Clapham Common Update


We are extremely keen to reopen public access to this area of the Common where Winterville took place. We are working alongside Lambeth Council and Lambeth Landscapes, who have been managing the reinstatement works, to get it open as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Lambeth Landscapes reinstatement works were delayed by the unusual levels of heavy rain and snowfall this year, which meant the heavy machinery required couldn’t access that part of the Common without further damaging the site.

With accelerating the reparation works in mind we have now engaged Talbot Farm Landscapes Ltd (also at our expense) to undertake the following works as advised by our events agronomist – harrowing, rolling, deep vertidraining and over seeding.

These works commenced on 13/4/18, will continue  over the weekend and all works and seeding will be completed next week. After that nature will take its course with seed germination beginning within seven to 10 days. With advice from Talbot and the agronomist we are then looking to provide phased fence removal and access to the grounds, while allowing sufficient time for the new grass seed to bed.

You can read about the progress of the reparation works here.



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