10 Best Bars And Pubs In Clapham

Clapham has some of the best bars and pubs in the neighborhood of London city, and it is where all the partying goes down.

There are a variety of bars and pubs here from high-end bars, beer gardens, Sunday brunch spots, rooftop bars, basement spots, and sports joints. It is never a boring night in Clapman.

The entire Clapman is a destination that caters to all your party needs. If you want a loud night, chilled night, or day drinking.

It is the perfect location. There are amazing venues for hanging out and partying.

Below are the best bars and pubs we have identified in Clapman to ensure you have a great visit.

1. The Four Thieves

Location: 51 Lavender Gardens, Battersea, London, SW11 1DJ

Contact: 0207 223 6927

Four Thieves is a unique pub in Clapman located a short distance from Clapham Junction. The pub has various things you wouldn’t find in other pubs. It has been awarded several awards for the best pub in Clapham.

The pub has a games room. The racing is remote-controlled. Examples of games include virtual reality booths, retro arcades, and moonshine racing.

They have 350 different types of gin and tonic, which is very unlikely in any club. The pub has a taproom to cater to your craft beer needs. The room has Six rotating taps of beer and two fridges.

The pub has weekly comedy nights where the best comedians provide entertainment  Entertainment is top-notch in this pub with the establishment of the brand new karaoke room that is private  Guests can reserve the space for karaoke with friends or family.

There are Tuesday night quiz games in the pub hosted by Boogaloo Stu. It is super fun and exciting; words cannot explain how amazing it is.

You have to be there to know the experience truly. It is a diverse and unique pub to hang out with friends.

The place has amazing entertainment and drinks. The pub has delicious meals. The staff is friendly and amazing.

They offer reasonable prices on their food and drinks. It is a loss to be in Clapham and not pay a visit to Four Thieves.

The pub is less busy up to around 4 pm. It gets more active as the night approaches.

Four Thieves is the first pub to have a virtual reality station in-house. They have many games unique to Four Thieves.

2. Old Bank- Fuller’s pub and restaurant

Location: The Old Bank, Battersea, 31-37 Northcote Road, Battersea, London, SW11 1NJ

Contact: 020 7924 7387

The old bank was built originally in the 1920s as Westminster Bank. The name Old Bank, inspired by the look of the building, is legendary and historical.

The bar’s exterior maintains its old look of the bank. The interior got refurbished to a modern, stylish and lush appearance. The bar is perfect for drinks, breakfast,  brunch, small plates, lunch, and dinner hangouts.

The old bank bar is among the top destinations for drinks in Clapham. The rate of visitors coming back and loving the sport is very high. The bar has a wide range of old beers and the latest crafted beers.

There is a cocktail bar with an experienced mixologist. They mix the latest and most unique cocktails you will ever find.

There is a countless selection of their signature cocktails on the menu. There are particular cocktails to accompany the brunch. It has a wide range of wines.

Whether you want a delicious meal, tasty cocktails, raft beer, non-alcohol drinks, or coffee, the old bank bar has you covered. The menu is keen on healthy options.

Vegetarian people get their needs catered. There are hearty, meaty meals and puddings for those who wish to go all-in. There are great options for sharing meals on the menu. A group hangout will fit well for the venue.

Their menu changes seasonally depending on freshly available supplies from supplies. You get a wide variety of meals every time you visit. For large groups, the restaurant has room to ensure you have enough space.

If interested, you can request a tour of the whole place. The historic look of the bank is a plus to its appearance.

3. Sugarcane

Location:  247/249 Lavender Hill, London • SW11 1JW

Contact: 020 7223 8866


Sugar Cane bar brings the tropics to London with its renowned cocktails. The bar has a wonderful selection of rums from the south pacific. They are used to making their cocktails. The cocktails have other unique ingredients.

The venue has a wild party vibe where people bring their true selves and are ready to have fun. It is popular with the youngsters.

Young professionals want to have mad fun and let go for a night. The vibe in the bar is amazing, with great music from their DJs.

The place is popular and a favorite for many people. The venue gets fully booked for events.

Book in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment, especially if you’re going with a large group  Whatever the size of your group, they got you covered.

Sugar Cane bar offers a large range of cocktails. They have traditional tiki-inspired and unique signature cocktails.

There are shared cocktails where you could take them in specially designed canoes. They offer cocktail classes for those interested in making cocktails.

The decor in the bar is one to absolutely love. It makes you feel like you are in paradise. There are exotic private huts, tiki statues, beautifully woven banana leaves, exotic flowers, bamboo-made textures, green pals that are very lush, and cocktail mugs that are the face of traditional tiki.

The bar has a cozy green garden with flowers. It is a stunning venue to enjoy your cocktails.

4. Belle Vue Pub

Location: Clapham Common South Side, London, SW4 7AA

Contact: 020 7498 9473


Belle Vue is like your typical favorite local pub. It is located a short distance from Clapham common, just opposite the tube station.

Belle Vue is a cool place with classic pub vibes and a modern twist. The venue, laid back with an amazing interior, is very cute and traditional.

The bar is cozy and made with bits of foliage material. It has a fantastic view great for chilling and watching people.

The bar has amazing top-notch craft beers and an extensive wine menu. Stop by to select and sample different kinds of drinks. Belle Vue is a perfect place to dine and drink.

The food menu has a variety of big scrumptious plates, small plates, traditional roasts, and amazing vegan options.

Their vegan dishes are amazing and well-cooked. In other pubs, not much thought gets put into the vegan meals—the vegan menu with plenty of wonderful options to select from. There is a meal or drink for everyone on the menu.

The bar usually has amazing offers on food and drinks. The venue is great for parties with enough space. It is friendly and great for gatherings.

The pub has live music from amazing musicians up to 1 am on Friday nights. There are usually covers of the latest songs, which you will vibe to and sing along to.

5. The Duke Of Edinburgh

Location: 204 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8AG

Contact: info@dukeofedinburghpub.com

The Duke Of Edinburgh is located in Clapham North. It is an amazing hangout for friends. Duke Of Edinburgh hosts one of the largest beer gardens in London city.

It has a kitchen and a standard pub. The general interior of the place is non-descript. You have to be there to get a taste of it.

The pub has a huge number of very comfortable sofas on which you could relax and have a laid-back hangout.

There are several games you could engage with friends. These are Sky Sports, table tennis, table football, and pool table.

The Duke Of Edinburgh serves a wide range of beers and cocktails. The beer in this palace gets served in their huge and hidden beer garden at the back.

The garden is the sole attraction in the place. It is relaxing and beautiful. It has a great vibe. The area has heaters.

The kitchen serves delicious chicken, Sunday roasts, barbecue, and burgers, among other tasty dishes. White Men Can’t Jerk run it.  The food is out of this world.

The place is always quite busy.  Many people love the drinks, food and the garden. The stalls are amazing and friendly.

They have fixtures for football matches throughout the year. Football fans enjoy the game with a cold beer in this place.

6. Old Town Tavern

Location:29 North Street, Old Town Clapham, SW4 0HJ

Contact: 020 7642 8642

The Old Town Tavern restaurant and bar, are found in Clapham’s center. It is a traditional tavern. It is refurbished with a modern interior.

The Old Tavern has a wide selection of 20 crafted beers. You can sample different types and have a little adventure; The beer menu constantly changes.

Imagine how many craft beers get served in this place. Countless  Apart from the beers, there is an extensive menu for spirits and quality wine.

Old Tavern is friendly and hosts event nights throughout the week. The events include live music, sports events, quizzes, and other amazing events.

You could bring your friend here for their birthday party and enjoy one of the events. Alternatively, guests can book the private space available in Old Tavern for birthdays, get-togethers, or other special occasions.

The place has food served each day. The weekend has a unique menu. It allows guests to explore different kinds of authentic meals.

Mexican food with a British twist is a classic on the weekends with flavors you would not find anywhere else in London with great vegetarian options available too.

The atmosphere of this place is super awesome with welcoming, friendly staff that are happy to attend to their customers.

7. The Grand


Contact: +Tel: 020 7223 6523

Email: info@claphamgrand.com

The Grand opened in 1900 as a music hall. The building is huge, with a capacity of 1250 people. The main purpose of The Grand was to entertain.

The venue is historic and beautiful, so you should at least hang out here when in London  It is directly opposite Clapham Junction. The building’s exterior is unique, looks massive, and exudes confidence.

The brink red look and pink stone dressing make it stand out  The interior are unique as well compared to other British pubs since it has a Chinese taste.

Being the center of London’s nightlife, The Grand hosts quality shows by the best promoters. The events range from comedy nights, live shows, theatre shows, Shoreditch, and Bingo.

The music from the Grand DJs is very diverse. Ranges from RnB, hip-hop, house, Disco, and classics, among others.

Most of the music genres normally play at the Grand. It has the largest dancing floor in Europe. It is always a party night.

The Grand is perfect and popular for many events. It is historical. It has 5 bars, 50-inch plasma screens(six), a state-of-the-art sound system, a huge stage, a large 40 square meter screen, and an HD projection system.

The place frequently hosts live shows, exhibitions, award shows, fashion shows, and private parties. It is a place to visit.

Hiring The Grand for your event or party gives the guests an amazing experience for any occasion. You can hire a private lounge, VIP with personal table service, or a private bar.

Whatever the event, they will make sure you have an incredible time.

8.The Saxon

Location: 50 Clapham High St, London SW4 7UL

Contact: +44 020 7846 7151

The Saxon is a Swish pub in Clapham, perfect for any hangout. You can visit this place for a leisurely brunch, after work, or for a celebration like a birthday party. It is a new exciting venture in South London.

The bar serves perfectly handcrafted cocktails, baked pizzas, and a wide menu with small delicious signature plates. The food is mouth-watering and delicious. The vibe is great, with DJs providing entertainment.

The venue is beautiful and hosts around 200 people. It has four floors, of which one is a roof terrace. The roof terrace is an outdoor open space with a sun trap.

This space is best for blowing off some steam after a boring day of work or partying hard in the mezzanine.

The mezzanine is the perfect spot to party. Admire the amazing interior of the bar. The snug is a dimly lit area overlooking Edgely Road in the bar where you could enjoy a chilled-out hang out with friends and have one-on-one conversations.

The Playroom is an adult room that hosts private hangouts with a better half or a group of friends. You can enjoy a whole night here without any worries and have a fantastic night.

The Saxon pub hosts private events. You could book a suitable space and hold a private event with friends without interruption. Enjoy delicious meals and drinks here. Ensure you reserve a place at the pub based on what you like.

Make reservations for partying, private events, adult hangouts,s or a chilled hangout. They cater to all your needs.

9. The Plough Clapham

Location: 89 St John’s Hill Battersea, London, SW11 1SY

Contact: 0207 585 1844,  ploughevents@youngs.co.uk

The Plough is a bar located just a walking distance from Clapham Junction station. It is a serene, relaxed, and laid-back place. It is rustic with rough tables and an industrial feel and perfectly compliments the serene environment.

A cool place that hosts dinners and drinkers throughout the week.

The bar has a wide and great selection of craft beers, different cocktails, and a selection of wines. It is a local for most residents, and visitors make it their regular spot.

The place has a lot of space to walk around and talk with other people. The serene nature makes it ideal for a family gathering.

The place is a classic neighborhood local bar where people socialize in an open space. The atmosphere is great for dining and drinking at the bar.

The dishes at this place are American-inspired with a British twist worth a try. There are vegetarian options for those who are vegan. There is a perfect meal for everyone in this place.

The Plough has the best Sunday roast in this neighborhood Visit to have a taste as you take your favorite drink and socialize. The staff is down-to-earth, friendly, and super fast service.

The bar frequently shows rugby on their screens.

10. Little Orange Door

Location:16a Clapham Common South Side

Clapham Common


Contact: 02045132429

The Little Orange Door, located in Clapham, is a bar and restaurant that serves incredible food, beers, cocktails, and brunch.

The spot is fast becoming a favorite with the locals. It is from a group of bars that includes the famous little yellow door and little blue restaurants.

The little orange door is colorful and elegant. The vibes in this place are like a house party where everyone gets invited.

People come here to party wildly and bring out their true selves. It is a place to meet the most genuine people who have let go and are ready to have fun.

A nice place to chill or have a wild night. There is space and ambiance for all that.

The place, made in such a beautiful way, gives the feeling you are inside a house. The make of the bar is breathtaking The guests are the coolest crowd you will ever find. They have the best chefs and amazing mixologists.

The place is a perfect joint every day with friends. To add to that, they have amazing parties every weekend. Go alone and meet other party animals at the little orange door.

Skip the house party at home. Come here with friends and have a wonderful time. You do not have to deal with the mess that comes after a house party.

The bar and restaurant have unique private rooms for hire if you want a more private hangout with only friends.

Final word

Clapham is the center of the party and has amazing vibes in London. These pubs and bars are in Clapham, from loud, wild vibes to quiet, chilled, and relaxed places.

It is a perfect hangout location. Tourists and locals enjoy the place. You will always find a place that suits your vibe in Clapham. With the information in this article, everyone should be able to visit a nice bar or pub in Clapham that meets their feel and vibe.

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