34 Bars And Pubs To Have A Good Time In Islington and Angel

Well, I think everyone is relieved about the end of the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, finally, we can return to our regular social lives, especially if you stay around the Islington area.

Islington and Angel are among the most social, eclectic, trendiest, and exciting neighborhoods you can stay in while you are in London.

It is a lively environment with a mixture of people of different ethnic backgrounds and a strong sense of community. It has some of the trendiest and most beautiful pubs and bars in the London area.

So if you are hoping to revive your social life post-pandemic, this is one of the best neighborhoods to begin from. The place is safe and serene, and accessing it through public transportation is easy.

So if you are in the mood for some exploration, join me as we review some of the best bars and pubs in the Islington and Angel area of London.

  • 1. Radicals And Victuallers
  • 2. King’s Head Theatre Pub
  • 3. The Charles Lamb
  • 4. The Bull
  • 5. The Narrowboat Pub
  • 6. Brewhouse & Kitchen
  • 7. The Albion
  • 8. Pig & Butcher
  • 9. The Humble Grape
  • 10. The Seveney
  • 11. Axis Bar and Kitchen
  • 12. Scolt Head
  • 13. The Lord Clyde
  • 14. The Camden Head
  • 15. The Lounge At John Salt
  • 16. The Three Johns
  • 17. The Castle
  • 18. The Ladybird Bar
  • 19. The Canonbury Tavern
  • 20. The Lexington
  • 21. The Duchess of Kent
  • 22. Wenlock Arms
  • 23. Old Red Lion Theatre Pub
  • 24. Nicholson’s Pub
  • 25. Earl Of Essex
  • 26. 69 Colebrooke Row
  • 27. Dirty Martini
  • 28. House Of Hammerton
  • 29. Yield N16
  • 30. Compton Arms
  • 31. Drapers Arms
  • 32. Island Queen
  • 33. Hemingford Arms
  • 34. Hoxley & Porter

1. Radicals And Victuallers

Location: 59 Upper Street, Islington, London, Greater London, N1 0NY

Contact: +44 7897 022184

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This is one of the best places to hang out with family and friends while having a good time. They have interesting items on their menu that will excite you, and you will get the opportunity to break away from the usual cycle of ordering for the same menu in other places.

The bar is beautiful and spacious, and it serves as a nightclub at night. This spot is for the adventurous; they have crafty beers, naughty diner grub, alternative music, and good times.

Radicals and Victuallers is a lovely place to escape from the chaos of the city and unwind with friends, best for those who are free-spirited.

2. King’s Head Theatre Pub

Location: 115 Upper Street, The Angel, London, N1 1QN

Contact: 02072264443

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If you enjoy delicious drinks together with jazz and theatre, you need to visit this lovely spot. This pub has a unique setting and prides itself as the first theatre pub in the area.

They serve a great selection of delicious wines, crafty beers, and barrel-aged Negroni. In addition, they have a lovely menu of food and snacks that accompany your drink.

The staff here are friendly and professional and will attend to you in a lovely way. Also, they have a stunning feature where you can order food at your table using an app. You can also make your payments and split the bill using the same app.

This Spot is very comfortable for unwinding and leaving your problems behind. Imagine holding a glass of wine in one hand while enjoying some jazz music; it is an exciting experience.

3. The Charles Lamb

Location: 16 Elia Street Angel London N1 8DE

Contact: 020 7837 5040

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If you are looking for a lovely corner pub to spend the afternoon, especially for Sunday roasts, The Charles Lamb Pub is a beautiful place to be. They have a delicious menu of warm food that will keep you satisfied.

Also, they have an admirable wine list and an ever-changing range of ales to keep you entertained. If you love sports, this spot is perfect for you.

They have a large screen showing rugby games and even a quiz night. IT is a comfortable place to curl up in a corner and have a good time.

4. The Bull

Location: 100 Upper Street, London, Greater London, N1 0NP

Contact: 020 7354 9174

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There is never a dull moment with The Bull pub, it is vibrant and full of life, and you will get the warmest welcome. This is the perfect spot for a memorable dining and drinking experience.

The Bull Pub offers you the best British hospitality mixed with a quirky charm, character, and individuality. It is the best place to have a laid-back lunch with friends or a post-work hanging spot as you unwind from the day’s stress.

Their menu is another exciting factor; it is filled with delicious and flavorsome food. You can accompany your meal with an explorative drinks menu that is never boring or monotonous. The atmosphere here is truly welcoming and relaxing.

5. The Narrowboat Pub

Location: 119 St Peter’s Street, London, N1 8PZ

Contact: 0207 400 6003

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This beautiful gem is located on the Regent’s Canal, and it is a lovely place to hang out and enjoy the view of the water. They also have a lovely balcony where you can enjoy the fresh breeze and the refreshing views from the canal.

It is a lovely and refreshing place to unwind after a hectic day with friends and family. You can stay back and enjoy the stunning view from the canal and the sunshine on the balcony, or order takeaway.

They have a delicious British seasonal menu, and you can accompany your warm meal with a variety of craft beers, cask ale, and thirst-quenching wines. If you have some fish cravings, this is the perfect place to get some of the canal-inspired fish dishes.

6. Brewhouse & Kitchen

Location: Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ

Contact: 0207 837 9421

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Brewhouse & Kitchen is perfect, especially when you have functions. Their tasty function menu is something you can’t get enough of.

The fantastic thing about this place is that you can get a personalized menu if you have a function that has more than fifty people. Nevertheless, they have an exciting and delicious menu with dishes like beer-infused dishes and beer can chicken.

This spot is the largest brewpub group in the UK, and they serve over seventy beers, plus craft beers and ciders.

This place doubles as a fun spot to hang out with friends and a perfect working space. There are designated places with sockets, wifi, and printing services where you can work comfortably.

7. The Albion

Location: 10 Thornhill Road Islington London N1 1HW

Contact: 0207 607 7450

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The green and lovely atmosphere surrounding this place make it perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests as they forget the stress of everyday life.

The building is historical, and the Georgian restoration showcases wood-paneled walls, rickety floors, and varied chairs and tables.

The back garden is calm and relaxing, and this pub is regarded as one of the best beer gardens in London. Their food is amazing, prepared by some of the best chefs, and their services are exceptional.

8. Pig & Butcher

Location: 80 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London, N1 0QD

Contact: 020 7226 8304

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This pub has a history dating back to the mid-1800s when Islington was considered a village, surrounded by fields used for farming. Today it is one of the best pubs in the Islington area.

Pig & Butcher specializes in rare breed Iron Age Pigs, White Park cattle, and Hebridean lamb. And they get their fish daily from four local ports. So expect to get nothing but quality and fresh dishes at this pub.

The menu is always exciting because they use fresh seasonal produce in their daily changing menu. It is the best place to hang out and enjoy quality food with friends and family.

9. The Humble Grape

Location: 11 – 13 ST THEBARTON, LONDON, N1 0QY

Contact: 020 3904 4480

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If you are looking for a unique wine bar with a lot of variety and comfortable, you can count on Humble Grape Bar. Also, this is one of the best places to learn everything about wine; they have a team filled with wine enthusiasts.

Also, they import over 400 wines from different wineries worldwide, and you will find these lovely bottles of wine on their shelves.

They have a light, airy, and spacious dining area that is beautiful and relaxing. The staff here are professional and cordial and are always willing to help you out with anything.

10. The Seveney

Location: 382 Essex Rd, London N1 3PF

Contact: +44 20 7226 2277

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The Seveney is a botanical bar with a natural green atmosphere making it beautiful and relaxing. If you love plants, you will enjoy the green plants placed inside the bar and some of them in the garden.

This pub offers you a laidback environment to chill with friends and have a good time. They have a unique daily menu with brunch, Sunday Roast, and highballs.

They have a lovely collection of craft beers and natural wine, which taste amazing. If you are into music, you will love the musical performances displayed on some nights.

11. Axis Bar and Kitchen

Location: 53 Upper Street London, N1 0UY

Contact: +44 20 7354 7700

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Axis Bar & Kitchen is a contemporary bar located within the Hilton Hotel in Islington so you can expect nothing less than class and elegance.

The bar is trendy and beautiful, and they have other amenities like a lounge, meeting rooms, and fitness centers, all thanks to the hotel.

They serve hand-crafted cocktails, various delicious wines, accompanied main dishes, salads, and desserts. If you are looking for something elegant or a spot for work meetings, this is the perfect fit.

12. Scolt Head

Location: 107A CULFORD RD. LONDON, N1 4HT

Contact: 020 7254 3965

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The Scolt Head is named after a small island off the coast of North Norfolk, and it is a family business that offers excellent services.

This lovely pub is popular due to its fresh menu and well-sourced ingredients and produce. You will love the British cuisine served here; some of the items on the menu include perfectly cooked salmon, veggie burgers, and ribeye.

The wine collection is extensive, and everyone will find something that suits their taste; the prices here are average. One outstanding positive thing worth mentioning is the good services. The workers here are energetic and passionate about their work.

13. The Lord Clyde

Location: 340 – 342 Essex Road London N1 3PB

Contact: 0207 288 9850

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This is one of the most lively spots to hang out with friends in the evening or on the weekend for drinks while watching sports activities. The whole environment is laidback and comfortable, starting from the inner lounge to the outer garden.

They have lively activities like ‘play for your supper’ on Wednesday nights and quiz night on Mondays. The staff is super friendly, the menu is not complicated, and a list of inexpensive wines.

14. The Camden Head

Location: 2 Camden Walk, N1 8DY

Contact: 0207 3590851

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The Camden Head is located in the heart of Islington and is perfect for all seasons. It has a lovely and comfortable interior that is warm and cosy during the winter, and the outside garden area is perfect for soaking up the sun.

The food here is excellent and not expensive, and you will get the value for your money. They have a lovely selection of beers, whiskeys, and wine, and the well never runs dry. You will meet a fantastic team that attends to you perfectly and makes you feel at home.

15. The Lounge At John Salt

Location: 131 Upper St, Angel, London, N1 1QP

Contact: 0203 437 0634

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If you are looking for a cosy, fun location to hang out and have brunch or drinks with friends, you should be heading to this lounge. Lounge at John Salt serves tasty drinks and mouthwatering dishes.

There is a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere during the day, and the place turns into an exciting and buzzing arena for plenty of fun and delicious cocktails. They have a mouthwatering menu that you can’t resist, and it is the perfect spot for a brunch date.

They also have a secret beer garden where you can enjoy the sun and fresh air. If you are tired of working from home, you can move your office to this fantastic bar. They offer free Wi-Fi, drool-worthy dishes, juice, and unlimited tea and coffee.

16. The Three Johns

Location: 73 White Lion St. London, N1 9PF

Contact: 0203 714 7830

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If you are looking for a place with a wide variety of drinks, then The Three Johns will be best. This spot is loaded with nearly 70 types of bottled ales, lagers, wheat, Belgian, stouts, wheat, and bombers.

There are about 14 beers on tap, a broad range of craft beers, and lovely seasonal selections and casks. There is something special for different palates and tastes.

Also, if you love pizzas, this spot offers different types of pizzas on the menu. There is classic Margherita, marinara, pepperoni, calabrese, vegano, Bianco Formaggi, and Prosciutto di Parma.

17. The Castle

Location: 54 Pentonville Road, Angel, London, N1 9HF

Contact: 020 7713 1858

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The Castle is a lovely bar with different spaces and rooms for other things as you rest and relax. There is a beautiful rooftop bar where you can enjoy the scenery, there is a private space for things like parties, and the inner part is filled with big screens for sporting events.

The British cuisine served here is made with fresh ingredients and produce, and you wouldn’t want to miss their bottomless weekend brunch and roast on Sundays. Whether you are vegan or not, there are fresh and hearty meals to satisfy everyone.

They serve some of the best cocktails in the area, and they also have a lovely collection of beer and carefully selected wines.

18. The Ladybird Bar

Location: 70 Upper Street Islington London N1 0NY

Contact: 07812 390482

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If there is a bar that yells out class and elegance in the Islington and angel areas, The Ladybird Bar will undoubtedly be on the list. This bar has a lovely dark atmosphere with different private spaces and comfortable sitting areas.

They serve classic, strong, delicious cocktails, original and classic drinks, and impressive sharers. The music here ranges from disco, electro, funk, and classic house.

The crowd here is always eclectic and lively, especially on the weekends. The fantastic thing is that they open till 2 am, even on weekdays, so you do not have to cut short the fun you have with friends.

19. The Canonbury Tavern

Location: 21 Canonbury Place, London, N1 2NS

Contact: 020 7704 2887

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The Canonbury Tavern is a classic and beautiful place to be, especially if you want a garden area that is refreshing and relaxing. They have a beer garden that is a lovely haven away from the city’s bustling streets.

The delicious menu is made with fresh seasonal produce, and you will find classic mouthwatering pub dishes. This spot is the best place for a Sunday roast; you will get addicted to the quality and quantity of food offered here.

Also, they have a lovely selection of real ales, wines from wineries worldwide, and local beers. This is one of the best places to get fresh, delicious cocktails, and they have an excellent list to pick from.

They also have private rooms that you can book for your private parties and wedding ceremonies; they can host many people.

20. The Lexington

Location: 96-98 Pentonville Road, London,

Contact: 020 78375371

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This classic bar is all about bourbon, beer, bands, burritos, and late-night activities every night. The Lexington is a classic London boozer lounge bar with a feel of rock and roll vibes.

The main bar is located downstairs and is quieter, but if you want more fun and music, you can climb to the music venue on the first floor. They serve some of the best bourbons in London, and you can also enjoy their award-winning food.

There is a live music band in the music venue, and if you love dancing you can spend the night dancing and clubbing till the early hours of the new day. It is a fun and lively place to spend the night with friends.

21. The Duchess of Kent

Location: 441 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London, N7 8PR

Contact: 020 7609 7104

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Duchess of Kent bar is located in the heart of Islington, and it is the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a hectic day. You will love the street-side heated tables and the inner part, which is spacious and comfortable.

The cocktail team here is ready to give you an unforgettable experience, and the bar is stocked with real ales, an extensive wine selection, and local craft beers.

You wouldn’t want to miss the Sunday combination of Bloody Marys and delicious Sunday roast; the meal is delicious and will have you asking for more. Like the Sunday roast, all other dishes on the menu are delicious and well prepared to satisfy clients.

This bar is also the perfect spot to watch sports activities; it is a much more lively place for game days than being alone at home.

22. Wenlock Arms

Location: 26 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7TA

Contact: beer@wenlockarms.com

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The Wenlock Arms is a traditional ale house of the 19th century, and they serve some of the best keg beers, cask ales, and real ciders. They also have a 14 BIN wine listing, including Newton Johnson Pinot Noir, Chateaux Dauzac Margaux, and Bastianche Sauvignon Blane.

They have a simple food menu that includes Pieminister pies, Vegan sausage rolls, toasties, and baked camembert. They also have traditional pub games and live music, making the place more exciting and fun.

23. Old Red Lion Theatre Pub

Location: 418 St John Street London EC1V 4NJ

Contact: 020 7837 7816

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Old Red Lion Theatre Pub is one of the most beloved pubs in London, and it has everything you need: theatre, sports, food, drinks, beer garden, and Rolo.

This pub is located in the heart of Angel, and they have a fantastic mix of great beers and a delicious street food menu, including vegan options and burritos with veggies.

They cover all the major sporting events, and you will find screens in the inner and outer parts of the restaurant where you can comfortably follow any sporting event.

24. Nicholson’s Pub

Location: The York, 82 Islington High Street, London, Greater London, N1 8EQ

Contact: 020 7713 1835

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Nicholson’s Pub is a traditional pub with a unique character, and it is loved because of its lovely collection of real ales and quality pub food. The quantity of the dishes is generous, and you will receive the best British hospitality.

They have various options on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, and there is an array of classic main dishes, sharers, and succulent burgers.

You can also expect nothing but quality drinks; they have a selection of premium gins, real ales, local craft beers, whiskies, and bourbon. It is a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind from the day’s stress.

25. Earl Of Essex


Contact: 020 7424 5828

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If you are looking for a bar with an ever-changing list of the best international and local beers, The Earl of Essex is one of those bars. They have a good collection of beers, wines, and spirits matched with a delicious food menu.

Their beer garden is green and peaceful, and it is a lovely place to retreat from the bustling and hustling of city life. It is an excellent place to visit as a large group; everyone has room.

26. 69 Colebrooke Row

Location: 69 Colebrooke Row London N1 8AA

Contact: 07540 528 593

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69 Colebrooke Row is one of the best places to get a variety of amazing cocktails. It is a cocktail bar that offers you a warm and comfortable place to have a good time with friends and family.

They have masterclasses on how to make cocktails and the history behind them. This could be a way for you and your friends or workmates to bond and do something fun.

Also, there is live music, and you get to enjoy the live jazz and rock and roll performances. They have a seasonal food menu that uses only fresh ingredients and produces, giving you a mouthwatering experience.

27. Dirty Martini

Location: 74 Upper Street, London, N1 0NY

Contact: 0207 632 2080

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If you are looking for a pub with a touch of elegance, the Dirty Martini bar is perfect. This excellent place has glamorous interiors, comfortable seating, bespoke cocktails, and late-night events.

It is the best place to get good martinis at affordable prices, and their cocktails are perfect for after-work hanging out or special parties.

It is a lively bar; the DJs will keep you on your feet for the most period with lovely music. So if you want a place to enjoy good drinks and dancing, you should book a date with this bar.

28. House Of Hammerton

Location: 99 Holloway Road, Islington, London, N7 8LT

Contact: 020 7607 2634

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House Of Hammerton is one of the most popular hang-out spots for beer lovers in Islington. As you walk into the pub, you will find twenty keg lines and a variety of craft beers in bottles, cans, and cask format.

House Of Hammerton is also known for its famous variety of fresh burgers made with the finest ingredients and produce. These burgers have different rich flavors inspired by different cuisines around the world.

The environment is clean and comfortable, and you can sit inside or sit outside, where you will enjoy some fresh air.

29. Yield N16

Location: Alliance House 44/45 Newington Green London N16 9PX

Contact: 0207 354 5912

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Suppose you are a wine enthusiast; this is another lovely place on the list to visit. Yield N16 serves some of the rarest and best quality wine in the Islington area.

This bar is perfect for a fancy or romantic dinner with your partner. Apart from the wine, it is comfortable and cozy, and the staff here are always willing to explain and clarify anything on their menu.

If you have other friends or family members that love wine, you organize a wine tasting activity at this fantastic spot; it will be a good bonding experience.

30. Compton Arms

Location: 4 Compton Ave, London N1 2XD

Contact: 020 7354 8473

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Compton Arms has been around since the 16th century, and it is a pub and alehouse. It is a calm and relaxing environment, and it offers you a quiet place to retreat from the busy streets of London city.

The beer garden is impressive, and they have a variety of beverage selections. They keep their beers and ales in the best possible conditions, and they have a combination of classic and modern brews.

Apart from beer, you can pick something from their wine and cocktail selection, so there is something for everyone. In addition, they have a daily changing menu of delicious food made with seasonal British produce.

31. Drapers Arms

Location: 44 Barnsbury St, Islington, London, N1 1ER

Contact: 020 7619 0348

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Drapers Arms is a stylish traditional pub, and they have two floors with spacious and comfortable seating arrangements. In addition, they have a secluded garden that is peaceful and perfect for hanging out with friends.

The British Cuisine served here is top-notch, and you will find excellent meals like chicken pie and lamb shoulder.

They have some of the best selections of lagers and craft keg pale ales. You will also find a list of carefully selected authentic regional wines.

32. Island Queen

Location: 87 Noel Road, London, Greater London, N1 8HD

Contact: 020 7354 8741

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The Island Queen pub is a delightful place to be; the place is filled with British hospitality with a touch of quirky charm, character, and individuality. This lovely place is tucked away in the quiet backstreets of Islington.

It is the perfect relaxed and laidback atmosphere to enjoy dining and drinking with friends as you unwind for the day. So whether you want a family dinner or casual lunch with friends, you will find a menu filled with flavorful dishes.

They also have a rich selection of drinks that you can explore as you have a good time. This lovely pub is perfect for all occasions.

33. Hemingford Arms

Location: 158 Hemingford Road Islington London

Contact: 0207 607 3303

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Hemingford Arms is one of the oldest traditional pubs in the Islington area. If you love nature, you will be pleased with the excellent floral display that greets you as you approach the pub.

The inner section is warm and welcoming, and you will quickly feel at home as you have a good time. This pub has two floors, meaning there is enough space for everyone. You can come in a large or smaller group and find comfortable seating arrangements.

There is always a lively live band performance over the weekend, and Monday presents some of the best bluegrass performers in London.

34. Hoxley & Porter

Location: 153 Upper Street Islington, London N1 1RA

Contact: +44 (0)20 7226 1375

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Hoxley & Porter is a classic elegant and glamourous bar with a veritable diamond characteristic. So get ready to be wowed by this place’s beautiful and striking decor.

The atmosphere here is calming and relaxing, and it is a perfect place for a romantic dinner date with your partner. They have a continental menu with a fine selection of intoxicating beverages.

It is a lovely place to kill time and forget all the day’s worries. You will leave this bar satisfied and well taken care of.


If you are in North London and happen to find yourself in the Islington and Angel areas, there are many places to hang out and

If you are new to Islington and Angel neighborhoods and are in the mood for exploration, you can use this list as a guide to enjoy all the amazing bars and pubs before you settle on a particular place.

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