15 Best Halal Restaurants In Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is fast-paced, vibrant, full of life, and welcoming the different ages. A foodie like me knows that great restaurants make a great city.

Well, Canary wharf being all-inclusive, has all the different restaurants. So today, we look at the best halal restaurants in canary wharf.

1. Hazev restaurant


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If you are after the very best choices, then this Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant is the place to go.

I find water bodies so calming and well; this restaurant is set on the waterfront, making it the best option.

The restaurant offers a stylish bar, elegant-looking restaurant, and even a quick-serve cafe.

They serve the best Mediterranean Anatolia cuisine. And then this is at the heart of dockland Canary wharf.

You will find the Turkish wines and the premium spirits in the bar to make your meal even better.

You can come in at any time, and they serve even the classic Turkish breakfast. You will enjoy the grilled meats and fish.

Finding this restaurant is everything because you know it’s not very common to find halal cafes and restaurants.

The good this is that Hazev is open seven days a week. Whenever you want to go out for a meal, go for the experience at Hazev.

Phone: +44 20 7515 9467

Address: Discovery Dock Apartments West, 2 S Quay Square, London E14 9RT, United Kingdom

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2. Lemon grass kitchen

When you go in to take a meal, you will feel like you may have just eaten in someone’s house.

This restaurant has managed to scoop a large clientele and customer base. Notice that you will have hot and cold foods.

Their food stands out, especially since they make everything in-house. They aim to make it seem like the food you have at home. So whether you want to eat the satays, soups, or curries, you will have it right in this restaurant.

They like using all the fresh ingredients to make the food, thus making this restaurant the best for great meals.

What makes it even better is that the food they make is Halal.

If you like pan Asian meals, you can enjoy the spicy Asian style meal options also halal.

Phone: +44 20 7537 9392

Address: Unit 5, South Quay Plaza, 185 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH, United Kingdom

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3. Byblos harbour


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It stands out as one of the best Lebanese restaurants, and you can be sure to find the best food and panoramic views. So when all you want is authentic Lebanese meals, this is the place to go.

You will find it in the dockland vicinity, making it even easier to access. They are famous for producing some of the best meals further healthy and memorable. They are all obsessed with bringing just the best flavors to you.

Here you will also find some of the best middle eastern meals, and of course, if you need halal, you have it here.

I have always enjoyed the Lebanese purees, and you can be sure to have the best dips here.

They offer some of the best meals on the menu to enjoy, and they will make it easy to wow your taste buds. It’s all about the freshness and all the great meals too.

Phone: +44 20 7538 4882

Address: The Waterfront, 40 Westquay Walk, London E14 9DH, United Kingdom

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4. Temple lounge

This place then serves the same best meals and drinks, and the best thing is that they are all halal again. As you would expect, they serve middle eastern cuisine, which is always halal. However, not many people know it as it’s a hidden gem.

You’ll like the food and the beautiful terrace that allows you to enjoy the outside view. So whenever you crave the mouthwatering halal Lebanese and Indian food, this is where to go.

The bar will give you excellent food and the perfect place to rest after a hard day’s work. This is the place to go for it for those who like shisha, and the food is exquisite.

Generally, they do serve Arabic and Asian cuisine. You know that means the food is tasty.

Don’t worry; you will find them easily here if you also need the delicious wraps and other meal options.

Phone: +44 20 7005 0862

Address: West India Quay, Hertsmere Rd, London E14 4AF, United Kingdom

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5. Moira restaurant


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This is another Turkish restaurant offering halal food to its community. Whenever you want authentic Turkish cuisine, then make sure you go to this restaurant as they will never disappoint.

If you like most the Mediterranean dishes, this is the best place to go.

Besides, the restaurant is readily accessible, and you will enjoy going there for your perfect meal options.

Of course, it’s better for you if you want to eat vegetarian meal options. Nonetheless, they offer richly flavored meal options to enjoy at different times.

It’s available in London’s financial district, making it one of the best and most ideal places. The food is perfect for eating, and it will get you enjoying the flavors.

Phone: +44 20 7538 9001

Address: 2 Mastmaker Rd, London E14 9AW, United Kingdom

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6. Chai ki


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Sometimes you want to go into a classic design restaurant. Chai ki will never disappoint as they bring you the best menu for different meal settings.

They focus on making the traditional and modern ways of cooking Indian cuisine. It’s one of the best places to have halal meals.

For those days when you want to eat the modern chaats and masala, then you can come to this restaurant.

Consider trying their chicken wings too, and you will like them because they offer only the best flavors.

In addition, if you like, you can eat the buttered chicken and naan that is typical Indian but also halal.

Have you tried jackfruit biriyani? They make the very best that will get you wowed all the time.

When you are looking for drinks, it’s good to mention that they also make tasty non-alcoholic drinks.

Phone: +44 20 7516 0444

Address: Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR, United Kingdom

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7. Bokan


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It can be hard to figure out a halal restaurant, but you find it when you know where to look. Bokan offers halal food sometimes. This is the other perfect destination restaurant, but they also have a bar and rooftop grill.

I should mention that if you have a function, then you should order such halal food 48 hours before time.

You see, you will need to come here expecting to spend a little more, but the food is perfect. Usually, you can prepay for your meal if you strictly want halal food.

If you are a walk-in, though, you should order the chicken breast as it’s the only meat that is already halal.

It can be too much to order the food 48 hrs before when you choose to go to another restaurant and find halal foods ready. But if you like to eat here then make the order in advance.

This restaurant is on the 37th floor, and it will deliver the best meals that the chef makes. If you like French cuisine, you will love this a lot more.

Phone: 020 3530 0550

Address: Floor 37-39, 40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP

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8. Plateau Canada water

When talking of some of the best restaurants in Canary wharf, Plateau will be cut as one of them. If you like skyscrapers, then the Canary Wharf is the best place. It gives you the New York vibe too.

Plateau Canada water restaurant will deliver not just halal foods but also the perfect view. It’s ideal if you would like to enjoy the food and the view. The menu is versatile and caters to our Muslim friends.

It doesn’t matter because you can find the best options even if you want to eat vegan food. Of all things, though, I like the fish meals; they never disappoint. You will eat the freshest fish in London here.

Suppose you like steak though you can also enjoy it here and all of this is at a very reasonable price. Regardless if you have an event and would like to make it particular, order the halal food 72hours before.

Phone: 020 7715 7100

Address: 4th Floor, Canada Place, London E14 5ER

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8. Quartier Moorgate



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And when we are talking fo some of the best restaurants with a view, you want to go to Quartier. This is set on the rooftop for you to enjoy the outside dining.

But, sometimes, you wish for the classy dining experience even when you’re going for the halal.

If you are looking for a place to host private dining or corporate dining, this is the place to go. It will even give you the perfect setting for engagement and anniversaries.

Whether you want to eat vegan or vegetarian, this is the best place to go.

Like the two options above, you will find it easy to preorder the meats if you need halal treats. Besides, you’ll enjoy the place because the meals are very affordable.

Phone: +44 20 7392 9410

Address: 1 Dysart St, London EC2A 2BX, United Kingdom

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9. Kinkao


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Sometimes you are just craving the Thai meals. The best place for such meal options is this restaurant, especially when you want halal food. They serve the meals in the light and open dining rooms.

They serve the food in the perfect riverside venues. The place is nicely beautiful and ready to make the ideal place for halal meats. They are all about the friendly service and delicious food on the east side of London.

If you like beer, you should try Thai beer too, as it will get you to enjoy the drinks and the food. You will also appreciate the flavors of these meals.

Phone: +44 20 7987 7999

Address: 8-42 Saint Davids Square Lockes Wharf, Westferry Rd, London E14 3WA, United Kingdom

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10. Ayanna


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This is the best place to go when you’re looking for Jamaican flavors that also deliver halal meals.

Most people like the restaurant to bring in the Caribbean flavors with the European flavors.

Anyone who tried their jerk chicken sings praise for them being one of the best places you can go to.

You will find all the delicious meals that get you and your guests on the table quiet when you go here.

When you are looking for halal meals, this is the place to go as it will get you enjoying the day or night. The fact that they offer friendly service makes it better.

Address: Lumina Building, 2 Yabsley Street, Greater London E14 9RG

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11. Zabardast

This is another one of the best Indian restaurants that you can go to. This full halal restaurant makes it the perfect space to go if you only want halal meals.

This restaurant has always served the best halal meals for ages. They have the best meals too, with my best choice being jackfruit biryani.

If you would like to enjoy the food that feels like you have taken it from home, this is the place to go.

The great thing is that it’s halal and very healthy options of meals they offer for you to enjoy. Here you will experience a blend of culture and the religious sides of Indians to make the best meals.

Have you tried their wraps because it’s one of the best meals they serve?

Phone: +44 20 7515 5046

Address: 14 Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE, United Kingdom

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12. The Madina grill


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For most of us, the steak house is the best place to go.

Nothing makes it much better than they even offer you the halal grilled meats. So whenever you crave the halal steak, you should visit this restaurant. Besides, you will also enjoy the flavors of the grilled meats they seek to deliver to you.

Nothing beats the feeling of eating juicy halal steaks or even biryani when you visit Madina.

It’s the best place to go-to for the halal burgers in London if you need to. Also, try their peri-peri chicken for the perfect experience too.

The fact that you have the halal meats makes it ideal for those quarter chicken you may be craving.

Just go out to this restaurant for your favorite halal meats when you need to.

Phone: +44 20 7093 2525

Address: 263 E India Dock Rd, London E14 0EG, United Kingdom

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13. Goodman canary wharf


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It’s set strategically on the river, and you know it’s easy to access it from Canary wharf. It’s the best place for when you want the perfect steaks, too, especially since it’s halal.

Consider ordering Canadian steaks for the ideal treatment of halal meats.

We all love the great flavors, and you will enjoy the blend you get with the veggies. You will appreciate their mac n cheese too. I mean, the food is all great.

Phone: +44 20 7531 0300

Address: 3 S Quay Square, London E14 9RU, United Kingdom

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14. Rainbo food


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I know this is another spot you will enjoy the different dumplings, but they make some of the best halal meals is significant.

But, of course, you want halal cuisine, and I’m here to bring all the best options for you to try.

At rainbow, don’t eat every meat because only chicken is halal here. Regardless, you will find the best dumplings that are also in their halal nature.

If you like teriyaki, you will also enjoy the meals. Here you will also have the same Tokyo-like street food.

It will amaze you that they offer different foods with perfect flavors to wow your palates.

Phone: +44 7771 977129

Address: The Wharf Kitchen 2 Lower Mall Jubilee Place, London E14 5NY, United Kingdom

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15. Bird canary wharf

This is a chicken restaurant, and of course, the chicken they sell in this place is halal, making it ideal for all your Islam friends. If you like fried chicken, you should consider taking it from this restaurant.

Why wouldn’t you visit Bird Canary Wharf? The great thing, though, is it you can also have vegan and vegetarian meals here. The ingredient combination makes it the best-tasting recipe.

You will like them just because they also deliver a genuine menu, and you’re sure only to have authentic and tasty meats from these restaurants.

Phone: +44 20 3946 6070

Address: Jubilee Place Unit 3, Wharf Kitchen, London E14 5NY, United Kingdom

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Well, Canary Wharf doesn’t have many halal restaurants but it does have some of the best options.

The 15 options we have shown you are perfect for your halal meals. I like going to Hazev restaurant since it offers delicious halal meals.

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