21 Exquisite Hotels of Mayfair in 2022

At Winterville, we only bring in the best views and places to enjoy. However, if you would like to go out to one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in London, Mayfair is the best.

Mayfair is vibrant, lively and elegant. Here we show you the best hotels in Mayfair.

1. Brown’s hotel

Browns hotel


It’s the ideal spot if you like the historic avenues to enjoy.

Here you have one of the best luxury 5* hotels in Mayfair. It’s one of the best hotels that Rocco Forte owns, and it’s nestled at the heart of Mayfair. They have historically been known for great personalities.

You’ll love the masterclass of elegance, and they offer the perfect blend of colours. Other than that, you will like the bespoke paintings. Notice that browns hotel is one of London’s oldest hotels.

Coming to this hotel means giving you access to one of the most beloved hotels among dignitaries. The suites, in this case, will provide you with a living room and a marble bathroom.

Notice that they have a formal Italian restaurant and that it also has an iconic tea room. So when you’re looking for English tea rooms, you will like them in this hotel. They have about 33 suites for the treats, and 82 spaces abound.

They are all bout getting you to enjoy the hotel to like the artwork on the walls. Notice then that you’ll have the intimate spot if you need it.

Phone: +44 20 7493 6020

Address: 33 Albemarle St, London W1S 4BP, United Kingdom

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2. Stafford London

Stafford London


Are you one who likes private hotels? Then, this is one of the best places you can go to. It gives you a relaxed vibe, and you can also enjoy your time in the hotel.

Just minutes away from Mayfair landmarks and the vibrant west end, this is another one of the best 5-star hotels. Its also tucked away in the heart of St James Mayfair, making it strategically placed and easy to access.

Notice that it also has elegant rooms and suites with the best interior design. Going into the hotel makes it easy to have fun or an intimate setting. You’ll enjoy the fact that the place has an award-winning restaurant.

If all you would like is to make the British meals, this is the place to go. In addition, they also have about 380 years old wine cellars. It’s the oldest wine cellar in the world. They also have a quirky American style cocktail bar for you to enjoy.

You have all the different kinds of amenities, including the best gym for you to get your workout in.

Phone: +44 20 7493 0111

Address: 16-18 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1NJ, United Kingdom

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3. Mermaid Suite

Mermaid Suite

If you are looking for an excellent 3-star hotel, you can have it in this hotel. It has a great restaurant that you can go to. Notice then that you’ll have it off oxford street and of course, you have the restaurant at the heart of the fashionable space of London.

When you are looking for a continental breakfast, you’ll enjoy the contemporary class style. However, if all you need is a bed and breakfast treat, you should go to this hotel. They offer the best.

They have a casual Italian restaurant that offers partial dining. You’ll have it in the heart of fashionable Westend.

Phone: +44 20 7629 1875

Address: 3-4 Blenheim St, London W1S 1LA, United Kingdom

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4. Mayfair townhouse

Mayfair townhouse


Why go elsewhere when you can simply go into this witty, engaging and effortless hotel. And when you’re at the heart of Mayfair, you will notice it’s the one spot to go to.

It’s a stylish, imaginative home of the 18th-century luxurious hotel with some of the best social amenities. Notice then that you’ll have the posh bar and the perfect gym for its fun. The best part is that they offer 24/7 service.

They offer the best breakfast meals to go out and have fun. You have it set on the Georgian townhouse. Notice then that they have it set on one of London’s brightest neighbourhoods.

Sometimes you want to receive a high-end hotel, and the great thing is you’ll have it even in this hotel.

The great thing then is that it’s readily accessible from the underground station. Notice that it’s close to Buckingham Palace. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a convivial setting.

Phone: +44 20 8138 3400

Address: 27-41 Half Moon St, London W1J 7BG, United Kingdom

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5. Hotel cafe royal

Hotel cafe royal


When you like the safe and welcoming environment, cafe royal is all about making your memorable time. So whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor dining, they will make it for you to enjoy.

When you’re looking for a place to enjoy the different treats, this is the best place to go. The hotel is again one of the oldest standing ones. It’s set in the 1865 building. Notice that this fantastic hotel borders the vibrant and sophisticated Mayfair and Soho.

One thing that stands out is that they have high-end shops, and the hotel boasts of the best spa and bars. In addition, you’ll enjoy it since you can have the early check-in and late check-out after 3 pm.

It’s one of the best five-star hotels you can go to too. Notice that they offer the best spa and a sauna if you like to enjoy it. They offer the best food and atmosphere, but the rooms will get you wanting to come back again and again.

Not only will you be having an experience of your life, but you’ll also enjoy that it’s a valuable place.

Phone: +44 20 7406 3333

Address: 10 Air St, London W1B 4DY, United Kingdom

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6. Intercontinental Hotel park lane London

Intercontinental Hotel park lane London


It’s not only a global sensation for no reason. It’s one of the best options you can go for. Even in Mayfair, it still retains its five-star standard. It makes a luxurious and relaxing base to go.

It also has some of the most elegant shops you should go to. Notice then that the hotels also view London’s royal parks.

What kind of food would you like to try? They’ll deliver the rustic Italian cuisine as you enjoy the view of the Wellington arch too. It’s an upscale hotel that you will find in Buckingham Palace.

IHL is the epitome of luxury, and of course, you will also have the Royal Park. But, understand that it makes you want to enjoy it since it’s an award-winning place.

It has two restaurants for you to go to and enjoy all the different foods and a cocktail lounge, a spa, and an exercise place. It’s one of the places that deliver the best meals and luxurious experiences.

The hotel stands out for being in a great location and readily accessible.

Phone: +44 20 7409 3131

Address: One Hamilton Place, Park Ln, London W1J 7QY, United Kingdom

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7. Chesterfield Mayfair

Chesterfield Mayfair


This is another excellent hotel with 94 rooms, and they also have 16 suites that make the luxury accommodation.

This hotel is located in Berkeley Square, London. If not for anything, you’ll like this place because they allow you to step into the marble lobby. They offer a warm and personalised service too.

They offer a tranquil haven from the bustle on the outside. When you want to relax and regroup, strategies are the best place to go. Notice that this place is at the bond street, where you have several other great places to see and enjoy.

It’s located in the exclusive Mayfair place, and you will have all the different kinds of food, including the afternoon tea, dinner, brunch and such like meals.

You will have a warm, tranquil environment to enjoy the time at the palate.

Address: 35 Charles St, London W1J 5EB, United Kingdom

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8. The Beaumont hotel

The Beaumont hotel


The Beaumont Hotel is the best when looking for an independent place with a 5-star hotel. Most of the guests, in this case, will relax in the luxurious rooms, making it the best place to go.

They also have the 24 hr gym and a spa where you’ll go for the best meals when you need to.

They also have two elegant bars for you to go to when you need to, and the lounge bar is also a great place to go. Notice that this building is then set in the state-of-the-art deco building.

If you like food that tastes like French cuisine, then you should consider this restaurant. It’s a fabulous location, and they have a super friendly staff that will serve you.

It’s about 7 minutes away from bond street and hyde park. Its located in the superb Mayfair place.

Address: 8 Balderton St, Brown Hart Gardens, London W1K 6TF, United Kingdom

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9. The Dorchester

The Dorchester


Here is another one of the best five-star hotels. It’s London’s most iconic hotel, giving you the perfect views and food. Moreover, it’s strategically set just close to Mayfair.

They also have another opulent lounge where you can have afternoon tea. In addition, they have a Cantonese restaurant and a British grill for you to enjoy the different meals. Notice then that you can sleep deeply.

The new rooms will give you the dream to start a new day on a high note. The hotel overlooks Hyde Park, a few miles away from the bond street. This luxurious hotel gives all the relaxation features, and the food you eat is fantastic.

Address: 53 Park Ln, London W1K 1QA, United Kingdom

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10. 45 park lane

45 park lane


It’s a chic contemporary and sophisticated hotel about 7 minute walk from Hyde Park. Also, it’s about 15 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. It’s one of the vibrant and best 5-star hotels in London.

This luxurious hotel makes the perfect hotel for business meetings and leisure too. It allows you to relax as much as you would need. In addition, it’s the one hotel that will ensure the service delivery is top-notch.

If you take the higher floors of the hotel, then you will enjoy the panoramic view of London. The rooms are perfect, giving you the utmost relaxation, but their food is artistic. Try their grass-fed Angus and lobster, or go for the perfect grilled steak meats.

This boutique hotel will offer the grand hotel experience to all.

Address: 45 Park Ln, London W1K 1PN, United Kingdom

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11. Flemings Mayfair hotel

Flemings Mayfair hotel


This is another great five-star boutique hotel that you will find about 3 minutes walk from the green tube station. It’s also about an 8mins walk from Buckingham Palace. They have 129 high-end rooms and offer the perfect experience in the suites.

All the rooms they have here contain the amenities to make your stay easy and perfect. This hotel is not only about the excellent service but rather great food and the ambient environment too.

They are known for delivering high-quality service, and of course, you would expect that of a five* hotel.

This posh boutique hotel is perfect exclusive, and stylish too. It’s more of a Georgian townhouse, making it the ideal space to go. You will like that they offer the best contemporary meals in the best locations too.

They also offer unmatched food service and the perfect views too. So whether holding your parties or even seasonal birthday events, you can have the perfect treat in this space.

Address: 7-12 Half Moon St, London W1J 7BH, United Kingdom

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12. COMO Metropolitan hotel

COMO Metropolitan hotel


This is another hotel just about a minute away from Hyde Park, and it further has the different bars and restaurants surrounding it. COMO is a posh hotel with a chic and sleek marble facade allowing all to go.

When you are looking for another trendy boutique hotel, you have it in this hotel. First, you will enjoy the Nobu dining option, where they serve Japanese Peruvian food. For breakfast, though, they set it in the bright breakfast room.

Besides they also have a luxurious spa and fitness centre features. This hotel aims to welcome its guests to the whole society. Here they appreciate the nature and service of the hotel industry without being too much.

Address: 19 Old Park Ln, London W1K 1LB, United Kingdom

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13. The Biltmore Mayfair

The Biltmore Mayfair


Here you have the hotel that they set on the prestigious Grosvenor square. It offers an opulent style of accommodation. In addition, the hotel is just 7 minutes walk from the bond street tube station. So if you intend to explore London, Biltmore is the best hotel to stay in.

You’ll have the Michelin starred chef perfect for making the best meals. It offers delightful dining options for you and all to enjoy. A walk into the hotels shows you that they are keen to detail in this hotel.

Step into the hotel and be sure to have an exceptional experience. You can be sure they have over 250 rooms, which are also great. Additionally, they also have different suites for all to enjoy. Therefore, the dining options they give to you are out of the ordinary.

Whether it’s the meetings or the different events, you’ll like it.

Address: 44 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HP, United Kingdom

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13. The athenaeum hotel

The athenaeum hotel


Here you have another one of the best five-star hotels to go to. It’s a luxurious hotel that offers award-winning customer service. The hotel is set in Green Park, and you will love the swanky hotel that is also just about 6 minutes from the tube station.

The five-star hotel is at the heart of Mayfair, and it’s the icon of luxury and comfort. The rooms are perfect too since they offer the best luxury too. It’s a family-run hotel that delivers the best treat. It’s one of the best hotels to go to when you have a pet.

You will have the seasonal dishes here, but they also make the perfect afternoon tea. It will further deliver the quintessential spirit of the city. It’s a luxurious private residence.

Address: 116 Piccadilly, London W1J 7BJ, United Kingdom

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14. JW Marriott Grosvenor House London

JW Marriott Grosvenor House London


Situated in the posh building of Mayfair and at park lane, it gives you the perfect space to just enjoy. Marriott hotel is also a stones throw away from the bond street, making it more accessible to the city.

This distinguished hotel will deliver the best service to you, and of course, you will like the place. It’s also a place you will go to as it’s nourishing your body. Here you also have the perfect space to go to for your fitness.

Notice then that you’re going to savour the cuisine and like the steakhouse they have. So even if you are looking for afternoon tea, you will like it here.

Address: 86-90 Park Ln, London W1K 7TN, United Kingdom

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15. The Ritz London

The Ritz London


Here is another one of the best luxury hotels. It has ornate quarters, and it will deliver the spa and dining options for you to enjoy. It’s one of the best 5* hotels that serve a large population. They will provide the best afternoon tea and other meals too.

The Ritz is all about the best symbol of the high society and luxury of the hotel. It’s also one of the best stunning hotels that give you a panoramic view of the city. It offers you a view of the green park too.

The greater thing then is that they are a business hotel that will also deliver the leisure space. The hotel is sophisticated and elegant to go.

Phone: +44 20 7493 8181

Address: 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9BR, United Kingdom

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16. Dukes hotel

Dukes hotel


We promised to show you only the best hotels, and well, Dukes also cuts off as one of the best 5* hotels. Notice that the hotel is set just 2 mins away from St. James. It’s a luxurious and sophisticated hotel.

If you like the perfect service, you’ll like it here. Again they offer the modern and stylish bedrooms they have too. Also, if you want to enjoy the Great Britain cuisine, you will enjoy it here.

They have an enthusiastic team that will deliver the perfect meals, and you will have a friendly experience.

Address: 35 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1NY, United Kingdom

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17. Hilton hotel

Hilton hotel


This is one of the largest chain stores globally, and it offers the best five-star services and amenities. The Hilton is also the best view of the hyde park. This is the perfect place about half a mile away from the green park.

This Hilton hotel has an award-winning restaurant and has the best dining. They further have the best afternoon tea too. So if you like British cuisine, then this is the place to go.

Address: 22 park lane, London W1K, 1BE, United Kingdom

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18. 44 Curzon Street by Mansley

44 Curzon Street by Mansley


Notice that they offer a serviced apartment’s elegant and charming experience, and it works best at Curzon street. Here you have the perfect city base for the holiday and business too. It will also deliver the lucky cit break.

The hotel is then set in a townhouse, and it’s the perfect space to go to just because it’s close to the green tube station. In this hotel then, you will enjoy the best experience of the hotel.

It features the best fireplace and the best experience for the best experience.

Address: 44 Curzon St, London W1J 7UG, United Kingdom

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19. The Washington Mayfair

The Washington Mayfair


When you intend to go to another luxurious 4-star hotel, you should go to this restaurant as it will offer you teh best experience. It further has an art deco facade and the hotel is about 4 minutes walk from green tube station.

You wil like the contemporary suites and rooms they have that wil get you related and enjoy the time you’re in the hotel. In addition, this restaurnt offers some of the best meals, including excellent afternoon tea.

If you would like roonm service, you wil also have it serve you right. Notice that the guests, in this case, will offer comfy beds for you to enjoy. Notice that they also provide the complete amazement of the hotel.

Address: 5 Curzon St, London W1J 5HE, United Kingdom

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20. Four seasons

Four seasons


Four seasons is another one of the best hotels globally, and they have a branch in Park lane. It’s another 5* hotel that offers the best rooms and food.

The hotel is a block from Hyde Park, and it’s an upscale hotel delivering the best features. They have a ceiling to ceiling window, giving you the perfect view of the hotel. Depending on your room, you will have either the park or the city view.

It further has the best fireplace for you to see the hotel. They have ten meeting rooms and a ballroom too. So it’s one of the best spaces to go-to for the hotel version.

Address: Hamilton Pl, London W1J 7DR, United Kingdom

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21. 9 Hertford street

9 Hertford street


Here you have another of the best 4* hotels that will serve you best. When you’re looking for luxury holiday apartments, this is the best choice to use. This hotel works to combine comfort and style, making your time here memorable.

The hotel is among the elegant townhouses, and it makes the best space to go to if you also want to explore the town. Moreover, the hotel is just 3 minutes away from hyde park. So it’s ideal for when you are looking for the best space to go.

Phone: +44 20 7491 7650

Address: 9 Hertford St, London W1J 7RJ, United Kingdom

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Most of the hotels we suggested here are luxurious fun and those that also give you the perfect views. I can’t say which one is the best because they’re all great. Check them out to find the one you like.

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