10 Parties At The Roller Disco


Erol Alkan’s Disco 3000, The 2 Bears and Stevie Wonderland DJs are all hosting takeover parties at the Twisted Wheels Roller Disco at Winterville. Bring your most outrageous outfits and try out your signature moves on skates as we channel the spirit of all things disco over the festive period.

1. Erol Alkan’s Disco 3000

The electro master puts his disco boots on to provide the soundtrack to our roller rink.
Book Now – Sat Dec 16, 7pm

2. The 2 Bears

Back with new music just in time to warm up Winterville, The 2 Bears  bring bear hugs and furry house music to our roller disco.
Book Now – Sat Dec 2, 7pm

3. Stevie Wonderland DJs

Stevie Wonderland DJs are injecting some soul into SW4 with a celebration of all things disco.
Book Now – Sat Dec 9, 7pm

4. Saved By The 90s

Spice up your life with a 90s pop extravaganza from Throwback Events that’ll take you back in time to a very special era.
Book Now – Fri 8 Dec, 7pm

5. Studio 54 Extravaganza

Frank Tope reimagines the spirit of the world’s most infamous nightclub in our roller rink.
Book Now – Sat Nov 25, 7pm

6. Toxic 00s Roller Disco

Rewinding back to the golden era of the OOs with pop hits from Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Outkast, Shakira, Craig David, Destiny’s Child and more.
Book Now – Fri 15 Dec, 7pm

7. All Abba Roller

Every Sunday it’s all Abba, all night in the Roller Disco.
Book Now – Every Sunday, 7pm

8. Easy Lover 80s

Sing and skate along to all your favourite 80s hits. Worth it just to see people trying to Walk Like An Egyptian on roller skates.
Book Now – Fri 24 Nov, 7pm

9. Ride Wit Me

Hip Hop rules at Ride Wit Me Roller Disco dedicated to beats and rhymes. If you can breakdance with skates on you win a prize.
Book Now – Fri 1 Dec, 7pm

10. Hippy Hippy Shake

Expect the golden era of Rock N Roll Blues & Swing!

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