22 Best Brunch Spots in Islington and Angel, London

Is it a little late for breakfast or a bit early for lunch? Then, brunch is the perfect solution. Whether you are lazy to make something for yourself or want to experience something outside your routine or want to catch up with friends.

While brunch can be a great fix, choosing a perfect spot can be challenging considering that Islington, Angel is pretty vast. The sheer size and population also mean there are many restaurants and cafés to choose from.

Worry no more, for here is a list of unique places where you can have a good time. Of course, you can also chit-chat with friends or family members while enjoying your brunch.

  • 1. The Breakfast Club
  • 2. Bellanger
  • 3. Ottolenghi
  • 4. Brother Marcus
  • 5. Crepe Affaire Islington
  • 6. The Blue Legume
  • 7. Kobo Café
  • 8. SUNDAY Café and Restaurant
  • 9. The Workers Café
  • 10. Kipferl Restaurant & Patisserie
  • 11. Frederick’s
  • 12. The Caravan
  • 13. Skinny Kitchen
  • 14. Kilis Kitchen
  • 15. Gallipoli Café & Bistro
  • 16. Megan’s At the Sorting Office
  • 17. Day & Night Islington
  • 18. Radici
  • 19. Euphorium
  • 20. Delaterra
  • 21. Laki Kane Cocktail & Pan-Asian Restaurant
  • 22. La Farola Café & Bistro

1. The Breakfast Club.

Location: 31 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA.

Contact: +44 20 7226 5454

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The Breakfast Club is the cornerstone for the best brunch and breakfast experiences in Islington and Angel. This fuzzy little place caters to your all-day meals and drinks. It is a club you would want to be a part of.

Under the name is a couple of cafes, restaurants, and bars that serve English and American dishes, breakfasts, and assorted drinks. This great spot provides a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy various dishes.

If you want to fill yourself with pancakes, croissants, maple bacon slab, and other delicious meals, this is your to-go place. You can accompany your meals with diverse drinks, from coffees to smoothies and other soft drinks.

If you find yourself there, be sure to order their all-American dish set. It is famous for a reason.

For lazy Saturdays and Sundays, you can have a variety of cocktail blends to down your brunch selections as you relax with family and friends. Oh! Deliveries can be arranged for the “breakfast in bed” types of persons.

2. Bellanger

Location: 9 Islington Green, the Angel, London N1 2XH.

Contact: 02074996776

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This is yet another fantastic French café, bar, and brasserie in Islington green. Located at the corner of Islington green, this Parisian-styled joint serves an impressive array of French-inspired dishes.

Bellanger is ideal for all-day meals. You can enjoy dishes such as potato Rosti + fried eggs, smoked salmon Croque, scrambled eggs, croissants, etc.

This can accompany various wines and champagne selections to complete the French feeling.

Brunch at this place stands out; you can taste nicely made brunch favorites for between £ 8.75 and £  17.75. They include Benedict’s eggs, crepes and lemon/ sugar, hot chocolate, and other flavors.

The Interesting streets and fantastic views overlooking the restaurant make brunching an exhilarating experience. The coffee here is excellent too.

You can enjoy everything from morning to evening, every day of the week but sadly, not on Mondays.

The brunching experience is so great that you would want to get gift vouchers for your favorite people.

3. Ottolenghi

Location: 287 Upper Street, London, N1 2TZ.

Contact: 02072881454.

Visit website.


Ottolenghi is a crisp and decorated restaurant that brings the Mediterranean vibe to Islington and Angel. It is open for brunch on weekends only.

Have a bite of sweet and savory North African and Middle East delicacies. It could be aubergine or shakshuka. Coffee is tasty too.

Dining is on long communal tables, but there are a few tables for two. The service at Ottolenghi is immaculate.

4. Brother Marcus

Location: 37-39 Camden passage, the Angel, London N1 8EA.

Contact: +44 20 7226 3535

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This is yet another concealed gem tucked in the heart of Islington. It has been around since 2016 and hitting locals with authentic Eastern Mediterranean foods, recipes, and culture is their specialty.

It is excellent for all-day meals, but it’s even better for brunch lovers.  The brunch menu is vast, with select classics such as Harrisa eggs, Smokey Shakshuka, Sweet Potato Fritters, and Fried Chicken roast.

You could also have a sip of some after-brunch cocktails like Brother Mary. Non-alcoholics are also catered to, Lyres Marjoram Mule is the fans’ favorite, but the selection is wide. The food is flavorful and beautifully presented.

Tea and coffee lovers are not left out. Brother Marcus has an excellent collection for such demography ranging from Greek-inspired special house blend herbal tea to espresso and Mocha.

Do you want to experience one of the most incredible bottomless brunches? This is your place. Enjoy some lovely food and limitless cocktails for 90 minutes. This is a fantastic place for dates and chillouts.

This buzzing and cute restaurant cater to vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free lovers. The staff is polite and friendly, the interior décor is excellent, and the food is to die for.

5. Crepe Affaire Islington

Location: 51-53 Camden Passage, Islington, London N1 8EA.

Contact: 02073548699.

Visit website.


At Crepe Affaire, every day is Pancake Day. This magnificent brand has multiple joints, and Islington and Angel are lucky to have one. It is a modern and fantastic place for crepes.

The list of threats is endless, from pastries to soft drinks and beverages. Enjoy freshly flipped crepes to treat yourself and others over brunch. Other contenders include pancakes, croissants, pies, and muffins.

Accompany your fresh pastries with inviting shakes, smoothies, juices or coffees, and hot chocolate.

Vegans, vegetarians, and those for organic, gluten, and dairy-free dishes shouldn’t worry; the menu is all-inclusive. You can dine in at the inviting café and restaurant, or better still; you can have your brunch delivered to your home or office.

The experience here is fantastic, and Crepe Affaire makes sure you get to have that from morning to evening every day of the week.

6. The Blue Legume Islington

Location: 177 Upper Street, Islington N1 1RG.

Contact: 02045012701.

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The first thing that gets your attention as you step into this cozy space is the atrium skylight and the patterned and exposed bricks. Together with the nicely done interior, the two are enticing and welcoming.

The kitchen is open all day, and the cuisine is loosely Mediterranean. So feel free to step in for sumptuous brunch and drinks when you think it is a bit late for breakfast and too early for lunch.

At The Blue Legume, you will experience vegan and vegetarian selections from the Mediterranean to Persian and English delicacies. Here, the wine is to die for, and the coffee is flavorful.

The staff is courteous and interactive, and the Chef’s specials are delicious.

You can have it all between £ 8.9- £ 14, from pastries to sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, and other treats. Are you planning on bringing a plus one for a romantic date or brunch? Then feel free to do so- the café has outdoor tables for two.

7. Kobo Café

Location: Upper Street 346, London N1 OPD, United Kingdom.

Contact: 02034179599/07508859295.

Visit website.


If you want to enjoy a perfect cup (or mug) of coffee, skip all the other spots and step in at the Kobo Café, and you won’t regret it.

This tiny yet busy coffee shop roasts, blends, and serves the best coffee in Islington and Angel.

Fresh pastries such as cakes, muffins, and croissants, among others, can be enjoyed together with the available drinks. This makes this a perfect place for breakfast and brunch.

Even if coffee is their main selling point, non-coffee drinkers can also order juice, smoothies, and tea. Get the best coffee from different parts of the world (Kenya, Rwanda, and Colombia, among other countries) served to you every day of the week.

The wide selection of drinks, from lattes to cappuccinos, loose leaf teas, juices, and other non-caffeine beverages, are prepared with love for your enjoyment. The staff is dedicated and passionate, and in case you are new or confused about what to have, they’ll surely lend a hand.

Kobo packs and sells coffee to homes and offices to spread the awesomeness. Between £ 9- £ 20 you can have your to take home.

8. SUNDAY Café and Restaurant

Location: 169 Hemingford Road N1 1DA, London.

Contact: 02076073868.

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This is the neighborhood spot for unique and modern European dishes, and locals can’t have enough of it. It boasts an impressive menu from pancakes, courgette fritters+ eggs, coffee, etc.

Located in a posh and fantastic place, this is an excellent place to enjoy your brunch. It is a people pleaser, the food is terrific, and the portions are generous, so it’s definitely worth the long queue.

You have to make reservations for all-day meals and brunches on weekdays, but that is not necessary on weekends. Instead, you can have a taste of freshly prepared brunch specials such as corn and cheddar fritters, pancakes, pork egg benedicts, and French toasts, among others.

The mismatched tables bring life and color to the joint. Ingredients used are freshly sourced, making the food varieties tasty and worth every penny.

The SUNDAY café is not selfish with its amazing recipes and has published a cookbook so you can take the amazing experience to your kitchen.

9. The Workers Café

Location: 172 Upper Street, London N1 1RG, United Kingdom.

Contact: +442072263973.

Visit Website.


Since Real Local opened its doors in 1986, it has become Islington’s preferred spot for excellent coffee. It opens daily and early and is reliable to its customers.

It is the go-to destination for brunch since it serves unique brunch sets such as eggs, sausages, bacon, chips, and pastries like pies and sandwiches. Also available are tasty smoothies, soft drinks, and coffee varieties at great prices.

At the Workers Café, they believe that the little things matter, so they include a free egg in breakfast and brunch packages. In addition, there is an outside sitting space; the breeze there is fantastic, creating a pleasant environment for family and friends dining and dates.

10. Kipferl Restaurant & Patisserie

Location: 20 Camden Passage, N1 8ED London.

Contact: 02077041555.

Visit website.


This magnificent place entered the market with the ambition to introduce Austrian culinary culture to London. It is a great place, offers authentic Austrian dishes, and is suitable for all-day meals.

You can sample a variety of foods like pastries, drinks, schnitzels, and sausages. Brunch sets are served every day from 10:00 am-2:00 pm and 4.00 pm on Sundays.

In addition, you can have smoked salmon, croissants, orange juice, the customer’s favorite Tiroler Fruhstuck, and many more.

The café has a Viennese coffeehouse style, and the Austrian wine selections available are heavenly. The ambiance is cozy, and the brunch is delicious, making the trip to Kipferl worthwhile.

But, of course, we cannot wind up without mentioning the jams, which are so fruity and tasty.

11. Frederick’s

Location: 106 Camden Passage, London N1 8EG, United Kingdom.

Contact: +442073592888.

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For modern European and British-inspired meals, visit Frederick’s café. This incredible place has an inviting atmosphere and a beautiful artistic décor that agrees with the vast menu. It is a magnificent place for all your food and drink needs.

Brunch classics include Risotto, roasted lamb rump, pastries, and pancakes. All are served with friendly and pleasant staff that offer great food suggestions.

A never-ending wine and cocktail list are available to accompany full brunch dishes.

There is a hidden garden for Al-Fresco enthusiasts. Frederick’s is a definite worthy place to enjoy your brunches.

12. The Caravan

Location: 11-13 Exmouth Market, London, United Kingdom.

Contact: 020 7833 8115

Visit website.

Situated in the vibrant Farringdon market, the Caravan offers a great outdoor dining experience.

It is okay for all-day meals, and the coffee served here is tasty, freshly roasted, and brewed from the Caravan roastery.

Special brunch menus are served on the weekends and in six main categories for your choosing. Cereals and Fruit like sesame and berries. On toast servings with excellent in-house spreads.

Plates like broken lamb meatballs and chipotle salsa. Grains and bowls like seasoned rice and chicken Dahl. Sides such as pork sausage. It slices and serves like Montgomery cheddar.

This joint serves well-traveled menus for all-day dishes from breakfast to dinner; the global varieties add to the flavor. The décor here is fantastic, and the indoor plants make the place adorable. Music varieties make dining a pleasing experience.

One of the kindest things about the place is that they have well-explained allergen pieces in case of allergic diners. Price ranges from £ 6.5 to £ 16.5.

13. Skinny Kitchen

Location: 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH.

Contact: 02072886418.

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Enjoy all-day brunch on weekdays at this trendy and buzzing place. They have delicious sides like sweet potato fries that can accompany various main meals, such as pancakes and bacon pancakes. Weekday brunches start from £ 4.50.

Bottomless brunch is available on Saturdays and two Sundays of every month. From £ 65, you can secure two or three-course meals plus unlimited cocktail refills for 90 minutes. You are free to choose from Prosecco to Peroni.

Skinny Kitchen enhances the whole experience through great entertainment, from music to sax and performances.

Generally, this is a lovely place for meetings, morning coffee, lunches, and brunches. There is value for money, the atmosphere is vibrant, and the food is delicious.

14. Kilis Kitchen

Location: 4 Theberton Street, Islington N1 0QX London.

Contact: 02072265489.

Visit website.


The list of the top brunch spots cannot be complete without mentioning Kilis kitchen. The splendor of this environment brings the Kilis feeling to the heart of Islington and Angel.

The restaurant serves Turkish, Lebanese, and Syrian mezzos and traditionally charcoal-grilled dishes. One can spoil themself with A la Carte, cocktails, Turkish wines, juices, and smoothies. Brunch is served every day in two and three-course sets.

Complete buffets with starters such as Shakshuka, mains like traditional mansakka, and desserts like banoffee pie are delicious and hearty. The Turkish coffee served is to die for.

Dining at Kilis is enjoyable; the interior is beautiful and is enhanced by the hung lamps and wall pictures.

15. Gallipoli Café and Bistro

Location: 120 Upper Street, Islington N1 1QP.

Contact: 02073591578.

Visit website.


You probably may never set foot in Turkey, but you can delight your palate with Turkish cuisine and greatness in Islington. This is what Gallipoli does for you.

Gallipoli Café and Bistro is another restaurant specializing in Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. It majorly uses traditional Turkish mezes and charcoal grills to prepare sumptuous meals.

For your brunch, you can relish Shakshuka to Menemen to English dishes. There is a wide variety of coffees, teas, and chocolate drinks that go together with freshly baked pastries. The wine and cocktail list are remarkable.

The terracotta-painted walls are filled with wall pictures, and Turkish-inspired lights boost the appearance. This brings a homely and relaxing feeling to the joint as you dig into your delicious brunch.

The second Gallipoli is a new addition that maintains the original look but with an additional back garden for Alfresco lovers. It offers an impressive selection of foods such as lamb kofta wrap and full meze. Indeed money spent at Gallipoli is money well spent.

16. Megan’s At The Sorting Office (Islington Square)

Location: 6 Esther Anne Place, Islington N1 1WL London.

Contact: 02034680221.

Visit website.


Megan’s is one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in the cool Islington square. It is beautiful, and the decoration is fine.

This forms a perfect destination for dates, meet-ups, and chillouts with friends and family.

You can try outside sitting over brunch as you unwind. The breeze is refreshing.

While it is suitable for all-day meals, brunch at this place is enticing. Their brunch classics include shakshoumi baked eggs, Megan’s brunch special, eggs benedict, and many more.

In addition, you can have excellent sides of feta and lamb fries and others to go with the main.

Megan’s accepts walk-ins without prior booking, and service is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Menus are child-friendly, making them superb for those with kids.

From £ 7.5- to £ 12.9, you can have a great brunch experience at this fascinating place.

For lazy weekends, you can enjoy bottomless brunch with unlimited Prosecco for 90 minutes for just £ 25 pp. after ordering the main dish.

17. Day and Night Islington

Location: 58 Penton Street, Islington N1 9PZ, London.

Contact: 02035441465.

Visit website.


Are you a day person or a night owl? More importantly, are you crazy about brunches? If yes, then Day and Night Islington exists just for you.

This amazing place at the intersection of Penton Street and Chapel Market brings a café and pub vibe to Angel.

Weekdays are the days to have regular brunch at this fantastic spot. This can be accompanied by coffee and tea varieties and tasty pastries.

Bottomless brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays. Their main sets are two small plates consisting of chicken wings, French fries, and other treats, and one large plate has nachos, mozzarella, and smoked bacon.

At £ 35 only, you get to enjoy unlimited Prosecco, limoncello, Mimosas, and other cocktails up to 6:30 pm.

18. Radici

Location: 30 Almeida Street, N1 1AD, London.

Contact: 02073544777.

Visit website.


This little Italian restaurant amazes locals with delicacies inspired by the south Italian heritage.

If it’s a weekend and you crave some Italian greatness, take a worthwhile walk along the upper street. Opposite Almeida theatre and in the heart of Angel is where you’ll find this beautiful café.

For brunch, this spot allows dinners to dig into one (or more) of their dishes, from Radici pancakes (with wild berries+ honey) to specials like the Italian job. A variety of cocktails, wines, and smoothies are up for selection too.

The brunch menus are simple yet delightful. You can pick from various A la carte dishes, coffees, pizza, pasta, etc.

19. Euphorium

Location: 12 Devereux Court, the Strand, WC2R 3JJ, London.

Contact: feedback@euphorium.uk.com

Visit website.


Do you know the exciting feeling you get when you walk into a new restaurant? Maybe it’s the aroma or the décor, or perhaps it’s just you or the name-Euphorium.

Having been in existence for more than twenty years, this joint understands its customers and tries to make the best for them. It specializes in baking, and it’s a favorite among locals.

The two branches in Angel are perfect for breakfast and brunch. Their brunch menu is assorted to cater to everyone, including vegans.

You get to have a full Euphorium breakfast, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs for less than £ 8.95.

Euphorium incorporates Parisian style in baking simple yet delicious options such as cheese croissants. You can accompany your favorite brunch dish with some porridge or the available tea or coffee.

20. Delaterra

Location: 131 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 2SN.

Contact: 07760869036.

Visit website.


You cannot think about authentic Spanish tapas without Delaterra crossing your mind. This small yet comfortable spot provides Islington and Angel with fantastic dishes full of flavors. It is excellent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pamper yourself to brunch with varied dishes from vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.  You can dig into their toast sourdough, dill scrambled eggs with salmon, or have a piece of their tapas menu, such as thyme lamb stew.

Drinks are well-paired to complete the Spanish feeling—coffee and tea for hot beverage lovers, smoothies and soft drinks for the hot days. There is also a nice collection of beers and wine to down your meals as you relax.

21. Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Pan Asian Restaurant

Location: 144-145 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1QY

Contact: 020 7607 0766

Visit website.


Laki Kane Cocktail Bar is an excellent addition for brunch connoisseurs in Islington and Angel. It serves Asian-inspired cuisines in two and three-course sets.

From 12 noon to 4 pm, be prepared for a fabulous drink and food fest, which is the Bottomless brunch at Laki Kane. Have a three-course dish and unlimited cocktail supply for £ 49. The menu is considerate for vegans and other special groups.

You can start with vegetable spring rolls, then fried rice with chicken, and wash it with a Rum Choco cream cocktail. The interior is lovely, and the ambiance is excellent, so it’s easy to feel relaxed.

22. La Farola Café & Bistro.

Location. 101 Upper Street, London, United Kingdom.

Visit website.


When you are done with your busy morning, either at the office or after an intense workout, and you feel like re-energizing. Head over to La Farola, and they’ll surely have something for you.

They are open for breakfast and brunch until 2 pm, so you can always get something to bite no matter how held up you are in the morning. Their menu ranges from classic to modern.

Their tapas are delicious and are served with love. In addition, you can indulge in Smoked Ahumando, a Spanish special consisting of; smoked salmon, avocado pesto, and cherry tomatoes.

If you can’t have enough of this joint, the Bocadillo Serranito is waiting for you. A side of chorizo or crispy bacon can be enjoyed together with egg and avocado on toast for light dinners.

The rustic design of this place combines a mix of modern and classic styles. The front is glass giving a nice airy feeling as you drown brunch cocktails such as the famous mimosa and red wine sangria. Juices and other soft drinks are also up for grubs.

The ambiance is inviting, and the staff is friendly and helpful. This little Spanish place is genuinely a heart winner.


Islington and Angel area is vibrant and full of so many activities. It is also home to a wide range of people with varied tastes, cultures, and income ranges. Therefore there should be something to suit everyone in this lively borough some call home.

The listed restaurants strive to provide an assortment of foods, drinks, and experiences so that everyone can be satisfied. You can visit one (or all of them) for hearty meals and an excellent experience.

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