19 Outstanding Karaoke Rooms And Bars In London

Anybody who loves singing will most likely love Karaoke too. However, if you live in bustling and vibrant yet busy London, you need some break from the norm. The Karaoke is excellent because it’s going to give you exactly that.

1. Lucky voice

Lucky voice


If you love Karaoke, then I’m sure you are familiar with the Japanese karaoke-style that has already taken the world by storm. Here you will be amazed that you’ll have created the perfect space for your family to enjoy the Karaoke even at home.

Lucky voice gives you a chance to enjoy the music with your family and friends too. Just like Japanese Karaoke, the lucky voice continues to wow the people with exposure to some of the greatest music.

They also have private booths where you can create and enjoy the different music styles with your families and friends. The best part is that they have a playlist to work for all.

It further has a cocktail bar for people who enjoy cocktails to go. In this booth, you’ll have the people hitting the different notes with ease and enjoy the music.

Address: 173-174 Upper St, London N1 1RG, United Kingdom


2. Brazen monkey

And if you would like to have the perfect night with the best drinks, then you should go to this place. One thing you will like about this place is that they also offer a long list of chart-toppers.

The best part then is you’ll have enough microphones to go out and enjoy the music. they have three venues where you can go out and enjoy the drinks and music. Be informed that you will have the vibe nights too here, which makes it a fun experience.

Also, they offer the karaoke lounge with a bar ready for you to enjoy the drinks, too, if you would like to. They also have the anything-goes vibe, making it an ideal place for the different kinds of music.

So here you have the mass music, and the best part is that they also serve the Spanish menu.

Address: Cafe Koha, 10-11 St Martin’s Ct, London WC2N 4AJ, United Kingdom

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3. Karaoke hole

Karaoke hole


This is another one of the best places to go to from east London. Notice that they offer the best drag shows, but the LGBTQ community will also have as much fun in this space. If you like cocktails too, you will be enjoying them here too.

If you come to this place, you’ll enjoy the experience, especially since they’ll be on the rotation. You’ll have the best experience with the best drags around the area. It’s ideal for you if you like the mad chaos of Karaoke.

You’ll find them available almost every Friday and Saturday for the different and perfect events. They have options ready for the walk-ins and table bookings, making it the best place to be. In addition, they offer the best cocktails among other drinks of your choice.

The karaoke hole is one of the most common and affectionate places to get. Whether you are a big diva or a classic rock place, you’ll never get enough.

Phone: +44 20 7254 8860

Address: 95 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB, United Kingdom

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4. Karaoke rowans bowling

Karaoke rowans bowling


This is another one of the best places where you’ll have all your karaoke dreams coming true. The best part is that you can have the karaoke booth where you’ll enjoy the meals. In addition, they are available to make you enjoy the songs up to 3 am.

Come by to sing and enjoy the different drinks in the comfort of your home. Notice then that you can book the songs by the hour. They have five booths, allowing about 50 people to enjoy the drinks and the songs in the group fun.

Notice that it’s all about bowl drinks and singing the Karaoke. The best part is that you will have the party up and rolling in a short while.

Address: Rowans Tenpin Bowl 10 Stroud Green Road Finsbury Park London N4 2DF

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5. Rubell’s Karaoke Lounge at Huckster London

Rubells Karaoke Lounge at Huckster London


Do you like to sing? The best place you can go to sing your heart out is at huckster London but especially following this Karaoke event. Notice that they have stunning modern interiors that make you enjoy your time in this place.

They have a Karaoke lounge for the private karaoke experience. It’s ideal for those looking for large and broad audience attention. The late Rubell inspired the unique room they offer here. They are the ones who discovered studio 54 in manhattan.

This lounge is at the stairways place, which means they have it at the mezzanine level. So it comes in a different environment and is in the best place. For those who want to enjoy the other food.

6. Stokey karaoke

Stokey karaoke


This is the ideal place to go to for the different events, including birthdays. If you like to have fun and a friendly singing, then this is the best place to be. I like the creative space, especially since you’ll have a good time at night.

Here you then have the best space to enjoy the small but intimate place to enjoy the different meals and drinks, but you will enjoy the time here.

Address: 20 Stamford Hill, London N16 6XZ, United Kingdom

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7. Bao



This karaoke place became common, just while people didn’t expect them to do much. Notice that the bar works because of its Asian late night grills inspirations. Aside from that, you have a space where you will have the perfect place to go for the Karaoke event.

They also have the hatch selling delicious ice cream for you to come and enjoy. At Bao, you will have the best private KTV room to enjoy the different meals. In most cases, they will then deliver the best western and Asian music.

The great thing is that you have the best food and drinks to enjoy the best meals. In this Bao place then, you will have the presence of light and disco lights. They also have a light screen and enjoy the perfection of the music.

Notice then that they also have the best space where you can enjoy the time as you go singing with your friends.

Address: 13 Stoney Street, SE1 9AD

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8. Karaoke box

Karaoke box


This is another Karaoke place that you can go to. If not for anything, you’ll also like it for the perfect interiors. This space is the ideal place to go when you want to have the utmost fun.

They have the best place to go if you want to enjoy the different music and get energised. Moreover, they have the perfect space for other people to come to experience the best music in this place.

The karaoke box is ideal for those looking for something different. You will check their song lists if you like online before you book. You can be sure they only deliver the best bangers at any time.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to perform the best spice girls’ songs or that amazing Bryan Adams song. You will have the best place to enjoy it. Besides, they also serve different beers, wines and spirits for you to enjoy.

Adress: different boroughs of London

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9. The Old Queen’s Head

The Old Queens Head


It’s the perfect place to be when you’re looking for the best drinks to enjoy at any given time. They, however, have the perfect bright red decorations to attract more shadow palms. They’re also mountain overlaid.

They do have two rooms where you will enjoy Karaoke together. Also, whether you’re looking for the best place to hold parties and different events here.

One thing you will like then is that they offer you a comprehensive list of music for you to enjoy.

The place is much greater, especially since they’ll offer and accommodate different people. So if you want a place that will cater to varying groups, this is where you want to be.

This is a beautiful pub, but they allow you to enjoy the different Karaoke music too at Islington. So, of course, it’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the different music styles too.

Address: 44 Essex Road, N1 8LN

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10. All stars lane

All stars lane


When looking for something out of the ordinary, you can walk into this place to enjoy Karaoke with you and different friends. Although this space is famous for its bowling, Karaoke is also the icing on the cake.

They have the perfect rooms to enjoy music, and you’ll have it host up to 14 people. It’s great that you only need to choose the song and the mic for the music. Unfortunately, all-stars lane is in different boroughs, but they don’t offer Karaoke at Stratford.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the different bowling events and burgers, then this is the place you want to go to. They have a diner-style place for you to enjoy the food too. If you would like to have exposure, then the booth is going to deliver the best music.

It’s ideal for those who enjoy the American style of goodies too. But, of course, you’ll enjoy the different tunes too.

Adress; they come in different locations.

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11. The Leyton star

The Leyton star


This is the place to be when you’re looking for the best place to watch football. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the best places you can go to for a great drink and also the perfect Karaoke.

When you go there, then you’ll find another one of the karaoke spaces to go to. It’s the best Karaoke room where you can go to exercise your singing. Nonetheless, they also offer the best pub quiz and notice you’ll have enough food and drinks to enjoy your time here.

This is also one of the largest beer gardens in east London, but they offer the best space to enjoy Karaoke. Of course, you will have the best experience day and night.

Address: 116 High Rd Leyton, London E15 2BX, United Kingdom

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12. The Star of Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green

The Star of Bethnal Green Bethnal Green


No one will ever understand why the alcohol works well with Karaoke. in most cases, people think it is the east end place where you enjoy the different booze. Well, this place has a lot more than just that.

For a better treatment, you can go into the place knowing you’ll have a professional listing of songs. So it doesn’t matter whether you like the chart-toppers or the old school style, you’ll enjoy it all. Notice then that they sometimes have the best fun ever with the legendaries.

I should mention that they offer the karaoke nights from Monday to Thursday up to midnight, but then they allow karaoke fun over the weekends until about 2 am.

It’s an ideal place to go if you have a group of people who would like to enjoy it here. It’s perfect for those times when you want to enjoy the grammy worthy experience. So take a look at this place sometimes.

They offer eclectic DJ programmes too as well as clubbing opportunities.

Address: 359 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6LG, United Kingdom

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13. Bunga bunga battersea

Bunga bunga battersea


Although it’s one of the greatest spaces to go to for your favourite pizzas, this is also the best karaoke place. It’s ideal if you like to go to a trendy place because this is one of the best spaces for fun-loving options.

Here you have the modern Italian restaurant, but then they have the mics for you to enjoy the different kinds of music. Party lovers know that this place is excellent because they will offer great drinks, entertainment and food too.

They offer the best karaoke nights, and notice that they will deliver the ideal options for you to enjoy from Thursday through weekends. If you love cocktails, this will serve you best as they offer some of the best cocktails ever.

Sometimes you enjoy the different styles of pizzas, but especially since they have a one-meter long pizza, you have the fun style ones.

It features an Italian inspired restaurant that also has the Sistine chapel stairways.

Address: 37 Battersea Bridge Rd, London SW11 3BA, United Kingdom

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14. Karaoke EPOC

Karaoke EPOC


When you mention Karaoke, then somehow karaoke Epoc comes to mind. It makes it one of the best places you can go when you want to sing your heart out. Besides, they also offer a private experience for you to enjoy the different levels of singing.

Notice then that they have four rooms for you to go out and enjoy. What kinds of songs are you interested in? They allow the Japanese songs but also English and Chinese.

They also offer Karaoke songs but let’s celebrate that it is the only place offering Japanese songs.

It’s found in Soho, just behind the Japanese manga and bookstore. So go into this place for an experience of a lifetime as they offer you the dream experience.

Address: 30 Brewer St, London W1F 0SS, United Kingdom

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15. The bat and Ball

The bat and Ball


This karaoke bar makes it on the list of the best karaoke places. It’s one of the best places where you all want to have fun because it will bring you high levels of pleasure. The greatest thing then is that they offer utmost fun here.

They offer some of the best food and drinks and a space to enjoy Karaoke with the perfect experience. You’ll find the karaoke room on the two floors.

It’s also ideal if you like to play tennis. They also have about 20000 songs for you to choose from and enjoy whenever you need to. What singer would you like to channel? You have the space to go out and enjoy it all.

They also offer the DJ live performances, making it an eclectic place to go in London when you need to. At Stratford, they’ll show some of the best experiences.

Address: Westfield Stratford City, The Street, London E20 1EN, United Kingdom

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16. Sichuan Restaurant and Karaoke Bar

Sichuan Restaurant and Karaoke Bar


Who doesn’t like to enjoy Sichuan style food? Well, in this restaurant, you’ll have the best food and the space to practice your favourite tunes.

If you want to sample the authentic Sichuan cuisine in London, you can have it perfect here. They offer private karaoke parties for all interested in the fun. If you want to hold the different parties, you can when you’re in this place.

If you want to enjoy the different bubble teas, you can do so here. Other than that, you have the space to enjoy diverse musical experiences. So even if you feel like the decor is outdated, the fun here is just everything.

Address: Millenium Leisure Park, Bugsby’s Way, London SE10 0QJ, United Kingdom

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17. Hyper reality

Hyper reality


Another one of the best places to do Karaoke is at Hyperreality. It offers the perfect private space to fit ten during the karaoke events. Notice that they also provide the ideal gaming events with different PS stations to enjoy.

This is one of the spaces to go to if the only thing you need is to have fun. If you love fun, you’ll like it here, especially since they offer the best Karaoke using different languages. Notice then that they’ll allow you to enjoy the cocktails and fun if you would like to.

Address: 67 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4TT, United Kingdom

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18. The Star By Hackney Downs, Hackney Downs

The Star By Hackney Downs Hackney Downs


Notice then that you have one of the best east London pubs that offers you the perfect space for Karaoke. Here you have a trendy corner where you’ll have fun enjoying the drinks as you sing too.

They also offer the best beers as well as the trendy grubs for you to enjoy it. It is even more popular because they have numerous drink packages. Of course, if you would like to enjoy the best singing experience though you can.

Take the time to channel your best musician for the fun of it. Generally, it will offer a friendly vibe, and the fun is also turning on.

Address: 35 Queensdown Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 8NN, United Kingdom

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19. Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong


It’s the best place to go in and enjoy not just the drinks but also the food. They offer the best east Asian foods. They provide excellent nutrition but also have the suitable space to go for the Karaoke in their private rooms and the lounge.

There’s much more to entertain you, especially since they also have karaoke systems. So all you need to do is book a room and order your favourite drink or meal. You’ll have as much fun as you need to.

Besides, you’ll enjoy singing your heart out here. Again, you can enjoy the different and latest songs if you need to. Notice then that they allow you to sing your heart out here.

Address: 27 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AG, United Kingdom

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There you go with the list of different places you can go to for Karaoke when in London. In fact the ones we mentioned here are the best so you can choose whichever to go.

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