18 Best Asian Hair Salons in London You Should Consider for Top Quality Services

Wondering where to find the best Asian hair salons in London? This extensive guide has you covered! You don’t have to go to Asia to rock your favourite Asian hairstyle.

From haircuts and hair colouring to relaxing, styling and many more, London is bursting with great Asian hair salons you can pop in for the best services.

Regardless of your budget, the services you need or your tight schedule, you’ll always find a convenient Asian hair salon.

Here are the 18 best Asian hair salons in London including Japanese hair salons and Korean hair salons for impeccable services. Check them out.

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18 Best Asian Hair Salons in London to Visit

1. Hayato Salons – Japanese hair salon

Hayato Salons 3

It’s an Asian hair salon located in Covent Garden, London. It offers simple and easy-to-manage hairstyles you can recreate by yourself without having to visit the salon over again.

It specialises in chemical processes such as balayage, highlights, bleaching, Japanese straightening and digital perm.

It offers different treatments at various stages, before, during and after the processes, to prevent your hair from being damaged.

Hayato also offers facial and body treatments as well as other services like body and face massages.

Bookings are made online or through email, although it takes a little more time for the salon to answer; hence you’re recommended to book early enough.

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2. Jeju Hair

Jeju Hairs 4

An independent Asian hair salon located in the heart of Camden Town, London.

It offers a wide range of services such as hair cut and styling, colouring, digital perm, Japanese hair straightening, wash and blow dry and more.

Jeju Hair’s director has more than 15 years of experience in hairdressing and make-up from London and Seoul.

She has also worked for some top TV companies such as English National Opera, Royal Opera House, BBC and many others.

Jeju requires you to make an appointment before your visit through the salon’s website, e-mail, phone or social media handles.

Sometimes, you may need to make a deposit for your appointment; this applies to specific longer sessions.

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3. Jubilee Hair Salon – Korean Hair Salon

Jubilee Hair Salon 2

Jubilee is an Asian hair salon in central London, Covent Garden. Since its launching in 2003, Jubilee has grown to be one of the most reputable salons in London.

The salon features internationally diverse and professionally trained stylists who are well-versed with several hairstyles globally.

Also, they can communicate in various languages like English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese; hence you don’t need to be afraid of language barriers.

Jubilee offers an exclusive range of hairstyles and treatments. Colouring, digital perm and Yuko straightening systems are some of the salon’s signature services.

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4. Hiro Miyoshi Hair & Beauty- Green Park

Hiro Miyoshi Hair and Beauty Green Park 2

It’s a breakneck and luxurious hair and nail salon located in the heart of Mayfair, London.

It offers fast Japanese hospitality in sublime Japanese hair blow dry and haircuts.

The salon offers hair and nail services such as hair extensions, cuts, blow dry, hair treatments, colouring, straightening, pedicure and manicure.

Mayfair blow dry is one of the signature services created by the founder, Hiro Miyoshi.

The salon features a beautifully decorated interior offering the most relaxed atmosphere a salon can ever offer.

It allows its clients to have private service areas for a pedicure or in the open next to the hairdressing space. If you love your privacy, this is the place you should go for all your hair and nail needs.

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5. Haco Hair and Nail London

Haco Hair and Nail London 2

A Japanese hair salon located a few metres from Red Church Street, Shoreditch.

It has highly skilled staff that can create trendy hairstyles. The salon offers Japanese straightening, digital perm, balayage, bleach, haircuts and more.

It also offers nail services like Japanese Gel Nail Art. The salon has such experts if you want a nail artist for fashion shoots.

It features a modern, relaxed, spacious interior graced by high-quality, contemporary decor.

Bookings are made ahead of the visit. The salon also has an online store where you can shop for hair and nail products.

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6. Eton Crop Hair Salon – Bloomsbury

Eton Crop Hair Salon 2

It’s an award-winning Japanese hair salon located in Bloomsbury, a few minutes’ walk to the British Museum. It offers a wide variety of Japanese hair services.

Founded in 1988 by Tadao Kitagawa, Eton Crop has some of the best stylists to ensure you have a smooth visit by offering the best they can.

The salon specialises in Japanese hair straightening and treatments. To visit Eton Crop, you must book online and make a refundable 30% deposit.

If you have to cancel your appointment, you should do so 24 hours ahead of the expected time.

However, you can still come by without an appointment, and the staff will do their best to get you an appointment.

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7. Tovi Hair Salon

Tovi Hair Salon 1

An Asian hair salon located on Park Road, New Malden. It was opened by Tovi, a skilful hairdresser who has been in the hair industry for 30 years.

He worked in various countries before opening his own salon; thus, the salon offers quality services.

Tovi offers haircuts, dye, highlights, digital perm, and magic straight hair. It offers a 20% discount for seniors. Bookings are made online or through the phone.

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8. Hair Days Salon – Korean Hair Salons

Hair Days Salon 3

It’s an independent Asian hair and make-up salon operated by a team of talented and skilled trained make-up artists and stylists, each with more than 10 years of experience in Seoul, London and South Korea.

It offers services such as digital perm, yuko straight perm, colouring, wedding hair and make-up.

Hair Days is one of those salons with the most welcoming staff who understand what they do better than anyone else.

Although their prices are a little hefty, the services you’ll get are worth every coin.

Plus, it offers a 10% discount for students upon provision of a students ID.

You should make an appointment on the phone or online to have their services.

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9. Morio Hair and Beauty Studio

Morio Hair and Beauty studio 1

Morio is a Japanese hair and beauty salon in London. It features a calm, relaxing and neat environment.

The salon is operated by a courteous, polite and understanding team of staff who are well acquainted with their skills.

They offer high-end services such as haircuts, styling, head spa, treatments and technical services like permanent and digital waves and straightening.

Its prices are fair compared to its reputable services. You should book ahead of the visit by phone or online.

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10. My Snug Room – Japanese-inspired hair salon

My Snug Room 1

It’s an Asian hair salon located in the heart of Soho. The salon is nestled only five minutes from Oxford Circus station and Tottenham Court Road Station.

It offers a wide range of haircuts and styling services for both men and women, digital perm, olaplex, davines mask vibrachrom and head spa- a massage that encourages the health of your scalp and hair.

Bookings are made online on their website. All you need to do is click the book now button, choose the stylist and date you want to book, then enter your information and sign up and you’ll be done- it’s that easy.

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11. J Moriyama Hair Design – Japanese-inspired hair salon

J Moriyama Hair Design 1

A Japanese hair salon located a few minutes from Marylebone and Baker Street Stations. It has experienced stylists who work with Asian and non-Asian hair types.

The hair salon offers a wide range of services, including perms, colouring and treatment.

It guarantees you the most authentic Japanese treatment as they source superior hair products from Japan.

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12. Shunji – Japanese Hair Salon

Shunji 2

Shunji is a Japanese hair salon in Covent Garden’s Iconic Drury Lane. It’s the newest adventure of Director Shunji Watanabe, who worked with one of Tokyo’s prestigious hair salons before arriving in London.

Since then, he has been based in Mayfair, where he built a clientele. It offers digital perm, haircut, colour, Japanese straightening, and hair and scalp treatments.

It has competent and highly trained stylists knowledgeable about the latest techniques and trends to ensure its clients receive top-notch service.

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13. Tokito Hair – Japanese-inspired hair salon

Tokito Hair 1

Tokito Hair is a Japanese-inspired hair salon established in 2014 and located in East London.

The owner, Hiro Hirata, had worked with Shoreditch for over a decade when he decided to open his own.

This premium place specialises in classic and temporary haircuts and colourings.

They offer easy-maintenance haircuts, treatment, and styling. One best thing about Tokito is that they use natural ingredients which make your hair soft, healthy and shiny.

All their services begin with a consultation, which allows their stylists to acknowledge the client’s needs.

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14. Muku Hair Salon

Muku Hair Salon 3

Muku Hair salon is an Asian hair salon nestled 3 minutes from Shoreditch high street station.

The salon has been serving the residents of Dalton, Shoreditch, and Spitalfields since 2006.

They offer a wide variety of services, including cutting and styling, tinting, bleach, Japanese straightening, Brazilian blowout, waving, olaplex treatment, and dreadlocks.

All colours, perming, and straightening services will be charged ten euros unless followed with a blow-dry or a haircut.

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15. Mosaique London – Japanese-inspired hair salon

Mosaique London 1

Mosaique London, a contemporary hair salon, is located just a walk from Tower Hill Station.

The salon is entirely professional and has a luxury and relaxed ambience.

It offers a wide range of services such as hair colouring, straight perm, shampooing and cutting, perming, and styling. Mosaique has some essential booking and cancellation policy which clearly states that a customer has to be prompt for their appointment since treatment commences at your booking start time.

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16. Tomoyuki & CO

Tomoyuki CO 1

Tomoyuki & CO is a sophisticated hair salon and London’s premier spot for fixing your hair.

It is close to Oxford Circus, UK’s most fashionable shopping district. The hair salon offers haircuts, styling, permanent straightening and perms, premium hair treatments and care.

Tomoyuki & CO allows customers to book an appointment on their easy-to-use app.

You simply download the app on their website and pick the time slot that favours you just at the tap of the button.

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17. Hurwundeki

Hurwundeki 4

Hurwundeki is a sophisticated Asian-inspired hair salon founded by Ki Lee to provide its clients with a top-notch hair care experience.

It offers services such as cut & wash, perm, tints, bleach, foils and highlights.

Their stylists go beyond and above to ensure every client is content with the outcome.

The best thing about Hurwundeki is that it’s inexpensive, notwithstanding their excellent customer service.

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18. Shiroma Hairdressing Salon – Japanese Hair Salon

Shiroma Hairdressing Salon 3

Shiroma is one of the most impeccable salons you can ever find in London. It was born out of Hair Shiroma Company Ltd of Japan in 1959.

In 1994, Shiroma was opened in Liverpool Street to offer high-quality treatment from highly competent stylists purposefully.

The hair salon offers a wide variety of services, including cutting and colouring, straightening perm, digital perm, and consultations. For the best hair care experiences, try Shiroma.

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