17 Best Restaurants To Have A Good Time In Islington And Angel

Foodies are constantly looking for places to satisfy their ever-growing curiosity. But, apart from the food and drinks, the experience matters to them too.

And the best part is that there are so many unique and elegant restaurants in Islington and Angel where you will have an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for somewhere casual, classic, official, and romantic, you will always find the best spot for any occasion. The good part about wining and dining in Islington and Angel is that the place is calm, less noisy, and busy compared to London City.

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So if you are planning an outing this evening or over the weekend and are looking for the perfect restaurant, you have come to the right place.

We understand the pressure that comes with choosing the perfect place for a date; that is why we have taken the time to compile a list of top restaurants that offer all that you are looking for.

17 Best Restaurants In Islington And Angel

  • 1. Little Georgia Islington
  • 2. Liman Restaurant
  • 3. Hot Stone Angel, Islington
  • 4. Wahaca Restaurant Islington
  • 5. Terra Rosa
  • 6. Brother Marcus Angel
  • 7. Ottolenghi
  • 8. Prawn On The Lawn
  • 9. Frederick’s
  • 10. La Petite Auberge
  • 11. Mangia Bene
  • 12. Delhi Grill
  • 13. 12:51 by James Cochran
  • 14. Rosa’s Thai, Angel
  • 15. Llerena Iberico Tapas Bar
  • 16. Radici
  • 17. Gallipoli Café & Bistro

1. Little Georgia Islington

Location. 14 Barnsbury Road, Islington N1 0HB.

Contact. 020 72786100.

Visit website.


After spending a fair share of your life in Islington and Angel, it gets to a point where the traditional English dishes become unexciting. It would help if you found something new to bring back the spice to counter this.

This is where Little Georgia comes in. This little and exciting spot transfers the adventurous Georgian vibe to where you are. This comes in the form of delicacies, bites, and drinks.

You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and even dinner at this rustically designed joint, but it’s at the latter two where things get exciting.

There is a broad menu of Georgian dishes to select from. For your lunch (or dinner), you can choose to start with the Labio salad or have a worthy wait for the hot Khachapuri.

The interesting starters prepare your taste buds for main dishes such as Little Georgia’s special lamb chakapuli or Khinkali, which can go with new potatoes and Tkemali.

The desserts are amazing too. To finish off your experience, you can take a look at the fantastic wine and other drinks list. The waiters are courteous enough to help you select a perfect drink to pair your meals.

2. Liman Restaurant

Location. 60 Penton Street, London N1 9PZ

Contact. 020 3583 6442

Visit website


This restaurant’s mission is to awe the locals with the warm Mediterranean and Turkish foods and sensations. It is ideal for all meals at any time of the day.

They have something for everyone: from starters such as grilled chicken and braised aubergines for vegetarians to mains.

Delicious land dishes like lamb shank are available, but you can try the mixed casserole or salmon if you prefer something from the sea.

Acili Ezme salad and others are prepared for those inclined to more healthy vegetable dishes. Did someone say, groups?

The Meze mix exists just for them; this can go with yoghurt or mashed potatoes on the side.

If wine makes you tick, they’ve got that for you, from French assortments to Turkish options. But if you are not a wine person, then smoothies, juices, and cocktails will be perfect for you.

The atmosphere is calm, and not to mention the décor is heartwarming, making it easy to have a good time.

3. Hot Stone Angel, Islington

Location. 9 Chapel Market, Angel, Islington, London N1 9EZ

Contact. 020 3302 8226

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You’ve probably overheard someone talking about Hot Stone; it has been a darling to the locals for quite some time. It carries the steak and Sushi bar signature.

After just a five-minute walk from the Islington tube station, you can amaze yourself with some fine Japanese cuisine from this inviting joint.

The menu is quite exciting, and it caters to everyone, including vegan and gluten-free diners. Those opting for the A La Carte can down some fresh oyster and Tosazu sauce as they wait for their Sushi and Sashimi. The selection is vast, and everybody can have a pick.

If you are thinking about a romantic or double date, I’d recommend the tasting menu that caters to groups of twos and fours. The seafood and Wagyu will make the experience worthwhile.

The staff is super friendly, and the way they walk you through the menu is just wow. The traditional Japanese cooking style of using hot rocks is applied here, and the fresh ingredients add flavor to the food.

4. Wahaca Restaurant Islington

Location. 68-69 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0NY

Contact. 02039519743

Visit website.


Mexican is no longer just about Tortilla chips, hot numbing spices, and cheap shots of the famous Tequila. Instead, Wahaca has brought about a new wave of excitement and delicacies.

If you want the best Burrito you can ever have, this right here is your spot.

This lovely restaurant may bring you confusion, but it’s of the best kind. The list of items on the menu is so vast and enticing that it’s almost impossible to choose one thing.

Grab your nibbles such as Guacamole and Mexico City Nachos to start your amazing Mexican experience. Street foods like Grilled Chicken and avocado can follow; I suggest you order 2 (or 3) because they are so delicious you can’t have enough.

If you are in a hurry, you can grab a Quesadilla on the go. Side dishes are great and can go with Burritos and Enchiladas if you want to fill yourself for the whole day.

Desserts are sweet, and you can top it all with exceptional wines, beers, and cocktails such as the famous Mojito and Acapulco Spritz.

5. Terra Rosa

Location. 139 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1QP

Contact. +44 20 7226 2244

Visit website.


Experience some bit of the Southern Italy heritage and cuisine in the heart of Islington with Terra Rosa restaurant. This little spot brings finely balanced Italian flavours to you.

Their menu is varied and consists of A La Carte, vegan, gluten-free, and drinks options. So if you are looking for something to fill your tummy or amaze your palate, you can have it all at this gorgeous spot.

Their friendly staff is excellent and attentive to detail. This made me fall in love with this lovely Italian joint.

Want to experience Italy in London? Take a walk here and have it all.

6. Brother Marcus Angel

Location. 37-39 Camden passage, the Angel, London N1 8EA.

Contact. +44 20 7226 3535

Visit website.


Angel is lucky to play home to yet another classical Eastern Mediterranean-inspired local. It is tucked away in the heart of this lovely neighbourhood.

Like its sisters in Spitalfields and Borough Yards, it maintains the same inviting atmosphere. The menu selections are also great.

A special Marcus breakfast can be an excellent way to kick-start your day. The same can also be accompanied by Harrisa eggs or yoghurt & granola with sweet Halloumi and honey on the side for brunch lovers.

At Brother Marcus, you’ll get the best treatment; waiters are lovely and knowledgeable about the menu. The coloured walls and beautiful décor bring about a buzzing and bright sensation.

There is also a great selection of plant-based dishes making it an ideal spot for vegans and gluten-free patrons.

Think about drinks; they are plentiful in this joint, from tea to coffee, cocktails, wines, etc. You can have the Greek-inspired herbal tea alongside your brunch or a nice blend of Brother Mary at lunch or dinner. Limitless Prosecco supply can spice up your bottomless brunch experience too.

7. Ottolenghi

Location: 287 Upper Street, London, N1 2TZ.

Contact: 02072881454

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Ottolenghi is a fine restaurant and the go-to neighbourhood place for North African and the Middle East grubs.

You can have a bite of everything, from sweet to savoury delicacies; it could be Shakshuka or anything else. Breakfast is served up to noon, and the sweet coffee can accompany the varied range of fresh pastries.

You can bring Ottolenghi to your kitchen or office; their catering services are the best. You can trust them to awe your guests at your wedding, birthday, or breakfast meeting.

Lunch is served in three courses to brighten your afternoons. It can’t be all bad to end the day with your tummy full with either Beef Lamb Kofta or Chargrilled pork chops.

The wine list is impressive, and from the best winemakers in the world, surely, a visit to this classic spot is worth the time and money.

8. Prawn on the Lawn

Location: 292 – 294 St Paul’s Road London N1 2LH

Contact: 020 3302 8668

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They say that there is plenty of fish in the ocean. Well, so are crabs, prawns, lobsters, and shrimp. So prawn on the Lawn has made it its mission to find and make a delicacy out of them just for you.

Their menu is strictly from the sea, but it changes depending on what the nets have secured. You can sample the delicious small plates: Szechuan Prawns or opt for Seared tuna, Soy Marin, and spring onion.

Watching your meals being made as you wait is magical, let alone the chefs’ tasty suggestions. The atmosphere is excellent for digging into the classical, Chinese, and Thai prepared seafood varieties.

Oysters and Shellfish are also up for election, and they come served with a variety of tasty sides. Sitting is graceful- on long bar stools for solo diners and tables for two in case you bring along a date (or friend).

The place is cosy, and you can spend your Sunday afternoons tasting anything from fish to prawns in between sips of the well-priced wine selections. You could also have a fun-filled experience as you enjoy cocktails, Prosecco, and champagne.

A visit to this incredible joint is a little short of miraculous.

9. Frederick’s

Location: Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1 8EG

Contact: 020 7359 2888

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This family-run restaurant has been around since 1969 and has deservedly earned the title ‘Islington’s classic’ for serving the best to the locals.

It delights the locality with modern and authentic European dishes.

Menus take a turn as the seasons change, bringing in new recipes using the same eclectic style.

Modern artwork and beautiful decorations are both striking and welcoming. This makes relaxing easy. Alfresco lovers will have a field day in the featured garden.

Have a fun-filled experience as you dig into their Risotto, roasted lamb rump, pancakes, and pastries.

10. La Petite Auberge

Location: 283-284 Upper Street, London N1 2TZ

Contact: 0207 359 1046

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A visit to La Petite Auberge will end your search for the best place to enjoy authentic and quality French food. Once you step in, you will come back for more.

Their menu is simple and great for light delicacies. You can enjoy two and three-course lunch and dinner or A La Carte options. However, what I loved most about this bistro was consistency.

The charm surrounding this rustic spot is breathtaking, and the atmosphere is superb. It may look overcrowded at first, but the space is just enough.

This fine French restaurant has outside sitting with lovely tables for two. You can delight yourself with finely mixed cocktails while watching your kids dig into the delicious grilled chicken breast & French fries.

Desserts are classical, crowning the evening and lunch plats. The wine list is superb, and the choice is varied. If you are on a budget, do not feel threatened by this picturesque classic, the prices are reasonable.

11. Mangia Bene

Location: 18 Chapel Market Islington, London N1 9EZ

Contact: 0207 278 2825

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Somewhere within the hustle and bustle of Chapel Market is Mangia Bene. This spot is a small rustic Italian café that seeks to bring Italian food and flair to London.

This gorgeous place will leave you craving more of its hearty delicacies. Their menu is extensive, with lots of options to look at. From Veggies and salads to melt-in-your-mouth pizzas and desserts? Don’t even go there.

The cosy and relaxing atmosphere will allow you to dig into the excellent choices available.

Excellent Italian prepared meat and fish dishes are their specialties. In particular, Pollo Alla Milanese and Salmon Alla Griglia will send you to Italy in just a couple of bites.

You can impress your date from the classic interior sitting, and groups can take advantage of the alfresco style setting.

Customer service here is excellent, and waiters are lovely and attentive. A visit is worthy and can never disappoint.

12. Delhi Grill

Location: 21 Chapel Market, Islington, London N1 9EZ

Contact: 020 7278 8100.

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Bollywood is full of colour, and so is the Delhi grill. A magnificent and small Punjabi place full of intoxicating Indian flavours and vibes.

This is the best place to have a taste of Delhi. From fantastic starters such as lamb samosas and Pani Puri to grills like the famous Chicken and Fish Tikkas.

There is also an impressive assortment of vegan-friendly dishes.

Everything is served from the Dhaba-style counter fronted by a boldly looking blue façade. Recipes are traditionally Indian, making this place ideal for people to sit together and make friends as they enjoy spicy foods.

One can sip wines from fine wine-making countries like France, Slovenia, and Italy in between dishes. If your palate is craving some cocktails, a nice Mango Mojito could delight you.

Finally, teas and desserts like lemon ginger & honey and Cornish ice cream could be great to end your day.

The interior is lovely and is graced by a beautiful Indian theme to match the delicious foods. Take-out services are available for those in a hurry to sit, and event catering services.

The atmosphere is friendly; one visit could quickly turn into repeated visits.

13. 12:51 by James Cochran

Location: 107 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1QN

Contact: info@1251.co.uk

Visit website


‘12:51 is the time my voice found the words I sought’- it’s also the time to step in for a nice plate of delicious lunch- or brunch. Getting its name from a single by The Stokes- an American Rock band, the menu will surely rock your world.

James Cochran, the founder, is of Scottish/Caribbean roots. However, he aimed to add a touch of English to the food for Londoners to enjoy.

Dishes are complex yet delicious. A tasting menu is made of a 5-course taster alongside pairing drinks; a vegetarian option is also available.

Sundays at 12.51 are for sampling the Sunday roast menu. Options are, Beef dripping roast potatoes and Horseradish cream, among others.

The space is brightly lit but cosy and is great for indulging in well-curated drinks of your liking. Wines, bourbons, and soft drinks are in plenty.

Sandia Watermelon Margarita, a favourite among other cocktails, will put a smile on your face as you unwind.

Is there an extraordinary girl (or woman) in your mind? Look through the ‘princess of treats’ option for something special for them.

14. Rosa’s Thai Angel

Location: 6 Theberton Street, Islington, London, N1 0QX

Contact: 020 3393 2482


Is your palate craving the best Thai in town? Look no more; Rosa’s café will take care of you. All meals are prepared with an authentic Thai touch.

Here, you are introduced to honey-marinated pork skewers or crispy prawns, etc., to kick start your Thai experience. A dish of pasta or sweet and sour Chicken could follow.

The design is lovely, making it a gorgeous spot for a date, and the sharing platter emphasizes this. This neat eatery is also friendly to kids and those with Coeliac (tip. Inform the waiters before ordering.)

Enjoy both mild and tongue-numbing spicy curries as you prepare for tasty wines. A finely mixed cocktail glass is another way to wash your taste buds for another round- because, at Rosa’s, you just can’t have enough.

15. Llerena Iberico Tapas Bar

Location: 167 Upper Street, N1 1US London.

Contact: +44 (0) 2077049977

Visit website


This is yet another modern Spanish eatery best known for its delicious Iberico pork and ham.

Most delicacies are meat or ham based, but tapas are more inclined toward vegetables- and the selection is wide. You get to experience the Spanish feeling in Angel with every bite of their delicious cheese.

Sitting is set in two styles: counter sitting, which is pleasant for solo visitors, and banquette, superb for a communal touch. The well-lit interior completes the interior decor.

Service is prompt, and the waiters are lovely; this makes you comfortable enough to devour the mouthwatering roasted Ibericos. Cold cuts and a gracious selection of cheeses are on the menu too.

Chefs are good with the ingredients, and they bring out balanced flavours in the best tapas you could ever have. This leaves your taste buds confused and wanting more.

A lot can’t be said about this joint because it speaks for itself. However, a single visit will make you come back for more.

16. Radici

Location: 30 Almeida Street, London, N1 1AD

Contact: 020 7354 4777

Visit website.


For modern Italian dishes, feel free to set foot through the wide doors of Radici. Do you see all that space? And the rustic yet lovely tables? That’s where you are going to enjoy all the greatness from.

This laid-back eatery-and-bar atmosphere is charming. The menu gives you a taste of Southern Italy with every option you sample.

At Radici, you can have it all, from the A La Carte to brunch and drinks. So enjoy the signature pasta, the mouthwatering small plates, and the pizza is to die for.

Meals are prepared using the traditional tandoor-styled ovens giving birth to exquisite dishes rich in flavour. Sharing meal plats have been designed for groups to bring closeness and intimacy.

One thing that stands out is getting the best treatment whenever you dine here. Kids are also welcome, and the Bambini menu is specially made to make them feel loved.

Prepared your belly and that of your family members for a fun-filled Sunday feast made especially for families. There are private dining spaces, outside terraces, and a wine room, ideal for meetings and downing an Aspromonte- or a Prosecco away from the kids.

This not-so-big Italian spot is truly a charm.

17. Gallipoli café & Bistro

Location: 120 Upper St, Upper Street, Islington London N1 1QP.

Contact: 020 7359 1578.

Visit website


This is another fantastic find in Angel for authentic Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. It is located just a few minutes away from the Islington tube station and moments away from Angel.

Here you can have it all: from meat dishes to heart-warming seafood varieties, wines, and cocktails, among others. If you are looking to surprise your palate with foreign flavours, you can go for a full course meal starting from delicious bread and cap it with fine desserts.

The meats and seafood are delicious; they are chargrilled to bring out the flavours.  Salmon and king prawn stand out in the seafood option- their heart-warming Chicken Gallipoli is a star among the meats.

Standards at this sparkling eatery exceeded my expectation, and the menu is considerate. I couldn’t recommend the Full Meze enough; the portions of each piece were generous and sufficient to fill groups of twos and fours.

Their Lamb Grilled Kofte will knock your socks right off; that’s why it’s Gallipoli’s heart winner.

A varied array of drinks from wines, whiskeys, and cocktails are available to quench your thirst. The staff is lovely, just like this eatery. You might spend the whole afternoon and evening in this beautiful spot without realizing it.


There you have it, foodies, the mentioned restaurants are the best within the Islington and Angel area. You can delight yourself in cuisines inspired by different heritages around the world.

Of course, the prices and atmospheres are also different; some are perfect for official meetings, romantic dates, and casual hanging out spots. That is why I recommend you sample a good number-or all of them.

The good thing about Islington and Angel is that they have a lot of beautiful and fun places you can visit, like pubs, bars, gyms, spas, wellness centers, and salons.

You can check out some of these places if you have the time. Have a fun-filled experience.

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