36 Best Furniture Stores With Websites UK (Best For Elegant, Beautiful, & Affordable Furniture Pieces)

Moving into a new apartment or building a new house is one thing; getting the right furniture is another part of the work.

There are many furniture shops in the UK, and while doing window shopping from one physical shop to another is nice, it can be draining, and you might not cover all of them.

Thanks to online furniture shops that allow you to browse through a list of furniture that might be perfect for your apartment. The best part about these online furniture websites is the variety they offer.

You can find some of the best designs and quality furniture on these UK furniture websites. But one thing you should never forget is that there are many furniture websites out there, but not all of them have quality stuff.

So I have taken it on myself today to list some of the best Furniture websites where you will get nothing but the best.

I am sure you will find something on one of these websites that goes with your interior design. If you cannot afford new furniture within your budget, there are some cheap online shops, and secondhand furniture shops you can patronize.

Where To Buy Furniture Uk

  • 1. Tetrad
  • 2. Rose & Grey
  • 3. Myakka
  • 4. Soho Home
  • 5. Lawtons Furniture
  • 6. Cuckooland
  • 7. Fabulous Furniture
  • 8. Furniture 123
  • 9. Cox & Cox
  • 10. Maisons du Monde
  • 11. Houseology
  • 12. John Lewis
  • 13. The Cotswold Company
  • 14. Anthropologie
  • 15. Made.com
  • 16. La Redoute
  • 17. Gumtree
  • 18. Rockett St George
  • 19. M&S
  • 20. Loaf
  • 21. Urban Outfitters
  • 22. Utility Design
  • 23. Furniture At Work
  • 24. Cousins Furniture Store
  • 25. Graham & Green
  • 26. Oliver Bonas
  • 27. Nest.co.uk
  • 28. Morgan Furniture
  • 29. The White Company
  • 30. French Connection Home
  • 31. H&M Home
  • 32. Vinterior
  • 33. Tom Marsh Furniture
  • 34. Barker & Stonehouse
  • 35. Mango
  • 36. OKA

1. Tetrad

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Tetrad is one of the finest upholstery businesses in the Uk, their craftsmanship and handcrafted furniture are out of this world.

They pride themselves on customer satisfaction, ensuring that every client is satisfied with their order.


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All their chairs, stools, and sofas are meticulously handcrafted with hardwood frames and various suspension options and covered in many beautiful fabrics. So you get both quality and satisfaction from this store.

You can log onto their website and take a virtual tour of their trade showroom. They understand that furniture is more than a functional affair, it is a central feature in any room, so they endeavor to give you the best.

2. Rose & Grey

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Rose Grey


Rose and Grey have an extensive vintage and contemporary furniture and homeware collection.

They are up to date with interior trends, and their tastemakers are conversant and good at sourcing the next must-have furniture pieces.


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They are innovative and creative, and the quality of their craftsmanship is outstanding. You can be sure that any piece of furniture you buy from this store will stand the test of time.

You can get different furniture pieces from this website like textiles, lighting, faux foliage, wall art, and seating items. Their customer service is fantastic both online and in their physical location.

3. Myakka

Contact: 0345 460 3122

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This website believes that you do not have to spend a fortune on furniture as most other websites demand from clients. Instead, they sell quality furniture pieces at affordable prices.

One remarkable thing about Myakka that sets it apart from most furniture shops is the handmade crafted furniture pieces.

This gives the furniture a more personal touch and makes the furniture more unique and treasured.

These furniture and decor items are made to last; they are made with high-quality kiln, dried wood, and high-end hand-loomed rugs. Tell them what you need, and they will deliver.

4. Soho Home

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Soho Home


If you want that classic touch to your house, you need to look up Soho Homes furniture. They have been in the business for quite a while, dealing with modern interior designs.

Their furniture adds a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to your space, and you will get different types of furniture for lighting, tableware, accessories, textiles, and home fragrance.


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They have more than 30 houses worldwide and are in touch with different local designs. They also have in-house interior designers that you can work with to achieve what you want.

5. Lawtons Furniture

Company Contact: 0151 666 1269

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Lawtons Furniture


Lawton’s Furniture is the biggest retailer of discounted popular brand furniture in the UK. They have a wide range of furniture designs that you might be looking for to style you’re home.

You can get bedroom furniture pieces, dining room, occasional furniture, and three-piece suites.

The fantastic thing is that you will get beautiful furniture pieces at surprisingly lower prices than most furniture stores.

Lawtons Furniture is an agent for top furniture manufacturers like Cavendish, Vale Bridgecraft, Pinetum, Christian Harold-Telnet, etc.

If you are looking for top high street furniture at discounted prices, you should immediately visit their website.

6. Cuckooland

Company Contact: +44 (0) 1305 231 231

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When you talk of a stylish and sustainable furniture brand, Cuokooland perfectly fits the description. This furniture website is a luxury brand with some of the brightest and freshest designs and designers.

They display some of the best furniture pieces from the best designers globally, and they have an incredible team that is passionate about the furniture business.

So, if you want to have a glamorous and elegant home, you need to contact them to get some of the best furniture in the world.

7. Fabulous Furniture

Company Contact: 01253 600616

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Fabulous Furniture


Fabulous Furniture is a family business that produces furniture, and they offer a vast range of furniture pieces to pick from.

They sell home furnishing items like mirrors, occasional chairs, bar stools, dining chairs and tables, lamps, coffee tables, ornaments, chandeliers, bespoke upholstery, and funky seating.

Their furniture pieces have a touch of the retro style of the 1950s, which makes them unique and special. In addition, you will find plenty of black leather, chrome, and toughened glasses that will add beauty to your space.

They keep updating their pieces to meet new demands, which makes them attend to clients’ specific needs.

8. Furniture 123

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Furniture 123


Furniture 123 comprises a team of experienced professionals in the furniture industry, and they have used the website to improve their business.

This website has been designed to allow you to view all their elegant and beautiful furniture pieces very simply from the comfort of your home or office.

They have a collection of high-quality furniture pieces sold at low affordable prices. A fantastic thing about them is that they offer comprehensive online information about their products, so you do not have to be in doubt about what you are ordering.

9. Cox & Cox

Company Contact: 0330 333 2123

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If you are looking for unique furniture pieces that stand out from the rest, Cox & Cox is your sure bet. They specialize in a collection of unique homeware products which you won’t find elsewhere.

They encourage their clients to find their unique style, and they help you achieve this. You will find furniture pieces at this store for all tastes, with emphasis on detail and giving your home a harmonious look.

Cox & Cox are not stuck in the past with their designs; they combine tradition with new trends to yield the best results. When you visit this website, you will find inspirational furniture, storage, lighting, and accessories.

10. Maisons du Monde

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Maisons du Monde


Maisons du Monde is a furnishing and decoration store whose designs are influenced by different cultures around the globe.

You will find a wide range of decorative items and furniture to transform your interior decor. Current trends inspire most of their furniture pieces, but they do not throw away traditional ideas.

They have in-house designers who are creative and passionate, and they come up with original furniture collections for the company.

The amazing about Maisons du Monde is that their items are affordable, yet they do not tamper with style and quality.

11. Houseology

Company Contact: +44 (0)8085 015 903

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Houseology has been in the interior design and furniture industry for a while, and they have a lot of insight to offer.

Right from inception, their goal has been to demystify the process of furniture designing and make access to designer products easy and enjoyable.

They stock some of the best collections from the world’s most notable furniture brands. With a vast range of quality products, you will have no choice but to make the best design decisions for your home.

They have a team of interior designers who give you the best professional advice. This industry knowledge and ability to offer customized services set them apart from other furniture websites.

12. John Lewis

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John Lewis


John Lewis & Partners don’t just sell furniture, but they can give you expert opinions and advice about interior designs and furnishings.

This website is regarded as one of those high-end department stores, and they have branches all over the UK.


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Furniture is just one section they trade in; they sell other things like gifts, electrical materials, and children’s items.

Unlike some departmental stores that might sell low-quality stuff, John Lewis & Partners sells some of the best quality furniture pieces throughout the UK.

13. The Cotswold Company

Company Contact: 0333 200 1725

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The Cotswold Company 1


The Cotswold Company is a furniture company whose designs are inspired by the patch of Rural England. Their furniture pieces are beautiful, and they are made to last and stand the test of time.

Their furniture pieces reflect the rhythm of nature and the ever-changing seasons, which is refreshing, especially if you are a furniture enthusiast.

This company produces its furniture from well-sourced quality timber, and you will find roomy wardrobes, comfy beds, bags for clever storage, round dining tables, and sink-in sofas.

14. Anthropologie

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This website has distinctive and unexpected furniture and fashion items that would surprise you. Most of the things you will find here are unique, and you won’t find them elsewhere.

The furniture pieces are rare and expensive, but you will understand the prices when you feel the quality.

In addition, you can find Morrocan-inspired rugs, wall art, bedding, decorative pillows, chairs, and curtains.

They have vast home and house collections, and they have a made-to-order furniture collection system where you get to try your fashion and design talents. Shopping on this website is a pleasant experience.

15. Made.com

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Made 1


There is no way you can list the best furniture websites in the UK and leave out Made.com. It is one of the most famous furniture websites in the UK, and they are known for its quality and unique pieces.


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MADE.COM (@madedotcom) 分享的帖子

They aim to work with you to develop the best furniture pieces that suit your space. This is the personalized service that is missing in generic furniture stores.

They work with innovative and creative designers using only the best materials to produce furniture pieces that will last a long time.

16. La Redoute

Company Contact: 0844 842 2222

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La Redoute 1


La Redoute is a furniture website that brings French Home designs and fashion to its clients. In addition, they offer you an unbeatable shopping experience, making the shopping process simple, less hectic, and more fun.

The in-house designers and interior decorators at La Redoute are exceptional. They produce outstanding French furniture and fashion pieces yearly to keep up with ever-changing trends in the furniture business.

17. Gumtree

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Gumtree 4


Gumtree is undeniably one website that has saved a lot of people when in need. This website is effective, and you can find almost anything on this website.

They have some of the best furniture deals, and you can find both new and secondhand furniture pieces. This website is usually perfect when you have moved to a new area; you can find almost everything you need for your new home on this website.

Although this website advertises almost everything, they still make it easy to access the specific information you are looking for.

It is a platform that connects people to any particular stage in their lives. It is the best website to visit if you want affordable furniture pieces.

18. Rockett St George

Company Contact: +44 (0)1444 253391

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Rockett St George


If you are hoping to make an artistic statement with regard to your pieces of furniture, then you should go to these masters of class and art.

This furniture website offers authenticity, unique pieces, and quirky furniture bursting with originality and individuality.

You can be sure that you will get eclectic, glamorous, unique, rock-n-roll furniture, home accessories, kitchenware, and lighting from this website.

They pride themselves on good customer service, and they are passionate about listening to your concerns and needs and finding ways to help you.

19. M&S

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Mike & Spencer is a platform that deals in different commodities like fashion, furniture, gifts, beauty, wine, and food.  It is a departmental store where you can get almost anything you want.

Their furniture pieces are of good quality, and you will find different pieces for the bedroom, sofas, armchairs, loft, garden furniture, beds, dining tables, and chairs.

Their furniture pieces are very affordable, plus they also have discounts on different products. Visit their website and see what they have to offer.

20. Loaf

Company Contact: 0203 141 8300

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If you are looking for laidback and casual furniture for your space, you might appreciate the beautiful and elegant pieces sold on this website.

They produce quality furniture products, and you can always count on their top-notch craftsmanship.

You will find some of the best comfy sofas and beautiful beds made by the best. Most of their pieces have an old-school touch.

21. Urban Outfitters

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Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an online lifestyle platform with a combination of unique products. This website has everything you need to decorate your tiny space.

So whether you are decorating a new house or redecorating your present space, you will find some helpful furniture pieces on this website. You will discover tapestries, bedding, bathroom accessories, rugs, and furniture.

22. Utility Design

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Utility Design


If you are looking for something modern and new, you will enjoy the modern and original designer pieces of furniture sold on this website.

Some furniture pieces include sofas and upholstery, storage, outdoor seating, dining chairs, lounge chairs, ottoman, footstools, etc.

23. Furniture At Work

Company Contact: 020 4506 2169

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Furniture At Work


This furniture website is outstanding because it exclusively deals with office furniture. They pride themselves on selling the best high-quality office furniture and nothing less.

They have over one million furniture products, and it is impossible not to find something that suits your taste from this collection.

You will find different designs, including office chairs, filing cabinets, desk drawers, office cupboards, lockers, notice/whiteboards, meeting tables, front desk furniture, etc.

24. Cousins Furniture Store

Company Contact: 0845 901 4000

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Cousins Furniture Store


Cousins Furniture is one of the biggest independent family-run furniture retailers. They have professional and friendly staff who will make a lasting impression on you.

They have a vast collection of furniture pieces; hence you can pick what suits your home. Among the furniture are some pieces from world-renowned brands that offer you value for your money.

So no matter what your budget is, you will find something valuable that you can afford. You will find a selection of sofas, dining and bedroom furniture, chairs, accessories, and occasional furniture. This place offers you the opportunity to furnish your home with style.

25. Graham & Green

Company Contact: 01225 418 200

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Graham Green


When speaking of elegant and glamorous furniture websites, Graham and Green cannot be left out of the discussion. They are lifestyle merchandisers with over forty years of experience in the business.

They sell imported exotic furniture pieces from Morocco, India, and Europe, and these pieces are beautiful, colorful, and vibrant. In addition, they work together with talented and creative in-house designers to create their unique pieces.

Some furniture pieces include armchairs, shelves, cabinets, chests, sofas, beds, dining tables, wardrobes, outdoor seating, kitchen islands, bedside tables, etc.

26. Oliver Bonas

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Oliver Bonas


Oliver Bonas is a UK online departmental store that sells furniture, fashion pieces, dresses, jewelry, and gift items. This company has an explorative spirit, and you can see it in its designs and items.

This company has creative in-house designers that channel their passion into every little piece of the item they produce. As a result, there is originality and authenticity in their products which you will fall in love with.

You will always find new designs of products in this store every week. This is refreshing and exciting because you get to break away from mediocrity and repetitiveness, which you find in most furniture stores.

27. Nest.co.uk

Company Contact: 0044 114 243 3000

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Nest.co.uk is your destination for designer furniture pieces; they sell expertly curated furniture brands. You will only find furniture pieces with innovative and modern designs and those made with quality materials.

One of the outstanding features of this company is that they are attentive, and they listen to you to give you the best customized and personalized services.

Due to their openness and innovative spirit, they were among the first business to adopt an online presence, and they have reached out to many clients.

They have an enviable collection of furniture, accessories, lighting, and gifts. You will find that there is something for everyone over here; the only tricky thing is making a choice and choosing from the vast collection of items.

28. Morgan Furniture

Company Contact: +44 (0)1243 371 111

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Morgan Furniture


Morgan Furniture is a design-oriented furniture company in the UK, and they believe in high-quality, originality, craftsmanship, experience, integrity, and passion.

The furniture pieces here are simple and classic, and they are made by the best hands using the best materials. In addition, their furniture pieces have contemporary designs, and they are made to last.

This company does its best to keep up with recent trends; hence, it continuously introduces trendy and exciting collections, keeping them relevant and up to date.

29. The White Company

Company Contact: 02037589222

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The White Company


The White Company produces impeccable, beautifully designed, and stylish products basically in white as their name implies. They are the epitome of class and a glamorous lifestyle.

They emphasize quality, not quantity, they think of timeless fashion and not fast fashion, and they pay attention even to the littlest of details.

Their customer service is first-class; they are attentive and consistently seek to personalize your experience to serve you better. If you want a company that emphasizes attention, care, and passion, you should patronize The White Company.

30. French Connection Home

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French Connection Home


French Connection Home is a contemporary furniture store that creates design-led items like furniture, clothing, fashion, and accessories.

Their eco-conscious pieces are unique and high quality and can stand the test of time. In addition, you will find furniture pieces with a bit of modern street culture, which is exciting.

They have a team of professional and passionate creators who come up with outstanding products. The items on this website are breast, and they are accessible and less expensive.

31. H&M Home

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HM Home


H&M Home belongs to a family of many brands that have come together to produce sustainable lifestyle items like fashion and furniture.

They showcase some of the best and most unique brands that are nothing less than top-notch services and products.

H&M Home is a design-driven company that seeks to offer authenticity and uniqueness to all products sold to customers. They have contemporary home accessories and decor of different styles.

32. Vinterior

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If you are among the few who love vintage items, you will surely love this well-curated vintage furniture shop. Vintage is classic and unique and stands the test of time.

This website was created to bring together different vintage sellers onto one platform. As a result, you will find hand-crafted, expertly selected, and hand-picked quality vintage pieces that you won’t be able to resist.

You will find different furniture pieces for seating, storage, beds, tables, and lighting.

33. Tom Marsh Furniture

Company Contact: 07973 629708

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Tom Marsh Furniture


Tom Marsh Furniture is another perfect furniture spot for those who love vintage pieces. You will find beautifully made bespoke, rustic, and vintage furniture on this website.

They have 25 years of experience in the vintage furniture business, and they have a passion for great color, design, and quality.

Their showrooms are set in rural settings, and they have barns-designed showrooms where you will find an antique, eclectic mix of vintage and handmade products.

You will find exciting products for both home and office, and they are simple but classic made by the best.

34. Barker & Stonehouse

Company Contact: 0333 010 2352

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Barker Stonehouse


Barker & Stonehouse is another online furniture store that sells unique and inspiring furniture pieces. Transform your living space with quality with the beautiful and classic furniture sold here.

You will find some of the most desirable furniture brands in Barker & Stonehouse; there are many excellent choices to pick from. There is Italian flair, British, French elegance, and Scandi Chic pieces; you won’t run out of options to p[pick from.

35. Mango

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Mango is an online fashion website whose products are influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Their pieces will give your home a distinctive and unique look that is not common.

They have the latest fashion trends for furniture, men’s and women’s wear, and essentials for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and the kitchen.

Their items are refreshingly calming, and they make your space relaxed and peaceful. If you are willing to try something new and fun, you should start with this Mediterranean lifestyle brand.

36. OKA

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You will get something you love on OKA if you want some beautiful luxury furniture pieces. You will find items in this shop that give your home comfort and a unique style.

It is not your typical furniture shop; you will find classic, artistic, and luxury items here that you might want to get for your holiday home or mansion.

This company relies on only the best artisans to manufacture their fashion pieces, and you will find hand-picked, unique treasures from around the globe. The textiles have a rich texture and patterns, which gives them an elegant and sophisticated look.


In this age of technology, every company needs to have an online presence to make an impact, and luckily most of these businesses in the UK are not taking this for granted.

You will find a lot of furniture websites in the UK, but these are some of the best that you can count on to give you quality results.

Some sell basic everyday furniture, while others specialize in unique and luxury items. The choice is up to you to pick the one that suits your needs.

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