23 Spa And Massage Places In Islington And Angel

If you have never been to the Islington and angel area of London, then you need to plan a visit there. However, if you have been planning a pizza outing, hanging out at a pub or bar, or visiting the spa and massage center, you will find all these places in Islington and Angel.

You might be wondering why you need to visit this area; well, the truth is that it is a fun place with historic landmarks and buildings.

doing massage on womans back in the spa salon

Also, Islington and Angel are one of London’s most eclectic and trendiest neighborhoods. These are the best places to visit if you intend to escape from the bustling streets of the main city.

So if you are considering a visit to this area, you could decide to give yourself a treat by booking a spa and massage session. Islington and Angel have some of the best places.

The spa and massage places are top-notch, with good services, clean spaces, and practical techniques at affordable rates. Below are some of my best spa and massage places in the Islington and Angel area.

  • 1. Angelica Retreat
  • 2. St. Pancras Spa
  • 3. The Little Nail Room
  • 4. Star Therapies & Training
  • 5. Spa Experience Old Street
  • 6. Russian Spa Limited
  • 7. Perea Clinic Angel
  • 8. Canonbury Beauty
  • 9. Q I Health Spa
  • 10. 7 Day Spa
  • 11. Sudan London
  • 12. Green Nail Bar
  • 13. Enhance
  • 14. Kobkun Thai Therapy
  • 15. Paragon Beauty
  • 16. Modern Touch Nails And Beauty
  • 17. Bamboo Natural Therapy
  • 18. JK Beauty Hub
  • 19. Treat Beauty London
  • 20. Asiatic Thai Massage
  • 21. Mariya Bliss Massage
  • 22. Tileyard Health & Wellness
  • 23. Miracle Massage

1. Angelica Retreat

Location: 104 Islington High Street, London, N1 8EG

Contact: 0207 3541 805

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When you go for a massage, you want a place to relax and feel at home; this is the comfort Angelica Retreat offers you. They refer to themselves as an urban sanctuary amidst the bustling and hustling of city life.

It is truly a place for you to escape from the busy daily schedule and relax while given personalized services. They have a comprehensive body and skincare treatment in a comfortable lounge and friendly environment.

Their services include individually tailored massages, bespoke facials, beauty treatments, waxing, and nail options. So whether you are obsessive about your beauty or skincare, this is the right place.

2. St. Pancras Spa

Location: Euston Road, Kings Cross, London, NW1 2AR

Contact: 020-7841-3578

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If you speak of a classic and elegant spa, St. Pancras Renaissance will top the list; it is regarded as the most distinctive spa in London. It is a Victorian-inspired building, and it is beautiful with an atmosphere of tranquility.

This spa is well-equipped with other facilities like a gym and a relaxing pool. St. Pancras Spa is unique, and they offer you a holistic experience that will revitalize your body and spirit.

This stunning and hidden place is indeed perfect for escaping from your busy schedule and relaxation.

3. The Little Nail Room

Location: 7 Barnsbury Road Islington London N1 0HG

Contact: 020 7837 4842

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The Little Nail Room is a comfortable and cozy little salon with charming decor. This interior decor in this lovely place combines boutique style and soothing pastels to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

The Little Nail Room specializes in nail services, but it doesn’t stop at this; they also have other services like massages, waxing, and beauty treatments.

Their therapists are friendly, and they approach their tasks with care and attention, taking notice of every minor detail.

This place will make you feel pampered, and the personalized services will make you feel important and satisfied.

4. Star Therapies & Training

Location: Barnsbury, London N1 1EX

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It is easy to be engulfed in your busy daily schedule and forget to take care of your body. Star Therapies & Training invites you to create a balance in your life by promoting emotional health.

They endorse healthy practices that enable your mind to stay positive and optimistic through your busy daily schedules. Their treatments and services are holistic, encompassing both the mind and body.

The services offered here include beauty treatment, facials, microdermabrasion, micro-blading, eyelash extension, health, and peace live coaching sessions.

In addition, you can check out their website for more information and booking appointments.

5. Spa Experience Old Street

Location: 1 Norman Street, London EC1V 3AA

Contact: +44 20 3642 5521

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If you want a luxurious spa treatment at an affordable price, you will find this place pleasing and satisfying.

Spa Experience Old Street is a unique and inspiring place that offers luxury spa treatment at an affordable rate.

The serenity and beauty of the place, combined with their excellent services, will restore your mind and body. They have two aroma steam, two saunas, an ice fountain, Turkish baths, a bucket shower, a monsoon shower, a plunge pool, and a relaxation lounge.

You benefit from choosing from over fifty beauty, health, and relaxation treatments from international spa brands. There are also signature treatments for facial, massage, and body treatments.

If you are unsure what treatments are best for you, you can rely on the expert therapists here; they will guide you on what is best.

6. Russian Spa Limited

Location: 17 Micawber Street London, N1 7TB

Contact: 020 7253 6723

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As the name rightly suggests, you will get an authentic Russian steam sauna, treatment rooms, hot stones, a plunge pool, and a licensed lounge bar comprising traditional Russian food and drinks.

Russian Spa Limited offers you a traditional thermal treatment and effective spa treatments using only natural ingredients, and they are honest about their services.

It is a rejuvenating environment that restores the natural energy of your body.

This spa is the perfect place to unwind and de-stress after work, the packages are affordable, and you will get a unique experience different from other spas.

7. Perea Clinic Angel

Location: Unit 1, 80-82 White Lion Street Angel, Islington London N1 9PF

Contact: +44 20 7993 2720

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Perea Clinic uses an integrating approach to healthcare, and they believe that the body is one unit, and any treatment must focus on all parts of the body. The exciting thing is that all their therapists are highly qualified.

The services offered here are personalized, and they focus on the causes of illnesses as much as the symptoms. In addition, they believe in results, which is why they focus on result-based treatment programs.

All treatments you receive will be tailored to match your lifestyle and health condition. The services offered here include sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, plastic surgery recovery, back pains, women’s health, sciatica, and headaches.

8. Canonbury Beauty

Location: 13 Canonbury Pl, Islington, London N1 2NQ

Contact: +44 20 7226 6030

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Canonbury Beauty is a charming boutique salon specializing in waxing, facials, massage, eyebrows, and nails. This beautiful shop is located in a tranquil area where you can escape the city’s noise.

It is the best place to go for excellent spa treatment services as you relax and rejuvenate.

They have a friendly atmosphere, and the staff tries to engage you in conversation as they make you relax and feel comfortable.

They partner with some of the best brands like HD Brows, PAYOT, LYCON Wax, CND Shellac, and OPI. So you will get some of the best services in this local spot in Islington.

9. Q I Health Spa

Location: 20 Duncan Street, Angel, London, N1 8BW

Contact: 0207 837 6266

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Q I Health Spa is located in the fashionable and trendy part of Central London and easily accessible from the Angel Tube station.

This health and beauty spa is a typical Chinese treatment center with qualified Chinese doctors specializing in Chinese medicine.

Apart from traditional Chinese treatment, they also offer modern spa services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The facilities here are exciting; they have four well-equipped and designed spacious treatment rooms.

They also have an infrared sauna, changing rooms, and three showers; the facility is spacious, and many people can be attended to at a time.

10. 7 Day Spa

Location: 14 Islington Chapel Market, Angel, London, N1 9EZ

Contact: 020 7837 1945

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7 Day Spa offers you a beautiful and relaxing environment to escape from the Hustle and bustle of everyday life.

They offer spa treatments handled by professional therapists who give you the best attention.

They offer various services like Thai herbal healer, Hot stone, Thai massage, Swedish, Shellac nails, manicure and pedicure, waxing, and eyelash extension services.

You will get luxury services at the spa at affordable prices. You can visit their website or call them to book an appointment.

11. Sudan London

Location: 34 Chapel Market London, United Kingdom N1 9EN

Contact: 02087721212

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Sudan London is a modern and contemporary salon that offers various exciting services. The services include waxing, massage, facials, lashes, nails, and treatment for men.

They have many years of experience in the nail art industry, and you will get some of the best nail services in London at this salon.

Their rates are very affordable, and the salon is clean, beautiful, and relaxing. They care about their brand’s reputation, and they will offer you only the best services.

12. Green Nail Bar

Location: 341 Caledonian Road London N1 1DW

Contact: 0207 9987 663

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Green Nail Bar is a clean, calm, and beautifully decorated salon in Islington run by a wonderful couple. They are friendly and thorough with their services and affordable prices.

They offer mostly nail services and others like pedicure, manicure, and hair extension. The customer service is top-notch, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. If you are looking for nail specialists or care about the health of your nails, this is the right place to visit.

13. Enhance

Location: 61 Essex Rd, London N1 2SF

Contact: 07824 118471

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Enhance clinic, which is just a few distances from Islington Green, is a cozy and elegant salon offering state-of-the-art health and beauty treatment services.

This clinic has invested heavily in the best equipment and experts to give you the best experience.

The services include laser treatments with advanced technology equipment, micro pigmentation, Cryoskin, facials, massages, nails, and waxing. You will find a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

If you want a pampering experience, you will get the best from Enhance Clinic; the staff are friendly and always ready to offer their help. You will even be provided refreshments as they usher you into the salon.

14. Kobkun Thai Therapy

Location: 101 Essex Road, London, N1 2SJ

Contact: 020 7288 2974

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Kobkun Thai Therapy has two lovely locations in the Islington area; one on Essex Road and the other in Upper Street London.

This spa and therapy center offers different relaxation and health services that promote healthy living.

If you feel your muscles, joints, and nerves are tired, you can visit here for some rejuvenation. The trained and professional therapists here are good at their job, and they leave you in better shape than when they met you.

All their treatments prevent and counteract future health issues and improve your current pain. Other services include Thai body massage, reflexology-style foot massage, aromatherapy massage, pregnancy massage, and hot stone massage.

They have an attentive team and pay attention to details, they will focus on your personal needs, and your troubles will slowly drift away.

15. Paragon Beauty

Location: 7 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ

Contact: 07508 080 566

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Paragon Beauty has over a decade of experience in the well-being industry, and they keep getting better and better. They are passionate about customer satisfaction, and you will leave this spa better than you went there.

They use products made with natural ingredients from brands like Kaeso and REN clean skincare.

These brands use 100% mineral-derived and plant-based products, and they will make your skin more beautiful and look younger.

Their services include facials, waxing, massage, and eyes. Their treatments will rejuvenate you and enhance your well-being.

16. Modern Touch Nails And Beauty

Location: 22 White Conduit Street Angel London N1 9HA

Contact: 020 7833 2838

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Modern Touch Nails And Beauty is a glamourous boutique where you will enjoy pampering mixed with modern services. So whether you want a full session of relaxation and pampering or a quick beauty fix, you will be taken care of.

They offer various services like beauty and nail treatments, nail and lash extensions, luxurious pedicures and manicures, facials, waxing, and massage.

The skilled and professional staff here deliver outstanding services, they are friendly, and they will advise you on what is best for you.

17. Bamboo Natural Therapy

Location: 106 Judd Street, Bloomsbury, St Pancras, London

Contact: 07477 895343

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Bamboo Natural Therapy has a holistic approach to treatment. They believe in the healing power of effective massage, which positively affects both body and soul.

The atmosphere is comforting and relaxing due to their clean and spacious rooms. They have therapeutic natural remedies, acupuncture and dry cupping, massages, and Asian massage oils.

It would be advisable to call them and book an appointment if you need any of their services. For example, if you are looking for a bonding activity for couples, you can book couple massages with them.

18. JK Beauty Hub

Location: 141 Holloway Road, London N7 8LX

Contact: 020 7609 9665

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JK Beauty Hub is a lovely little place that offers you any service you want. The services here include massage, manicures, waxing, and threading. The salon is beautiful, with lovely interior decor that makes you feel at home.

A professional therapist runs this salon, and you will find Dermalogica facials, CND shellac manicures, and many other waxing combos. You will get premium services and value for any amount you spend.

19. Treat Beauty London

Location: Unit G4A, 116 Upper Street, Islington Square, London, N1 1QP

Contact: 02070963118

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Treat Beauty London is an elegant and glamorous treatment and wellness center, and it is home to a team of highly-trained specialists. These professionals have many years of experience in beauty and body and facial aesthetics treatments.

They are passionate about delivering only the best results and services. The skin therapist provides a thorough skin analysis and advice you on the best way forward. They are attentive to your concerns and always willing to help.

You will receive bespoke treatment at the beauty center, the atmosphere is clean and comfortable, and you will experience authentic transformational results.

20. Asiatic Thai Massage

Location: 93 Upper St, London, N1 0NP

Contact: 020 7288 8702

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Asiatic Thai Massage has a modern touch and beautiful interior decor. The atmosphere here is soothing and welcoming, and you will experience the true art of traditional Thai massage.

Asiatic Thai Massage is a respectable massage place in the Islington area, and many people have good reviews and experiences of this place.

The professional therapists at this place do their best to ensure that you have a stress-free, anxiety-free, and pain-free life.

The impressive thing about this place is the cohesion between the ancient practices and the modern therapy techniques. As a result, the services here are of quality, and it is one of the best places to experience a truly traditional Thai massage.

21. Mariya Bliss Massage

Location: 17 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ, London

Contact: 0207 728 8095

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Mariya Bliss Massage is a therapy center filled with energetic, professional, and experienced massage therapists licensed in the UK and Thailand. They believe in using therapy to get in touch with the inner self-healing present in people.

The therapy services offered here are holistic, dealing with both the body and soul. Mariya Bliss Massage is unique compared to others; they believe in excellent services.

It is an exciting place because you will receive the latest massage treatment techniques in a comfortable and relaxing environment. So if you are looking for the perfect escape from your busy schedule, call them, and you will love every minute.

22. Tileyard Health & Wellness

Location: Tileyard Road, Kings Cross, London N7 9AH

Contact: 07768 854899

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Tileyard Health & Wellness is a wellness center that offers a spa, beauty, gym, osteopathy, and rehabilitation services. This wellness center is an integral part of the community and provides quality services to customers.

They have well-trained and dedicated therapists and instructors who will journey with you in your wellness journey and offer you inspiration. In addition, their spa and beauty rooms offer a variety of treatments.

You will find all types of massages and osteopathy services that will make you function properly while maintaining a healthy routine.

23. Miracle Massage

Location: Suite 145c, Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street, N1 0UY

Contact: 07384 621323

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Miracle Massage is a sophisticated spot with specialists in deep tissue pre and post-natal massage. This spot is beautiful, with calming colors that will soothe you and make you feel at home.

If you are a gym enthusiast, athlete, desk-bound, or a usual person with problems, Miracle massage is equipped to give you the proper care you need.

They also offer home services to pregnant mothers; they can come to give you a 45-minute massage at home, especially during baby showers. In addition, they attend to people based on appointments. So, if you are interested, check out their website and give them a call.


These are some of the services we missed during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, and it is a big relief that we can go back to our ordinary lives.

If you have a busy schedule that stresses you out or wants a place to relax and be pampered, you can check out these fantastic spa and massage places in the Islington and Angel area.

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