Christmas Cards From a Killer


Christmas is the time for good cheer, right? Not in the world of the serial killers it isn’t. Why not join renowned profiler┬áPaul Harrison as he takes us on a journey covering some of the worst serial killers and murderous crimes in recent times.

If what you fancy for Christmas this year is a no-holds barred talk into the psyche of some of the most psychopathic killers in history you’re in luck. Hear what the killers themselves think of Christmas, as children and as the vicious violent offenders they turned into. Learn about what Herbert Mullin, killer of thirteen people wanted for Christmas and never got. Or the disappointment felt by Ottis Toole when he received nothing. Learn why serial killer, Kenneth Harrison, sat and cried at Christmas time. Plus a whole lot more dark and sinister details from Britain’s very own Mindhunter. This is one Christmas tale you won’t want to miss.


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