK
  • 2. Zoopla
  • 3. Rightmove
  • 4. Open Rent
  • 5. SpareRoom
  • 6. Gumtree
  • 7. RoomGo
  • 8. Ideal Flatmate
  • 9. OnTheMarket
  • 10. Nestoria
  • 11. Your Move
  • 12. Rent UK Property
  • 13. Keenans Estate Agents
  • 14. Honeywell Estate Agents
  • 15. Places For People
  • 16. Hoseasons
  • 17. Prime Location
  • 18. Nethouseprices
  • 19. Neil Wright Estate Agents
  • 20. Rooms For Let

1. Rentright.co.UK

Company Contact: 09720231

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This website is the biggest in the UK with letting-only properties, and they feature rentals from estate agents, letting agents, and property management companies.

You can use the Rentright portal to view any rental you want anywhere in the UK. They have a vast list of rentals that you could be looking for.

All you need to do is log onto their website and register for you to be able to access their information. Also, you can subscribe to getting frequent notifications when there is a free rental property.

2. Zoopla

Company Contact: 06074771

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If you want to find the best rental property, you need a website like Zoopla with an extensive property search engine. They not only offer rental services, but you can also get properties to buy and sell as well.

Two things that make them outstanding are their two features: travel time search and MmartMaps. With time search, you can look for houses based on far you want to travel, and with SmartMaps, you can draw the boundaries where you want the place to be located.

Sorting out where you want to live with these clever tools makes the whole searching experience exciting and fun.

Another exciting fact about Zoopla is that they give you the price estimates for a property so that you won’t be paying more than you should. The best part is that they have a house price section that allows you to monitor the price fluctuations of houses in a given area.

If you are impressed, like, I suspect you are, download their app, and experience this simple way of house hunting.

3. Rightmove

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Rightmove is the biggest online real estate company in the UK, and it has achieved a great height of being listed on the London Stock Exchange.

They aim to make searching for houses and to move easier and better for clients, and to achieve this, they have created a simpler and more efficient marketplace.

It is hard to find a company open to innovation and supportive of clients’ needs, but this is what Rightmove presents to its customers. Working with them will make you happy and satisfied.

They have a vast catalog that can help address your questions regarding financing, mortgages, selling or buying a property, e.t.c. Also, you can search for what is happening in the market trends on their website.

They have made things easy by having an app that you can download on any device. Apart from property maps and search tools, you can use other services like a mortgage calculator, school information, and landlord and renter advice to reduce the anxiety of house hunting.

4. Open Rent

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Open Rent aims to make renting safer, fairer, and cheaper for everyone, and that is why they won’t charge you unnecessarily admin fees or any hidden charges.

Imagine a rental website that has no admin fees, dead listing, and your rent and deposit are protected. Unfortunately, these are some issues that drive people away from most rental websites.

With Open Rent, you feel safe and more in control of the search process because they make it easy for you to find the perfect house and landlord. In addition, they have filters for your search that most rental websites ignore, for example, filters for students, pets, DSS, and other groups.

5. SpareRoom

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Statistics show that workers spend about 30% of their monthly income on rent, and this is an enormous burden for most people. Rather than spending most of your income renting a house, especially if you stay by yourself, you can get a housemate to share your expenses.

This is what Spare specializes in, they not only find you a reasonable accommodation, but they also find a suitable room or housemate to share the expenses.

They have moderators working all week to ensure that your safety is guaranteed, and they can organize a face-to-face meeting with the person you wish to share a flat. If you are interested, visit their website and get more details.

6. Gumtree

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If you are moving to a new city, you need a website like Gumtree that can help you settle in perfectly. They have almost everything you will need to settle in a new place, starting from houses, jobs, new and used cars, and cheap and quality furniture to fit in your new home.

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites in the UK; it has helped people find what they need at a lower price and provides privacy and safety for users.

Another reason why you can trust this website is that they have teamed up with the government to fight cybercrime and improve cyber security.

7. RoomGo

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If you are hoping to find brand new accommodation, cut costs, or looking to share a space with someone, this is the right rental website to visit. First, you have to type in the area you would love to live in, then scroll through all available options.

You can easily arrange a viewing appointment with the landlord of the property. Another fantastic feature is that you view those looking for houses in the same area as you, and you can take this opportunity to find the right person to share a flat with.

8. Ideal Flatmate

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With the cost of decent houses in the UK, especially in places like London, the best thing for you as a student or a low-income earner would be to share a room with someone else. The ideal flatmate website helps you achieve this by looking for the perfect fit.

Choosing a flat-share is not just about sharing a living space; it is about sharing your life with someone else. So you need a company like this that can help you find the right people and make the experience safer.

Ideal Flatmate helps you find the perfect housemate using an innovative compatibility quiz. So, if you are curious about this assessment, you can log onto their website to get more information.

9. OnTheMarket

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Using the OnTheMarket website gives you a competitive edge over others in the sense that they post available rental houses 24 hours or more before other websites do so. In addition, they post thousands of new properties monthly, giving you vast options to pick from.

They have made house searching so easy with their app, where you can view homes on the market with full-service estates and letting agents.

You can decide to go for a physical viewing of the house you have discovered, and all you have to do is schedule a comfortable time for both you and the agents.

Also, you can set an alert for the type of house you want, the location, and the price range, and you will get a notification immediately the opportunity presents itself.

10. Nestoria

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Nestoria has mastered the art of making it easier and faster for you to search for rental properties through their vertical search engine. The algorithm for this search considers your location and the quality of the listed property.

This helps them give you a comprehensive report of the property listing available for renting. It is a convenient place for you to get all the results you want.

It is the perfect website to use when looking for a property in a specific location. It compares the listing on different online websites to give you a lovely variety of the best available properties.

11. Your Move

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This website is a UK estate agency and has properties all over the UK. Your Move is passionate about getting the right results for users.

They have a clear communication policy, and they listen to their clients to understand them and deliver what they desire. In addition, they are regulated by the Estate Agent act of 1979, so you can be sure that you can trust them when it comes to safety and privacy.

12. Rent UK Property

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Rent UK Property offers you an effortless way of looking for houses online in three simple steps. It is a reliable website with knowledgeable staff who are passionate about their work.

They are pretty knowledgeable in this property field, and they will give you the necessary help to make the right decisions.

Another impressive thing about this website is the ability to address issues quickly and timely, unlike the delay you might experience from other websites.

13. Keenans Estate Agents

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Keenans Estate Agents is a family-owned business that is effective and reliable. They have properties in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, and they offer property search, renting, and sales.

The team is fantastic and very friendly, and they are passionate about helping you find what you are looking for.

14. Honeywell Estate Agents

Company Contact: 01200 426041

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Honeywell Estate Agents is a website best known for its ethics and professionalism. They have an optimal search engine that is effective and makes it easy to look for what you want.

Their staff is friendly and professional, and they attend to you with the hope of leaving an invaluable mark. Their depth of experience in the property business is what you need when looking for a place to rent.

They pay attention to your needs and give you a personalized experience that every client wants. You can check their website or give them a call, and you will be impressed with the services you get.

15. Places For People

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Places for People offer accommodation for all sorts of people in any part of the country. And this company has thrived due to its tendency to solve problems and find new ways to improve the property industry.

They are committed to their goal of helping you find the suitable accommodation and space you need. they have a team of knowledgeable staff, and they are very professional in their dealings.

16. Hoseasons

Company Contact: 0345 498 6589

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This is different from every other website on the list; hoseasons are rentals for those on vacation or holidays.

There might be times you want to go on a long vacation with friends and family, and you need a place of your own to spend the vacation days. Hoseasons has some of the best holiday rental houses that will blow your mind.

Hoseasons has about 660 locations across the Uk and Europe, so you can be sure that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

17. Prime Location

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Prime Location is one of the leading property websites in the UK, and they are focused on helping those in the middle and top tier class find their next comfortable home.

This website features houses listed by the UK’s top letting agents and estate agents. This website is an effective medium to rent or buy a property of your choice.

This website attracts about 5 million people in a month, and it is a leading online destination for those seeking to buy or rent houses.

18. Nethouseprices

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Nethouseprices is one of the first websites in the UK that began providing sold property prices in Wales and England. And since then, it has become one of the most visited destinations for property consumers and professionals.

Nethouseprices have helped make the property industry more transparent and effective and empowered consumers to make better decisions.

19. Neil Wright Estate Agents

Company Contact: 01729 825219

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Neil Wright Estate Agents is an independent property management and estate agent. They aim to offer clients realistic valuation of properties and effective customized personal services.

They are attentive to your needs, and they listen to you to make sure they help you with what you want. The staff here are professional and friendly, and they are passionate about their job.

20. Rooms For Let

Company Contact: 0844 381 9030

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Rooms For Let is a website that helps you access rooms and houses all over the UK. It has an extensive list of properties that are up for rent.

This website has more than a thousand advertisements for rooms to rent, houses, spare rooms, and house shares, and they make it quick and easy to rent a place. Check out their website for more information.


Today, with the internet, life has been made more accessible, and some tasks can be completed easily without stress. If you are heading to the UK for the first time or hoping to change your present location, these are some websites to rely on.

The good thing about these websites is their notification feature available for those who create an account or download a specific app. These notifications help you know immediately when a property is vacant and up for rent.

House hunting has been made more accessible, and it is good to take advantage of this opportunity.

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