16 Best Sushi Restaurants In Shoreditch For Japanese Food

From classic to casual Japanese meals, modern to traditional Japanese meals, sushi leaves your palate yearning for more. This article brings up some of the best sushi restaurants in Shoreditch.

Sushi is one of the best Japanese styles of meal that features more than just raw fish and rice. So, for those like me, in love with sushi, we show you the best sushi in Shoreditch.

Of course, if you find a Japanese restaurant, you are almost sure to find the best sushi. I know there are many best Japanese restaurants for sushi which means you will find the best sushi.

Top sushi restaurants in Shoreditch

1. Sanjugo


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Sanjugo Shoreditch (@sanjugo_shoreditch) 分享的帖子

Everyone likes this restaurant just because of its policy to satisfy its customers. It will amaze you that they deliver the finest sushi every time you visit. You’ll have authentic, profound, and fine Japanese cuisine.

Whether you are looking for sushi or sashimi, it will amaze you that they make the best fish diet. If you are looking for a fantastic place that will delight your palate with unique flavors, this is it.

Additionally, they deliver classic and contemporary sushi, and they’ll serve it in a cozy setting. The chefs here work to produce the best sushi; if you like uniqueness, go to Sanjugo.

Notice that they offer the perfect sushi bar setting. In essence, they’ll strive to deliver the best flavors with diverse styles of sushi. Anything Japanese is available here, and they work to make it authentic.

Phone: +44 20 7613 3225

Address: 35 Scrutton St, London EC2A 4HU, United Kingdom

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2. 3ake


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Whenever you want to enjoy your favorite sake and cocktail with sushi, you should visit 3ake. They never disappoint with this perfect combo.

People like it because it’s a cozy and casual restaurant that you can visit and enjoy being around. In addition, the restaurant has the perfect sake with the sushi bar.

They deliver some of the most delicious and innovative sushi to use at any given time. One thing is that they offer some of the best sake styles in town.

I like it for its casual setting and that they make you feel welcome to enjoy the different meals.

If you love Japanese oriental foods, this is the place to go.

Phone: +44 20 8075 3886

Address: 204 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA, United Kingdom

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3. Sugoi JPN


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Sugoi JPN ® Noritacos (@sugoijpn) 分享的帖子

It is inspired by Piss Alley street food of Japan & Latin America. So you will have a blend of the meal influences from both sides, but you are bound to love their sushi.

People like their seaweed tempura shell with sushi. The best part is that they blend in the Japanese – Latin filling to make it even better tasting.

Here you will have the perfect fun, and the food will be fresh too. If you’re looking for different Japanese street foods, you will find them here.

People like the Japanese-style street foods here, and that, of course, includes sushi meals. So if you like the hot, sweet, and spicy dishes, come back here for some treat.

I can say again I love their sushi, and you should try It too.

Phone: +44 20 3475 2515

Address: 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Unit 49 BOXPARK, London E1 6GY, United Kingdom

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4. Negi nori


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Negi Nori (@neginoriuk) 分享的帖子

The aim of this restaurant is always to deliver the best food. For years they have maintained an excellent reputation in regards to their food.

The essence of this restaurant is to wow you with their fantastic food; no wonder they only have the best and most experienced chefs.

Here you choose to dine in or order take-out, and you will always like the experience of the food they offer you.

I should mention that they don’t only focus on sushi rather other different foods too. They also have ramen, street foods, among others.

If you haven’t tried vegan sushi yet, you should try it here. The great thing then is that you will love the food and enjoy it.

Essentially, they maintain the great name for only sourcing ingredients from specialist suppliers.

Phone: +44 20 7729 0772

Address: 26 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DA, United Kingdom

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5. Sushi show


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Sushi Show 鮨翔 (@sushi_show_london) 分享的帖子

They will provide you with the best takeaway if you need to have them. When we’re talking of some of the best sushi bars, this is at the top of the list.

You will like that they serve you fresh fish as they source it from authentic places. They focus more on the take out, and they deliver many boxes of great sushi.

The essence of this shop then is to make sure they deliver some of the best sushi at the most affordable rate.

You will enjoy the staff as they are friendly. Also, they will never disappoint when delivering the best meals.

Phone: +44 20 7613 1926

Address: 136 Bethnal Green Road London, UK E2 6DG

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6. Japanika Shoreditch

This is all about the Japanese-style fast food, and you know that means you get to enjoy some healthier options. In addition, it’s a place to provide contemporary Japanese foods.

If you want to include the Japanese style of meals in your routine, you should consider trying this restaurant. It’s excellent for you when you’re looking for authentic Japanese flavors.

Whether it be sushi, ramen, or any other meal of Japanese origin, you are going to find it here. I know some people want the chicken eaten the Japanese style, well visit Japanika.

For the street food cravings, consider visiting this restaurant at all times.

Phone: +44 20 7247 9911

Address: 10 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR, United Kingdom

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itsu (@itsuofficial) 分享的帖子

Here you go to find the Japanese counter service restaurant where you can find the different foods of Japanese origin. It’s a perfect chain restaurant to get the best sushi sashimi and other meals you may need.

They like the different noodle dishes and sashimi, and other different Japanese-style meals.

Then, in this restaurant, they made it easy to enjoy healthier food options. In addition, they make the perfect Asian-inspired meals.

Whether you’re looking to take the eat-in or dine-out meals, you will always enjoy the meals.

For the perfect sushi salads and other healthy meal options of Japanese origin, then you should go to this restaurant.

Phone: +44 20 7033 9669

Address: 49-51 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HP, United Kingdom

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8. Apothecary


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Apothecary (@apothecaryeast) 分享的帖子

Here then, you have another one of the best Japanese restaurants. And this then will provide nothing short of the best sushi.

It’s simply a Tokyo-inspired restaurant offering some of the best meals from Tokyo. They also provide the best-handcrafted cocktails, wines, beers, and drinks.

You should know that they will serve all the different styles of Japanese meals. If you like the izakaya meals, you will enjoy the meals they offer here.

Whether you are coming in for lunch or you would like to go in for a party is great as they never disappoint.

Phone: +44 20 7060 5335

Address: 36 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3PG, United Kingdom

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9. Gourmet sushi

Here you have another popular sushi restaurant available in London. One thing you’ll like is that they serve delicious food too.

If all you need is delicious food, then this is it. Notice that this is the place to go for your best sushi, sashimi, and other meals.

If all you need is the different styles of sushi, then you should consider going to gourmet sushi. Through this, you will enjoy the sub-continent food.

Of course, you will enjoy the different salads and the meals that make you enjoy your day.

Phone: +44 20 3302 0724

Address: 59 Fashion St, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom

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10. Issho ni Bethnal green


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Issho-Ni (@isshoni_uk) 分享的帖子

This is a chic Japanese restaurant that will deliver amazing Japanese flavors. It features a cocktail bar and an eatery, making you enjoy the different meals.

It makes the perfect destination to go to when you’re thinking of going for a dinner event. Also, if you enjoy Saturday’s bottomless brunch option, this will serve you greatly.

If you like to go in for Japan’s small plate sharing meals, you will also find them here. Whether it’s sushi sashimi or even street foods, they will serve you greatly in this restaurant.

Whenever you’re looking for the perfect place to gather and enjoy great food, you can have it here. All things traditional from Japan are available in this restaurant.

Phone: +44 20 7366 0314

Address: 185 Bethnal Green Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 6AB, United Kingdom

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11. The sushi bar brick lane

Let’s say it already here you are going to have excellent meals in no time. They even have a cozy restaurant and casual meals in a relaxed setting.

Of course, if you’re looking for a halal restaurant, then this is it, and you will love all the food they enjoy eating.

Whether you are going in for the rolls or any other sushi-style, you will realize that they set the balanced flavors of Japan.

The other greater part is that they have a friendly group of staff to make sure you enjoy the meals they offer here.

Phone: +44 20 8109 9921

Address: 22 Osborn St, London E1 6TD, United Kingdom

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12. Sushinoen


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SUSHINOEN (@sushinoen_) 分享的帖子

You will enjoy the modern style of the dining room, but they like to serve modern-classic dishes too. Sushinoen is a hidden gem you will find in east London.

They like serving authentic home-like meals. But other than that, you will like that they make original and unique Japanese cuisine.

It will always amaze you that they have the cosy and perfect place to go. It doesn’t matter whether you like the craft beers or cocktails; you will love it in this restaurant at all times.

When you want to enjoy the variety of lunch meal options, this is the place to go. Other than that you will like that they also have a friendly staff for you to enjoy.

If you would like them to deliver anything for you, you should order. Remember, their food is just as excellent at all times.

Phone: +44 20 3645 6734

Address: 2 White Church Ln, London E1 7QR, United Kingdom

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13. Pham sushi


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Pham Sushi Whitecross Street (@phamsushi) 分享的帖子

You’ll find some of the best sushi here, and that’s because they make it the traditional way.

Whether you use looking for tempura sushi or sashimi, this is the best place to go to for the same. Notice, though, that they will cater to meetings, parties, and other significant functions if you need them to.

They prepare the meals in a simple space. I recently ate the tuna roll, and of course, I loved it for the crunch and flavors.

This is the best place to go for all the best Japanese foods you may need.

Phone: +44 20 7251 6336

Address: 159 Whitecross St, London EC1Y 8JL, United Kingdom

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14. So restaurant

This is another one of the best Japanese restaurants, and I like their sushi, so I have to list it here.

Whether you are looking for modern Japanese cuisine or just sushi, this will serve you best.

If you like that they sell some of the best Japanese meals, but with a little bit of European influence, then this will amaze you.

If you want to get fresh sushi, take a walk in this fantastic restaurant.

Address: 5 Middlesex St, London E1 7AA, United Kingdom

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15. YUU kitchen


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Asian Restaurant Spitalfields (@yuu_kitchen) 分享的帖子

Yuu kitchen has some of the best experiences, and they serve meals from south-east Asia. Of course, when you’re looking for some of the best meals from Asia are in this restaurant.

Then, the great thing is that you’ll share the different meals with your family and friends. So whether it’s sushi or the flavors of Taiwan, you will like this restaurant. This is the perfect place to go for the authentic variety of flavors.

Phone: +44 20 7377 0411

Address: 29 Commercial St, London E1 6NE, United Kingdom

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16. The Japanese canteen


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Japanese Canteen (@jcparadiserow) 分享的帖子

It will amaze you that they have a shared table giving you the perfect Japanese food vibe. This is the perfect hot and cold food chain.

It will, however, amaze you that they offer you some of the best meals to use. Whether it’s sushi donburi, bento, or any other meal, you will like it.

I like that they even offer some of the best and most amazing Korean foodstuffs. So, of course, if you’re looking for authentic meals from Japan, you’ll have them here.

Phone: +44 20 7247 9174

Address: Student Living, Nido Spitalfields, 100 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, United Kingdom

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