Best Shoreditch Spa – 9 Massage Places Of East London To Relax Yourselves

Sometimes you want to relax and feel like a queen/king and treat yourself to a spa or rest.

Shoreditch delivers whether you are looking for a rooftop swimming pool, Turkish bath, or spa.

This article shows you the best Shoreditch spa to go to.

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1. The Shoreditch spa

When you’re talking of the best spa, this is at the top of those we refer to as the best. Notice that they offer superior spa treatment. Also, they will offer you the best face and body treatment.

In addition, if you’re looking for Mani and Pedi, this will make it work perfectly. You’ll like the spa because they like to use high-end brands for aromatherapy and skincare.

This is where you go into a spa treatment, then sit down and watch your favourite series as they work on you. They offer the perfect treatment for men and women out there.

Want impeccable treatment? Go to Shoreditch spa.

Phone: +44 20 7033 9776

Address: 167 Brick Ln, London E2 7EE, United Kingdom

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2. Spa experiences old street


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The fact that they offer some of the best experiences makes them famous. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the perfect luxury spa treatment; come to the spa experience.

Here they have lovingly restored the historical features to make you enjoy the environment even more.

When all you want is to restore your mind, body and spirit, consider this place. It allows you to enjoy but also realign.

The spa experience is one of the most affordable spa places at Ironmonger Row baths. Consider indulging in relaxation and perfect treatments.

When you visit this spa, you will realize that you don’t need to spend a lot of money when you want to treat yourself.

Phone: +44 20 3642 5521

Address: 1 Norman St, London EC1V 3AA, United Kingdom

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3. Float hub


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Notice that this is London’s most talked-about float centre. The great thing is that you will have about 60 minutes to float with no light or sound.

They also have the perfect spot to get you rested and relaxed, which you will discover soon as you go in. The place provides ultimate rest on the deeper levels.

This is the best place to get you rejuvenated and align yourself. Most people talk about its spacious rooms that are also airy.

When all you need is a relaxing experience, visit float hub for the perfect float experience and spa treatment.

Phone: +44 20 3581 7108

Address: 346 Old Street LG Floor, London EC1V 9NQ, United Kingdom

4. Anami Shoreditch

Here then, you have the holistic and beauty space where you will have the salon experience. Notice that they offer facials, massages but also spa treatments. So for those busy professionals, this is the place to come for the perfect treat.

They offer specialized treatments for you to enjoy. And when you’re looking for a space where you will have utmost relaxation.

Whether you are looking for massage or spa treatment, you will find this place to serve you perfectly.

Phone: +44 20 3405 3137

Address: 28 Queen St, London EC4R 1BB, United Kingdom

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5. The Ned Spa Shoreditch


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This is a five-star hotel with its own spa special treatment for those in the hotel or even those just coming for the spa. But, of course, since it’s already a hotel, you can be sure to have the perfect interior decor getting you to relax already.

Additionally, they have a friendly staff to make sure you enjoy and end up relaxing too. Well, when you come to this room, you have the choice to enjoy their Mani and Pedi in the comfort of the armchair.

If you’re one of those serious spa people, you will enjoy their advanced treatments. It has a spa treatment, yet they also have gyms and such spaces.

phone: + 44 (0)20 3828 2000

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6. Cowshed spa



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Well, unlike most other spas, this is a members-only spa. As for public members, if you would like to go to the spa, you should go with a club member who will allow you in.

The hotel is popular for its great service, and the rooms will get you to remember them, and that is people like to go.

It’s ideal for those looking for restorative treatments that allow you to relax in the perfect open space. But, of course, before you go out to enjoy this, you will need to book the appointment.

It will give your eh comfort and the relaxation you need. When you visit this hotel, then remember to check the spa.

Phone: +44 20 7739 5040

Address: Ebor St, London E1 6AW, United Kingdom

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7. Banya no 1



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When you’re looking for a calm treatment where you will get unity and a place to socialize, this is the place.

They have the Russian bath and the wellness spa to get you enjoying and relaxing treatment. So I always say that when you need to have an experience of a lifetime with this organization, consider this.

This is a social place but will give you a private experience if you need to. In addition, if you would like to enjoy the traditional delicacies, keep checking this place.

Phone: +44 20 7253 6723

Address: 17 Micawber St, London N1 7TB, United Kingdom

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8. Montcalm royal London house


And this royal hotel is all about beauty and calmness. Most people like their hotel rooms and food service. Nonetheless, you will like their spa section, for it gets you to achieve the highest form of relaxation.

It has a contemporary design that aims to get you enjoying your time when you’re there. I like the 8-meter jacuzzi that they set at the centre of the spa space for you to have fun.

Whenever there’s a need for wellness treatment beyond pampering, the best place to come is here. In most cases, people enjoy their mineral-rich marine-inspired treatments, which are great for the bodies.

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7479 2233

Address: 27 Devonshire Terrace, London W2 3DP I Location in UK of Company

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9. South place hotel



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Here you have another one of the best hotels you can go to, and of course, you will love it on the first floor of the hotel.

They have a steam sauna and spa treatment. So when all you need is to relax, you will enjoy everything in this hotel.

Notice that they have well-lit rooms with mirrors to make you enjoy the time you have here. Besides, they offer you some of the best music that will get your body to relax.

If you like to go to a place that lets you enjoy a clean environment, then this is it. But, notice that it give you the hair drying effect too.

Phone: +44 20 3503 0000

Address: 3 South Pl, London EC2M 2AF, United Kingdom

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Whenever you’re craving the spa treatment, visit the spaces we show you above. They take the time to deliver the perfect treatment for you.

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