13 Best Gyms In Canary Wharf

With the growing population in Canary wharf, there are different services spots requirements.

Just as there are many eating and fun places, fitness spaces are fast catching up. Today there are various gyms on Canary wharf.

This article seeks to show you the best Gyms to join and get your fitness to the highest level you would need.

Best gyms in canary wharf

1. Third space

This is readily accessible, especially for those who like to go in after a hard day. It’s set at the heart of Canada square.

It’s one of the best and most luxurious health clubs. It will get you kicking in any workout you need.

If you need training, this is also the place to go because they make it easy. They have up to 300 classes per week for you to choose the best classes to join.

Also, the Third space takes up the three floors in the building, allowing you to lose yourself within 100000 square feet.

Going in means, you never miss the equipment to use just because they have 500 pieces of equipment for you to use.

Besides, you can get in the 23 meters pool to get your swim workout. In addition, I like a cycling studio that you will also find here.

When talking of a luxurious gym, then this is it. Even the changing room will give you that hotel vibe.

They also have a rock climbing spa, personal trainers, and, of course, a restaurant to serve healthy foods.

Phone: +44 20 7970 0900

Address: Third Space Canary Wharf, 16-19 Canada Square, London E14 5ER, United Kingdom

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2. Nuffield Health Canary Wharf Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

When you need a modern gym, then this is the place to go. You’ll get it right when you want to get the cardio machines, free weights, and extended training workout times.

You will also enjoy the 25-meter swimming pool, especially since it’s heated.

People like this gym place, mainly because it’s accessible on Canary wharf. It doesn’t matter if you are new to workouts or a pro athlete; you will like it in this gym. Unlike some gyms here, you are sure to find a clean setup and environment.

Coming to this space gets you psyched up to work out because of the perfect lighting. In addition, they have a health and fitness membership.

In this case, the team will guide and help you get the most out of the events.

Phone: +44 20 7888 2424

Address: 1 Cabot Square, London E14 4QJ, United Kingdom

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3. PureGym London Canary Wharf

When you have the fitness goals you want to achieve, you need the perfect space. So I like that this is readily accessible and about a 1min walk from the museum of London docklands.

The best part, then, is that it remains open 24/7. This gives you the leeway to choose a convenient time.

Besides, they will give your a flexible and no-contract membership to get the most while not overspending.

Here all are welcomed as we all want to get fit and healthy, you know. Are you just starting, in the middle lane, or an expert?

You will like it here with the assistance you get. They have all the gear you need to attain your fitness goals.

The place is, in fact, safe to get you trained even in the middle of the night. They have over 220 pieces of cutting-edge equipment to get you to attain your fitness goals. The pure gym also has over 50 classes that you can join to work out.

Enjoy both the cardio and core workouts here.

Address: 5 Hertsmere Rd, London E14 4AN, United Kingdom

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4. Virgin active

Here you have another one of the most luxurious gyms in London. It’s completed with a spa complex, and you will also have the club relaxation lounge.

Let’s not even forget their pristine pool that will get you enjoying the 20m swimming pool workout.

It stands out for owning state-of-the-art equipment to achieve your fitness goals attained. Did I also mention that it’s immaculately clean?

The perfect thing about it then is that they set it in the supreme location, and it further has the waterfront views. Notice that this gym also overlooks the Thames.

If you want to practice your strokes, you will do it comfortably in this gym. You’re spoilt for choice for those who need to join classes as they offer an array of courses. Of all things, then it’s also perfectly connected and easily accessible.

Phone: +44 20 8124 4112

Address: Riverside, West Ferry Circus Canary Wharf, Canary, London E14 8RR, United Kingdom

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5. Barrys London Canary wharf


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This is the sixth Barrys gym across London. It’s the perfect location for those who have a fast-paced life.

So again, when you need to shake your body after a crazy day at work, you go out to this studio.

What kind of workout are you looking for? You will have your body kicked in with whichever activity you choose.

They are spoilt for choice with the amenities you can use to get the workout in quickly.

If you would like to get a trainer, you will find the perfect one-on-one training here. Here It’s all about the super cleanliness and enough space to get your workout done.

So you see, this is your global destination for achieving fitness goals.

Phone: +44 20 3928 2804

Address: 1 Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR, United Kingdom

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6. Hybrid fitness


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When you’re talking about fitness, this is the place to go because it’s not your regular gym.

Whatever you need to get the body kicked in, they have and not forgetting, ample space to enjoy the workout.

This is strategically set in the canary wharf to make sure you enjoy the workout even after work.

Coming to this center will show you that they deliver world-class training. It will amaze you that you have passionate individuals to go work out with.

I should mention that you’ll have the state of the art facilities too and you will benefit a lot more from the regular workouts.

This means that you will have the traditional activities set in if you like, but also, you can have the high-end features with ease.

This is the perfect place with the perfect price points too.

Phone: +44 20 3931 9300

Address: Stratus Point, 9 Harbour Wy., London E14 9YN, United Kingdom

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7. Body reform


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Anyone looking for a high-end gym experience is allowed to try this place. Other than that, body reforms offer you a personalized trained gym experience. It’s also one of the few luxurious options for gyms around.

Don’t forget that they only offer you the state of the art equipment to enjoy the gym experience.

Also, they understand that your body type is different, unlike most other places. This means there’s a workout suiting only you.

The trainers from this gym will work with you to deliver the particular fitness goal or plan. So you will even have the nutrition plan with the personal training too.

So if you want a place where you will have the trainer factor in the stress levels, the goals, and the body type, then Body reform it is.

Also, if you like the circuit training classes, you will like them here. Make sure to reach Cabot square on time.

Phone: +44 20 3200 2084

Address: Cabot Square, London E14 4QT, United Kingdom

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8. Sweat clubs


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Here are another one of the state-of-the-art studios for fitness. The policy here then is to pay to train.

If you like the five-star rated personal trainer, you should visit this studio. The essence of the gym is to make sure even the busy professionals get the exercise in.

They will make it easy for you to train and then attain the perfect nutritional goals. You will like it as it’s just about a 5 min walk from the canary wharf tube. You can even come in after a busy day at work.

If you like the challenges, you will love this place. Their 6-week challenge will leave you looking and feeling different, you know.

In addition, you have minimal time, but if you want to get the workout in, then this is the place to go. They ensure you sweat and have the high endorphins for the day.

Address: 123, Cannon Workshops, 3 Cannon Dr, London E14 4AS, United Kingdom

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9. JP Morgan fitness center


For those interested in health and fitness, this is the place to go. Here the focus, though, is on personal training.

The personal trainer will get you to want to do more to attain your body goals.

The great thing is with the trainers here; you will be doing it all to make sure you attain the goals comfortably.

They will give you the whole package to achieve all of your goals all at once, making you enjoy fitness too.

You will also like that they have the best location and view, making it fun to attain your goals. It’s all about the top-notch fitness when you come to this place.

Address: 25 Bank St, London E14 5JP, United Kingdom

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10. Fortitude fitness

Here you have a group of people looking to attain the highest level of fitness and strength. Of course, it’s ideal if you need a coach, too, as they have high-level coaches.

If you would like to take the cross fit and strength classes, you are at the right place for the same.

Fortitude is all about giving you the perfect result with the ideal coaching. There’s the belief that when you reach the goal, you will need a program that works to deliver just that.

There’s the belief then that fitness is a mindset, nutrition, and the effort you put in. Other than that, you will love the environment, making you enjoy the workout. You will have the perfect facility to offer excellent training.

Phone: +44 20 7531 6575

Address: 178 Cannon Workshops, 3 Cannon Dr, London E14 4AS, United Kingdom

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11. Reece mander fitness gym

This is another space to go to when you’re looking for the best personal trainer to attain your fitness goals.

The experts work to make sure you reach the goal to lose weight or even gain muscle and strength.

It’s the perfect choice for most ladies, making it easy to attain the body they once dreamed of.

But, then, you reach even the best shape of your life through this. They’re all about achieving the highest level of fitness.

If you have the part of your body that you don’t like very much, then this will make it easy for you to make it perfect.

Reece mander is all about getting you back to shape and gaining back control of your body.

Phone: +44 20 7987 7717

Address: Westferry Studios, Milligan St, London E14 8AS, United Kingdom

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12. Delta fitness

Here you have another one of the best personal trainer studios for the fitness you need. If you also like the personalized training, this place will deliver that.

They understand that we are all different, which means we need different things from the gym.

They have personalized fitness for you to attain your body goals. So they will help you achieve your goal in their fitness place. However, if you would like to go for the prenatal or postnatal workout, then it’s the best place still.

Believe it, though, that it’s just enough space for you to get in the workout needed for your body type. They will even make the perfect therapist after treatment.

Phone: +44 7570 326844

Address: 41 Westferry Rd, London E14 8JH, United Kingdom

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13. Crossfit 1864


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Here you will have it easy to develop your fitness goals. Its located in a popular business park and is very close to Canary wharf. When you wish to attain the healthiest, fittest body, go to this gym for the perfect features.

The greatest thing then is that it doesn’t matter your fitness level; you will get it right here. So join the group to reach the perfect body goals.

Phone: +44 20 3716 0195

Address: B05 POPLAR BUSINESS PARK, 10 Preston’s Rd, London E14 9RL, United Kingdom

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Would you like to go to the gym? The list above will serve you if you’re in Canary wharf. My best gym remains Third space, but I also like to go to Body reforms sometimes. Which one do you like? Comment below.

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