Plonk Golf


The fairground meets the fairway in Plonk Golf’s 9-hole, UV-powered indoor golf course situated in a converted Dodgems track. The nine hole course features some of Plonk Golf’s favourite obstacles including their Skeeball Holes, new Loop da Loops and plenty of rolling hills. Grab your drinks from Bar Humbug or the Happy Cabins just next to the course and feel free to bring them in with you.

You can book Plonk Golf in advance online, but don’t worry if all pre-booked slots have gone on the day you want to play, as you still can buy tickets for all Plonk Golf sessions on the day at Winterville.



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  • Tickets

    Adult – £7
    Child -£4
    Family x 4 – £17

  • Round

    You can have a maximum of five people per round, so if your party is bigger than this it’s best to book consecutive rounds to be on the course at the same time.

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