What To Do In Clapham – 18 Things That Are Impressive

When I think of my time in London and all the places I have been to, I smile fondly. London is one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful city, in the world.

revellers at South West Four Festival Saturday, Clapham Common, London

It has 32 districts. Each district has so much personality and is quite distinct from the others. Clapham has to be my best district in greater London so far.

Where is Clapham

Clapham sits in the county of Greater London, southwest of London. It is an authentic, cultural, and fashionable seedy suburb that still boasts of the 18th-century  feel.

You will find it located only 3 miles in the south of the City of Westminster and 4 miles south of London.

Clapham is a beautiful touristic town. There are many spectacular places to visit and many exciting things to do. Here are ideas on things you could do in Clapham.

Things to do in Clapham

1. The Hope and Anchor

Location: 123 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2 5UA

Contact: 020 7274 8794

This gem sits in Brixton Border. It is a pub that would be perfect for an end-of-day drink. They serve some of the best beers in south London. Flaming fire pits, 13 Tiki Huts, and Olmeca tequila bar grace this beautiful and unique garden.

2. WC- Wine + Charcuterie

Location: Clapham Common South Side, London, SW4 7AA

Contact: 020 7622 5502

When I first learned about this spot, I was so eager to visit that I couldn’t help myself. I had earlier heard of its history.

It was a public toilet earlier on, and I wanted to see how creative man could be to change an unpleasant place into a state of art. I have to say, I was impressed.

WC is a warm and cozy place. The floor mosaics and wall times are still there. They used cubicle doors to create tables.

They have a variety of wines that you can sample. Accompany your wine with a charcuterie platter or cheese. Delicious! 

3. BrewDog Clapham

Location: 11-13 Battersea Rise, London, England, SW11 1HG, GB

Contact: 020 7223 6346

BrewDog Clapham is a fantastic Bar and restaurant. If you are a beer person and know your beer very well, you must visit this location. They have a variety of beers that you could sample as you take in the beautiful Clapham township scenery.

BrewDog has an extensive menu, and you are guaranteed t find one of your favorite meals on the list. This location has an outdoor area which is perfect for a cold beer on one of the hot days in the summer.

You can also enjoy various games with your friends, or if you are good with people, then why not play board games with some of the Clapham locals.

4. Venn Street Market

Location: Venn St, London SW4 0AT, United Kingdom

Contact: 0207 622 8259

A vacation is never complete without some shopping. The Venn street market is a must-visit during your time at Clapham. 

This is a big market near the Clapham Common station that opens on Saturdays. Here, you will find fresh produce from all over the world.

There is also a flower shop. When tired from shopping and want a little rest, you can take advantage of the fantastic but surprisingly very affordable coffee place found here.

5. The Dairy

Location: 15 The Pavement, London SW4 0HY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7622 4165

Everything from the Dairy’s kitchen is to die for. This cozy location is headed by the experienced chef Robin Gill who has divided The Dairy’s menu into four sections: garden, land, sea, and snacks. Please try something from every group. However, be careful not to overorder.

The Dairy is graced with bare wood tables, giving it an intimidating, unpretentious vibe.

6. Charity Shops

Location: Clapham Junction

Contact: None

In Clapham, there are so many charity shops. Charity shops are great. You can get anything you want at a very affordable price.

The most significant charity shop is around Clapham Junction. If you don’t find anything interesting here, you could check out the Common and High Street stations.

7. The Breakfast Club

Contact: https://www.instagram.com/thebrekkyclub/

This spot offers the best breakfast you could get in the whole of Clapham. Just from its name, you can tell that they mainly serve breakfast.

However, they close at 5 pm so you could enjoy some breakfast for dinner (brinner). This spot stands out because of the delicious food and the decor. It has a 50s decor theme.

The Breakfast Club has a long menu with a large variety of foods. However, if you are going for specials, do not fret.

They always have amazing specials. You can also be lucky and catch one of their regular special events.

8. Clapham Clock Tower

Location: 5 The Pavement, Clapham Common SW4 0HY

Contact: 020 7622 5905

Clapham Clock Tower is a historical landmark that has stood for over 100 years. It was built for the Parish of Clapham in 1906 by Alexander Glegg. It has a unique architecture and is a must-visit for our list. 

9. Moonshine Raceway

Location: The Four Thieves, 51 Lavender Gardens, Battersea, SW11 1DJ​

Contact: 01280 822 522

Moonshine Raceway is for sports fanatics. If you are up for some exciting time and adrenaline rush, visit The Moonshine Raceway and spend the afternoon Scalextricing. You can compete with friends, but do not worry; you can compete against strangers if you are alone.

After a fantastic race, have an ice-cold drink at the Four Thieves pub.

10. Handmade Mysteries Escape Room

Location: Four Thieves, 51 Lavender Gardens, London SW11 1DJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1494 956851

Handmade Mysteries Escape Room is an amusement park found inside the Four Thieves pub in the Lady Chastity’s Reserve. The theme is a comedic murder mystery. 

You could visit this fantastic escape room after racing at the moonshine raceway. This is one of the most popular escape rooms in the UK.

11. Street Art

Location: 15 – 16 Lendal Terrace, Clapham, London SW4 7UX

Contact: 020 3397 8844

Like most of London, the Clapham district has many street arts. You can take a detour to different locations in between your activities. Fu Manchu Bar found on Lendal Terrace has a beautiful mural that you must see.

You could also check out RONE’s The Blight of Carmen on the High Street. My favorite is the Victorian townhouse taken over by artists in honor of the disCONNECT street art festival.

12. Metro Garden

Location: Metro Garden Restaurant and Bar, 9 Clapham Common Southside, London SW4 7AA

Contact: 020 7627 0632

Metro Garden is a great garden dining space found next t St Mary’s Church and a monastery. When here, you can enjoy the view of fantastic artwork from locals and a little local history. 

The food here is glorious, and the menu boasts a large variety of meals. There are options available for vegans too. The service team is hospitable and friendly. 

13. Brickwood

Location: 16 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 7AB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7819 9614

Brickwood cafe is a beautiful spot located near Clapham Common tube. This modern cafe boasts an Antipodean style. It opens until 3 pm; therefore, it would be the perfect spot for breakfast or brunch.

The food here is delicious, and the chefs garnish the food perfectly. They have incredible background music that makes this spot worth your while.

14. Tart

Location: Wild By Tart, 3-4 Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, London SW1W 9AZ

Contact: jemima@tart-london.com

The Tart is one of the few tart-based bakeries in London. The chefs here are so creative, and the Tart menu keeps changing and evolving.

They serve the tarts with tart0themed brunches and fresh salad. Add some roasted pepper and chorizo and have a whole lunchtime meal.

15. Le Gothique

Location: Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, Wandsworth Common, London SW18 3SX

Contact: 020 8870 6567

Le Gothique was the first gastropub in London. They opened Le Gothique in 1987. However, it was the Royal Victorian Patriotic Building earlier on from 1857. It was a school and home for orphans whose parents had died in the Crimean war.

Today Le Gothique is a French restaurant serving fresh delicacies. Make reservations earlier to ensure you don’t miss one upon arrival.

16. Mommi

Location: 44 – 48 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7UR

Contact: 020 3814 1818

Mommi serves international cuisine that brings together Latin and Japanese cuisines. It is a high-end, beautiful restaurant that would serve as a perfect afternoon hang out with some friends or family. 

You will sample the different fresh Japanese foods they prepare using fresh produce imported from Japan. The bar stood out the most for me. Their liquor cabinet is dominated by mixed drinks too. 

The decor is out of this world. The tableware is Japanese inspired too. What is the most beautiful thing here is the mural by RONE.

17. Clapham Common

Location: Clapham Common, Windmill Dr, London SW4 9DE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7926 9000

Have you ever thought about what heaven would look like? Think no more. Clapham Common is the place, I promise. I go here when I am searching for peace and tranquillity—Clapham Common is a beautiful natural open space.

There are trees and beautiful flowers that make this place magical. This is the perfect spot for a solo picnic or a picnic with your significant other.

In Clapham common, you will find a cafe, paddling pool, athletic tracks, fishing areas, and oyster facilities. You could visit this place if you want to walk with your furry friend.

18. Clapham Picturehouse

Location: 76 Venn St, London SW4 0AT, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 871 902 5747

Clapham Picturehouse is one of the best movie theatres I have been to. If your ideal evening is cozying up in a seat with your bowl of popcorn and enjoying an excellent movie, then this is the first place you should visit.

Clapham Picturehouse shows different kinds of films suiting your tastes. If you prefer to watch Hollywood blockbusters coming to life, you are in for a major treat. You could book online, but they also allow booking upon arrival. 

The Clapham Picturehouse also has a restaurant and a bar. After the movie, you could pass by here for a nice delicious dinner.

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