17 Most Authentic Sushi Restaurants in Mayfair, London

Are you looking for the best sushi in Mayfair? We should mention then that most sushi restaurants are on the pricier end. Well, in this list today, we will show you some of the best sushi restaurants you can go to.

One thing is true then that they will offer you some of the best fish and seafood styles regardless they are also fresh.

1. Chisou sushi and izakaya

Chisou sushi and izakaya 1


When you’re only looking for the best sushi in the central Mayfair, you should go to this restaurant. If you only believe in Japanese hospitality and humble and warm cuisine, you should go to the restaurant.

You then have authentic Japanese dishes that also serve the traditional dishes. They work perfectly to make sure they serve food that looks more like the one you eat at home. In this hotel, you’ll enjoy sushi, sashimi, and tempura, among other meals.

They will serve the best lunch menu; instead, you will like the diners.

You will find the cold draught beer as well as other drinks too. In most cases, you will notice that they have a wide selection of drinks to choose from.

Address: 22-23 Woodstock St, London W1C 2AR, United Kingdom

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2. Roka Mayfair

Roka Mayfair


Notice that the restaurant is an award-winning Japanese restaurant. It’s another restaurant that’s set in Oxford street of Mayfair. They are then going to offer you the robatayaki cuisine, but they will also provide the best sushi.

The restaurant, in this case, is a charcoal-grilled dining setting, and they offer the best wood concrete and stainless steel. They are famous for delivering some of the best selection of the food they offer.

This restaurant is located on North Audley Street. So when you’re going to the bustling shopping centre, come back and enjoy the perfect meal at ROKA. They bring the unique style of contemporary Japanese cuisine.

If you like the sophisticated style of meal, then this is the best restaurant to go to. It’s in the best London neighbourhood. You will have the perfect portion sizes, and the food is fantastic in all its capacities.

Address: 30 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZF, United Kingdom

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3. CUBE Mayfair

CUBE Mayfair


This is another one of the best Japanese restaurants, and of course, they offer the best Japanese meals with a European twist. I should mention that they are also the sushi hideaway. You will have the freshest sushi and sashimi for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to go for the dine-in or takeaway, it will serve you. Sometimes you’re looking for the tapas or sushi is all, okay you will find the best meals in no time. If you like the one place where you will have great meals and service, you will love it here too.

Address: 4 Blenheim St, London W1S 1LB, United Kingdom

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4. Nobu London (Old Park Lane)

Nobu London Old Park Lane


Although it’s a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, they offer some of the best sushi. Of course, this makes you enjoy everything about the meals too. This is one of the best spaces you can go to, even when you’re an A list celebrity.

They have the lounge bar, but they also have the sushi bar, and of course, you can also enjoy the different cocktails to have fun. Notice then that you will have the perfect space to go for the best private events too.

It’s the one restaurant that you will find across the different parts of the globe. For over 25years they have offered the best meals. You will find it next to hyde park, and it will deliver the best sushi at any given time.

Here you have the best top-notch Japanese cuisine, and it will serve the best meals. Notice then the dress code is going to make smart casual.

Address: 19 Old Park Ln, London W1K 1LB, United Kingdom

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5. 3AKE



Although the restaurant offers the best sake, they also make the best sushi to go with the sake. This is a brick lane Japanese fusion restaurant that will provide you with nothing short of delicious sushi.

Here you will have various sushi options to enjoy in this restaurant. Although it’s on the outskirts of Mayfair, I had to mention it here just because they offer some of the best sushi meals.

It’s alongside an impressive sake dominance space. You will have a worldly experience of the sake drinks meals, and they will make the best Michelin starred restaurant. If you are going to enjoy the different drinks, you should come to this place.

Phone: +44 20 8075 3886

Address: 204 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA, United Kingdom

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6. UMU restaurant

UMU restaurant


So when you are looking for refined Japanese cuisine, you will love it here. The best part is that you’ll have it in a casual setting. It offers high-quality cooking, and you will notice that it’s worth a stop.

It makes some of the best sushi, and therefore you can be sure to have the best meals in no time. If you like, then you have the choice to enjoy the different meals in Japan. They’ll offer the best sushi meals for you.

The food will taste so great, and they make you think it’s one of the best options to go for.

Address: 14-16 Bruton Pl, London W1J 6LX, United Kingdom

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7. Sexy fish

Sexy fish


Here is another one of the best Asian restaurants that offer the best food of Asian origin. You will have it at the Bekerly square corner allowing you to enjoy the different foods. They make some of the best fish styles, and you can also have other drinks to enjoy.

They will also deliver the best Japanese-inspired sushi, but you can also have different fish. So you will enjoy the seafood systems too, and they also have the sashimi and such like meals. So it’s one of the best and hottest restaurants you can go to.

They also have one of the largest pubs that stays longer hours, and they will deliver the best Japanese whisky. You will also enjoy the classic and inventive cocktails. Go on to notice that they also have the meats on the Robata grill.

Address: Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BR, United Kingdom

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This is a perfect Asian inspired healthy fast food space to go. When you are looking for the best sushi, sashimi, salads, soups and such things. Whenever you are at Hanover square, you’ll find it the best place to be anyway.

This is a Raddison collection hotel, and they only offer the best foods for those reaching for the Japanese cuisine. Of course, you will enjoy the different noodle dishes they offer too. However, the best thing is it’s the best place to go-to for the fresh sushi styles.

ITSU is a great chain restaurant, and they will provide the dream-like food you may need at any given time. This one is at the Lansdowne house, and it continues to bring in Sushi lovers to enjoy their different foods.

Address: Unit 4, Lansdowne House, 55 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6ER, United Kingdom

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9. Maru London

Maru London


Of course, this isn’t directly a sushi restaurant, but it’s a Japanese restaurant that offers some of the greatest sushi meals. They like to show traditional innovative Japanese cuisine, and they want to make omakase cuisine. Consider trying their 20-course meals for a taste of what it’s about.

Most people enjoy the meals but particularly the sushi they offer. They also have a great sushi chef that makes diverse and different kinds of meals.

More than anything, people like the art of cooking by the different chefs. Other than that, the flavours of the different meals make you want to keep enjoying the meals. Nothing beats the perfect environment with the best food too.

Address: 18 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QH, United Kingdom

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There will be times when you enjoy the different sushi meals alongside other Japanese meals. That also goes well with the perfect decoration they offer.

Notice that they will serve you the exquisite Japanese cuisine that makes it stand out as the best spot for sushi.

It’s at the heart of Mayfair, and it will deliver the best foods to enjoy. They have provided the delicate dining setting for over 40 yrs. This restaurant is further exclusive for you to enjoy the meals you can have.

Notice that you can make a reservation to enjoy the different meal options. When you are looking for authentic Japanese cuisine meals, this is the place to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for relief from the hustle life of London, consider going to this restaurant.

Address: 30 Brook St, London W1K 5DJ, United Kingdom

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11. Restaurant Yoshino

Restaurant Yoshino


Here you have the best place you can go for the best sushi meals. Other than that you’re going to enjoy the Japanese restaurant meals too. They are famous for serving upmarket traditional meals.

The restaurant is readily accessible and close to the royal academy of arts. They offer delicious food for your mind, body and soul to enjoy. Here you will only find the traditional dishes in London. It’s one of the best takeaways to go for.

When you’re coming to this restaurant, you should expect nothing short of great food and desserts. You will find the perfect treat for all that you want at any choice.

Address: 3 Piccadilly Pl, London W1J 0DB, United Kingdom

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12. The Araki

The Araki


Whenever you start talking about Japanese cuisine, you will always have this restaurant at the very top of the list in London. Notice, though, that the restaurant in this case only offers sushi-making it the ideal example of the sushi restaurant in Mayfair.

When you come to this restaurant, you’re going to get only the high-grade sushi. They’re famous for their excellent meals that are also high end.  This restaurant is one of the few that got the Michelin star award.

Here, it’s about food and the cosy environment that makes it easy to deliver the best meals at all times. If you like though you can experience the 11-course meals too.

To most reviewers, you can be sure the restaurant is one of the best when it comes to Japanese and sushi restaurants. So when you are about to go to the best restaurants, you should go here.

Address: Unit 4, 12 New Burlington St, London W1S 3BF, United Kingdom

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13. Kiku



Here is another restaurant that will deliver the best Japanese meals. Also, they have been serving the best meals for over 40 years. They also have the best stone floor that provides the best sushi over the counter.

People like their traditional menu too, and the chefs in this restaurant take their inspiration from Japan. But, more than anything, you will like their warm service and the best and incredible food in the ambient environment.

You will further like the beer they offer, the sake, and the different beers you enjoy alongside the regular drinks. When you want to relax with the best meals, you should go in.

Address: 17 Half Moon St, London W1J 7BE, United Kingdom

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14. Tokimeite



They offer the best take on modern classic Japanese meals too. They offer the best and most authentic Japanese cuisine, and it’s at the heart of Mayfair. Here you’re going to find all the best foods, including the best wagyu.

Most people like the striking water backdrop making it tasty too. The restaurant focuses on making the best meals with the twist of European meals.

Whatever you like in the Japanese list of particular foods, you will find them here. They offer fresh food and fish. They will amaze you that they provide the best-renowned meals, particularly the wagyu dishes.

Address: 23 Conduit St, London W1S 2XS, United Kingdom

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15. Wasabi Sushi

Wasabi Sushi


When you’re looking for the best sushi that is also actually fresh, you should go to this restaurant. The sushi they make then will deliver the mouthwatering meals. Also, you’ll have warm noodle style meals to enjoy.

The great thing then is that it will also deliver the best soups and great salads. So when you’re going to enjoy the meal, you should get the perfect flavours that they serve. Of course, they are famous for offering tasty vegan meals too.

I like the taste of the sushi in this restaurant as they offer the best sushi in your mouth, and they get it in different sizes for you to enjoy it. So you’ll like the different flavours and have fun.

Address: Unit 10-11, West One Shopping Centre, Davies St, London W1K 5JN, United Kingdom

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16. Kazu Mayfair

Kazu Mayfair


Here is another one of the best restaurants when you’re looking for sushi around Mayfair. They focus on the different kinds of Japanese meals making it London’s iconic restaurant. For those looking for the best meals for you to go for.

If you would like to enjoy even the sake and other meals, then this is the best place you can go to. It brings you the best lunch meals but also dinner. They offer a peaceful space to go for the best meals.

They are the best restaurants that will offer the best izakaya meals. Notice that they will offer the best treatment for the sushi flavours. They serve high-quality sushi sashimi and such like meals, and they will deliver a variety of Japanese dishes.

Address: 64 Charlotte St., London W1T 4QD, United Kingdom

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17. Eat Tokyo Tonkotsu ya

Eat Tokyo Tonkotsu ya


This is set in Mayfair, but it’s another one of the best chain restaurants in Japan. They focus on making some of the best Japanese meals but most of all the sushi too. They give you some of the best options you will go for.

It delivers some of the best styles of sushi sashimi and more. Moreover, they offer the best meals for you and all. So for those times, you want authentic Japanese meals, which is the place to go.

Address: 14 Woodstock St, London W1C 2AG, United Kingdom

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Here you go to all the sushi lovers with the best list of restaurants to visit when it is Mayfair. They’re great places to go for different reasons, especially when you want a great meal.

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