The 11 Best Charity Shops Near Kensington and Chelsea 

Are you looking for the best charity shops in Kensington and Chelsea, London? If so, then you have come to the right place. I will be reviewing a few charity shops in this area to help you find the one that’s best for you!

The concept of Charity Shops is fascinating. They are shops where the items donated are sold to generate money for charity.

It is an excellent way for other people to help organisations that need help. These charities sell clothes, books, furniture, electronics and many other things donated by community members.

Kensington and Chelsea, London has several charity shops that help different people and causes, ranging from domestic abuse, cancer care, and refugee support. These are the best charity shops in Kensington and Chelsea:

  • Octavia Foundation
  • Fara Charity Shop
  • Royal Trinity Hospice – Kensington
  • Oxfam
  • Vision Foundation – Kensington
  • Mercy In Action
  • Charity Shop – Fulham Broadway | Little Lives UK
  • British Red Cross shop, Chelsea
  • Cancer Research UK
  • YMCA Boutique
  • Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children

1. Octavia Foundation

Location:211 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2EJ, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7581 7987

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Octavia charity shop in Kensington is a great place to find second hand designer clothing for a fraction of the price.

It has been around for years, and they have developed a reputation for stocking some of the best bargains in London.

It is especially true for designer labels like Burberry, Chanel, and Gucci.

If you’re looking for an item from one of these brands that have been gently used and well-cared for, then this is the place to go. Many people choose Octavia because it’s conveniently located near their homes or workplaces.

If you’re in the mood to browse through racks of clothes but don’t want to spend too much money on them, then Octavia is worth checking out!

Octavia Foundation is a charity that helps unemployed people, the old, the vulnerable and those that face social isolation.

Octavia Foundation, through its Digital Media Projects, provides training for people who work in the Creative industry.

2. Fara Charity Shop

Location:27 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9EX, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 8675 7607

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Fara has a charity shop in Kensington and Chelsea, and it’s a place where you can find great bargains on clothing, accessories, books and more.

Fara was founded in 1991 by Jane Nicholson after visiting Romania and seeing the cruelty suffered by children in the State-owned Orphanages. It has been serving the community for over 31 years.

Jane wanted a place where vulnerable people could be catered for and access a good standard of life. Fara seeks to combat poverty and change people’s lives.

They opened up the shop to make this dream a reality, and today Fara continues that mission.

If you’re looking for something new to wear or want to refresh your wardrobe with some new items, Fara is the place for you!

The shop offers good quality items at very reasonable prices – everything from shoes and clothes (both men’s and women’s) to jewellery, bags and other accessories.

The stock changes regularly, so there’s always something new to discover each time you visit!

3. Royal Trinity Hospice – Gloucester Road

Location:28 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7589 4595

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Royal Trinity Hospice charity shops offer unique and lovingly-gifted second hand items for sale, all profits from which go to the Royal Trinity Hospice.

The hospice is a private, non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to providing end of life care for those living in southwest and central London with difficulties.

Your precious donations ensure that they can continue providing comfort, support and a chance for patients to enjoy the simple moments which make us truly human.

What’s more, if you are looking for something special, maybe a clothing, accessories or a specific item on your shopping list, come and browse their wide range of carefully-selected secondhand goods,

They are brought in by generous people who have decided to raise valuable funds by generously disposing of their unwanted items.

4. Oxfam Shop – Kensington High Street

Location:202b Kensington High St, London W8 7RG, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7937 6683

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The Oxfam charity shop on Kensington High Street is a great place to pick up some cheap and cheerful clothes, homeware and more.

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am-5:30 pm, while 12-5 pm on Sundays. It’s located in the heart of Kensington, London, so it’s easy to pop in for some quick shopping.

There’s a wide selection of clothing at this store – everything from dresses and tops to jeans and jackets – and accessories like handbags and jewellery. You’ll also find household items but they don’t accept furniture and electricals.

Asides from sales of clothes, Oxfam has a Wastesaver plant where it recycles used clothes. This helps to prevent landfills.

5. Vision Foundation – Kensington

Location 269 Kensington High St, London W8 6NA, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7371 3546

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The Vision Foundation Charity Shop is a great place to pick up gently used clothing and household items at a fraction of the cost, and they open every day of the week.

This shop is run by volunteers who donate their time to help raise money for the visually impaired. The profits are given directly to the charity, which uses them to provide sight-restoring surgeries, assistive technology, and rehabilitation services for people living with vision loss.

You can find clothes, books, DVDs, accessories, and lots more in their shop. The shop accepts all donations—so if you’re looking to get rid of any extra stuff, this is an easy way to help out!

6. Mercy In Action

Location:4 Chelsea Rd, Bath BA1 3DU, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 1225 426429

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Mercy in an action charity shop is a great place to find your next outfit, and they’re also an incredible resource for the residents of Kensington and Chelsea.

Mercy in action helps people who are struggling financially and victims of injustice. They also ensure that families and children flourish.

The store is open Monday to Saturday, 9 am-5 pm, and offers clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

They also have some Toys for sale and Mobile phones, jewellery, home goods like rugs and dishes, books for adults and children—you name it! It’s basically like wandering around an opulent palace of cheap clothing where everyone is very friendly and helpful.

The profits from their shops go directly back into aiding those who need it most. Many customers say that shopping there makes them feel good about themselves because they know their money is going toward helping others in need.

7. Charity Shop – Fulham Broadway |Little Lives the United Kingdom

Location:433 North End Rd, London SW6 1NY, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7386 8700

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If you’re looking for a great place to shop for a good cause, look no further than the stunning Charity shop on Fulham Broadway.

They’re proud to be part of Little Lives UK, and they donate all profits from the store to the charity.

They assist children who have impairments, live in underprivileged or difficult circumstances, need mental health care, or are at risk of social isolation.

By donating your unwanted items, you’re supporting campaigns that help children in the UK who have disabilities, live in disadvantaged or challenging circumstances, require mental health support, or are at risk of social exclusion.

Guess what, their clothes collection is fantastic. They’ve for both genders, including children. Asides from clothes, they also have great stuff that is sure to please.

8. British Red Cross shop, Chelsea

Location:69-71 Old Church St, London SW3 5BS, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7376 7300

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The British Red Cross charity shop in Kensington and Chelsea is run by volunteers who support the British Red Cross’s work to help people in crisis, at home and abroad.

They offer a wide range of second hand products, affordable kitchenware clothing and accessories to furniture, electronics, and kitchenware.

The British Red Cross operates over 200 charity shops across the UK, and they’re always looking for more volunteers to join their team.

Volunteers are needed at all levels of experience and commitment, including those who have never worked in retail before.

The key is that you must be willing to give your time voluntarily and be ready to learn new skills.

Your used and vintage clothing, furniture, electronics, and other items might be what someone else needs. They can repurpose almost anything you give them in one of their stores.

At the same time, your donations will help people in need in the UK and around the world. If they are unable to sell your items for any reason, they can often make money from them by recycling textiles.

9. Cancer Research UK

Location:393 King’s Rd, London SW10 0LR, United Kingdom

Phone number:+44 20 7352 4769

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Cancer Research UK is a charity organisation that raises money for cancer research. They have stores across the UK selling donated items to help fund their research.

The Cancer Research Shop offers a wide selection of products at low prices: clothes, homewares, books, CDs and DVDs, furniture and homewares.

All proceeds from items sold in Cancer Research shops go directly towards funding world-class medical research into all types of cancer -.

10. YMCA Boutique

Location: Unit G15, Kings Walk Shopping Centre, King’s RoadLondonSW3 4TR

Phone number:+44 20 7584 0764

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The YMCA Boutique charity shop helps the lives of the young.

Located in Kensington, this store has been open since 2011 and is dedicated to providing a space where people can buy affordable clothing, books, shoes and other items donated.

The YMCA Boutique charity shop supports children, young adults and families in need by selling its products at affordable prices.

The volunteers at this charity shop are committed to helping by collecting donated clothes from members and other items and helping sell them off.

11. Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children

Location:7 Elgin Cres, London W11 2JA, United Kingdom

Phone number;+44 20 7012 6400

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The Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children is the perfect place to pick up a new outfit and support a great cause.

This charity shop is run by volunteers who work tirelessly to raise money for children in need worldwide. The store sells gently used clothing, accessories, and household items, all of which people have donated.

You can also do your shopping online – all of their products are from an individual, ethical producers, and all of the profits go to helping children change their future.

Suppose you have any old clothes lying around that are still in good condition. You could donate them, but if you’re looking for something specific like designer sweaters or designer shirts, you can check with them.

Final thought

You’re missing out if you’ve never shopped in a charity shop. You can find some of the most unique and exciting items for your home while supporting a great cause.

Charity shops are a great way to find things that might go unused or unnoticed. Because the items have been donated by people who loved them and want them to continue being loved, they tend to be higher quality than what you might find at other second hand shops.

You’re supporting a good cause when you buy from charity shops! Non-profit’s or charities themselves often run these shops, and every penny goes back into helping those in need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Kensington and Chelsea’s best charity shops list. You never know what you might find at one of these places, so they are exciting.

Please leave your comments below if you agree or disagree – but only politely! As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

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