Best Coffee Shops Canary Wharf – An Insider’s Guide To 10 Cafes Nearby

Any coffee lover wants to know the best coffee place when they are in a different town. In the last few years, we have seen a growth in the coffee shops around London.

So whenever you are in tower hamlets borough, consider going to one of the coffee shops in Canary wharf.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just taking a walk around the city or a banker or a technician; sometimes, you need a cup of coffee for a kick. Well, below are some of the places you can go to for it.

And when you have the Monday blues or the Sunday hangovers, let me show you some of the best places to go.

Ten best coffee shops in Canary wharf

1. Black sheep coffee

This is one of the most popular coffee shops in Canary wharf. It wow people, no wonder they even have two places within the shopping center. Other than that it has other branches in other parts of the city.

Though the co-founders love coffee, they met at the university. They usually travel to coffee plantations to get a loop into the coffee’s growth, drying, and processing. They have the best baristas with a great work ethic; that’s why their coffee remains the best.

For those times when you’re looking for a buzzy hangout for the perfect lattes and different coffee, look no further than black sheep.

They even make various coffee cocktails and liquors, so you choose whichever works for you.

Address: 45 Bank St, London E14 5NY, United Kingdom

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2. Notes coffee shop


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And when talking about one favorite shop for many coffee lovers, notes are at the top. Here you can have the gourmet coffee, and they serve it along with the different other pastries. If you like, though, you can get the wines and beers too.

It stands out just because they like to have their beans roasted locally. So you will sip your best coffee in the perfect cozy setting.

If you are then looking for seasonal coffee, you’ll like this choice too.

When you’re one of those in the 9-5 crowd, I’m almost sure you already like this coffee shop. But, you see, they will offer you free wifi too.

And if you would like a table to work as a desk well, you have it here too.

Here you are sure to have only high-quality coffee, and it’s fresh.

Phone: +44 20 7519 6886

Address: Station, Canary Wharf Jubilee, London E14 4JB, United Kingdom

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3. Mouse tail coffee


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Opened almost ten years ago, it continues to wow people with its fantastic coffee. You will find it in the west India quay. It continues to deliver the best coffee, especially since they have some of the best baristas.

If you like outdoor sitting, you should come here as you can even have your coffee with your dog waiting.

I like their espresso, and of course, you will enjoy it with the different snacks and pastries. Besides, I should mention that you may find different foods like most other coffee houses.

Also, if you are then looking for a place to enjoy the other extra meals, you can go to the Mousetail. Their chef is famous for making some of the best lunches.

If you like to go for brunch, you will enjoy it since they have some of the best.

Address: London E14 4AY, United Kingdom

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4. Cafe Nerro


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Here you have a casual coffee shop. It’s a favorite for the Irish and British people as it continues to serve coffee as they like it.

Over 20 years ago, cafe Nerro opened its doors as it began to deliver some of the best coffees all over Europe.

It continues to deliver some of the best coffees, and it’s the third-best coffee chain store. They make their coffee blend, and they remain an award-winning coffee choice. So with every cup, you are sure only to have the best quality coffee brews.

It’s ideal for those looking for a chilled environment, and they will deliver ample seating space. It will further provide the perfect space for you if you also need to work there.

But if you like to enjoy Italian-style dishes, this is the perfect place to go.

Address: Unit 8, 45 Jubilee, London E14 5NY, United Kingdom

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5. 640 East


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This is the other spot easily accessible off Canary wharf station. It delivers the best coffee and rich tones of coffee with every sip.

If you’re a morning person and want your coffee ready, this is the best place to go. They start serving coffee at 7:30 am

Going to Montgomery square for the coffee means you will have and enjoy the high energy they have.

Notice that they serve coffee by day and then beer by night, and of course, every Londoner knows that this is the norm to enjoy it all.

Additionally, you’ll have the breakfast treats readily accessible. So enjoy the coffee and croissant, doughnuts, and many other pasty dishes if you want a sweet start. So whether you wish for espresso cocktails or beer, you will find them here.

Address: Montgomery Square, Upper Bank St, London E14 5JJ, United Kingdom

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6. Joe blakes


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One thing you’re going to like then is that they offer some of the best coffee treats, and they remain the best and most independent place you can get your favorite coffee.

For years, this shop has delivered the best cups of coffee to its customers, and it continues to do so.

Anyone coming here for the first cup will like it because the taste remains good and never better.

However, if you want to take specialty coffee, you will also find it in this place. The coffee blends you will have here are from the coffee giants of far east Africa.

They are an award-winning destination with long-term clientele, but one thing you can be sure of is that their coffee is like none other.

Do you want to buy it? Go to Jones Lang Lasselle of Canary Wharf.

Adress: 7 Westferry Circus, London E14 4HD

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7. Change please

To most people, a simple and great cup of coffee is all you need to have a change of life. The one place to get the best coffee then is at change, please.

This is a nonprofit organization with the profits going to change the lives of the different struggling neighborhoods.

The homeless can get living-wage jobs, and the essence of the change in a please organization is to change lives.

Unlike most coffees you see around, the change please comes in four wheels and not necessarily on a building.

So if you would like to support you should take a walk and go to their truck to buy the coffee.

They have the perfect blends of coffees, and the baristas are great to deliver the best-tasting coffee styles.

Phone: +44 20 3744 7434

Address: Unit 5, Print Village, 58 Chadwick Rd, London SE15 4PU, United Kingdom

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8. Canary coffee


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Here you have another one of the best coffee shops. You will like the warm, rustic, and stylish cafe where you receive the different styles of coffee. They also sell the best-baked goods, best sweets, and treats too.

They only serve single-origin coffees and thus consistently deliver the best-tasting types of coffee. I like that you will find some of the best-tasting crepes. One thing you will want is the cozy space and the leeway also to enjoy your coffee.

It gives you the best vibe to relax and enjoy the treat, making it one of the best spaces.

Go to Novotel canary wharf for the best coffee every time you take it there.

Phone: +44 20 3530 0500

Address: 40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP, United Kingdom

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9. Costa coffee


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Don’t hesitate to come in for those of you who believe that you need great coffee for a great day. Although it’s a great coffee shop, they also serve some great foods to accompany your coffee.

Notice that you’ll have six signature coffee styles, and you know then that you will love the coffee types. However, expect more from this brand if you like the seasonal coffees.

When you go into the restaurant, consider trying their lattes, and I’m sure you will love them. Not only does it look good, but you will notice that it’s also delicious. You can also try the different types that wow many of their clients.

It’s the one place where you will also have the friendly staff you need just after a hard day at work. Costa coffee is one of the best to go to.

Phone: +44 20 7516 9086

Address: 12, Link, DS3, Crossrail Pl, London E14 5HX, United Kingdom

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10. Cafe Brera


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This is one of the great coffee shops and bakeries. It’s an Italian cafe and ideal for those looking for an Italian style of coffee.

Visit this cafe if you would like to enjoy the daily fresh baked goods and desserts, and coffee.

Most people know of this spot, so it would be unfair not to mention it in the list. They offer the best coffee after a busy day. Regardless they continue to amaze their clients with their prowess in making great meals.

If you like the Italian flavors in the coffee, go to cafe Brerra as they will deliver. However, the good thing is that they also provide the perfect modern touch to make it even better.

Adress: Westferry Circus, E14 8RR

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Are cafes and coffee shops the same

I know most of us to confuse these two, and while I wanted to list the cafes here too, the distinction was too clear. The problem is that most people like to use these two terms interchangeably.

A cafe is where you will find food, coffee, and other drinks. In most languages, it also allows the serving of different light foods. When going to a cafe, you are going for lunch or even brunch in most cases.

A coffee shop focuses more on the different types of coffee, but you can find minimal food items. It’s important to mention that coffee shops often offer casual seating. It’s the place where you will find the coffee to go.

Cafes focus more on the food than do coffee shops. But, in most cases, it allows you to stay in a little longer.

What to know about a coffee shop in canary wharf

Notice that Canary wharf is a vibrant part of London with some of the best hangout places. It’s an attractive part of London that will only give you access to some of the best coffee shops.

They have great cafes too, but if you like the freshly brewed cup of coffee, then a coffee shop is the best. The great thing is that they all have their secret blends making their coffee just unique to them.

I should mention that when you come to Canary wharf, you should know that it’s the perfect urban hub that is lively throughout the day.

It offers different foods and drinks in restaurants and cafes. You will like the scent of the brewing coffee but also the taste.

Of the ten coffee shops, my best coffee shop to go to is the first one, a Black coffee shop, but I sometimes like to go to Notes too.

They deliver the best-tasting coffee, and their coffee will never disappoint.

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